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Grace Minkol

"Im up for some fun!"

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a character in “A World Of Monsters and Men - Pandemonium”, as played by Anraee



Grace Linoa Minkol
197 years old
100% Fallen Angel

Grace is a very mysterious person. Not many people get to know her since she never stays in one place for too long. She doesn't like to be bound to do anything and like to be free willed. She's often talkative and likes to think of the postive sides of things. She never forgets anyone she has encounter. Over the years she started to shut people out of her life. She's agless and will live forever unless she is killed by someone else. So that means watching the people she loves die. Due to that she doesn't like to spend too much time wit people so she doesnt become too attached to them If you do get the chance to really know her you'll find her as a cheerful and fun loving person. She likes to make her own jokes and do funny things to get people to smile. She really isnt quiet at all nor will she truly try to be. She's a good friend to have on your side and you'll always know you have a friend when she is with you. Loyalty is something she treasures and she will never betray you unless it'll bring you good if she does so. She only does things she believes are right for the moment.
To every good side there is a bad. Being on her bad side is hard to come by, but it isnt impossible at all. Once you've betrayed her and hurt her in some type of way she can become someone you won't really like anymore. First is first. When you've done something to get on her bad side, she'll just ignore you. She isn't shallow enough to get on your bad side too. She knows what the right things to do are. Then also you become her playing object. She loves pranks so that means youll be the first serve when she wants to try out a new prank. This may be seen as good or bad, but its mostly funny in her opinion. The final level is if you've driven her up a wall and you cannot stand to be around you in the slightest . She will kill you. Its never come to that point and hope to he lord it never comes to happen. But when she feels threatened and harmed that's how I wilk go. She's never killed a human before nor will she ever do that. She's a fallenb angel but she does have some dignity in herself.


Grace as you can tell has a bright blue colored hair. Its drapes over her sides and falls down around her waist area. Majority of the time her hair is put into two fdifferent pony tails with pink ribbons to tie them . Her bangs come right down almost to her eye as if it was going to touch it. After it stops you can see her minty colored eyes. She loves her eyes to death. Its the one thing she adores about herself. Aftrer all eyes are the window to the soul right? She has a rather petite frame despite how athletic she is. She can put up quite the chase but her physical combat isnt all that well, she's lacking in the department. Her skin is a slight tan since she doesn't come into contact with the sun all that much. At height she stands at 5'5. Its a pretty average height and she likes it.


  • Apples
  • Cafés
  • Friends
  • Jokes
  • Beaches
  • Blue
  • Sweets
  • Music
  • Festivals
  • Sleeping
  • Cats
  • Darkness
  • Fighting
  • Peanut Butter
  • Death
  • Crying
  • Reading


There isnt much to being a fallen angel. Despite the fact that they were kicked out to the Heavens for some odd reason. Majority of them become bitter and harsh. But with Grace, she knew what she did was an azzident but she would still have to pay for it. But I guess you can say its a power that she isnt affected my cold tempertures or spells. So if someone tried to cast something on her it wouldn't be useful since it wouldn't effect her at all. She easily can charm and decieve a person into her will. Then after that she can have power over their minds and how they think. Grace doesn't use it despite knowing what she could. She prefers to rather be like a human than to use her powers for evil that has come to grow. But she can also fly. Her wings are a midnight black color and easily to soar through the sky with.


As you should know by now, Grace was originally an Angel. She was born into it and lived in heaven for the most pat of her life. As a child everyone adored her and ho cute she was. She was really clumsy and never really knew how to do anything. She was always in need of help. For the most part that wasn't a problem at all. In fact the others liked how she would ask for help when she needed instead of making a horrible mess like some of them had done.
But later his became a major problem. She was on her first so called mission. She was sent to grant a wish of someone who was having a really hard time at that moment. They had told her to grant their wish, they wish for the most. She understood that for the most part. The one part she had forgotten was the fact that it was to be positive for them. As she went to the human to grant their wish, they wished for a list of people to be killed. She tried to convince them for another true wish. But as she looked into his heart. He truly wished that. So by what she thought, she granted his wish. 27 humans killed that night. By her hands. When she returned the gods understood why she had done it, but it was a strict rule that if an angel was to kill another human, they would be banished from the heavens and forced to earth. So then that leads her here now. She became a fallen angel.


Face Claim
Miku Hatsune

So begins...

Grace Minkol's Story