Haho, God of Chaos

"No way. That's toooooo boring. Let's spice it up, 'kay?"

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a character in “A World Of Monsters and Men - Pandemonium”, as played by Phersu


Name - Haho

Title - God of Chaos

Age - Ageless

Race - Deity

Personality - Basically, a child. All Haho wants to do is have loads of fun without any regard for other people. He loves sweet things, and is very spontaneous. He tends to act spoiled, but he always finds unexpected twists super fun. Despite being a god, he doesn't like showing off his powers. He finds unbalanced games boring, so he tries to keep things even. He's willing to go without his powers when dealing with those below him for that reason alone. There is nothing he loathes more than something that is boring.


Powers - Not fully known, but Reality Warping seems to be one given the condition of the world now.

History - Who knows?~


So begins...

Haho, God of Chaos's Story