Yuro the Goddess of Night and Shadows

"Do not fear the night, it is a time of serenity for those who seek it."

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I am Yoru the Goddess of Night and Shadows

Shadow Maiden, Night Goddess

Familiar's Name:
I have a companion, her name is Yuri

I do not know, it is something I have never thought of. I have always been.

Humans classify me as female

Familiar's Gender:
Last Yuri told me, she said female

I am the deity of Night and Shadows. I watch the world while the Sun is elsewhere and the night reigns.

I am able to manipulate shadows, I have excellent night vision, Camouflage is an ability I excel at when I feel like using, the cold does not bother me, and I can speak with nocturnal animals (although I usual can figure out any animal once I have heard them speak enough)

Enclosed spaces, Large crowds, the Sun/Day, my Father

I my lithe muscular body stands at about 5'10". There is more legs to me than my torso and I have a supple pair of breasts (although they get in the way sometimes...), some have even called them perky (If you say so). My silver hair goes to my butt with bangs that frame my face. To complete the albino look, I have red eyes with vertical pupils to help me see by the light of the moon.
I can usually be found walking around the world (now that the realities have been merged) in either black flowing pants and a cropped top or on nights that are for more than casual attired I can be found in a dark blue and silver cheongsam dress. I never wear shoes because why should I? They are too constrictive.

Although I can look to be standoffish (I have been told my neutral is bitchface. What is that?), I am friendly and kind. Even though I am kind, it is not impossible to made me angry. Do something to harm me, someone I care about, or a people existing at night and I will become the terror people fear.
I can be sarcastic when I am comfortable around people, but I am also quiet (more of an observer). I like having fun and visiting new places, being in one place too long causes me to become bored and that is never a good thing.
I try to protect those who walk in my domain, but at times I cannot. Circle of life and all that. It makes me sad but I am a firm believer in balance. I only hold a few people dear, my best friend being Yuri.

The night, People, Theatre, Books, Yuri, Walking, New sights

Sour candies, Cruel people, Not being able to walk in the sun

No exits, Chains, Being forgotten, Losing Yuri

You will find out everything I want and do not want you to know about my past soon enough. Just know it was not always pleasant.

-FC: Moka Rosario Vampire

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