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A World Shattered

A World Shattered


The world is not what it once was. It suffered, ended, and has begun again. What you live in now is the new world, a world that was shattered and put back together. But as the world came back, so did conflict.

365 readers have visited A World Shattered since Mr. Baneling Squishy created it.


(Disclaimer: I own none of these images)

ImageWhat Happened...

This is just part of the world we have come to know. 34 years ago, the world began a war that resulted in the total destruction. After about a year of a ground war on all countries and continents (excluding Madagascar and half of Norway, as well as a good portion of Ireland), nuclear missiles were launched. But even then, the world was already getting decimated by new weapons. Starbombings, Hellfire Strikes, and the use of GEP (Genetically Engineered Patriot) Weapons were used in several areas of war.

People died. Sometimes quickly, sometimes slowly. But by the time the nukes fell, the world was different. Changed. Altered. And suffering. And after the bombs, when the nations of the world were shattered to pieces and travel between continents was rare to impossible. And traveling through continents was risky and dangerous. Because the left behind many dangerous, one of them being human greed.

Military bases a cashes were left all over. The most powerful and advanced tech lied in vaults and bunkers that killed anyone without authorization. And no one with authorization could access it before they died thanks to the radiation that hit the cities. Only recently, the radiation has waned away in most places, allowing access. But the dangerous security systems are still active after all these years. Image

North America was divided among several factions. The Mexican Conclave, The Dakota Empire, The Republic, The Loyalists, and the Patriots. the Mexican Conclave holds a good portion of Southern North America. The Republic holds South Eastern United States. the Dakota Empire holds the Northern Middle all the way to Oregon and Washington State. The Loyalists hold the Northern East Coast, while the Patriots hold the majority of the West Coast. There is nearly no law still, plenty of bandits and raiders.

The Republic uses slave labor, claiming to "rebuild" the nation to be greater then it was before. The Mexican Conclave wants to form a nation that will create massive amounts of profit and power in this new world. The Dakota Empire wants to reclaim and create a new better world under the rule of Chancellor Former Senator Jerry Granger. The Loyalists want to put the former Vice Presidents son, Gregory Farnsworth, as the new President, and once the nation is well established, put in the other bodies of Government. The Patriots believe there should only be one governing body, a Council, that does all these things. A council composed of 21 individuals, who would represent the nations wisest and brightest.

Image The roleplay is going to be centered around a group of people who escaped the Republic's slavery, the first escapees to get away and not die. They are being hunted as a result, to preserve The Republic's reputation. They will also have to deal with the dangers, caused not only by radiation, but from the genetic experiments created during the war. However, in this world, not everyone is what they seem.

Evolution has a price...

...and forced evolution has a bigger one. Some members of humanity, either from suspected government projects or through radiation or maybe just naturally, have unique abilities. They are nothing major, no resurrecting the dead or time travel. Just enhancements, making them unique and improving their ability to survive in some way. Some improve physical abilities, and some mentally. However, this sort of evolution comes at a price.Image There is a downside to anything extremely useful. Maybe not for some minorly useful abilities, but the larger or stronger the mutation, the larger chance of a negative.

Traveling through the lands isn't just surviving a warzone. Its a fight for survival itself. Humanity wasn't the only thing that changed. Large beasts roam the cities and roads, but its not the beasts you have to fear the most. Creatures that have taken over the entire northern part of North America, the formerly known area as Canada and some Northern states...

ImageThe Zoids

Named for their Insectiod look and noises, these creatures swarm in numbers and have wings on their backs capable of flight. They can act as a localized hivemind, swarming their victims. They rarely kill however, instead taking their victims back to the Hive located in Quebec to be converted into more Zoiders. No one knows what caused them, whether it was a government project or if this is radiation based. All they know for certain is that they take people, they kill them, and then they turn them into more Zoiders.

Zoiders can travel great distances quickly thanks to their wings, and are a plague to everyone except The Mexican Conclave, though they soon will be.

They use claws and talons as weapons, as well as the occasional salvaged weapon by the local Zoid Commander, which seems to help them communicate with the hive mind. Zoiders have incredible strength and speed, and cannot be out run. Maybe out driven, but out ran? No chance. When they set up a hive, they will go out several dozen miles to preform raids. Once they have enough forces, they send some out to establish a new hive.

Other creatures...

Killer GrizzlySwarmers


Killer Widows

The Group:

I bet you were expecting Face Claims weren't you? Nope. However, I want a wide variety of characters. From kids to old people. I don't want to see ten characters between the ages of 15-35. We need some younger, and some older. Makes it more realistic. Also, if you want to add to the technology of this universe, you can post it in a thread I will set up. But please be reasonable, and if anything seems too overpowered or isn't balanced, check with me first.

I am also opening to hearing other peoples ideas regarding plots and what not.

I will be playing the group leader, as well as another character. Feel free to make multiple characters, though I am putting a limit of three. Optimally two would be good, but I am being flexible.

Character Sheet: (Larger character sheets with more details will impress me more and increase chance of acceptance)




Role of the Group: (Doctor, Scout, Fighter, Scavanger, a mix of them, ect)

Physical Description: (One paragraph or a picture)


Weaknesses: (You have to have the same amount as your strengths, and they have to be reasonable)

History: (at least three paragraphs, but having more makes you more likely to be accepted)





Oddities: (Allergies, disabilities, ect).


Some Technology:

374 Prototype Superheated Bolt Rifle:

A weapon that fires conventional ammo, only it is superheated on firing at such a high velocity that it can not only penetrate but burn through armor and criticly devastate anything it fires at.

.50 cal Nexus Hand Cannon:
Pistol designed to minimalize recoil and fire .50 cal rounds. It packs a punch.


Detainment "Slave" Magnetic Shackles:
When activated, magnetized with the shackle on the other limb to create a very powerful magnetic bond.


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Character Portrait: Jack Tompson
Character Portrait: Milo Stevens


Character Portrait: Milo Stevens
Milo Stevens

"Sometimes its about survival. But that doesnt mean we can just forget our morals".

Character Portrait: Jack Tompson
Jack Tompson

"I still remember the old world. This new one isnt much different, just flashier".


Character Portrait: Milo Stevens
Milo Stevens

"Sometimes its about survival. But that doesnt mean we can just forget our morals".

Character Portrait: Jack Tompson
Jack Tompson

"I still remember the old world. This new one isnt much different, just flashier".

Most Followed

Character Portrait: Milo Stevens
Milo Stevens

"Sometimes its about survival. But that doesnt mean we can just forget our morals".

Character Portrait: Jack Tompson
Jack Tompson

"I still remember the old world. This new one isnt much different, just flashier".

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