Taryn Collins

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a character in “A world where skies are clear”, as played by Kaida


Name: Taryn Collins
Age: 17

Back story: Taryn had a difficult life, much like Mathew she was bullied but not for the same reasons, Taryn was born with a heart condition known as tachycardia and often missed school,though the condition is not life threatening other kids still called her many names. her parents grew tired of nothing being done so they packed up and moved to Starview.

Personality: Taryn is a very gentle, caring, complex and highly intuitive girl. She is very Artistic and creative. Taryn tends know things intuitively, without being able to pinpoint why, and without detailed knowledge of the subject at hand. She puts a tremendous amount of faith into her instincts and intuitions.She can be very protective of her inner thoughts, sharing only what she wants to share when she wants to share it. Taryn is a deep, complex individual, who is quite private and typically difficult to understand.

-being outdoors
-Making friends

-her old school
-feeling like she is weak

-Listening to music
-walks on sunny days.

So begins...

Taryn Collins's Story