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Henry Tryben

"Someone's gotta do it."

0 · 373 views · located in Europe

a character in “A world without oxygen”, originally authored by Weilacca, as played by RolePlayGateway


Henry Tryben




Mainly a factory worker in explosives.

Hurting others

Current Society

Home made weaponry (Like Knifes n' shit)
Acid rain proof Cloak
Gas mask with oxygen tank (Black market stuffs)
Mask for 'other' work.

To be Revealed

Background/Character History:
To be Revealed

6 foot


Eye Color: Green

Hair Color: Black





So begins...

Henry Tryben's Story


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Character Portrait: Henry Tryben
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July 22nd, 4014
British Sector, London

Henry worked away in the explosive factory, doing as he usually did, fitted the explosives and set the fuses. Except this time, these explosives seemed to be more larger and dangerous than usual, but why? Was war about to come around? Or was it another ore vein found somewhere in the country which requires explosives? Nah, must be war, there's hardly anything left to mine...
Henry sighed, looking around at his peers as he did so, they were all quiet. Focused on their work as if they were zombies, most were all skin and bones with no signs of muscle or fat, only a select few were seen to be of 'normal' size, this included Henry himself. His work table was filled with important equipment used to fine tune any timers or fuses, along with fitting the explosives into the shell. Every now and then, a small amount of the explosive materials like gunpowder and other chemicals would simply 'fall' into Henry's conveniently open work bag, followed by a shell and fuse every now and then. This was Henry's usual actions, and it's something nearly all of the workers do. These explosives could be sold at a high price at certain places, but Henry keeps a hold of them, just in case...

The hours passed slowly and painfully until finally the deafening siren called with the deactivation of the conveyor belts. Allowing all workers to stop everything they were doing, close up their bags and leave. As everyone was slowly leaving the factory, a guard would push a small envelope into their chest, their daily pay. About 10 euros, enough for the workers to afford bread... maybe... probably not.

As soon as Henry left his factory, he pulled a gas mask from his work bag and applied it to his face, supplying his body with oxygen. The government always uses labelled oxygen which can be picked up in scans in order to tax the people. With this oxygen tank of unlabelled oxygen, Henry wouldn't show up in any scans and the helicopter would simply label his house as unoccupied (it's usually night time that weekly scans are made). But later on, the government would realise that Henry lives in his house, meaning there could be a small malfunction in the helicopter with no taxation of Henry.
Taking a little glance into the small green lights inside his bad, Henry mentally noted the amount of oxygen in his tank, "Three out of Ten lights... I should pay the black market a visit." He thought as he continued on, heading the long way home so he can visit the markets for food and water.


Characters Present

Character Portrait: Henry Tryben
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July 22nd, 4014
British Sector, London

Walking into a small corner shop, Henry was greeted openly by the slightly older man behind the till, "Ah! Henry! Y'here to 'browse'? Or did ya need some food?" He spoke to him, hinting a lot at the word 'browse'.
"Yeah, I wanna browse and pick up my coat which I left here for you to repair." Henry replied through his gas mask, walking behind the till to follow the man into a different room. The two opened a hatch on the floor to lead to a basement, obviously designed to be hidden from anyone else. Here, there stood a variety of illegal items to sell. From weapons to stolen exotic food.
"I'll have that." Henry spoke as he pointed at the bomb proof torso which was laid on the table,
"You think you can afford that? It was a lot of effort to gain and I can't afford to barter smaller prices with you... I even said to others that it's already been purchased so I can save it for you."
"You're a kind man." Henry replied as he placed his work bag on the table with a loud thud, "Here," He pulled out a smaller bag of gunpowder from the work bag, "I went through a lot of effort to get this. I'm sure it's more than enough."
The man simply stood and stared at the gunpowder as if it was the last bits left on earth, "Gunpowder?! This stuff is worth tons?!"
"And I want the bomb proof torso, oh and some more oxygen."
"Deal." It was an instant deal as the smell of gunpowder gave the man a feeling of security. The substance is worth a large sum per gram, and a small bag of this stuff will surely keep a family living as a middle class member for a while...

July 23rd, 4014
British Sector, London

Knock knock. The sounds of knocking appeared at the Explosives factory doors, allowing the middle aged owner to answer, coughing in the polluted air as he did so. At the door stood a Henry, with his gas mask and bomb proof torso worn, he was completely unrecognisable. "What?" The owner hissed,
"I'm here on a routine check for illegal explosives." Henry replied, holding up a fake ID for a bomb removal member,
"This is an explosive factory..."
"Yes, and there have been reports in other sectors of attempted sabotage in explosive factories. I'm just checking out the machines."
"Right..." The man paused a moment as he stared at Henry, "Go ahead."

With that, Henry walked around the factory, pretending to check out the machines as he did so, humming with approval to make it a bit more believable. Once he had reached the centre machine, Henry placed his bag down and dug through it, pulling out a flash light and a couple tools to open the machine up. It was there where he placed his home made explosive, set to explode in the early hours of the day. Being in an explosive factory, it would definitely destroy the whole building and maybe some more.
Once done, he closed the maintenance hatch and packed everything back in his bag. The sounds of rattling on the roofing proved that it was beginning to rain.
"All's good, Congratulations." Henry spoke out to the yawning man who was obviously annoyed at the early hours of waking up, "It's raining and I forgot to bring an acid proof coat. You got one?"
"Ah yeah whatever," the man replied as he gave Henry a coat, "Thanks."

A couple hours have passed. Henry had packed all of his important belongings and had reached the ports to see a large cargo ship docked, ready to leave within a small time. "Ah, Henry!" A group of people called out, "You're on time! Did you set the bombs?"
"Yeah, all done. You got the fake money?" Henry replied as he followed the small group into a large metal cargo box, squeezing through the boxes and random goods to fit into the corner, away from all eyes.
"Yep!" A briefcase was given to Henry who opened it up to see the large amount of fake US Dollars inside, "A fair amount of US Dollars for you to start a new life in America. You're lucky we were gonna sneak into this cargo ship at the right time."
"Yeah you're right."