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Danielle Curtis

A short , average girl with a shy personality hiding a promise of a painful bite if provoked.

0 · 237 views · located in [1st Trial] The Reflection of Desire

a character in “A World's End”, as played by RubyCrown


Height: 5'1
Weight: 110 pounds
Age: 17
She has green eyes and curly red hair that goes to her shoulders. A green headband is usually worn to keep it back. Her fair skin is dotted with freckles. Since she burns easily, you will usually find her wearing long sleeved shirts under a hooded vest, jeans, and sneakers. Despite all her exercise, she is a bit on the chubby side.
She runs a lot and does yoga with her grandmother to relax, so she is quite fit and flexible.


Likes: Sweet food, running, yoga, gardening, warm weather, the color green
Dislikes: Spiders, spicy food, being stressed, being lonely, hot weather

Danielle is very shy and rather cautious when meeting new people. Paranoia is sometimes a barrier that keeps her from making friends because she can't be sure at first that they are real. That aside, she is very kind and likes to be helpful. Don't make fun of her though, she can get very angry and will resort to cussing and eventually violence to stop you. She takes most things seriously, but has rather morbid sense of humor. Stubborn, she will wait patiently to get her way when she really wants something.


(Level 1) Swiss Army Knife
(Level 0) Hooded vest with two outside pockets and one on the inside
(Level 0) Various Candies

Powers, Abilities, and Skills:
(Level 1) Danielle is not fast, but she can run a marathon at a steady pace without too much trouble. She is also quite flexible from doing lots of yoga. She is also decent enough at fighting to defend herself, having been in fights with bullies most of her life.


Danielle grew up in a good family in a decent neighborhood. Her parents were loving and kind, her only living grandparent, her grandmother, spoiled her whenever possible. Food was not a problem, crime was not high, and there was even a small school in the area. She had a nearly perfect life, or as perfect as you could get in this world. There was one problem though.

She had schizophrenia.

When she was younger, her parents had laughed when she recounted the antics of her imaginary friends. But as she got older, they didn't go away and they figured out that there was a problem. After many talks and nights of crying for everyone, Danielle finally accepted that some of the things she saw and heard were not actually there. Since there was no way of getting medicine to treat her condition, she learned ways to separate illusions from reality.

Now that she is older, there are still times she has difficulty with her condition, but for the most part, she functions well. It has, however, made people wary of her and she doesn't have many friends besides her grandmother.

Finishing her schooling at the age of sixteen, there was not much for her to do in her town. Few people wanted to hire her and she was too shy to seek out jobs for herself. After spending a year at home, she heard the bell and made a spur of the moment decision to follow it. Whether or not it is the right choice remains to be seen.

So begins...

Danielle Curtis's Story

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Danielle stopped to take a short rest under the meager shadow of a palm tree. She had already taken her vest off, but her long sleeved shirt and jeans were not making things any cooler. Deciding to risk the chance of getting a sunburn, she started to roll up her sleeve. As she was rolling up her left one, she noticed a number tattooed on the inside of her forearm. 'What the heck? 648? When did this happen?' Racking her brain, she tried to think of how she got this tattoo, but only found gaps in her memory. 'I remember leaving and walking, but how did I end up here?' Her musing was cut short as she felt the sun burn the part of her leg that wasn't in the shade. After shaking the sand out of her sneakers, she got up and started to walk towards a tall rock in the distance. The whole situation felt very surreal. The environment around her was covered in greenery, but there were no animals around at all. From what she had read and learned in school, not that it was of much help here, said that tropical areas had a lot of life.

Continuing on for an hour or so, she began to feel a gnawing hunger in her stomach. She tried to ignore it. 'I'll get to that rock first, then I'll start looking for food when it's cooler and maybe build a shelter or something so I don't die in the cold. And water too.' The feeling wouldn't go away though, and intensified the more she walked. Brushing away the grass as she walked, she couldn't help but look for anything edible. Occasionally, she'd see fruits or nuts, but wasn't sure if she should collect then. As a child, she had been taught not to eat anything unless it had been approved by an adult since a lot of edible things had some poison or something of the sort due the effects of war. Eventually, she got too hungry. Seeing some plants with green fruit shaped like a crescent and huge leaves, she took some time to gather some in her vest. A leaf was also cut down to serve a a sort of umbrella. 'I could probably use this later to build a shelter too.' After peeling the fruit, she took a bite out of it. "Bleh! It's like a raw potato." She thought for a bit. "Maybe it'll taste better cooked." She set about looking for firewood and some flint rocks to hopefully start a fire.