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Faustus Rammsteiner

Chaos, Neutral, what could be more fun?

0 · 133 views · located in post-apocalyptic earth

a character in “A World's End”, originally authored by TheCharismaticCryo, as played by RolePlayGateway



he stands at a normal height of 6'2" His snow white hair stands out in all directions, but it is what is so great about it. He doesn't have to do a thing to it. He has deep, blood red eyes. They are his pride and joy. He loves to say it was because he made a pact with the devil like the story book Faust, but he is just kidding. He was born with them. He also wears three silver earrings on each ear. From constant running and fighting he is fit, weighing in at a managable 185 lbs. His metabolism and constant movement keep him there. His hands are large, as is most of the rest of his body, he has big bones, even his canines are abnormally large. There are large scars on his knuckles and elbows from you can guess what.

All he has on his person right now when he was whisked into the void is the clothes on his back. His black jeans, red tank top, and a pair of comfy moccasins.

He is 22 years old.


He is actually something of a masochist. He doesn't actually get any sexual pleasure or anything like that. But he doesn't go out of his way to not get cut or anything. It gives him an edge in fights, but it is also a downside because he will think something is just going to cut him, and it ends up poisoned. He is the guy when you face in a fist fight, he will let you tire yourself out by letting you beat on his face, while he is still laughing, all bloody and bruised. And the way he laughs just chills you to the bone when you hear it. It is like he is getting some psychotic pleasure out of it all. But then again like i said. He is a masochist by heart. Of course he can dish out pain just as well as he can take it. He is a scrappy survivor. Who knows how he would've ended up if his life wasn't a constant fight. Not saying he isn't normal from time to time, but he isn't exactly on par. He isn't some psychopath hell bent on killing everyone, no.

Likes: Darkness, Fighting, Apples and all other fruits, dogs, snowy days, hot days, windy days.
Dislikes: Complaining, poorly cooked meals, acting tougher than you actually are, and stuff that makes one itch.


Level 0 equipment:
Black jeans,
Red tank-top.

Level 1 skills:
Pain tolerance:This guy can take a hit. He is able to shift his thinking away from the pain that he is recieving and put it to more use, like to how to get away from said pain. He has even trained his limbs, by repeated smashing on hard surfaces to be stronger. The bones in his forearms, elbow, knuckles, and shins and knees dont feel pain at all and are harder than normal.


The world is a harsh place, everyone knows that. Dog eat dog. To survive in this wretched place you yourself must be like the mountain, never moving....or was it the wind? Well whatever it was Faustus has it tenfold, or so he likes to tell himself. He was orphaned at a young age around 12, the last memory of his mother was her tending to her garden that she somehow got to grow in this desolate land. He was her little helper, getting whatever too,ls she needed and digging the holes for her. The day took a turn when a couple masked men invaded the yard...We don't need to delve into what happend do we? Something snapped in little Fausty. After it was all said and done, he was left bloody and bruised and his mother torn and dead. He didn't sit at her side and cry, his tears ran out long before that. He simply closed her eyes and went inside for new clothes, and some food.

Without an adult to look after the house, it was soon taken away from Faustus and he ran instead of staying with more of those people. The rest of his life was a blur of violence as he stole for food and got into fights. As He grew older he didn't calm down per say, more like he became more directed. He wasn't an evil kid, just completely, chaotically, nuetral. Not much really changed for him, not in this world. He moved from settlement to settlement, stealing what he could. Sure he was caught a few times, sure he fought back, and sure maybe some of the times whoever caught him didn't survive. This of course wasn't his problem. They wanted to kill him, so what was wrong with killing them first?

Everyonce in a while he would stumble across someone in need, He would help of course, he wasn't a monster. He would even act free of charge. Survival, though, was always his number one priority. That was of course, before he heard it....the bell. He was in a settlement when he first heard it. He looked around for the source, and noticed that he was the only one who seemed to notice or care about the noise. He asked the nearest person about it. THey just looked at him like some kind of nut. He huffed in annoyance and took off, towards the source of the noise. He didn't even know why he was doing it. Maybe it was because it was something to do, who knows what he would find, and where ever he went he would survive, period.

So begins...

Faustus Rammsteiner's Story