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Lam'ron Gersha

"What is it that you want now?"

0 · 309 views · located in City of Alora

a character in “Abandoned in Amtophia Rebooted”, as played by Dak'nahlan J'novi


Lam'ron Gersha


Name: Lam'ron Gersha

Theme Music: (Again optional)

Age: 27

Gender: Male

Orientation: Straight




Alignment: Lawful Neutral


150/150 (+67 Armor)


Experience Points
0/1000 to next Level

Height: 6'

Weight: 156lbs

Summon Familiar- Conjures an animal-like dark entity and has 50 HP, said familiar only able to deal out 5-10 DMG every turn. Consumes 15 MP.
Arcane Bolt- A bolt of pure energy that pierces like an arrow, sending 20 DMG every time a successful hit is made.
Darkened Starfall- Dark Matter from the sky comes pummeling down during this move, multiplying the 15ft areas where these projectiles come tumbling down up to three depending on how many times Arcane Bolt successfully hits.

Close Combat
Faen Magic

Personal Items and Weapons:
His father's sword and a silver necklace from his mother. A staff and armor from his school of magic

Appearance:Tall but slim, with lilac eyes and a deep pigment for this Drow. His hair reaches down to the ends of his shoulder blades and his jawline is solid and chiseled.

Oddities: One of his eyes has a few black marks around the iris, a tattoo given to him by his father.

Personality: A man of deep thought and intellect, though sometimes this goes to his head, thinking that he's the smartest being around. He's arrogant due to this and enjoys having conversation, though if turns into an argument he won't stop until he is right. He does have a dark side however and may sometimes go too far with how he commits to things, whether it be kicking an already dead foe after the fight and laughing about it, or threatening someone to the utmost graphic level.

Bio: Lam'ron was born into one of the richest families in his town and has been blessed with the many amenities that his family has given him. A large home with a yard for him to practice on keening his skills. After the age of 15, he thought that he was old enough and gifted enough to live on his own, and his parents didn't mind. He went out onto the world, found a good job working as an innskeeper for a couple of years until he got the opportunity to become a banker. Little did his employer know that he didn't mind stealing a few pieces of gold now and then. After all, there were no individual accounts that could separate one person's gold from another. After developing a solid foundation in accounting, he turned to being one of the guardsmen of his people, but they refused, seeing as he wasn't fit enough as a warrior to possibly fight away any intruders. Furious, he rebelled against his leader and left his town, becoming a traveler from then on. On his travels, many humans called him "The Wanderer" and "The Man in the Dark" as they didn't know what his race was, but his menacing scowl prevented people from wanting to get any closer. He has a few... pet peeves against humans as he thinks that they are the inferior races or rather the less clean race. Yes, this man is racist towards humans and doesn't think that there's anything the matter with it.

Likes: Practicing Magic, the smell of burning wood, the dark and fear.

Dislikes: Humans, Dirt, Anyone that doesn't benefit him, people who inflict damage to themselves or "cutters" and the leader of his town.

Fears: Not being able to fight, Sunlight


So begins...

Lam'ron Gersha's Story