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a character in “Abandoned in Amtophia Rebooted”, as played by Erin90



Name: Raivis Mon
Nickname: Rai or Mon
Gender: Male/Female ???
Orientation: What's that?
Race: Animal Spirit - Bird(Monster)
Class: Ranger
Sub-Class: Fighter
Alignment: True Neutral
Level: 10
HP: 100
MP: 150

Height: 5'3
Weight: 105 lbs.

[*]Rai can hunt, skin, clean and cook wild animals
knowledgeable in herbs and spices and their edibleness
Can cure skins
Can use a bow and arrow, a sling, snares, and fishnets
He is quite agile

Crowded places, Nekomimis, and conversation.

Personal items/Weapons:
A hunting knife and sheath
The clothes on his back
Crossbow, light-35 gp

History: Rai was an NPC character before but he still has fuzzy memories of his early life. He is an animal spirit. That lived life as baby bird that was found and raised by a pair of 15 yrs. old twin siblings, Sai and Mai who lived in the woods with their woodcutter father. Mon is actually not a last name but the name Mai wanted to name him so he keeps it as part of his name. Sadly his humans all disappeared mysteriously one day and Rai died of starvation. Rai does not remember his original gender, as it has been so long after his death and when he turned into an animal spirit he had manifested the physical appearance of what he imprinted
on Sai and Mai. Rai can also take on a female form as Mai, the twins looked uncannily alike so you cannot really tell the difference when Rai changes appearances.
Since he has been living in the woods as a virtual hermit, he became a Ranger accidentally from skills picked up by surviving on his own. Rai knows virtually nothing about the outside world. And only knows how to speak from his past life (from his humans).

Personality: Rai is does not speak much or well for that matter. He gives off a carefree or shy feeling he is actually quite wild. As in literally, living in the woods, crazy hermit kind of wild. Although he is not impulsive his thinking patterns are chaotic and it is practically impossible to read. Most of the time though, he is spaced out. He does not even know where he is from.

Physical appearance: Rai is not a ghost. He cannot be exorcised and has an physical body. He has white hair and blue eyes. He has the slender appearance of a young boy(15) most of the time but can change it to a female form. Which has a short hair cut too, and a very small chest. He also has a true form, a small white and very fluffy bird that can fly while in his human form he cannot fly. Which often confuses him. His human form does not have wings. Please ignore the clothes on the picture, Rai wears clothes made from animal skins. Something like a vest and knee length shorts.

Side note: A animal spirit is not an animal person where you are born with animal characteristics. This is second life granted to good little, lol no. Animals that die infused with strong emotions will have a second body. Animal spirits can be considered monsters in some instances. With thoughts like I want to survive or I want to protect an animal can transform into a bigger version of itself. Or a Monster. But Rai was thinking along the lines of I want to see you again... And a human form would be good for looking for humans. Although these feelings at death can easily be forgotten. And memoires from when they are alive are fuzzy at best. Animal spirits with a human form are very rare.

And this is what his Original form looks like:


And yes this can fly.

So begins...

Raivis's Story