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Mac the Knife

A bounty hunter and muder for hire

0 · 192 views · located in Kandem

a character in “Abduction of a Person”, as played by Irish Wolf






Mac would never be physically imposing, standing only five and a half feet tall and rather lean. Of course he is strong, with muscles more like steel wires then huge slabs of meat. His skin is slightly tan, as he prefers to work at night, when he can. Thinning, raven black hair, cropped short covers his head and snakes down to fill in a beard, left a few inches longer then the hair on top of his head. His face, hands and arms are covered with dozens of old scars, mostly from knife fights during his youth, He wears an eye-patch over his left eye but it's just to preserve his night vision, although he does have a scar running down over the eye, from a blade which almost took his eye. For clothing, he dons a green tunic, tan colored trousers, black leather half boots and belt, a black cloak and if he's working, a black hood, which covers half his face.

When off the job, Mac can be a very enjoyable person but when he's working, he seals his personality away in a cold, uncaring character who only wants to get paid. He doesn't care much about the Xahti, unless one of them might mess up a job.

Crossbow, twenty steel-tipped quarrels, a coil of rope, several daggers ranging from one thats nearly a short sword to a thin stiletto and a wine skin

Mac was born the son of a thief and a whore. As a young lad, he lived in the world of The Guild, a government of sorts ruling the collective thieves, murders, whores, beggars, pickpockets and other unlawful folk. He learned several trades there, including how to pick pockets, beg, burgle and enforcing Guild rules. He earned the rest of his name as a teenager, as he favored weapon for punishing those who had broken the rules was to knife them in the back. When he entered into his twenties, he went from enforcer to murderer for hire, known for always getting his mark. He retained his title of the knife, even though he was starting to switch over to using a crossbow, especially when he needed to take out targets who might be surrounded with armored men. He also picked up a reputation with law enforcement, as he would collect bounties on fellow criminals (when he was informed that they had been marked by the Guild).

So begins...

Mac the Knife's Story