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Respect your elder!

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a character in “ABNI”, as played by cirrus_sd


Shen is a Chinese aquatic dragon with shapeshifting abilities. His true form is that of your typical Chinese dragon. However, most regular humans see him in his more "normal" looking human form, where he appears as a stereotypical Asian man. As a human, he has spiky black hair that sticks up if he goes to sleep directly after showering, and bushy eyebrows. With the exception of some facial hair, that is the extent of hair on his body. He has thick, round glasses that cover nearly half his face, though whether he actually needs them to see is questionable. He's relatively short, at only 5'6", and is slowly growing a beer gut, though for the most part he is fairly physically fit. He speaks with a very thick Chinese accent, and his favorite catchphrase is "respect your elder!" in reference to himself, as his actual age is over 1,000 years old and his human "age" is 29 (though, to his annoyance, he is often mistaken for much younger due to his fairly casual and youthful dress). He's usually seen in a t-shirt and either baggy jeans or sweatpants, and always a pair of flip-flops. When he isn't in his human or dragon form, he usually ends up as some sort of shellfish, most commonly a clam or oyster. This often happens whenever he is very frustrated or angry, often to comedic effect. He can only stay in his unnatural forms for a maximum of 2 hours, less if he is wounded or fatigued. He also carries around a small pearl with him at all times.


Shen is a loud and enthusiastic, the type that might intimidate you with his hospitality. He is one hell of a bargainer, and will get the most for his money and get the most money for less. He hates paying full price for anything, and will haggle prices down to a cent. He is also a money-pincher, and getting him to let go of money is a very difficult thing to do, indeed. He is an avid consumer of seafood, despite the fact that he can turn into them, and defends himself by saying "It's not cannibalism unless I eat myself!" He often uses odd, but applicable metaphors to things, and does the same with adjectives. He likes drinking, but gets drunk rather quickly. He is a clean freak and super-organized, unable to comprehend why the others are so messy. He has terrible spelling, bad grammar, and can hardly read English. His brain is full of numbers, and it shows. He doesn't understand sarcasm, and will get riled up if you disrespect him too much. He can be judgmental as well, and many of his opinions aren't exactly politically correct...


In addition to his shapeshifting, Shen can also create short-lived mirages, though this he can only do in his dragon form. So long as he has his pearl with him, he has close to infinite stamina. Being away from it, however, causes serious problems. He can somewhat influence the weather, depending on his emotions and what form he is in. He is almost always seen with a pencil. Shen is also fairly skilled in martial arts, specifically Kung Fu, and his dragon form is almost impervious to physical attacks. He has experience with getting rid of ghosts and spirits, and can write in most Asian languages.


Shen is one of many Chinese dragons. Quite old, he grew interested in humans and lived among his native Chinese for quite some time. After hearing of America and its prosperous opportunities, he immigrated over via unconventional ways. Because of this, he isn't exactly a citizen, much less legally allowed to stay, though he doesn't see much issue with this. He is a dragon after all. He lived in the Chinatown section of Los Angeles where he first began helping locals with small demon issues, usually dealing with ghosts and spirits. He moved to Las Vegas for a change of scenery and came up with the idea to turn the demon-ridding business into an actual business. He takes care of the finances and sees himself as the "leader" of ABNI because of age, though whether the others see him as leader is disputable.

So begins...

Shen's Story

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"You don't know? What the FUCK do you mean you don't know??" his voice was raising higher and higher, cracking, but he didn't care, "Why the fuck are you out here anyways? And why'd you drag Lili into it? What the hell am I supposed to do with this fucking underwear now, huh? I can't even fucking make a peace treaty with that bitch because you lost her! What the hell, KJ??"

Sam's language had grown crasser, but it was to hide the fact that he was very worried. Lili...gone? She was smarter than that! At least smart enough not to go off by herself! Was she taken? Stolen? Someone had snatched her? He had always been scared of that happening, even when they were younger. Lili was pretty. She could get snatched easily. Have terrible things done to her.

"What the fuck!" Sam repeated, distressed and voice wavering. He felt like he was going to cry. "Well come on! Fucking find her!" The sentence was useless, didn't offer any solutions, but he didn't have any. He had come late to the party, and Lili was gone. GONE! How??

"You!" he pointed at Monica, "You found this place, randomly. And you knew Lili was missing. How did you know? I thought you were normal!"

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Lili woke while the van was still driving.

The first thing she noted was how disgusting the gag tasted. Which reminded her of an unpleasant sexual experience.

The van hit a bump, and she was jolted upright. "MM!" she shrieked through the dirty cloth. She rolled around, hitting the sides hard. Shen was still out for some reason, and as a sharp turn was made, his body slammed against her. Ugh. Getting a leg free, she kicked him back before glaring disappointingly at her bird feet and sighing.

Well, no moping was to be done here. She was in the middle of being kidnapped! She tried to stand up, but the van was so fast and not exactly well-driven, so the most she could get was her knees...which wasn't the smartest idea when she ended up faceplanting after a hard brake.

"FFMM!" she shouted, and struggled to get back up into upright position. She sat with her knees bent on either side of her, legs splayed, which provided some sort of support. Looking around for some sort of exit, she realized she only had one choice: the back door.

Resituating herself and dodging the rolling Asian, she sat herself a little less than legs length from the door, and began kicking as hard as she could.


Now Monica was running away? Ugh!

"So it was a trap? You pulled Lili away from T@T for a trap??" Sam exclaimed. He hardly listened to the rest that KJ had to say, but what he did he misunderstood, "So that big monster took Lili?? HOW? I thought we got rid of it! I thought Shen took care of it! And why are we standing here? We need to get Lili! We need to get her before she's sold into the sex trade or kidnapped some more or killed or...or worse!" His voice was high-pitched now, tiptoeing the line of falsetto, and he was practically pulling his hair out.

"I'm an idiot! I should have gotten someone to get her out of the car. I should have been nicer to her, even if she was a bitch. God damnit! Why is she getting herself kidnapped? Why did you let her get kidnapped? Can't you sense traps with your demon senses or something? Shouldn't you have known?"

He was crying now, and he took a wrong step and ended up sprawled on the ground, which didn't help, his broken leg splayed out. "Now she's probably tied up and gagged and forced to give someone a blowjob and they'll be gross and disgusting and they'll do worse things to her and then they'll just torture her and kill her and sell her and I'm never going to see her agaaaaain!!"

The rest of his words jumbled into an incoherent mess as sloppy tears rolled down his face while he bawled.

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Sam's freakout wasn't helping KJ's frustration. He watched the shorter half-demon turn about, tail wiggling this way and that, all the while blaming KJ for everything. Perhaps he could have detected something sooner, but he didn't and that wasn't his fault. He couldn't control it persay. Maybe the kidnappers were smart and knew he could detect such things and...

Great. KJ wiped at his chin. They were smart. They knew them.

His yellow eyes flicked to Monica, running across the street. She looked defeated and not with them at all. KJ wondered...he had to wonder...if the kidnappers didn't know about her as well.

Grabbing Sam's shoulders, he shook him a bit to get his attention. Voice low, he instructed, "Follow me. Leave Monica. Don't question me."

He grabbed Nikki's hand and tugged her along as well. They jogged away, into a yard and through a fence to a backyard with a pool. They needed to ditch Monica. She couldn't be seen with them. If the kidnappers connected their business relationship to one another, then they would lose an advantage. KJ wasn't about to allow such to happen.

"Text her," KJ demanded when they were two blocks away. "Tell her to stay low. Don't go back home." He checked the street before pulling them into traffic stopped at a red light. Horns honked, but they weren't hurting anyone. Once they were within the crowds of shoppers, he ducked them into a clothing store to regroup. "Okay, they know our faces and they know yours," he said, indicating Nikki. "I don't think they'd know Monica."

"How can you know that?" Nikki asked.

KJ shrugged. "I can't," he admitted, eyes turning to Sam. "But if we get taken as well, we need her." He nearly cringed at the idea. That little human girl with her gummy worms and silly mannerisms and human smells. She was their salvation?

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Sniffing, Sam texted Monica sullenly, almost verbatim what KJ told him. "So I texted her. Now what? What's the plan now, big guy?" he demanded sarcastically, "Where do we even start to find them? It's not like we have a GPS to enter their names in. They could be anywhere."


After several minutes of repeated kicking and cursing and scratching with her toe claws, the back door flung open, one hinge already broken off, and battered against the van and the wind.

"MMF!" Lili exclaimed. But before she could even attempt to jump or roll out, they slipped into a very dark dark that Lili couldn't see two inches in front of her. To make matters worse, groans seemed to shake the walls and van. Unnatural...groans....

With a stifled shriek, she tried to clamber back further into the truck, bumping her knee and falling over Shen.

Spouts of fire flared up here and there, illuminating frightening shadows against the walls for only a second, and the groans crescendoed and added higher pitched noises that weren't humanly possible. And the further they traveled, the darker it became...

Where in hell were they?

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They were gone when she returned to the crowd of picture snappers and police tape. Monica turned on the spot, nerves sprinkled with anxiety. Why would they leave her? Or were they kidnapped? Monica shook once and managed to slip away before officers questioned her. She had nothing to do with the house so felt no guilt, but had no idea where to go but home.

A text from Sam scratched that out though. And at least then she knew something was definitely up. Sighing, she followed orders and started back to the shops which proved to be farther than she thought. By the time she found an ice cream bar and slumped into a seat outside, her ankles and the balls of her feet ached more than she had ever experienced.

But her worries remained with herself. She had no idea what was going on, so had little anxiety with the others, except Lili and Shen. She had to worry about them. Being kidnapped wasn't exactly good.

But having strange facts plunged into your head wasn't either.

Blinking once, she glanced up the street and saw them again, the numbers, like floating clip art dancing this way and that. Sometimes they faded away when she squinted, but she could sense them and her head ached wondering what it meant. She had always been good with numbers, but this was a little weird.

How had she known about Lili being in trouble? It had only been Lili, not Shen, not the others. Just Lili. Was it just because she was with Sam at the time? It didn't make sense, but none of it did, so she accepted that as the answer.

"Don't panic."

She did, jumping and making a strange strangled squeaking noise. The black-haired boy laughed, taking the seat opposite her and handing her a pink colored ice cream in a waffle cone. He had his own, vanilla, that he licked generously. "It'll melt, take it."

She did, but didn't taste any. "Who are you?" she demanded.

"Name doesn't matter."

"It does to me."

"I'm a friend. Leave it at that. All right?"

"I don't think so."

"No," he offered, licking once more, brilliant eyes on hers. "But you know so."

Monica couldn't fight that. While his face was unfamiliar and his appearances strange, she felt comfortable, at ease, as if she did in fact know him. So she settled for her next question. "What are you?"

He grinned, perfectly straight teeth almost annoying. Taking his time with his answer, he observed her a moment, eyes flitting around her features. "You're a smart one. I like you."

Monica didn't know what to say to that.

"Not too smart though, that's good."


He laughed, biting at his cone. "It's a good thing, honestly. But you shouldn't be worrying about me at all. You should be worrying about your friends. And the Mr. Baddie."


"There's a lot goin' on in this town," he started, leaning forward and holding the chipped cone in both hands. "A lot. And I don't mean the casinos or strip clubs or every corner chapels. It's underneath. Hidden. And your Lili and Shen are heading into the mouth of one of its pets. Not as dangerous as our Baddie. But certainly life threatening."

"What do you mean?"

"There's always more, Mon."

"Don't call me that."

He grinned once more. "Keep looking. Always keep looking. Don't trust anyone unless you have good reason to. Your pals in ABNI...they're good people. They have the fire I haven't seen in decades."

" old are you?"

"And're a special case."

"I don't understand..."


And he was gone. Just like that. Vanished, cone and all.

Monica sat back in her chair, eyes wide and mind whirling. So many words. She couldn't process them all and covered her face on the verge of frustrated tears. What had she stumbled on to? She had just wanted a job to earn money to head to Hollywood. That's it! Who was this guy who offered cryptic wisdom and snippy one-liners?

The van pulled in finally, the two in front clamoring out and starting for the back. They weren't surprised to find the door kicked at and broken. Awake, the girl was definitely the more annoying to bring in, but they managed it just the same, plopping both bodies down on the red carpet in front of their boss's desk.

"Got two of them."

", how unique, is the polite way of putting it." He was a short man, balding, accent faintly foreign and skin tanned. Perhaps Italian or Spanish, the men didn't know and didn't care to ask. They only wanted their payment.

Which they were given. The door to the right of the desk opened and both hurried forward, rolling up their sleeves and adjusting their collars. Inside the short hallway were six cells, three on each side. On the farthest to the left, the door's lock turned green and they hurried inside with wide smiles.

"Hello ladies," the bulkier man said, his voice deep and silky. The women inside, three blondes with pale skin and sunken eyes, rushed forward and jumped on them in an instant. Their fangs drove into the exposed flesh, the arms, the neck, and they feasted on the warm blood mixed with initial sweat and grime. They easily sucked past that though. They sucked and drank and the men sighed in releases of high and adrenaline bursts.

In the main office, the cells vanished behind their door. The man stood there, looking down at his two new subjects and grinning to the girl. "Such a pretty one," he sighed, kneeling and taking her chin. "You'll do wonderfully on display."

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Well, this was different.

On one hand, she couldn't help but gawk at her surroundings. This place was definitely up-scale. One of the houses she used to dream of when she was younger. A Hollywood house. A glamour house. A pity that she was here under these circumstances.

As she stared at the door where the scary blondes were (not that they had anything on her. They were 7's at best), her chin was suddenly forced up, and she was staring at an ugly man with hardly any hair left. His fingers were pudgy and greasy, and he smelled funny. Not funky, but....strange.

She made a face at his words. Pretty? Shit, she was gorgeous! Her pride trumped whatever fear she might have felt, and she tossed her head away from his fingers with a "Hmph."

"Display for what?" she demanded, "I don't work for free, you know. And why'd you kidnap us? And what'd you do to Shen?"

The man was still unconscious, and Lili couldn't deny being worried. At that moment she realized that there were red and white slips of paper with Asian symbols pasted onto various parts of his body.

"Whatever it is," she said with another toss of her head, "KJ and Sam won't let you get away with it! They'll find you guys and beat you into a pulp!"