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Abigail Bales

I miss home...

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a character in “Abnormal”, as played by peace_love_dance


-Name- Abigail Elizabeth Bales
-Age: 10
-Gender- Female
-Birthdate- December 5
-Personality- Abigail is what most people consider antisocial. Shy and lacking confidence, she tries her hardest to please other and, most of the time, values their feelings over her own. Used to people not caring, she has a hard time making new friends and tends to stay to herself most of the time. Also, Abigail is rather mature for her age. This is why she finds most children her age rather annoying, and prefers being by herself.
-Power- Superhuman agility. She is extremely flexible, and able to react to a situation very quickly
-History- On a rainy day in some small town in England, Abigail was born into a very poor family. Not that she ever minded. With only her mother to love and care for her, she adapted quickly to the lonely afternoons and quiet mornings. Many children tended to make fun of her for being quiet and, more so, poor. So after a long day at school, the girl would go home and read, or some other quiet activity. After all, she was a master at being quiet.

One day, when Abigail was sitting around growing bored with her school work, she decided to find a new activity. So just like every other little girl in her class, she started performing some gymnastic moves. And that was when she discovered just how easy it was, and everything clicked into place.

Finally, on her ninth birthday, Abigail was walking home from school. And that was the day she got abducted.
-Appearance- Abigail is small and very thin for her age. Her small facial features cause her to look a lot younger then she really is, which she finds rather annoying at times. Although her skin is rather tan, she barely goes outside anymore, preferring to stay inside her room or another rather uncrowded area. Her dirty blonde hair falls to about her elbows, and she almost never bothers to pull it back. Her eyes are a soft gray, and always seem to have a strong spirit in them, whether is be happy or sad. Her style of clothing is simply casual, being over sized sweatshirts and comfortable jeans.
-Classes you would like to study-
โ™ฅ Math
โ™ฅ Art
โ™ฅ Study Period
-Prefered training option- Individual training
-Other- โ€I am abnormal,โ€

So begins...

Abigail Bales's Story


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All tablets and SmartScreens [The screens that the humans from the outside use to communicate with the abnormalities] flash on.

All schedules are now revoked. You may do whatever you like for the next 7 hours, then you are to report for lights off. Dinner will be served at the regular times, and all abnormalities must report to the Main training facility at 10am for an announcement. If you fail to show up, you'll be punished. This is extremely important, and will permanently decide your fate.

Thank you.

And all the screens flash off.