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"Chiru is stronger than you think I am!

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a character in “Aboard The Phoenix: Revival”, as played by Lloyd999



Name: Chiru
Role: Cabin Girl
Race: Fairy
Age: Her real age is unknown, but people have seen her for at least 70 years.
Skills: Chiru's main and most obvious ability is to freeze things, thus, people tend to call her an 'ice fairy', though there isn't really anything indistinguishable about Chiru that separates her from other fairies, other than being one of the stronger ones. She can only freeze what she touches and whatever is touching what she freezes. If she freezes a tree, she can extend the range of her freezing area if the tree is touching other trees. This technique is sometimes referred to as an 'Ice Shield', as the most common way she applies it is by freezing the air in front of her to defend her from incoming objects, like arrows or acorns, and thus, the technique of chain freezing can be applied in combat as both a defensive move and an offensive move. Also, when she freezes air, rather than melting, it just shatters.

As a fairy, Chiru can survive any sort of injury. However, should she take an injury that would normally be fatal, Chiru would become immobile for a period of time while her injuries recover, which can take between hours to entire weeks. Fairies, when healing from fatal injuries, will envelope themselves in some sort of 'cocoon', which varies depending on their powers, and in Chiru's case, she'll freeze her skin and eventually freeze everything around her.

While it is true that fairies can fly, they can't fly very fast, nor very high. Flying distances is just as tiring as running them, and fairies like Chiru will only fly to reach places out of their reach or to defend themselves. Some fairies prefer to fly long distances, but Chiru prefers to walk.

Because fairies are known to be highly magical themselves, Chiru can easily tell if a person is more than human, as humans have lower Od (magical power inside living creatures, as opposed to Mana which comes from the earth) than more creatures. Of course, it's not like she can name every species. Also, as of late, fairies have seem to have developed a way to hide their wings through simply illusionry, to the point where it's become second-nature. Although, it's rather weak illusionry, so anyone trained to see through such could easily see them. Also, fairies can lend their magical power to magic-users, and wizards originally got magical power from highly magical creatures such as fairies, until magical items, such as wands and staffs, had been remade and repurposed to convert Mana into Od, which was much more efficient than the conventional 'borrowing' method human wizards used.

She somehow has the remarkable ability to keep her clothing in perfect repair at all times.

Bio: Chiru was among an abundance of fairies in Terreth and the surrounding lands. Story says they, like all life, had originated from ground-zero. Some of the more supersticious believed fairies were the main supporters of the balance of nature on the lands. However, more people than just magicians knew what annoyances fairies could be.

Back when forests were more abundant, there was a misty lake where many of them have lived around, and the surrounding forest was known for the many mischevious fairies that lived there. Chiru was one of these fairies. She enjoyed playing around, exploring, dueling, snowball fights, frog freezing and whatnot. She was somewhat well acknowledged among other fairies, despite being an idiot, and has had many small tales and adventures of her own, such as the Flower Incident, The Great Catfish, the Endless Night, the Fairy Wars, the Amazing Dream, the Stolen Spring incident, and many others (although, many of them are somewhat exaggerated).

As forests began to shrink to make way for growing cities, fairies became more of a nuisance. There were some, like Chiru, that seemed to be rather fond of getting into fights, only to be brushed off easily by magic users, but no matter how hard you hit a fairy, they always come back. Others were an annoyance to the general public due to their mischevious and naive natures. Also, more and more fairies could be witnessed wandering in cities. Though there was a time where fairies were afraid of dangerous people who they heard of lived in fairies, Chiru, however, was one who loved experiencing new things, and had wandered into nearby cities quite often. Through what Chiru had told them, and due to the fact fairies were being more cramped together, cities became growing interests for fairies.

However, though they were labeled as harmless, and for the most part, they were, many were starting to become a direct nuisance to the public, as there have been reports of fairies naively banding on in small groups to try to 'take over' buildings, only to be brushed off easily. Also, due to shrinking natural land, fairies have on many occasions been the blame for stealing crops, and even stealing from merchants, and pranks on the general public simply topped it off. Also, fairies never learned, and they never learn to stop doing something even after thorough lecturing and even punishment.

Due to fairies having no real council or government system, (simply greater fairies were teachers to lesser fairies, and they looked up to nature as their master. Though it doesn't appear they have a religion nor real families, some fairies tend to mention parental figures that seem to be based off of seasons) there was no real way to negotiate any sort of terms such as land terms with these fairies, so some restrictions were placed on fairies and they were given more serious crime charges, which led to discrimination and then to downright slavery. Because they couldn't die, there was no real way to preform genocide on them, so they were simply shunned and enslaved, many of them being drawn away from each other in one way or another, often through some kind of servitude, and there was even a 'fairy trade' system in place, as not only did they make good servants (physically), but wizards could preform more powerful magic even by being in the presence of a fairy, not to mention they are thought of as good luck charms (though, the more supersticious such as airship crewmen believed the opposite.)

Chiru hadn't been caught by fairy traders immedietely. However, she had witnissed some of her closest friends in slavery, Kiaryi, Daisy, Jorick, Lily, the Primsrivers, all of them. Though even Chiru, the strongest, couldn't play freely. She was caught and sold and resold to various air vessels, for they couldn't stand her, untill eventually she was sold to a vessel named 'the Phoenix'. It was illegal to release a fairy, for who knew what trouble it would cause, and there were no other people who wanted to be hired in that position, (despite the fact a majority of the crew, including the Captain, consists of younger people.) Therefore, the ice fairy Chiru serves The Phoenix.

ImageDescription: Chiru is what many know (or don't know) as a fairy. Of course, Chiru is a special fairy. She has powers over ice and frost, giving her the title as an 'ice fairy'. She takes the appearance of a 7 year old child, but her real age is unknown. She is likely at least two generations old, though, not very old at all in immortal terms. Each of her wings look like three diamond-shaped ice crystals (though, it's only a coincidence, they aren't actually ice). Her hair is a sky blue, and her eyes are more of a deep blue. She wears a white blouse and a blue jumper dress, and has a large white ribbon in her hair, and she is barefoot. As a Cabin Girl for an airship, she was forced to wear some sort of black cape that resembles half of a trenchcoat with a shoulder pad, and wears it over the left of her body and strapped over her dress, and she'll wear matching gloves. It maybe have been a joke that it was half of a coat, and in no way would keep her protected against cold, wind and rain, not that she gets cold easily at all.
Personality: Chiru's personality is childish, as you might expect from her appearance, and she is sometimes considered stupid. This is all quite true. Chiru is much like a young child, often curious in many things, and had easily been willing to play. Playing is one thing she had liked doing, though, she didn't get much attention, which caused her to try and start fights to get attention.

Chiru regarded herself to be in higher leagues than most fairies, although she didn't put her friends down. She had once been regarded as one of the strongest fairies around, as she still is quite confident about. She happens to be very social, and often tells stories about her many more memorable adventures, or at least those she could remember. However, when faced with somebody in high command, such as the Quartermaster or Captain, she goes quiet, though not fearfully so, and tries to avoid them unless she is called with an order. If she feels threatened, such as when she is to be punished, she defends herself, no matter how harsh the consequences may be afterward, she just never learns not to defend herself. While it was true, she is strong compared to most fairies, she often ends up losing all the fights she engages others. She still has pride in being the strongest in the world, however, and swears she'll prove it, along with being the smartest, and not even slavery would stop her,

Though in actuality, Chiru is one of the absolute lowest in intelligence. Logic does not work with her. She does not comprehend that she's an idiot. Her attention span is that of a squirrel's. She is too happy-go-lucky, as opposed to the normally fearful nature she should have. She tends to have bad manners as a servant, not by being spiteful or sarcastic, but just by being happy-go-lucky. Though, this childishness and stupidity only fuels her stubborn nature, to prove she is better than anybody at anything.

Other: Some facts about fairies;
- Fairies cannot die. If one were to be 'killed', which is fairly easy, they'd simply regenerate, which would take only a matter of hours.
- Every fairy has one special power, but only a literal one (e.g. a Fairy of Darkness is only able to make things dark, that's about it).
- A nearby fairies give off magical power that help heal and grow plants, among other effects.
- Fairies are quite unintelligent compared to most other things, and many are quite forgetful. However, though they have most goldfish memory does not make them fully mentally challenged, just, usually, they have no idea what they are talking about.
- Fairies often take the appearance of children.
- A Fairy's strength, like most winged creatures, can be determined by the size of their wings.
- A Fairy can allow a Magician or Wizard to use some of their magical power, which fairies have a lot of, which many aren't able to make good use of anyway.

So begins...

Chiru's Story


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"Gumilii! Ye' big lug-head where are ye' napping now at this time of day!?"

Aurora sighed as she hopped down from the railing of the deck- passing the current group upon it. She had lost track of her green haired friend about an hour ago since Aurora didn't now how to keep track of anything other then ships. They HAD been lazing around up in the crows nest until two certain shipmates of theirs decided to claim it as there own love-nest. A shudder ran through her body at the thought of what they could be doing up in her one true place. The crows-nest was her sanctuary and being on the ground felt weird to her by now. If not she'd be in the water since it was her birth place- her age unknown to the others. They did know that she was a Siren, a Succubus of the sea. But they seemed to trust her enough with the men on the ship as long as she didn't snap from her hunger and desire.

"Gumilii! Gum-Gum!!! Ya' know I won't hesitate ta' throw yer' gun off the side of the ship!" She yelled out again, walking into the area where the bunk beds were located. She paused as she heard quiet bangs coming from around the corer. Oh for heavens sake did those two love-birds get in here too! Was not a place in here safe from their fest!? She walked towards it quietly ready to but her thoughts to her yapper but paused as she heard a voice.

"You're on!"

Raising an eyebrow- Aurora walked up the the hatch that the banging was coming from and stared at it for a moment. It sounded like their tiniest members voice- once again speaking to te hatch as if it were a person. A chuckle escaped her lips as she reached forward and swiftly lifted up the hatch and pushed it open before walking away towards the deck again before Chiru could see her. Let the girl think she was victorious for this point. She thought to herself with an amused smile. Getting back up on deck she pouted to herself not being able to spot Gumilii. How HARD was it to loose a girl with GREEN hair!? Then again Aurora had white hair as if she were well over five hundred. Maybe she was, maybe she wasn't- they'd never know. Her green orbs widened a bit as she finally spotted her target over near Asher, TK, Anne and the cap'n.

"GUMILII!!!" She shouted as she quickly ran over and jumped onto the green haired girls back- the momentum causing them to both fall over in front of the group.

"Found ya~" She said happily as she sat upon her back.


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Markus Redsail

Markus sighed and looked at the sun. This was the normal, well if you could call it normal. Markus stood and made his way up to the wheel and climbed up on the rail in front of it. "Listen up! We got a big job from a rich employer starting in the afternoon! I don't want any of you slicking off today! Got it?! Good!" Markus yelled at everyone. For someone as small as he was, he did have a very loud voice. If we pull this off we will be set for a couple of months Markus thought to himself as he walked down the steps and onto the main deck.


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Tamantha “TK” Kenden

"She's in the right place. I'll take care of her from here. You all can go now."

TK looked up from the ground at Elly. Quite frankly, TK did not want to leave the sick crew mate. TK also knew she had to get out of this room before she passed out from the fumes. She rubbed her nose as he eyes watered like someone with allergies. "I hope Gumi gets better. I know she's in good hands." TK said as she walked out of the room. Her tail coiled around her leg as if to be comforting. TK had to hold her nose to prevent herself from sneezing. "I need some fresh air..." TK muttered and stepped up onto the main deck. She was unaware that the ship's little fairy had just been mopping and scattered the water everywhere.

TK continued to rub her eyes, but the fresh air helped. She was unable to see where she was going when her heel hit a small water puddle. So small that this teen girl would be the other one to hit it. Her foot slid out forwards and TK's eyes snapped open wide. Her tail was coiled around her leg, so she was unable to balance herself quick enough.

Her back was the first thing to hit the deck, then her head whipped back and slammed into the solid wood. The wind was knocked out of her, and TK gasped for breath. She gripped her chest and coughed a few times, then almost started dry-heaving. When the air seemed to crawl its way back into her lungs, TK gave a few dry coughs. "Ugh ow... why me..?" TK muttered and put a hand on the back of her head, then winced. There was already a bump forming. Her pain was immediately replaced by anger. "Who in the hell did this?!" She yelled getting to her feet. Her head started pounding again and TK grimaced. "Damn..." The anger was wiped away and replaced by pain again.