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Sergio "Surge" Cortez

"You can always use help from a guy like me."

0 · 165 views · located in Earth: Absolute Zero Timeline

a character in “Absolute Zero : The Zero Subjects”, as played by Varanus


Name: Sergio Cortez

Alternative Name: “Surge”

Gender: Male

Age: 24

Faction: Prototype NE-ESPer (Nano-enhaned ESPer) or “Nesper”

ESP Type: Offensive

ESP Level: A



Electrosensory: Surge can detect the presence of electrical currents in his surroundings from, for example, wires and machines. More useful, he can detect the presence of any animal life via sensing their nervous system.

Actute compass direction: As an extension of his electrosensory he can sense the earth’s magnetosphere and can point out any compass direction with accuracy.

Proto-telepathy: Though Surge cannot literally read the minds of individuals at a very close range (3 meter radius) he can sense the electrical signals most active in certain regions of another’s brain, thereby sensing their mood.

Magnetic cling: Surge can absorb electrons from an object into his body. By maintaining the electrons in his body (holding a negative charge) and keeping the object or region of the object positively charged, he can maintain a magnetic cling. With this ability he can scale vertical objects. Metallic objects are by fast the easiest to cling too.

Enhanced reflexes: Nanobots in Surge’s body can increase the performance of his nervous system for a restricted duration (10 minutes as most), increasing his reflexes almost 30 fold.

Interaction with electronics and power systems: He can recharge batteries of electronics and temporarily turn on appliances. He can also short circuit computers, machineries and even cause power outages, which helps in avoiding or delaying detection in urbanized areas.


Electrokinesis – Sergio has the ability to telekinetically manipulate electrons in his surroundings. By displacing and concentrating electrons he and ignite an electrical discharge. Typically he fires bolts from his body by temporarily absorbing and concentrating loose electrons from the environment into his body, giving his body a negative charge. He then aims his attacks by removing as many loose electrons form his target as possible giving a highly positive charge. By releasing the stored electrons from his body, the bolt zaps to the positively charged target. He can also send a charge by coming into physical contact with his target.

He can accurately fire across the air within a radius of 6 meters, but the range is highly versatile given the conductivity of nearby objects (ex: he can extend his range by firing his attack through a long metal pipe).

The behavior of his attack is much different in water. While it is much easier to collect electrons in water, his attack can be stronger, but his accuracy drastically decreases as his attack is prone to spread all around him. This is dangerous if there are any bystanders or allies in the vicinity.

Atmosphere disturbance/Storm ignition – This is a very time-consuming ability and requires an extraordinary amount of concentration. By dispersing electrons from the surroundings as far as possible (with aim to send them into the sky, Surge can form a storm for a short duration of time, producing a series of lightning that randomly strikes the earth. This ‘attack’ (if one wants to call it that) is not to be used during immediate combat.

Incorporation of Nanotechnology: Surge’s body is full of nanobots which are used to buffer the negative effects of his abilities; the nanobots buffer his body from injury when using his electrokinetic abilities as well as prevent an overload when his reflexes are enhanced. When using his powers, the nanobots slowly degrade. Luckily the nanobots are self-regenerating and the numbers can fully recover overnight. But his body cannot take more than 2-3 hours of intense use of his electrokinesis for the nanobots would degrade faster than they can be replenished.


**Has not (yet) developed any unique defensive techniques.

Appearance: Short dark brown hair, dark brown eyes. 6ft, 160 lbs. Slim with the toned physical of an outdoorsman. Usually has a 5 o’clock shadow (he never lets his facial hair grow too long yet doesn’t tend to it enough to be clean shaven.



Personality: Surge is a decisive, down-to-earth individual. If Surge has a goal, he’ll do whatever it takes to achieve that goal in the most efficient, sensible, yet civil manner.

He’s blunt and can be very manipulative, but under conditions that are usually mutual (there’s no point in trying to be sneaky when those you plan to affiliate with can probably read your mind anyway). Due to his status he can be a people-person when needed be, but he prefers to keep to himself when not dealing with business.


He is normally seen in a t-shirt, long jeans, and a travelers backpack with portable electronics. He wears fraud contacts which hide his identity of retina-scanning surveillance.


Bio: Surge, born with the name Sergio Cortez, is from a small town of Columbia. His parents, espers themselves were employees of a nanotechnology corporation, While his mother was pregnant with him, she was “accidently exposed to a strain of nanobots that inhabit the body, engineered to enhance the powers of espers. These would be referred to as the first generation of NE-ESPers or nespers. Her mother’s body was rejecting the nanobots and by the time Sergio was born, his mother passed away. Sergio, however, was exposed to the nanobots while in the womb and seemed to better acclimate to the nanobots. His father agreed to raise Sergio under a modified esper training program.

By the age of 18, Sergio had developed a unique set of abilities and became sort of a celebrity in his home nation, given the nickname “Surge.” One day the facility was infiltrated by mercenary-espers of Primus Corporation, stealing information of the latest research in the company’s nanotechnology projects. This set off tensions between South American counties and some European nations, especially Germany. While the offense is being dealt with through politics, Surge, with the cooperation of his father, headed off to conduct detective work of his own and figure out why Primus, a company obsessed with their runaway creations, had the guts to break into a nano-industry of a foreign country.

In the process, Surge on the search for these “zero subjects.” He wishes to find these zero subjects and ask for their help on his mission while offering them his aid.


Undercover Sabotage

Run and Attack

A night in the hometown

Smooth sailing cross-country

So begins...

Sergio "Surge" Cortez's Story