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Ishida Mitsunari

"Kyo...may I kil this vermin? you want him, instead? If you don't stop me soon he will be gone very... very....soon-"

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a character in “Abstract”, as played by aarondalea




Kyo...why do these people run when it is obvious that they will never escape from us?

Brotsjor| Ólafur Arnalds
Only the Winds| Ólafur Arnalds
Legions (War) | Zoe Keating

Neh, Kyo...what is music to you? Is it similar to my taste, with the sounds of Hyeon's screaming and their blood splattering on the floor? Is it? Neh, Kyo...



⌈Full Name⌋
Ishida Mitsunari
"Kyo, neh, Kyo...don't you remember...don't you? That television show...the first thing we saw when we came to...our name sake, right, Kyo...?"

"Sis...someone called me Ishi...should I go kill them, Kyo? To see if they have the right to call me by a pet name..."

⌈Hyeon/Unmei Name⌋
Kokushibyō no akuma | The Demon of Black Death
"Why do they call me by this name, Kyo? Is it a symbol that I have become stronger? Kyo, is it? I have to bloody my hands more with the lives of others, Kyo..."

" this really how old we are, Kyo? it that I feel older..."

"Kyo...why are you asking me such a question? It hurts- my chest. Why does it, Kyo?"

"Why do people believe they have to link themselves to another person, Kyo? Is that not foolish?"

"How did we come to be, Kyo?...Why is it that I do not remember anything anymore..."

"Kyo...I will never join anything as long as you are with me... neh, Kyo- is it the same for you, too?"

"Do we have a nationality, Kyo? Do we?...Do we? A nationality...?"

⌈Face Claim⌋
Normal | Nate Rivers || Death Note
Awakened | Abel Nightroad/Krusnik 02 || Trinity Blood

A person's death mask tells more about them than their words do, don't they, Kyo?



⌈Height & Weight⌋
160 cm | 5'2
47 kg | 99 lbs

"Neh, Kyo- in this body, do I not look cute and terrifying at the same time? Do I, Kyo?"

⌈Hair color/Length/Quality⌋
White | To Neck | Shabby / Unkempt
"Do you think I need a haircut, Kyo? It is not like I have to..."

⌈Eye color⌋
{Crimson} | {Brown Contacts}
"Why must I wear these, Kyo? They hurt my eyes...see? Another's like I am a defenseless child, Kyo..."

⌈Distinguishable Facial Features⌋
{White Hair || Crimson Eyes}
"Kyo, do you think that my hair is too weird? Is it, Kyo? Like your hair, Kyo?"

{破壊 characters on his back | "Destruction"}
"Neh, Kyo. Why is it that the word is in Mandarin? Why not English, French, German? Neh, Kyo- why is it 'destruction'? We don't wreck destruction, Kyo...we purify, don't we?"

⌈Physical Description⌋
Due to his rather tall build for the age that most people assume he is, many people have come to believe that Ishida actually has muscle mass in his normal state. This is far from true. Ishida’s ribcage is visible, and in his normal state, the Unmei is near skin and bone. His height is de-emphasized due to his near constant slouch that he developed in the past somehow, causing him to look much shorter than he actually is. Ishida’s shabby hair and the large black bags that are constantly underneath his two eyes further compound this look of shabbiness, which has caused many people to under-estimate Ishida in terms of power and strength. What might have been an indicator for others- Ishida’s blood red eyes- tend to be covered up by brown contacts, as Ishida finds it interesting to watch the reactions of others when he transforms into his actual, awakened state.

Wherever Ishida goes, he is always seen wearing the exact same outfit: white pajamas. No one has actually seen Ishida wearing anything else besides this pair of pajamas, but, surprisingly, never have they seen it dirtied- even with blood. This has caused many people to wonder if Ishida just has a lot of pairs of these pajamas, or if it was made by himself with his bone manipulation powers. There are not many noticeable features for Ishida- only that his eyes are soulless, and many people whom have interacted with him leave with fear clutching at their hearts and cold sweat rolling down their faces.

"Neh, Kyo? Do you like this form better than the other? I do- I do, Kyo. I like watching their eyes widen with shock, as if I am handing them a present. Are their expressions not funny, Kyo?"


⌈Height & Weight⌋
192 cm | 6'2
83 kg | 183 lbs

"This is what I actually look like, fools. Understand that this is the last face you shall see before your demise!"

⌈Hair color/Length/Quality⌋
White | Past Shoulders | Silky / Smooth
"My hair, filth, is another symbol of superiority, just as is my sister's. Cower in fear before us!"

⌈Eye color⌋
{Bright Crimson}
"The color of fresh blood- the only time when a human or Hyeon is actually pure."

⌈Distinguishable Facial Features⌋
{ Fangs | Hair that Stands Up }
"Behold your savior, worthless Hyeon, from lingering even longer on the surface of Earth as a useless existence."

{ 破坏 }
"Hah! Destruction. Using one word to symbolize all Hyeon's is just like to describe all books as novels, and vice versa. Why is it that this word is on our backs? It is an insult to our diverse nature."

⌈Physical Description⌋
Many people who have seen Ishida in his awakened Unmei form as an angel. It is hard to question why they would ever think so. With his actual body- the one he should have at all times- Ishida stands at a towering 192 cm, with muscle lining near every part of his body. His pale skin emphasizes the sheer muscular build Ishida hosts. Along with pale white skin, Ishida also sports pure white hair of which is always pointing upwards towards the sky, almost like a crown. Ishida’s hair is silky smooth and when down- which rarely happens- reaches his shoulders. What stand out with his pale complexion are his pure, blood red lips and his glowing crimson eyes ringed with long white eyelashes. The ends of his fingers, too, contrasts against the general pale look Ishida was born with, as the tips of his fingers sport burnt looking skin, red and wrinkly, along with long, black, claw-like nails.

Unlike in his human form, in his Unmei form, Ishida tends to wear extremely elaborate clothes. Compared to the generally white outfit he sports while in his child state, Ishida wears fully black clothes; this includes a large trench coat, rimmed with white cloth and many pieces of metal- some to act as protection, but mostly for decoration. Underneath the trench coat, he wears nothing but a black pair of pants, held up with an extremely heavy belt. The collar of the trench coat changes, depending on how much of his strength Ishida uses. When he uses but a bit, the collar is like a constriction, tight and rimmed with metal; when Ishida uses a lot of power, it opens up, as if to allow Ishida to fight better. What tends to draw people’s eyes is an extremely elaborate cross, of which is attached to Ishida’s trench coat with a simple chain. If Ishida’s victims look closely- of which they mostly don’t- the Hyeons and humans that die under his hands would notice many hints of crosses on the clothes that Ishida wears- an ill-natured, joking jab at the way people call him “angel” instead of the devil.

But, most notably for Ishida’s appearance, are the large black wings that burst out of his back the moment he changes into his Hyeon form. These wings are not for decoration- rather, they allow Ishida to fly in the air with ease. They also act as a means for Ishida to absorb the energy of Heyon’s whom die at his hand- and to make sure that no trace of his blood is left in the scene, as the long black feathers also absorb his spilt blood. The process of which these wings burst out of Ishida’s body tends to seem painful, and the wings always burst into sight along with a spray of blood and flesh.

"Rather than an angel, I would think that calling my sister and I what people call... 'fallen angels' would be more appropriate. The sight of blood sends shivers down my spine- not these useless cross symbols that humans so revere."

What am I, Kyo? Who am I to you, and whom am I to myself? Kyo, do you know? I'm sure that you know better than I, Kyo...



Normal | Rubbing Hair|| From time to time, especially when Ishida is bored, he tends to unconsciously grab the exact same piece of hair and twirl it around with his fingers. Twirling it around, tugging at the strand of hair, brushing it back; all of these are just small motions that Ishida does from time to time without noticing at all.
Normal | Speaking|| Ishida never speaks to anone else besides Kyo. Even if he wishes to talk to someone else, he always refers to her when he speaks, rather than the other person. This is not out of shyness; Ishida himself doesn’t know where this habit developed out of, but it has stuck and he does not feel inclined to change this quirk at all.
Unmei |Licking Lips|| Especially when facing his victims, Ishida always licks his lips, as if to further emphasize on his jaw of fangs and his blood red lips. It is almost as if Ishida is looking at an extremely well cooked steak, rather than humans and Hyeons.

"To think that humans find such trivial details so important...well, there you have it. Now, would you be able to tell if I am going to release your soul or n- ah, I licked my lips? Shame."
♥Kyogoku Maria
♥Both of His Forms

"But nothing can trump the utter pleasure of hunting for filth with Kyo by my side."
Normal | Unmei | Cutting | Slashing || Ishida is extremely talented in the ways of cutting humans and other figures alike into whatever he has in mind. This has translated both into his culinary arts and how he leaves his victims, leaving precise and calculated cuts on their bodies. The cuts are always precise, and his most common feature is a carved flower of the type somewhere on his victims or a very carefully cut piece of limb from his dinner.
Normal | Unmei | Singing || This talent has earned Ishida many multiple names from different sources. Many nicknames and aliases surround the concept of angels and sirens, as people tend to reckon his voice as nearly angelic, in terms of beauty and delivery. Though mildly useless, singing does give Ishida some sort of relief during his daily life of hunt and kill. It gives him a small tidbit- a feeling- of how it feels to be human, something that Ishida all but does not understand or know.
Normal | Unmei |“Hunting” || Not with a gun for small-sized to medium-sized wildlife. No; what Ishida calls hunting is referring to the hunting of Hyeons and humans. With Kyo along with him and his own abilities, Ishida spends much of his time hunting, choosing the best target for his next run and taking them down as fast as possible without a second thought.
Unmei | Normal | Fighting || It would be utter folly for an Unmei, even in it’s normal form, to not be strong at all. For Ishida, as his sister’s brother, there is another rule: it would be utter folly to be weak as Kyogoku Maria’s brother. Ishida most definitely follows these two rules; his fighting prowess is almost like legend, as people talk about a ‘fallen angel’ who murders with no mercy at all. He has yet to meet someone whom has come centimeters away from destroying the mark on his back- and few others who have actually matched him in terms of strength, speed, and power.
Unmei | Enhanced Senses || Only in his Unmei form does Ishida have enhanced senses, higher and better than those sported by most Hyeons and humans. His hearing is extremely good, as he can hear sounds from more than 35 meters away without much problem at all; his eyesight is also extremely good, as he can pinpoint singular people on streets from the rooftops of 10-storey buildings. Ishida’s enhanced taste sometimes deters him from eating food, and causes him to sometimes starve himself for days on edge while he’s in his Unmei form, as he dislikes the strong stench of many different types of foods. His touch sense is also enhanced, as he can feel ridges of even skin sometimes. He utilizes all of his senses to help him follow his victims and to better enhance his already developed fighting skills.
Normal | Unmei | Fast Reflexes || Most would think that Ishida’s fast reflexes comes from superior speed and agility- rather, this is false and untrue. Ishida’s fast reflexes comes from his ability to hear the tiniest of movements- such as the crinkling of clothes and even the tiny whistling of a bullet from meters away in the air. From there, Ishida then reacts, following along with whatever is perceived from his ears- obviously, this means that Ishida’s fast reflexes sometimes fails him, and it is not like he can predict the actions and movements of his opponents.

"As a member of a superior race, is it not obvious that I would be near perfect? Just as Kyo is flawless, I am as well."
Singing || Even if Ishida is on the hunt, from time to time a phrase of singsong can flow out of his mouth. It has become so common- and such a large signature for Ishida- he has already chosen a six-note tune to hum every time he closes in on his targets. By the time the turn starts, it is always too late for his victims to run away- but no one knows this just yet. This is because no one has been able to get away alive and well to tell the tale.
Carving || With his blood and bone blades, Ishida can cut into nearly everything- his prowess with the knife has caused him to create a new hobby. This includes carving wood, bone, meat and ice. Of all four, the middle two are what interest Ishida the most. To obtain this meat and bone, he always takes a piece or a few pieces of his victims with him whenever he leaves the scene. His intricately carved bones are scattered all over the compound in which Kyo and Ishida live in, with careful patterns carved into the bones, the inside of the bone hollowed out for better effect.
Culinary Arts || Where did Ishida learn how to cook? When Ishida had opened his eyes, it had first saw the Sengoku Basara anime playing on the screen. When he had turned his head, a cooking show had been playing, drawing the boy’s attention away from the anime for but a few seconds. Later, when he developed the practice of carving up his victims, Ishida believed that he needed another medium of expertise and pass-time related to carving and cutting. He chose the culinary arts and taught himself what needed to be learned. By now, Ishida is a very good cook- good enough to be presumed a head-chef for a five-star hotel restaurant.
Stalking || One of the greatest parts of killing Hyeons, in Ishida’s eyes, also includes the weeklong pursuit and following of his next victim. From their houses to wherever else they go, Ishida is always but a few steps away, watching them with careful, gleaming eyes. Of course, he sometimes leaves his victims to do other activities, but he rarely ever leaves for long.

"It is funny that people think us as mindless and emotionless when there are activities that definitely interest us. But then again, this is just another hint at how lowly other creatures are compared to us, Kyo."
✖Mindless Screaming
✖Back Attacks
✖The Gangs
✖Bad Stench/Smells
✖Colorful Colors
✖Insults Directed Towards Kyo
✖Hints at their past

"Try not to anger me, foolish idiot, for it will only slow down the pace which I shall use to carve you up."
Unmei | Normal || Losing Kyo || Between the two twins, there is near no barrier and they constantly act as a unit rather than as separate individuals. It is hard for Ishida to even start to consider the idea that Kyo might leave him one day. If she is killed, he would search whomever committed the act till the ends of Earth; if she leaves him, he would search for her and then kill her, even if it meant to search for her till the ends of Earth.
Normal || Losing His Unmei Form|| This is his one and only true form, the one that he should constantly show up with if he did not have the disease. Only in his Unmei state can Ishida fully unleash his powers and when he has his full, true strength. Ishida fears that, proably, on chance, his Unmei form does not show while he is in combat- this would most probably result in his death, and Ishida does not wish to see the day come.
Unmei || Sunlight|| One major problem Ishida faces in his Unmei form is the Sun. This fear is not built out of nothing, but because he has experienced his most painful experience due to direct exposure to sunlight. His skin had ripped off of his meat, leaving his skin raw and his flesh burning. Only due to his powers and quick movements was Ishida able to survive that encounter- to save the marking on his back- but from then on, he avoided the sun while in his Unmei form. The sun does not affect Ishida when he is in his Normal form, but he still rather stay in the dark rather than in the light.

"If you believe that you can use my fears against me to defeat me- that would be delusional. Your death would only be prolonged, delayed- but not canceled."

Unmei | Anger || Like most Unmei, Ishida is not good at controlling his temper and tends to fly into large furies without much of a spark. Near nothing can calm Ishida down when he goes into a fury- even Kyo. What comes along with his anger is indiscriminate destruction and havoc, as Ishida tends to let his powers overpower his head and do whatever it wants without much manipulation from his side. This has caused him to become rather well known- only during these large rampages though- and has caused Ishida to, to an extent, compromise a benefit that most Unmei’s have- anonymity. Not only this, Ishida’s hot-temper has got him into many close calls as he tends to challenge people who insult him at will, not taking into any consideration their power or strength.
Unmei | Mindlessness || This is a characteristic that many attribute to Ishida’s fighting style- it has no coordination and barely any flow. Some may say that this gives Ishida an advantage, as no one would be able to guess where exactly he would decide to attack next, or what move he is going to use. However, many have also criticized Ishida for his style- namely, Kyo- as he has gained many wounds for no reason at all due to his mindless fighting style. Only due to sheer strength and speed has Ishida left most of his battles relatively unscathed. One of these days, this might just be the reason for his death- especially since he tends to leave his back out in the open for any sort of attack.
Normal | Stubbornness || When Ishida sets his mind on something, rarely does he ever let it go- especially future plans. If he wants to do something, Ishida barely ever budges from focusing on completing the task, even if the process grows too dangerous. He can never take ‘no’ for an answer- unless the other person is Kyo- and rarely ever takes the advice of others. The interesting thing is, contrary to following with ishida into his Unmei form, Ishida’s overbearing stubbornness tends to fade away when Ishida changes. Rather, he is much easier to talk and converse with in his Unmei form- but it is unlike they would talk to Ishida for much longer, compared to when he is in his normal form.
Normal | Unmei | Spontaneous |||| Ishida tends to do whatever he wants whenever he wants. This goes from eating to sleeping and even to killing people. He never has an agenda, which has caused much havoc within Ishida and Kyo’s private lives. Sometimes, Ishida slightly compromises his ‘hunts’, as he will suddenly step out of the line he sets himself- a habit forced on him by Kyo- and do whatever he wishes to do. In a sense, he is almost like a young child, following along with the needs in his heart rather than those within his mind that he knows are, rationally, the better choice.
Unmei | Proud || As an Unmei, Ishida is exceptionally arrogant, especially towards Hyeons and humans. In Ishida’s eyes, the other two races are mere insects made to feed the growing and superior race of Unmeis. This has caused Ishida to, from time to time, seriously underestimate his opponents, as he rarely ever believes that Humans or Hyeons would be able to defeat a fully-fledged Unmei. This has also caused him to have many fall-outs with other Unmei, resulting in Ishida to not only have enemies between Humans and Hyeons but also Unmei as well.
Normal | Physically Weak || Drastically different from his Unmei form, when Ishida is in his normal form, he barely has any strength at all. He tends to rely on his sister to help him move anything, and, really, can barely even hold up any actual weapons when he is in his Normal form. This is where his powers come into play, allowing Ishida more room to develop and move around, compared to if he had to actually wield an iron-made weapon. This is why, in his Normal form, Ishida tends to just eat and sleep, allowing himself to recuperate from his stints in his Unmei form- he considers it as utterly useless, but something that he cannot avoid.

"Even Gods have flaws."

⌛Fascination with Hyeons | Though Ishida acts like he absolutely despises Hyeons, it’s undeniable that he is fascinated with Hyeons not just due to their bodies. He is also extremely interested in their powers, and how these separated Hyeons were able to converge together to create large groups to protect one another. Anyways, it is obvious that his fascination with Hyeons also lies in the fact that they are numerous and provide means of which he can: one, use his powers, two, feast upon. Once- only once- Ishida felt a twinge of regret as he killed a Hyeon, but that twinge was over in a second- like always, Ishida still views Hyeons as one regards colorful insects.
⌛Normal | Unmei | Deathly Dislike Towards Unmeis | In actuality, it is not hard for a few people to guess whom Ishida really believes to be the ‘superior’ race. Those with wings- like Kyo and himself- are what he refers to whenever he rants about a better species of humanoid animals. His dislike for humans and Hyeons also translates onto Unmeis, though his dislike for other Unmeis is less pronounced than for the other two. He rarely acts on his hatred towards others of his species- though he has meaninglessly killed quite a few Unmeis for no reason at all. He knows that all Unmeis do not work in units- so Ishida tends to abuse this right, killing whatever straggler comes across his path.
⌛’World Domination’ | This is not exactly how Ishida, well, phrases it. Rather, he just says that he would rather the world just have himself and his sister and no one else- it is as simple as that. Obviously, he does not go around yelling his plans out, even to his sister. But the ideas are there, definitely there, and he has plans already- to target the group leaders.
⌛Dominoes | Though a few would not consider this a secret, many still do not know that Ishida’s dominoes are extremely deathly- as deathly as they look innocent. However, the only people who do know about the deadliness of Ishida’s dominoes are mostly Unmeis- many Hyeons do not know, and thus fall head first into Ishida’s trap. This is exactly why Ishida still considers his dominoes a secret- barely any Hyeon truthfully knows his powers.

"It would seem near impossible that I shall 'bring these secrets to my grave' any time soon, especially with how weak Hyeons are at the moment. Oh, woe is me to be a member of a comparably more superior race!"

| Unmei |
|| Rash || Impulsive || Cantankerous || Intuitive ||
|| Realistic || Demanding || Cruel || Charismatic ||

3-5 Paragraph explaining the Traits

"Character Thought"

| Normal |
|| Calm || Proud || Taciturn || “Shy” ||
|| Quiet || Careless || Spontaneous || Mindless ||

3-5 Paragraph explaining the Traits

"Character Thought"

Kyo, hey, Kyo. Do we actually have emotions? Those Hyeons say that I am a cold-hearted that true, Kyo? Every time they say that, a shiver runs down my spine- is that what emotion is like, Kyo?



⌈Romantic Interest & Relationship History⌋
None | Nothing
"Neh, Kyo- why is it that people think that familial ties are not enough? Is it because of their corrupt foolish minds that they think so, Kyo, those Hyeons and humans…"

⌈Most Precious Person⌋
Kyogoku Maria
"Kyo, Kyo…would you betray me and find someone to replace me? Would you? If you do…I will hunt you down…"

Kyogoku Maria || 21 || Sister || “Neh, Kyo; it will always only be the two of us, right?”

Ishida does not remember how he and Kyo came to be. All he remembers is opening his eyes in the middle of a crowded square, in front of his eyes a display of televisions playing an anime called Sengoku Basara. That had been his ‘christening’ ceremony with Kyo, receiving their names from the fake moving figures that had bedazzled their then young hearts. Then, the two had fled away from the growing crowd of humans that started to filter into the square. Quickly, the two newly born Unmeis had found their new home in a small building in the outskirts of the Abandoned Town, away from both Hyeons and Unmeis alike. Thus, Ishida grew up with only his sister at his side, with no means of good food support nor with any friends from amongst the growing Unmei groups- not that Unmeis regularly got together to meet one another, anyways. The most that happened between Unmeis tended to be squabbles- most of which young Ishida tended to stay out of.
And thus, Ishida stayed out of sight, living by a strict schedule that his sister set down for him. Out of three days, Ishida was allowed to hunt and follow Hyeon’s around Central Tokyo, watching them with his wide, crimson eyes. This also allowed him to come in contact with technology, of which he quickly picked up with the help of Kyo. Ishida really was rather talented with the ways of the newest technological innovations, but the isolated location in which Ishida and Kyo lived in hinted at the inability for the two to use any electronic at all besides phones and the like.
For the past few years, Ishida has killed numerous humans and more Hyeons- it has come to the point that he does not bother to count how many he has killed anymore- and Ishida is bored. Very, very bored; it has come to the point that Ishida believes that he should not target lowly gang members anymore, but those who stand but a bit higher up compared to those he once hunted.

"Those 'gang leaders' need not find me anymore; I shall go up to their doors with open arms and a welcoming gaze."

Hey, Kyo... Do you think we have attained the right to punish those who try to kill us? Have we? But why does it hurt so much sometimes if it is our 'God-given' right, Kyo? Why?


Normal | Bone Manipulation
Ishida can, to an extent, manipulate the bone structure within his body. He can create weapons, shields and any other sort of construct with his bones if he wishes to. However, the process is extremely painful, especially so when Ishida must extract the bones out of his body. This has caused him to devise a rather smart means of lessening pain- especially when he needs to focus on an adversary. Dice. Wherever Ishida goes, he always has a few die on him, in his pockets, in his hands- it has become a trademark thing for him amongst other Unmei.
Almost no one knows that these dice can be extremely lethal. These dice are made out of Ishida’s bones. To lessen his own pain and to enhance his abilities to fight, Ishida tends to slowly, bit by bit, extract bone from his body and then force them into cube like constructs. Then, he paints the dots on the surface, effectively making innocent-looking die. With his dice, Ishida can morph them into near any construct, depending on how large the construct Ishida wishes to make is. This tends to be a large scythe, or even swords, so that Ishida can fight. Contrary to what many may think, Ishida’s constructs are rarely brittle or easy to break- rather, this really does depend on how much bone he uses to make these constructs. Also, even if his weapon breaks, it is easy for Ishida to immediately repair it or use the shards as pellets at his enemy.
Ishida’s manipulation on bone and skeletal structure is limited to his own, only.

"Neh, my manipulation of skeleton that scary? Neh, why is it that everyone runs away when they see me extract bones from my body? Neh, Kyo?"
Unmei | Blood Manipulation
With the use of his own blood, Ishida can create nearly any construct he wishes to create, much like his ability to control his bones while in his normal state. However, for some reason, he rarely ever changes it into a different creation but a large blood scythe. The scythe itself is extremely complex, with a long tail lined with sharp dagger-like structures, and the curved knife of the scythe itself dark and deadly sharp. Though it pains him as well, Ishida loves to wrap the scythe around his body, as he likes to do with his victims as well- especially after he is finished with them.
For his blood constructs, Ishida has no system of which he extracts the blood earlier on like he does with his bone manipulation abilities. Rather, he does so on the spot, create gashes on his hands and stomach- wherever he can get to with his hands- creating large bleeding wounds to use for his constructs. Due to how much Ishida has used his power, Ishida has become near desensitized towards pain and his arms are dotted with multiple scars from his usage of his blood manipulation powers.
Ishida has full control over his blood; each blood particle moves to his beckoning and thoughts, moving in the air based on his mental images. Even to the most microscopic level, Ishida controls the singular blood cells and has mastered his abilities over the past decade or so he has had his ability. However, Ishida cannot manipulate his bones whenever he changes into his Unmei form and can rely only on his blood and his sheer physical strength while stuck momentarily in his Unmei form.
Ishida can only control his own blood; he cannot control the blood of other people, but sometimes uses it as sustenance, sucking his victims dry just like a vampire.

"Do not even start to think, Hyeon, that you will be able to escape my jaws. For I can change with ease into my normal appearance- though it is relatively more hard to transform the other way- but that does not matter! I crave for your blood, Hyeon- my prey!"


So begins...

Ishida Mitsunari's Story


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Time | Unknown; One Week Ago
Location | Unknown

Tsubaki; woke to darkness. Her brow was covered in a film of sweat and there was a throbbing pain in her head. A liquid was running down the side of her head, but she already knew what it was. Blood. It wasn't much surprise, honestly she expected something of the sort. Trying to move her hands lead her to find that she was in fact tied to a chair. Using what little movement was available to her, she checked her back pockets. Still there. "What amateurs, they didn't even bother to check my pockets."she muttered. With effort, she was able to grab her pocket knife but it then immediately fell out of her hand.

Tsubaki let out a heavy sigh, though it wouldn't have helped even if she managed to keep her grip on the knife. She would still have no idea of where she was suppose to cut, given how dark it was. Her thoughts were soon cut off by the sound of a door creaking open. Tsubaki strained her ears to hear were the sound was coming from, but to no avail. Suddenly, she was blinded by a bright light shinning almost directly into her face. After her eyes adjusted she was able to see who was in front of her. Sayuri appeared with a huge grin on her face.

"Yo, you alright? You seem to be in a good amount of pain right now." Sayuri said as she chortled at her own sarcasm. "I'm fine, just hurry up and get me out of here, and how did you manage to get in here anyways?" Tsubaki barked back at her as she took off the now loose ropes from her wrists. "How do ya' think I got in here? I obviously hacked their security, which wasn't much of a feat to complete with my amazing skills." she asserted, giving Tsubaki one of her smug grins, which Tsubaki in turn just replied by rolling her eyes.

"How about you then? How do you keep getting yourself into these dumb situations all the damn time?" Sayuri questioned as they were now walking through the rather dark hallways of an unknown building. How do I keep getting myself into these situations you ask? Maybe being the leader of one of the strongest gangs in Tokyo has something to do with it." Tsubaki paused for a moment. "I don't know, what do you think?"

Time | 10:19 AM, September 12, 2054
Location | Central Tokyo, Tsubaki's Apartment

"Ya' know you still have that ugly bump from when you were hit over the head last weak right?" Sayuri stated then leaned over and tried to poke it, but Tsubaki snapped her jaws at finger and she immediately pulled back. "Yes I know, and think you for reminding me. Also, would you mind calling Lucia over for me, I have a favor to ask of her." Sayuri glared at her, "What do I look like to ya'? Your accountant?". Tsubaki just glared at her. "Fine Fine. I'll do it.

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Time: 10:30
Location: Underground, ???, Central Tokyo

I can’t say how we got the hideout. Nor can I say I got the idea- or that I was alone in the plan. Rather, I believe that it was executed perfectly well between my sister and I. Now, this place is our home- not that dingy building that we kept to ourselves in the ‘Abandoned Town’, or so those Unmei-idiots like to call it. Why romanticize something that is utterly useless? Why give it a name when it, literally, has nothing besides abandoned buildings and nothing else? I cannot understand the members of my race sometimes; it is obvious that Kyo and I are superior, but I would have expected something at least marginally better from those who were born into the Unmei race. Rather, we now squabble amongst one another, fighting for dominance while the Hyeons- our prey- grow in numbers day by day. Yes, I admit, we have had a few new additions into our ranks, but they are all weak. They do not understand the ways of their body nor do they understand the true potential of their awakened state. If only I had the patience to instruct them in the ways of the Unmei- the strong, superior Unmei. Alas, what I do not have and crave not to have, I shall not try to adopt. Patience shall never be a part of my nature- only except when I hunt for food. To be food, sustenance, energy- those are the only reasons why Hyeons were created in the first place.

But, oh well. The existence of Hyeons, Unmeis, Humans alike do not bother me at all. Oh, yes, this hideout? Well, do you see that white-haired brat? Yes, that is Lucia Borgane, a Hyeon I have been following for quite some while. She believes that she is at the top of the world- I say nay. Who called her? Well, I am rather lazy at the moment, why don’t you go and check in the telephone tapping system right in the next room? All the cell-phones and telephones in Tokyo- all of them- are accessible in that room. Yes. See that screen over there? You see that blonde girl who seems to have redish or greenish hair? Maysilee Leonhardt; an old target, you see? Have been following her all over Tokyo without her noticing much. Hilarious; she loves to take so much time with her sweets- but I would believe that is just an indication of how lowly the Hyeon race is. Enough chitter-chatter? I WILL DECIDE WHAT IS ENOUGH CHITTER-CHATTER.


Excuse me. That was very out of character- or rather not; Kyo has always said I have a bad temper. Now, yes, this base was actually owned by the Japanese government. Headquarters for all of the intelligence centers in Tokyo- so now, why am I here? Why, I killed off all of the people that had been in here. It intrigued me, this large system of holes and tunnels underground so I took it for my own. Why did the Japanese government not do anything to me? Well, I suppose you can say that Kyo used her brains and said that we would feed them information on the ‘unstable’ Hyeons. Foolish Hyeons; they are rather ill-informed to believe that we are nothing but savages and cold-blooded murderers. But all savages and murderers plan intricate plots in their mind- we Unmeis even more so. But, well, now, do you wish to hear the full story of how I took this base with Kyo? I knew that was the answer- and, obviously, you will only be able to hear Kyo’s side of the story from her mouth- I do not wish to die just yet.

Ishida’s eyes flickered in the darkness as he crouched in front of the now less-than-secret door that led down to the maze he had found a few days ago. Human filth. He looked around before walking forward, a stark white figure against the dark background, shuffling slowly as if his legs had fallen asleep. In his pockets, dice clicked against one another, two more held in his hands, notifying his presence to anyone who could have heard him within the vicinity. “Please insert your I.D. card” A mechanical woman’s voice said as Ishida stepped up towards the door, his eyes droopy and dull. “Don’t have one. Don’t need one.” A smile flashed on his face as the two dice suddenly turned into a large cleaver; Ishida flung it hard against the door, causing it to dent on the first impact. “Warning: this is your first and final warning to leave the area. Warning-“ Ishida hit the blade against the wall again, this time creating an opening. “To Hell with you, woman!” His hand quickly found two more die within his pocket, creating another large cleaver.

Red lights started to flicker as Ishida flung the two cleavers at the opening, causing the fissure to open larger. He repeated his movement- a gun poked through the opening. “Leave now!” A man’s voice commanded from behind the thick metal door, the sound quavering a bit- or at least, it did in Ishida’s ears. “Try again; this time with more sincerity.” The knives slashed down once more, breaking the gun in half as they slashed through the fissure once more. The smell of blood filled the air as a man’s agonized scream filled the air. Holding the cleavers to his face, Ishida licked the blood off of the blades, the luminance of his red eyes flickering through the brown contacts he always wore in his normal state. “Won’t be able to get through this anytime soon…” He smiled, ignoring the bullet that suddenly hit him in the chest. “I will show you true reckoning- true salvation, humans. True, true, true salvation.” His voice deepened, as a shadow seemed to suddenly befall where Ishida stood.

Then, the door was no more. Ishida’s glinting eyes were the last thing many men saw that night as he flew through the corridors, his black wings encasing them in a long night of bliss and terror. “Do not be afraid!” His cold maniacal laughter was heard by all, causing shivers to run down their backs- this laughter was all too familiar. When Ishida had finally reached the center room, his wings had sucked in all the blood they could. His scythe was wrapped motionlessly around his body- and his mouth was redder than it usually was. The brightness of his eyes bathed the whole room in red. Blood dripped off of his fingers, bathing the ground of the room with bloody baptism.

And there my fun ended. Pity really, I wanted to continue. There were around…two hundred men in there, soldiers, scientists, all the like- all human, too. I was surprised that they did not hire lone Hyeons in the facility; probably just shows how much dislike the government actually feels towards those cowards. I apologize for rushing through the story; I did not think that a mere human would be able to take in all the details, even considering the movies that your kind produces in the modern era. But, well, I do believe I have told you enough, already. This is really dangerous; Kyo would murder me if she knew I was telling you all of this. Oh, yes, she would not be happy at all. How does she say it? Ah, yes. ’Don’t play with your food before you eat it, Ishi!’

I am terribly sorry; she will be back in a few moments. It is okay; I heard that when humans die, they go to this place called Heaven. Hush, now, shh… it will only be for a seco-

I’m coming for you…

Time: 11:21
Location: Underground, ???, Central Tokyo