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Lucia Borgane

"No one will stand in the way of my love!" [Final Revision]

0 · 496 views · located in Tokyo, Japan

a character in “Abstract”, as played by CATFACEIDOL




❝My my, looks like I have to deal with some naughty children again.❞

Wahrheit | Yousei Teikoku
dreamenddischarger | Umineko BGM
Harime Nui's Theme | Hiroyuki Suwano

❝Run for the hills whenever you hear my fight theme.❞

☤ General Information ☤


⌈Full Name⌋
Lucia Borgane
"A pretty name don't you think?"

Lucy, Lucchi, Lu-chan, Miss Borgane
"I will also accept Lulu too."

⌈Hyeon/Unmei Name⌋
"It's natural to have a name related to my powers."

"But I am forever 20!~"

"Well I do have breasts."

"My body is only for one special someone!"

Gang Mediator || All gang disputes, crimes, and actions are observed by Lucia. Any gang or uncivilized Hyeon wrongdoing would be punished by Lucia as well as her main duty is to protect Hyeon gangs from the government, authorities, Unmeis and humans. Is currently upholding and monitoring the truce.
"I want to be always here to protect my precious Tsubaki-chan"

No Affiliation
"Well I am still working for the government."

"Of course I am a Japanese citizen."

⌈Face Claim⌋
Zero from Drakengard 3
"What is a drakengard?"

❝My hair got dirty... You better be prepared to die bitch.❞

☤ Appearance ☤

⌈Height & Weight⌋
Lucia is mostly seen around 6 feet with super high heels and raised insoles. But stand around 5'8 without them. Also, never ask a young lady about her weight and age!
"In order for me to be with my Tsubaki-chan, I need to make sure I am tall."

⌈Hair color/Length/Quality⌋
Lucia's hair colour is a very light shade of blonde, enough to look white but not truly. She also keeps it super long, enough to reach her rear end. She wants to keep it lengthy to match her precious leader. Also the silkiness is easy for her to stylize which she ensures to keep its lustre by taking baths twice daily.
"My abnormal hair colour is normal for all Albanian girls."


⌈Eye color⌋
Her one iris is a deep shade of brown. The colour changes to a deep pink when her power is active.
"It's normal."

⌈Distinguishable Facial Features⌋
The flower that covers her right eye is not an accessory but grew out of the empty socket when her Hyeon powers activated. She also wears a big bow behind her head.
"The bow just make me look younger. Doesn't it?"

Her right arm was dismembered due to an incident in her mid-20s. It was replace with a mechanical one. Also to copy Tsubaki, she got the Scorpio insignia embedded on the arm.
"I bet people would think we're sisters if we got matching tattoos."

⌈Physical Description⌋
Lucia owns two type of closet. The most common of her clothes are skimpy one piece dress which reveals her navel. She adores this one type of dress and wears it everyday to all businesses. When she is not working, she wears a more lolita type dresses.

Her body is very slim. No muscles and a very gorgeous curve and waistline. Men would gladly flaunt towards her just to embed memories of her appeal. But do not underestimate her because that mechanical arm of her can break your jaw with a single uppercut.

"All these dresses are cute. I bet Tsubak-chan would look cuter in lolita too! Kyaaa!"

❝Well I am still working for the government. If they think I am in a gang, it would be very troubling for me.❞

☤ Mentality ☤

Tsubaki Otaku|| Level - Stalker
Bathing Twice a Day|| Not because she always need to stay clean, but it is for ensuring that her is always well kept. If she misses one, she would make up for it by staying twice as long or take multiple baths.
Forever 20|| Despite being older than what she says, she will constantly announce she is 20.

"My room is filled with Tsubaki's pictures."

♥Her Own Hair

"I do like stuff other than Tsubaki. Wait! I take that back!"

Charming|| That is Lucia's charismatic point. Because of her job as a negotiator and does the business to ensure the gang's assets, she needs to use her words to get them to agree to Nuclear Outfit's demands.
Hair Brushing|| Whoever hair she brushes, the person becomes freakishly relaxed

"Ufufuu. I get invited to all these parties, there is no way I won't act fancy."

Marionettes|| She collects string puppets and is very good at manipulating them.
Tea Party|| She hosts some very extravagant tea parties.

"You should out my Tsubaki marionette. It's so cute!"


✖Getting her hair dirty
✖Nuclear Outfit's Second in Command

"Oi you son of a bitch. I will gladly cut your balls off if you get close to my Tsubaki."

Seeing her Tsubaki Hurt|| Self Explanatory
Being disliked by Tsubaki|| She would kill herself before she hear those words.

"Just thinking about it give me the shivers."

The urge to bathe|| She gets pretty ferocious if someone stops her from taking baths.
Realizing her true age|| Avoid making remarks about her age or else you might lose your life.

"Ufufuu, bathing is just really relaxing too."

⌛Known the Von Brandt before meeting Tsubaki as Nuclear Outfit leader; Meets Lorenz Von Brandt monthly
⌛Lucia had talked to Shiro once prior to his crime and death
⌛Lucia works for the Tokyo government



|| Charming || Sly || Love-Crazed || Loyal ||
|| Outgoing || Just || Composed || Dark ||

Because of her job and role in life, Lucia keeps a very composed and charming personality. The type where at parties, she would be the centre of attention. She attends to everyone and talks in a kind, quiet manner that makes the life of the event. Of course that is only when she is wearing her business face. Depending on who she is talking to, she becomes very different.

When meeting with other Hyeons, she loosen up on her class and talks in a less refined tone. She talks brutally and poisonous to those she despises and kindly to those she likes. She occasionally make small teasing remarks to those she really likes.

Now when alone with Tsubaki, her personality flips and becomes a total maniac, throwing away the need to act proper. She becomes perverted always lusting for Tsubaki, plays and toy with the girl, and tries everything to open up Tsubaki's hard shell but would always fail. Many time she is pushed and kicked away but Lucia would always jump back, figuring out ways to get Tsubaki to love her. Also when Tsubaki does anything to break her heart, she would go into temporary depression before coming around to capturing Tsubaki's heart again.

Lucia also have a dark side when things do not go her way. When it comes to her age and hair, and Tsubaki's well-being, she becomes somewhat of a Hulk. Going on rampages and fits to get revenge on those who set her awry.

"But in the end I will always be a 20 year old girl."

❝How old am I? 20 of course!❞

☤ Background ☤

⌈Romantic Interest & Relationship History⌋
Ever since she met Tsubaki, Lucia is completely focused on ensuring that Tsubaki become hers. Of course her "love" history is not all that pure. She had been with men and women for both business and pleasure. But once Tsubaki came into her life, Lucia's main focus is only on her.
"Well I am only human, and desires need to be satisfied sometimes."

⌈Most Precious Person⌋
TSUBAKI! and Gunji
"Tsubaki-chan~ Tell me that you love me.""

Georgia Borgane || Deceased || Mother|| Died naturally
Elson Borgane || 79 || Father|| United Nations Hyeon Investigator, Lucia doesn't care about his well being or keeps in touch unless called for.
Gunji Hayato || 68 || Best-Friend|| The man who gave Lucia the mechanical arm. Retired doctor turned mechanic.

"Gunji-chan, I told you to stop drinking. It is bad for your age."

There was only two thing Lucia ever remembered when she was a small child back in Albania. The first is Lucia's mother always combing her hair. No matter how long it gotten or when it did get cut short, her mother had a way to comb hair to a point where Lucia becomes relaxed to a very freaky level. She was able to pick this skill up years later and she would return her mother's hairbrush over time until her death. The second is the first time she laid eyes on a Hyeon with her father. Her father would ask her what is different from the Hyeon and her. The only answer she got from him was "Nothing." A confused little Lucia would never forget what her father told her.
She was now a young teen and Lucia was living her days out. Playing with friends, having fun with the family, and studying hard for the sake of studying. But one day, she was kidnapped by Hyeon terrorist who was trying to free their allies captured by her father's business. Their demands were high and Lucia's life was held as ransom. Of course the department was stalling and trying to figure out a method to capture them without releasing the detained Hyeon. So for the terrorists who were dead serious on getting the Hyeon free, one of them took her out. In pain both physically and mentally she was about to lose conscious, until a new pain set in. From the empty, bleeding socket bloomed a pink flower. But as the flower was budding the pain was becoming more intense. She had no idea where the pain was coming from. She was screaming, begging them to let her go and return her to her father. Once the pain receded and she faded out, the rest of the incident became a blur. Once Lucia came to, she had been returned to her father and was told about some strange incident of the terrorist returning her to the office. Lucia thought her pain was over but, it was far from it. Lucia realized that her awaken power was signs of Hyeon and the "Father-Daughter" work began.

Some years later, Lucia and her father was invited by a friend of her fathers, Lorenz Von Brandt. While the fathers got to their private meeting, Lucia met a very young girl, not even the age of 10. She knelt down to her and the two talked, she was a bit amazed at how she did not react to her eye. Lucia felt this aura around the young doll and asked her one question, "Do you know what is different between you and me?" The little girl silent shook her head and Lucia gave a cute giggle, answering back with one word. "Nothing."
Now Lucia is a full grown adult. She had finally been instigated into the Hyeon Investigation Department and was given a major role in the country of Japan. She moved to Japan and was given a prestigious livelihood by the Tokyo government. Lucia had researched on the high population of Hyeons in Japan and their so called "Gang Lifestyle." She was to crack down on these Hyeon gangs and research on them and the new Hyeon predators Unmeis. Her research in Japan was extraordinary, but what she found most extraordinary was her random encounter with the little girl in this far away land. The moment Lucia's eyes met Tsubaki's. She changed into what she is today. She tossed away her life as Hyeon Investigator and government worker to be part of the gang lifestyle. She descended to their lives like it was nothing, proclaiming the role as a mediator amongst them and upholds the justice for their actions. Many uncivilized gangs were taken down by Lucia and it fortified her role as a third party, not interfering with their business but is still there to keep order to the disorganized.

Somewhere in Lucia early gang years, she had encountered an Unmei strong enough to almost taken her down. The insane battle cost her an arm and dying in the slum of Poison Cage territory. An old man by the name of Gunji Hayato took her in and gave her a mechanical arm. The old man took care of her and soon the two became friends. Only took a few alcohol meeting and good eats before the two became best friends.
Lucia still works for the government under false pretenses in order to keep their noses out of the gang life. Most of Lucia's free time is trying to pry her way into Tsubaki's heart and sneaking into her room. Her role as Gang Mediator gives her great authority among the big names, so roaming around Nuclear Outfit HQ is just a simple walk in a park. However, strange stuff are happening on these gang lands, the number of Unmeis are increasing and gangs are being troubled by it. Lucia along with the four biggest gang at the current age are under a truce to figure out this mystery. But is there something more to the Unmeis that Lucia is not telling them?

"What is different between you and me? Nothing."

❝Oi second-in-command trash, if you decide to get close to Tsubaki, I will cut off your balls.❞

☤ Other ☤


Autoriteti Parasite (Parasite Authority)

Do not overlook the flower because when you do, you may have lost control of your body. No one really knows how her powers truly work. Many thought it were strings like her puppets, or that she had to have eye contact, or even touch you to gain control. But the more you think, the less you realize that she have already gotten full control of your body and mind. From the flower, spores hidden from the naked eye have been dispersed and floats in the air of the room. Each little tiny bacterium have a mind of its own, trying to find a way to get themselves onto a host. Every humans and Hyeons have to breath so that is how they get into you. Once they have plopped themselves onto your brain, Lucia would then start using her magic.

When she controls a human, she would fully have complete control of their body and mind. Thus making them the perfect puppet. Every action requires a brain to act and all Lucia have to do is work the spores to do the things she wants them to do. At most she can control five people at a time. Hyeons are different on the other hand because of their more developed brain. She can not control their mind, but with enough spores in a single Hyeons, even they could not resist Lucia's will. At most all she can do is restrict their movements or have them do menial deeds.

Parasite Authority however have a lot of restriction and requirement however before she have full control or proper control. First, she can not have the puppet out-perform what the host body can not do or say what it does not know. Second, people with strong mind can easily break free of the parasites control. Third, she must focus on giving signals to the parasites, her left eye is the trigger as evident by the change in colour from brown to pink. So getting her into a fit is one of her major weakness is losing control of her puppets.

Parasite Authority fatal weakness are the Unmeis. With their lack of need to use their mind, she can barely keep them locked or restricted. She is still trying to figure out what she can do to them and what she can not. But many of her attempts have mostly failed. With enough spores, it is possible to take control of inanimate objects.

Physical Attributes: Despite her looks, Lucia is strong without using her powers. Not enough to rival an average a toughen male, but strong to take down the average goon. Most of her power comes from her mechanical arm because with the parts, she can smash walls and break bones.

"But I will never use my power on Tsubaki."

So begins...

Lucia Borgane's Story


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Time | Unknown; One Week Ago
Location | Unknown

Tsubaki; woke to darkness. Her brow was covered in a film of sweat and there was a throbbing pain in her head. A liquid was running down the side of her head, but she already knew what it was. Blood. It wasn't much surprise, honestly she expected something of the sort. Trying to move her hands lead her to find that she was in fact tied to a chair. Using what little movement was available to her, she checked her back pockets. Still there. "What amateurs, they didn't even bother to check my pockets."she muttered. With effort, she was able to grab her pocket knife but it then immediately fell out of her hand.

Tsubaki let out a heavy sigh, though it wouldn't have helped even if she managed to keep her grip on the knife. She would still have no idea of where she was suppose to cut, given how dark it was. Her thoughts were soon cut off by the sound of a door creaking open. Tsubaki strained her ears to hear were the sound was coming from, but to no avail. Suddenly, she was blinded by a bright light shinning almost directly into her face. After her eyes adjusted she was able to see who was in front of her. Sayuri appeared with a huge grin on her face.

"Yo, you alright? You seem to be in a good amount of pain right now." Sayuri said as she chortled at her own sarcasm. "I'm fine, just hurry up and get me out of here, and how did you manage to get in here anyways?" Tsubaki barked back at her as she took off the now loose ropes from her wrists. "How do ya' think I got in here? I obviously hacked their security, which wasn't much of a feat to complete with my amazing skills." she asserted, giving Tsubaki one of her smug grins, which Tsubaki in turn just replied by rolling her eyes.

"How about you then? How do you keep getting yourself into these dumb situations all the damn time?" Sayuri questioned as they were now walking through the rather dark hallways of an unknown building. How do I keep getting myself into these situations you ask? Maybe being the leader of one of the strongest gangs in Tokyo has something to do with it." Tsubaki paused for a moment. "I don't know, what do you think?"

Time | 10:19 AM, September 12, 2054
Location | Central Tokyo, Tsubaki's Apartment

"Ya' know you still have that ugly bump from when you were hit over the head last weak right?" Sayuri stated then leaned over and tried to poke it, but Tsubaki snapped her jaws at finger and she immediately pulled back. "Yes I know, and think you for reminding me. Also, would you mind calling Lucia over for me, I have a favor to ask of her." Sayuri glared at her, "What do I look like to ya'? Your accountant?". Tsubaki just glared at her. "Fine Fine. I'll do it.

{Note: I went ahead and tagged everyone to notify them that the roleplay is starting.}


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Time | 10:20 AM
Location | Gorgeous Penthouse

Classical music, holographic artwork, business men and their trophy wives. It was obvious that Lucia got herself invited to a extravagant party. The occasion was to celebrate an important breakthrough for the prime minister successfully passing a new bill for the authorities to get better funding for Hyeon combat. For the human, their capability to fight against the Hyeon is weak. But with enough funding and research, they would surely make a breakthrough. That was an important mission set out by the prime minister in order to protect his citizen and on side benefit, get him votes for the next election. Lucia being an important member of supporting the Prime Minister's goals and part of Hyeon research department was the main attraction for the party. She was to introduce herself to many of the investors and PM's friends helping the the man get their many support and fat stack of cash. She had been doing so for the past half hour and it was starting to get a chore. Every minute she had to greet a new set of strangers and keep up her business winning smile, entertaining them with stories of evil Hyeon and their research plan. It was obvious that Lucia wanted out.

Once she walked over back to the PM's side, her phone rang off. "If you excuse me Mr. Prime Minister." She picked up her cell phone without looking at the caller id. "Lucia speaking." She listened to the person across the phone. Lucia's facial expression changed as she looked a whole lot more serious. "I will be on my way." She then hung up her cell, tucking it away into her hand bag. "Excuse me sir, but I just received a very important call from the department. They are in need of my attention. I do hate to just leave you alone to attend to the crowd." The PM just shook his head, understanding Lucia need to be elsewhere. She gave a very solemn vow and started apologizing to a couple of group for the sudden leave. With that she quickly made her way down to the main lobby where a chauffeur was waiting for her. "Driver, get me to central immediately! I need to arrive no more than 5 minute!" The driver nodded and closed the car door beside Lucia. She sat there as her serious expression became a grin. She opened up her cell again, staring at the screen. A very sinister giggle was the last thing the driver heard from her before closing the passenger window.

Time | 10:26 AM
Location | Central, Tsubaki's Apartment

The door burst open and Lucia was flying through the air towards Tsubaki. "Tsu~ba~kii~chwan~!" Her body pinpointed where she was and it did not take long for Lucia to tightly embrace her loved one. "Tsubaki!" Lucia simply started rubbing cheek with cheek. Snuggling the girl to death. "I missed you so much, its been 49 hours, 12 minutes, and 36 seconds since the last time we met face to face. Why did you have to kick me out, I was ready to nurse you back to health I even wore the uniform and everything. The best cure for your pain is my love!" She started to stroke her head and holding her more. The she let out a huge gasp. "Is it because I am not loving you enough? Tsubaki, if I had known you just wanted more attention I would gladly give you all of it. Here let me kiss your boo boo to make it feel better. Chuuuu~" Lucia was slowly closing in with a kissing face, honing her lips towards the bump.


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#, as written by Quelle




Perhaps it wasn't such a good idea to simply walk through the darkness, waiting until that someone shows himself. It wasn't even sure that he was there! While Fae started to wonder what the hell did he go here for, a noise behind his back makes him put his guard up, and all his senses activated. He couldn't rely on his eyes, so he closed them. Steps were heard, getting closer and closer. Fae leaned back on the wall. He needed to have something there so he can completely concentrate up front. "Who is there? Get out! Show yourself!" A very deep voice called out, not with anger, but rather with anxiety. Fae smiled. How amusing, it was some kind like a rule to not let anyone know what you're feeling, and this guy did that fatal mistake with a bravura, even though he had the fortune not to be seen. He was an easy pray, you could say, outside here in this merciless world. However, it meant that Fae obviously had the wrong guy. The one he searched for wasn't as reckless and stupid, therefore Fae's smile soon disappeared. Time wasting. A sigh escaped his lips as he passed that uninteresting guy in the darkness with boredom.

However, that was a mistake.

Suddenly four strong hands grabbed for him, holding him tightly and didn't want to let go. At first, Fae fought against it, but soon he had given up, or more likely pretended to give up. The lights clicked on and three individuals revealed themselves. All of them having a sly grin on their face. "Heh, how easy was that? Surprised, Fae from Nucelar Outfits?". His face was close, his breath suffocating because of its unbearable smell and his face so damn fugly. Untolerable sight.

"Oh? Seems like I am famous even amongst you bastards. So? What is that you wish from me?", he said with his usual, underestimating grin as he slightly brushed off the front guys glare. "Please, put some distance will you? You stink." Of course, it didn't last long for the big guy to get angry. "Don't you know you're in a disadvantage, you freak?" He screamed, while getting his saliva all over Fae's face. That's of course, a very big mistake no one should do to the short-tempered Fae who was from the very beginning pissed off...

Electricity flew, continued by the two guys screams who were holding him. With ease, he released himself from their wrath and seized the guys collar. His glare, was able to kill. "Get me that informant this instant or I'll assure you that you regret to have ever met me." It seemed that from then Fae had some bunch of people informing him about everything around the area.

9:00 AM
On someone's balcony

Smoke covered the air, while Fae took another deep breath in and out. He slept over in another stranger's apartment, now seems to be one of his hobbies. His eyes, looking down while getting wet from the rain, he observed a certain person below, who he knew the face. Well, such thing was not wonderous, as Fae knew almost everyone in this area, unclude their backgrounds and their past relationships which makes him quite scary. But that certain person was one of his informants, and on top of it one of his best. He wouldn't walk around the town like that without wanting something. Obviously, it was Fae he searched for and therefore Fae went inside again, showered and took his clothes. Should that woman clean up by herself, not like he'll come back. She was too easy, not the slightest interesting.

But the informant below sure knew how to swing back Fae's mood to the better.

10:26 AM
Central, Tsubaki's Apartment

Soon he arrived in the leaders apartment, not wondering any longer of why the door is wide open. "Hey Tsubaki, aren't you too open. Well, anyways, I got some information about the Un-" He said wanted to continue but then was confronted with the sight of Lucia trying to "sexually harass" Tsubaki like always. And as always, he had to grin teasingly. "Lucia, you're more perverted than me. But alright, continue. I don't want to interrupt anything." He said nonchalantly while gesturing his consent with his hand.


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Time | 10:26
Location | Central, Tsubaki's Apartment

"I'm fine and don't call it a 'boo-boo', I'm not a child. And I'm more than sure you show me enough affection as it is." Tsubaki practically whined as she forced herself out of Lucia's grasp and tried to retain her composure a little. Before she continued speaking she could hear snickering and turned to see Sayuri on the verge of just cracking up. Blatantly ignoring that fact that Raffael had just strolled in and the door to her apartment was hanging wide open and softly punched Sayuri in her stomach. More like what she would recall as soft, when it in-fact almost completely knocked the air out of her. That snickering of hers had now transformed into a harsh cough as Sayuri doubled over.

"Okay, Okay I'm sorry." Sayuri coughed as she stood up from the floor, still holding her stomach. It was then that she actually noticed another presence in the room. "Oh, Raffael! Ya' say you have info? Why don't you go ahead and give that to me, it is my job to handle all information after all." she said as she began to shove Raffael towards the door. Though it wasn't extremely necessary, Sayuri just didn't want Raffael near Lucia. She knew Lucia wasn't exactly fond of him and keeping them in the same room together would be asking for trouble. Watching Sayuri and Raffael exit her apartment still leaving the door wide open, almost as if inviting someone to come in, Tsubaki then turned to Lucia.

"Now, onto why I called you here in the first place. I need you to keep the government out of our hair for a bit. With the recent increase in Unmeis and such we're probably gonna end up getting into more trouble with the authority. Plus the Government can't do jack shit to Unmeis anyways so allying with them is already out of the question. It would be a lot more helpful if we could convince them that we aren't 'rebelling' against them, but those bastards are so fucking dense were that's out of the question as well. So, all I need you to do is keep them focused on something else while we go ahead and try to deal with the Unmeis. Though the government should be happy that they don't have to deal with all this extra bullshit."

"About the increase of Unmeis in general, what do you think would be the cause of it? It's certainly something of great importance and it's already becoming a growing problem for all of the gangs, and it wouldn't be a wise decision to try and handle it simply by fighting them off. It would be best if we could come up a quick solution that would buy us some time until we could come up with a permanent solution. Even then that's a lot easier said than done and we aren't sure exactly how much time it would buy us." Tsubaki let out a sigh, "So, what do you think?."

Time | 11:34 AM
Location | Central, Tsubaki's Apartment


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Time | 10:27 AM
Location | Tsubaki's Apartment

Lucia could feel her cheeks being pushed back at full force from Tsubaki's palm, preventing her to move anymore closer than she did. But then another familiar face entered the room, a certain despised Second-in-Command. Lucia's cheek puffed up and turned to look at Raffael with the dead eye look. "I don't want to hear you call me that from a lolicon. You can just go die in a ditch and have me replace you. Baaa-kaaa!" She stuck out her tongue and once Tsubaki had enough of Lucia's pampering, she had been pushed off from her lap.

Lucia stood right on up and started wiping her check with a special Tsubaki handkerchief she had made. "Aren't you being extra tsundere now Tsubaki-chan. If you wanted alone time with me we can go to a love hotel I know very well. We can get Dom Peri fountain, super slippery lotion and top grade vibrators for the two of us to enjoy♥~" She watched as Raffael and Sayuri leave with slanted eyes. Once they have exited the room she let out a sign and made a more serious expression knowing that Tsubaki means business when she gives her the tone.

"The government have no real interest in the our conflict with the Unmei, the authority have enough trouble as is with the smaller gangs wreaking a bit of havoc. So their attention on the matter with a bigger gangs like yours is only left to basic surveillance. Of course they have no idea of my involvement in any of this, as long as I continue to be on their side, those plebeians will gladly turn a blind eye. Onto the matter with the rise in Unmei numbers even I don't have a single clue. They just suddenly popped out of the blue like cockroaches. The investigation department have been on the case but no proper answers have been found. The only thing we do know is that they possess powers like us but have no link to Hyeon, so we are greatly assuming that they were sleeper humans. Of course what would those fools in the department know. They still have yet to figure us out." She sat down for a bit corssing her leg and started fiddling a bit of her hair. "Now now Tsubaki-chan you don't have to worry too much about those monsters. As long as the four big gang uphold the truce and work together we can deal with them any time. The first thing we got to figure out is if they are lone wolves or fighting together. It would be a bit more catastrophic if those things have some sort of organization. If we figure out where the den is, we can simply crush them." She simply crushed her left hand creating a loud gripping sound with the grinding of machine parts.

She uncrossed her leg and stood right on up walking over to Tsubaki. "But you know Tsubaki, all of these information does not come cheap. Even if I favour you more than any other being in the world I still need you to pay a price. I am suppose to be unbiased in your little game of gang wars." She made her way behind Tsubaki and started running her fingers through Tsubaki's hair and stroking hips.