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Jensen Johnson

0 · 255 views · located in Academy for At-Risk Youth

a character in “Academy for At-Risk Youth”, as played by Catastrophy Man


Name: Jensen Johnson

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Orientation: Bi-curious

Personality: Jensen is a charming, intelligent male of 17. He's interested in helping people and being around others, and really doesn't like to be
alone. When alone, he goes into what others call a self induced trance. He can't control what he does to himself, and this includes stabbing himself, throwing himself against things and people, banging his head against walls, and biting himself. THe scent and look of her own blood intrigues her.

-Being with others

-Being alone
-Rude People

Jensen was shunned by his family ever since he was younger, when his bi-curiousity started to show. To cure his interest, his family locked him in his room for long periods of time, with only the bible and prayer to entertain him. This caused him to become needy for human contact, and he soon created his own world, where he couldn't feel pain on the outside.
As a teenager, his father took it into his own hands to "beat the gay" out of Jensen. The pent-up anger and neediness inside Jensen snapped, and he began throwing himself at his father, begging to be hit.
When his father doesn't comply, he bangs his head into the walls and window, bites at himself, and tries to intentionally harm himself.

Jensen is good with words, and excellent at massages. He loves kissing people and cuddling.

Weaknesses: Jensen is easily manipulated and the site of blood other than his own makes him dizzy.

Fears: Other people's blood, being alone.

Relationship status: Single and looking

Romantic interest: N/A

Current relationships: Completely Alone

Detailed appearance:

Reason for attending: Mentally unstable, self-harm


When will you be on? Any time after 4:00PM. I have to attend school u.u

How often can you post? Multiple times a day.

How good are you at RPing? EXCELLENT BRAHH.

So begins...

Jensen Johnson's Story

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Ethan couldn’t help but stiffen in unpleasant surprise when the latest arrival embraced him – what in the name of… Thankfully the bizarre boy moved on pretty quickly. Miffed, Ethan smoothed his rumpled clothing before beginning to eye the others warily. He took his previous thoughts on the place back – St. Elizabeth’s was going to be a lot more bothersome than he initially thought… but that was no matter. He could always make the best of its clean white walls. Entertained by all the possibilities, he broke into a small smile. If only he could get his hands on some paint…

Just then, the Jensen character wrapped his arms around a girl with long brown hair, standing just a ways off from the musing boy. Clearly disgusted, the girl jolted backwards, away from the embrace – and straight into Ethan. Taken by surprise, the black-haired boy lost his balance, falling backwards with the girl on top of him. His head collided painfully with the wall, and he let out a hiss of pain. Just as he was about to shove the offending girl off of him, she rolled to the side, letting him sit up to rub the sore spot at the back of his head. If this girl thought she would get off with a simple apology, she was very, very wrong.

… Cass, did she say her name was? “Cass as in short for Cassidy or Cassandra, I suppose?” he asked dryly, slowly standing to his feet. It seemed he didn’t have a concussion – he had gotten one of those before, and could honestly say it wasn’t a pleasant experience. He finally took this chance to actually look around the room – plain. No color whatsoever, plain walls, dull ceiling, bland floor – only five bunk beds. He made a mental note to himself to grab a top bunk. Glancing at the others in the room, Ethan hesitated before giving a smile, although it didn’t quite seem to reach his eyes. “I think I missed the introductions,” he said. “I’m Ethan…”