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Leila Jenkens

"Oh please! You dont care about me. You hardly even know me!"

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a character in “Academy for At-Risk Youth”, originally authored by ChildOfNone, as played by RolePlayGateway



Leila Jenkens
18 years old
Leila is a bit, for a lack of a better word, bipolar. One minute she's all fine and dandy with you and the next she feels the need to agraviate you. Its when she starts itching for pain that she irritates people- in the hope that they might hit, hurt, or injure her. Other than her odd mood swings Leila can be sweet in her own weird way. She doesnt really know how to make friends which causes her to act hyper when situated with strangers. She's not really out-going, not really forward but not dull either. She's sort of like a salad (so she says), a mixture of different things that some people want and others dont. Leila wasnt always so... dysfunctional, there was actually a time when she was just plain sweet, kind, loving and fun but most of that has been locked up or thrown away.
~Loud noises/Music- It distracts her from her thoughts and keeps away the silence.
~Reading Fiction Books- Enjoys it and has become an escape from her never ending reality.
~Kids- She likes being around them because they exude innocence and pureness.
~Blood- It sort of captivates her attention. She feels that blood is your life in liquid form and that every time she cuts herself she's letting out the parts in her life that she hates.
~Pain- Since she's pretty much in a sort of drepression she has been feeling quite numb; she loves the feeling pain brings to her and relishes that slight moment when she's not so numb.
-Silence~ She believes that silence is a lot louder than any noise possibly made. She also doesnt like it because when theres silence her mind is free to think about everything she doesnt want to acknowledge.
-Perverts~ Kinda self explanatory dont ya think?
Leila's childhood was pretty great. She had a great mother, an even better father and one older brother who was like her best friend. All that ended though when her mother commited suicide- Leila found her hanging from the ceiling in the reading room when she was five. For many years Leila wondered why her mother would abandon them the way she did and fell into a depressed state. She had to take pills but they werent enough to sedate her, the images of her mother hanging burned into her memory. At the age of seven her father hospitalized her into a phyciatric ward because she had these strange attacks and hallucionations. It was in the ward that she threw away the thought of religion and God. Her family, which visited hr constantly noticed it but let it go since she seemed to have worse problems. She was let out when she was ten because the doctors believed she would be fine. But it wasnt like that. Being in the same house her mother had commited suicide drove Leila mad and she would have strong arguments with her father about it. She'd scream, kick and bite at him because he wouldnt listen. Finally, her father had had enough and they moved to a new house. Leila was a bit less troublesome there but still quite wrong.
In the act of moving, when she was packing her mothers things she found a letter and a picture addressed to a man that wasnt her father. Upon reading it, she discovered that she wasnt really her fathers child. She never mentioned to her father that she knew it but she acted different towards him- colder and distanced. She began harming herself at the age of 11. No one knew about it at first but the scars were gradually found on her arms and legs. She had begun to fight a lot at school and it began to worry her family. Her brother once tried to get through to her but it resulted badly. He now sports a scar from his hip that goes across his stomach- the result of the before. She grew distant toward all of them. At the age of 13 her family discovered she had a high level of anemia and they began to worry. She ate but they noticed that most of the things she ate werent very high on iron. They tried to get her to eat right but every time they tried it would end with Leila having a fit. Now by the age of 18 her family has had enough and are scared of her behavoir. So they sent her off to St. Elizabeths in the hopes to cure the damage inside her.

Art, Literature, Singing (doesnt do it anymore though) and has an abundant amount of love.
Social skills, Lazy, Mathematics, Relationship skills (has never been in one), and has an abundant amount of hate.
-Being alone/Abandoned~ A quite irrational fear since she also hates being around a lot of people but when she's left alone it reminds her of her mothers death.
Relationship status:
Romantic interest:
Current relationships:
None, unless you count pain as her best friend and her sharp blade as her lover.
Detailed appearance:
Leila is 5'4' in height and weighs exactly 101 lbs. She skinny but not because she's anorexic- its simply because thats how she is, fast metabolism and everything. She is also freakishly pale; a result of almost never leaving the house or the phychiatric ward. If she does go out she only does so for about an hour because she gets sun burned easily. The only true color youll find on her are her eyes which are an aqua sort of hue. Her hair is black, short, reaches the nape of her neck, wavy and it tends to draw in toward her face. She has many scars along her arms and legs. She also has many bruises- result of being anemic and really pale. Leila has no specific style of clothing that she prefers to wear but she will draw the line on anything revealing- skirt being an example.
Reason for attending:
Self injury, Non-christian (or any religion for that matter), Homo-sexual behavior and un-christian like behavior.

When will you be on?
Mostly on at Night but it depends on how busy I am on that day, if I can get on sooner I do.
How often can you post?
Im online almost every day (it is not sad, I just really like roleplaying! ...) unless theres circumstances that prevent me (ex. school, family, internet problems, etc.).
How good are you at RPing?
I think Im pretty decent though Im always up for improvement.

So begins...

Leila Jenkens's Story