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Avielynn Johanssen

0 · 141 views · located in Merryweather Academy

a character in “Academy for the Strange”, as played by breathebabyx



Name: Avielynn

Nickname: Avie, Linnie

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Species: Test-tube Human

Grade-level: Junior

Dorm Number:

Powers: Physical Duplication and Mental Projection.

Personality: Avie is a bundle of energy; with a passion for cute things and making others happy. While she can come off as annoying to others, causing a general dislike for her presence, Avie tries her hardest to befriend everyone and make the best out of every situation.

+Cute things
+Comic Books
+Being around lovely people

-Rude people
-Small Spaces

Quirks: Avie is asexual; choosing to keep to herself and not involve herself in any romantic relationships. However, Avie has an affinity for cute girls and small things and she can often be seen in various locations lurking around little animals and children, but she swears she's not a pedophile. She loves Lyndie with all her heart, and would kill someone without sparing a second thought if she felt someone was a threat to her.


Relationships: Niece/Adopted Daughter to Headmaster Lyndie

History: Avie was created and raised in a lab for the majority of her life, until she was adopted at the age of 11. She doesn't really recall any abuse from her lab-days, so she's in no way bitter, but is still thankful to Lyndie for her education and a place to stay.

World History
Computers 101

Extra Curricular: Art Club

So begins...

Avielynn Johanssen's Story

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#, as written by Renmiri

'Amidst the sickening crash of the door being broken down and the insistent sobbing of her mother clutching a static phone, Cecilia didn't know what to do. Her adolescent mind couldn't comprehend what was happening, even as the woman beside her repeatedly called her father's name. All the child could do was awkwardly hug for comfort, and mention the arrival of strangers when they appeared from behind the living room door. Everything after this went on in a dazed blur: her little body being shoved out of the way, the explosive anger of her mother and the wordless banter that was exchanged. Then, a sudden flash of light; and she could no longer remember.

But this time, Cecilia could swear she heard the aftermath. Screams, so many screams, yells and shots of gunfire. It was as if hell had broken loose, perhaps the apocalypse, but the child couldn't see past the obstructing view of a chair. Every so often, a shower of red rained from some forlorn cloud in the sky; or so it was comprehended. She didn't want to see. She didn't want to hear. Climbing from the back of the armchair, she was only thinking of reaching the happy picture of her mother and father together, beside her. But why was it a blood covered half-serpent, ever so softly resembling her mother, that greeted her?'


Save me. With an immense shudder, Cecilia vaulted upright; waking up in, literally, cold sweat. And, as she was napping in complete isolation among a blanket of trees, it couldn't be described as the best first experience of her Senior year. Weren't repressed memories supposed to stay repressed? What's the point of forgetting, then, in the first place? It took only a moment to gather back her scattered nerves, getting up as she did so from the base of a large oak tree. Brushing the remnants of dirt and leaves from her shirt, she had only thoughts of the nightmare in mind; proving her efforts on attention-diverting to be hopeless. The dream itself wasn't quite so special, but rather the fact that it just kept freaking repeating.

It had first appeared a month ago, right in the middle of summer break. When Cecilia, almost a grown adult, had asked her mother about it, she had gotten an honest reply. "Yes, that was me, and they were bad people. Now go clean your room." Why thank you, mom. I couldn't sum the most traumatizing experience in my childhood up, in less than a dozen words, any better! Sarcasm, by the way, since that's actually more than a dozen words. In all honesty, the topic had been breached before. And if that was all Thea was willing to give, then there was nothing anybody could do about it. But ever since then, the dream had persistently kept coming. The beginning was always the same, but the end changed as many times as it could.

And sometimes, just sometimes, it's a little disturbing. The conclusion she had seen just now? It had been the main theme for days. A blood-soaked monster surrounded by.. bits. Cecilia didn't want to recall. In any case, that had been the most eventful her break had ever been; peppering her mother with questions. Which, unfortunately, resulted in the punishment of cold dinners in place of the delicious, home-cooked meals Thea usually prepared. Meals that I won't be having for another couple months, living in a cold, dark dorm. Speaking of which, it's about time to meet roomie number five, isn't it?

With those thoughts said and done, Cecilia hoisted her medium-sized suitcase over her shoulders (having been using it as a pillow) and promptly set off to the nearest path out of the Academy's forest. It had been some sort of tradition for her, ever since her freshman year, to take a peaceful nap right before moving into the dorms. The forest was a nice place to sleep, she had found, and it had all been a rather nice area to explore. By now? She probably knew it best besides the teachers, or the Headmaster. Suddenly, I feel so old. Right then at that moment, just as she emerged from the edge of the trees, Cecilia could've swore that she saw said principal entering the far side of the yard.

Oh.. crap. Was I implying anything? I don't think I was. Nevertheless, the culprit nonchalantly hurriedly checked her appearance (letting her hair down and fluffing her shirt) before nonchalantly practically flying in the general direction of the dorms. I am no coward. Nobody wants to mess with a Johanssen on the first day. No one. That, of course, had come from first-hand experience from Cecilia's sophomore year; when within that 365 days had accumulated something like a pile of little yellow death slips. And I don't even remember doing anything wrong! Besides skipping the first class to sleep. Ever since then, she'd been incredibly scared careful to never be caught slack off again.

In less than five minutes, this little part-dragon had dashed across campus to the entrance of the dorms; almost without breaking a sweat. Out of shape, considering how close it is. She stopped to the right of the door, dropping her suitcase to catch her breath and check on roommates. A steady trickle of kids were already filing in; though probably much too preoccupied to notice her sparkly presence. With a square, folded paper in her hands, Cecilia hefted her pack back up and entered the dorm; her mood well for how promising the year seemed at that moment. Think about it, one more year until I'm out of here!

And then, just as she entered a room labelled '218', her hopes were dashed to pieces. You couldn't mistake that sea-green hair for anything. Johanssen's daughter, Avie? Of all the people who I could be paired with, it has to be someone who's actually heard of that sophomore-year disaster?! (If you haven't noticed, most people have. Among her grade and her graduated seniors, anyway.) Careful not to disturb the sleeping girl, Cecilia edged across the room to the other, empty bunk-bed; letting down her suitcase soundlessly beside it. She wasn't, as you can see, quite keen on waking her new roomie up; nor nearly so tired to go back to sleep.

So, in the end, all this surprisingly studious child could do was get out a physics textbook and read it; with earphones drowning out most of the words. What kind of person would make math out of watching a damn apple fall out of a tree, anyway?