Allen Tabernathy

"It is only right that you be beneath me for your drive is nothing compared to my conviction."

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Age: 17

Race: Warlock (Witch, he just prefers warlock as witch sounds rather... underwhelming.)

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Height: 6'3

Weight: 174 lbs.


Personality: Allen is a broken teenager held together by a mixture of hatred and pride. His deep hatred is aimed at the Vampires and the Royals for different yet connecting reasons. He hates the vampires for the act of one vampire that murdered and feed upon his family, and while many would point at the fact that he should only hate that one vampire; Allen's need to blame and desire to have a reason to live force him to despise the entire race of blood drinkers. He hates the Royal's because despite his pleas to them for justice; they did nothing in an attempt to preserve the fragile peace between the races. His anger and resentment at their actions morphed and grew into a distaste at them in general. Why were they superior then the rest of their race? Because they were 'royal'? Because they just happened to be from a 'superior' lineage? They deserved to be brought down to the 'peons' level and only then could they understand true pain and loss. Only then could they understand his hatred.

Allens anger is what keeps him going... He cannot let go of his hatred nor his past because he is terrified of the idea. Without it, what would be left of him? He knows. All that would be left is the frightened child that hid in the closet as his parents and siblings were murdered and drained. All that would be left would be the screams for help that he heard as he held his knees to his chest and rocked in terror. Allen refuses to be weak and helpless again. He will never, ever, be that way again even if it means that the 'human' part of his heart and soul must die.

His pride is nearly as powerful as his hate as Allen will refuse defeat or loss and will easily go into denial of an event should it prove him weak or 'soft'. His pride does not allow Allen to cry, to ask for help, or to desire companionship because he is 'above' that. He has to be in order to see his dark dreams realized. It's not to say that he doesn't want that, but he will never admit that to himself. Deep down, a part of him wants to be loved. Wants to be held. Wants to be accepted even as he sits crying and trembling at his own pathetic weakness because, in the end, isn't that what everyone wants? True acceptance?

Not only will Allen not admit to the desire of wanting someone, anyone, to love him or care about him; he will go out of his way to ensure that never happens. That no one sees the chink in his armor. He will purposely be rude and snide to others to keep them away, and it is always easy to do. People don't want to be close to him, it is a simple fact. When someone is faced with adversity; they give up because they feel he is not worth it. Does the fact that people who 'desire' to get close to him are so easy to discourage, hurt? Yes. Yes it does, but at the same time, it makes it a little easier. The knowledge that no one is worth the pain and loss... nor the terrifying idea of being 'vulnerable'.

Allen is incredibly quick witted and so can easily come up with ways to insult or belittle someone which he takes great care in doing. Just like a child, Allen is incredibly spiteful and will never compliment someone else as, in some small way, it acknowledges them as a person which would imply he cares about them even if just a bit.


Diligent: Allen demands perfection from himself and will push himself far beyond his own limits and harder then anyone else. It makes his skills and abilities improve at dramatic rates, but when he hits a 'wall' or fails; it drives him into a rage.

Blind: While Allen is 'blind', he can see the magical auras that all creatures and plants have allowing him to 'peer' into their magical level and give him a forewarning of how powerful a spell they are attempting to cast. As he doesn't have 'eyes' any longer, any spell that affects vision will not affect him nor can he be distracted by beauty or seduced using lust as one cannot lust after what they cannot see. However, should the seduction attempt be phenomenal induced through magic, it will affect him, but less then it would someone who can see.

Pride: While having many downsides, Pride gives Allen the stubbornness and determination to go the extra mile. When everyone else has stopped; it allows him to take that one extra step because he will refuse to let himself give in to weakness or self-pity. It also makes him highly resistant to mind tricks.

Magical Talent: Despite not being a royal, Allen has immense magical reserves and was born with a gift for spell-craft.

Survivalist: Allen has survived on his own for a very long time and so is very good at depending on only himself as well as being alone. He knows how to take care of himself.

- Magic
- Nature/Outdoors
- Winning/Being Superior
- Music: because of his sensitive hearing he prefers softer instruments and avoids loud music
- Compliments
- Rain
- Birds
- Reading/Hearing a wonderful story
- Contemplating ways to get his vengeance as well as ways of 'ending' a wretched vampire.


- Art/Movies: Allen cannot see them and despises hearing people talk about how beautiful they/it are.
- Royal Vampires/Vampires/Royals of other races: In that order.
- Tears
- Weakness, be it real or perceived
- Defeat/The idea of someone being 'superior' to he in anything
- Idealist
- Love/Affection
- His new 'eyes'
- Onions


- 'True' Sight: Allen can see the magical aura's of people. This gives him insight onto their magical strength as well as a rough idea of what spell they are preparing to use. It allows him to see outdoors as long as it is in nature such as a forest, plains, etc. He cannot see wood (Dead), nor can he see concrete or rocks.

- Heightened Sense: Because Allen has lost his 'vision', he has superior smelling, hearing, touch, and taste compared to the average humans. It is nothing compared to a werewolf's or a vampire's senses.

- Magical Art: Allen has great skill in magic and spell craft. His abilities tend to be more... destruction based then arcane. Allen specializes in fire magic (Spells will be listed on the bottom of the sheet.)

- Flame of Azure: Allen's eyes are 'contained' by the enchantment of silence placed upon the blindfold. Should he take it off, his opponents would see the balls of Azure flame that burn in his eye sockets. While looking at them is harmless, Allen's 'True' sight is greatly magnified to the point where he will be able to see through most forms of magical concealment. However, it drains Allen extremely quickly, and the longer he exposes them and uses them the larger the flame grows inside his eye sockets. The fire will spread and consume him should he use it too extensively.


Blind: While Allen can 'see', should an enemy have some way to conceal their magical aura, Allen would be unable to 'see' them. It also causes him trouble when trying to walk around. Allen is also unable to write, and can only read braille.

Hatred: Allen is obsessed with the idea of vengeance against the vampire race, so it is very hard for him to focus at times as he will often think about ways to extract his revenge. It also takes a lot of his self-control to contain his hatred should one of the wretched creatures speak to him, and it would be very, very easy for a vampire to drive him into a rage and into a fight. Should it be a royal vampire; Allen would find it nigh impossible to stop himself as his greatest goal is ending the vampire royal line. No matter the cost.

Tech-Inept: Allen has never had much exposure to technology, and even the simplest of devices are complex and puzzling.

Philophobia: The fear of love. It is not love, itself, that Allen finds... disconcerting. It is the effects of love and of allowing people to get close. In order to avoid that, Allen will use barbed words and snide remarks to hurt them and force them to withdraw. It makes it difficult for Allen to gain 'Allies' or close friends.

Proud: Allen has a lot of pride and will refuse help from anyone and anything. It also makes him quick to anger and the thought of his abilities not being enough is more then enough to drive him into a great rage and even greater denial. Nothing angers Allen more then pity. He has no use for it, and if he sees another displaying it to anyone else; he will snidely remark on such. Allen will always take the time to look down upon someone who is 'weak' or incapable as he holds everyone to his own impossibly high standards. He is not the man one would want consoling another who was in grief or pain.

Romantic interest: None at the moment. Who has time for such, frivolities?


History: Allen was born to two mediocre witches: Alison and Peter Tabernathy, and he was the middle child of five children: Kevin, Conner, Timothy, and Melissa. They lived in a small cottage in the outskirts of the small town Louth deep in Pennsylvania. With a large yard in the middle of nowhere; it was the perfect place to raise young witches and warlocks, and Allen has many fond memories of the time. Playing hide and seek with his brothers and sister, helping his mother cook dinner, and helping his father with his 'research' with how to make the perfect rocking chair. Despite being the middle child, Allen was the most responsible and the 'brave' one of them all. It was always Allen that was leading them on great adventures in the woods to 'hunt' mighty bears or to go searching for lost treasure. It was always Allen that came to the rescue when something bad happened... Always him. He was his parent's brave little boy.

Until that day. June 6th when he was nine. Allen can still remember the night whenever he closes his eyes. The sounds of the rain pattering against the roof, and the smell of the elk stew boiling in the pot... And the screams. They were playing hide and seek, he and his siblings, when the stranger came to the door. A man dressed in black, his parents were always kind and caring and so invited the man out of the rain, and his siblings came out to say hi and introduce themselves the new and exiting man, but not Allen. Allen was too prideful to give up the game of hide and seek so soon, and that is when it happened.

The man pounced on his father first tearing his throat out with his fingers, and turned on his stunned mother before she had a chance to scream. But his siblings. They screamed. Allen saw it all from the crack in the closet. Saw the man take his time with each of them. The way the blood ran down his chin as he feed like a monster gorging himself on the screams. Melissa was last... Melissa, his little sister. Allen was always saving her. When she was a baby, Allen would always hold her. Tell his mother that he was going to be the best brother ever. He always picked her when they made teams even though she was a handicap. He always bragged that he would beat up the first boy that touched her.

She called his name. Over and over again. Each Allen came out weaker then the last until finally it stopped. He wasn't able to do anything. Worse, he did not even try. He just sat in the closet holding onto his knees as he rocked back and forth. Even when the vampire left, Allen stayed in the closet for three days. Even as the smell became unbearable; he couldn't move. The police found him in the closet after they had come to investigate when the Tabernathy's neighbors had called them after not seeing them for days. They had to pry him from the closet as his body was locked up, and he was delusional from the extreme lack of water. The police said it was a miracle that he survived so long without water, but the truth was his body had began surviving based upon his magical reserves, but none the less, he had been near death when they found him rocking himself in the closet.

Afterwards, Allen was handed of to different orphanages as who wanted a child who had seen so much? It took two years for Allen to speak again, but roughly the same time he had begun to display his latent magical abilities, and it wasn't long before an old witch adopted him before he created to large of a scene and then below the lid upon the supernatural beings that existed among mankind.

The old witch was named Morgrine and was a cruel old woman. She demanded perfection from Allen, and he tried to meet her expectations even as his anger and hatred of the world and those that resided within it grew. Despite her reluctance, she took Allen before the witch royalty where he pleaded his case of justice. All vampires had to pay for what happened to his family. They were a curse upon the land. A race that needed to feed upon blood. A race that should be exterminated for the greater good of them all, but no matter how much pity they had for the poor disillusioned child; they would never risk a war that would threaten their existence and secrecy over the acts of a lone vampire. Allen can still remember it. The looks of pity they gave him as they mumbled poor child. Poor child. Over and over again. It infuriated him. He didn't want pity; he wanted justice! He refused to leave and was forcibly removed... He never forgave that. He never forgave that abandonment. They way they looked at him with pity, pawned it off by saying they were sorry and threw him out. Sorry? They were sorry? What did they know? Sorry was a word that the weak said to others when they were not sure what to do. No one meant it. It was simply what was 'supposed' to be said. What gave them the right to look down on him? What gave them the right to deny him justice? What gave them the right...

Years went by as Allen trained under Morgrine. As she taught him her skills in the flames. She never tried to discourage his hatred because it gave him drive. Drive to become better, and Morgrine had never had children. She did not have anyone to continue her legacy. She had no desire to view him a son; Allen was merely a way to preserve the fruits of her life and her dedication to the magical arts. Desolation. Her ultimate spell and one that held such destructive force that few spells could ever match it.

And she taught it to a fifteen year old boy. She warned him to not use it until he was ready, but Allen paid her no heed, and deep inside the forest he unleashed the great spell, but the spell went wrong. Instead of crushing everything before him, the spell backfired and instinctively, he tried to contain the massive spell. Fire ran through his body, and his eyes exploded in a torrent of pain he had never experienced before. For despite his efforts of containment, the spell had to be released somehow, and it chose the easiest way out. His own eyes. His magical aura and the spell mixed together to create a new... well, something different. The Flames of Azure. Two blue flames burned in his eye-sockets, luckily, Allen passed out earlier from the raw pain, and so was not able to feel the extreme pain of having the remains of his eye-sockets seared closed.

Morgrine sensed the vortex of power released by the failed attempt at Desolation, and rushed to find him. Using the last of her power, she saved his life and created the sash that would keep the power of his eyes contained. Allen awoke a week later to a dying Morgrine who pointed him to the direction of another Witch. One who would take him under their wing until it was time to send him to a 'school'. A place where others like him would teach him the last of what he needed to know.

In her final moments, Morgrine showed love for him and begged him to give up his hunt. To this day, Allen is not sure if it was true love, or the old womans desire to see her... 'skills' be preserved, but for her sake, Allen lied to her to allow her to die in peace. The next day, Allen set off to find the witch she had mentioned, but there was one thing that still burned in his heart. The desire to destroy the Vampire Race. He would do whatever he had to, he would have his vengeance. Allen would have the justice that was denied him years ago, and if the world had to burn, so be it.


Clubs/Teams they're a part of:
Captain of the Magical Arts Club.

Thoughts and relationships to other characters: Will update throughout the story. As of now the rule of thumb are Vampires are scum. Royals of other races are slightly better.



((Spells will be updated as he learns more.))

Fire Spells:

Ignition: A minor incantation that causes flames to ignite around his hands. While the spell does nothing to enemies; it allows Allen to cast his other fire spells with greater ease.

Fireball: The basic fire spell known by most warlocks/witches trained in the fire element. A fire ball is shot from Allen's hand and explodes on impact. The ball can be large or small depending on how much power he pumps into it. The larger it is, the slower it goes.

Burning Skull: A large fireball shaped in the form of a human skull. The only difference between it and the fireball is the explosion radius is much larger. He cannot use this spell close to himself as he can hit himself with it.

Ruby Spear: A large flaming spear forms in Allen's hand which he throws at the enemy. It is fairly useless in a one on one as the spear goes far too slow to hit a fast moving opponent, however the spear has incredible punching power and can plow through walls or even metal should he put enough power into the spear.

Fire Storm: Numerous small fireballs appear around Allen which he can send at the enemy. He can control their trajectory however the law of inertia does effect them, so he cannot change the fireball on a dime as it will slow down to a stop before moving another direction. Controlling the trajectory takes vast amounts of control and concentration so while doing that he will not be able to do anything else. The amount of fireballs depend on how much power he is using. He can only control 3 at one time, the rest tend to fly randomly.

Dragon's Tongue: Allen breaths a great torrent of flame from his mouth that engulfs whatever is in front of him. It is fairly obvious when he uses it however as his cheeks will puff out before he spews it. The greatest weakness of the spell is that should someone cover his mouth, their hand would be badly burned, but the spell would 'back draft' and do massive amounts of damage to his internal magic reserves.

Blade of Ruin, Whip of Torment: A flaming blade appears in his right hand. The length and power of the blade depends on how much power he pumps into it. This spell is usually used as a last resort as only a fool engages a vampire or the like in hand to hand combat. The whip causes, as imagined, a long flaming whip that appears in his left hand. It almost as if made of liquid, and when used in conjunction with the Blade of Ruin, it is a deadly combination.

Sun Burst: Allen causes a bright light to explode from his body which will momentarily blind foes, but should a vampire not have some protection against sunlight on; it will kill them instantly as for all purpose, the light is pure sun light.

Desolation: Allen's most powerful spell. This spell has many drawbacks such as the massive amounts of magic it takes to cast it, and the charge up time. It takes him five minutes to gather the power to use it, and during that time he cannot use any other spell nor maintain another spell making it useless in a one on one fight as no opponent would give him five minutes to charge up his attack. It is also incredibly draining even for his magical reserves. Should he be tired or winded, the spell will knock him out. Should he be exhausted, the spell will kill him.

He cannot charge this spell in secret as anyone with the faintest of magical training will be able to sense his massive power build up.

But the damage the spell puts out is incredible. Once finished, Allen sticks his hands out in front of him and everything in his path is utterly destroyed. A powerful wave of fire burst out and rips apart the very ground and ignites the very air in front of him leaving nothing but rubble. Such is the name: Desolation. This spell was developed by his mentor, and as she passed away, Allen is the only one alive who knows how to do it.

Flame of Azure: Should Allen take off his blindfold, he can channel the vastly more powerful blue flames and use them in place of his normal flames; however, the spells become more draining and cause his Fell Eyes to spread quicker and so shorten his lifespan.

He will not use Desolation with the Flame of Azure as the cost would most likely kill him, but the damage can only be imagined. The Azure Flames are another thing that is special to only Allen. It has never been seen before, and most likely, will never be seen again.

Arcane Spells:

Reject: The only protection spell Allen knows. When used a field of energy pulses out of Allen knocking away whatever is too close. Particularly strong opponents can withstand the spell without getting knocked back. Powerful spells will also plow through the basic spell. There is a three minute cooldown before he can use it again.

Levitation: A rather basic arcane spell that allows the caster to cause inanimate objects to levitate.

Cat's Grace: A small enchantment that makes the target more graceful, agile, and better coordinated.

So begins...

Allen Tabernathy's Story

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#, as written by Savier

Supernatural Academy. A worthless place located in an unpleasant nation. Allen picked at the scratchy uniform he had been 'given' few days prior. Another useless thing the Academy did that Allen did not understand, but then again, clothes were not something he concerned himself about; it was not as if he could see what the uniforms even looked like. The Japanese people, and he was loath to call them that, seemed fascinated by the idea of conformity. This would be his third year, junior, the term was if he was to remember correctly, and in that time he had come to have some knowledge of the Japanese culture.

A culture he detested. They were far too quick to bow their heads to others. They were only too eager to be the same as everyone else as if that was the great goal in life. To be nothing more then another brick in the proverbial wall. Pathetic. The trains, which he admitted he would like to actually see sometimes given the odd sounds they made and the rate in which they traversed, were a cesspit of the Japanese weakness. Allen's blind eyes saw what others' cannot. Allen saw the older men touching the younger women using the crowds to hide his actions, he heard the men cowering before the 'tougher' man playing his loud music day after day, and why? Because this was their pathetic excuse for a life. In the face of adversity, they bowed their heads and fled. Cowards. Yes, Allen hated this nation. Hated their weakness which tried to infect him, but it made sense that the royals would wish the academy to be there. Conform to what they desired and bow to their desires. It was mental conditioning.

"Tabernathy-san." Allen's head snapped up to face the interruption to his minds rant to face the boy who called his name with the annoying accent that was not able to properly pronounce his name. His efforts made his surname come out as 'Tabelnathy'. The man had a soft aura of blue that flowed through his body making it stand out starkly from the sea of light putrid green that came from the grass behind him. The boy's features were impossible to tell as he only saw the mans outline... as if someone had placed the man on a paper and traced the outline and then colored it in with a sky blue color pencil.

Allen was not sure what race the boy descended from, but it was apparent he held little magical talent, "Call me Allen. If I have to hear you butcher my name, at least let it not be my last name." A couple seconds went by before the man gathered his wits at the rude introduction, "Allen-san." He said in slow breath that Allen understood was his way of trying to both warn him and control his temper, "It is rude to speak to your senpai like that."

Allen waved his hand to dismiss such a claim, "Drop the suffix. I said call me Allen." Allen leaned closer to the older boy who smelt faintly of wet dog, wolf it was. All the honorifics this nation seemed to prize were nothing more then a mild annoyance. Senpai. Chan. Kun. San. Sensi. A waste of his time. If Allen was lucky they would get through this little juant fast, and they could seperate from each other's company, but he was never lucky.

"This way." The older student grumbled and turned on his heel to march off across the grass not bothering to make sure the blind boy was following behind him. Allen didn't need an invitation as he followed behind him as this happened every year. It was an annoyance as he did not need the help, or at least, that is what he told himself, but the truth was he did. While he could see living things aura's he could not see walls, stones, and the ilk, and so it was impossible for him to navigate the school without smashing into things. Every year the school sent a student to lead him around the school to spots he was familiar with and then to the various classrooms he would be going to and his dorm room which would give him the chance to count the steps and turns it took to get to each one.

With the boy leading the way, Allen took the time to examine the surroundings as they traveled over the school grounds. His world was always half red. His 'eyes' saw everything around him in a complete field of vision; however, most of his vision was obscured by his own head which was filled with the color of his own magical aura which was a deep crimson. The rest of what he saw tended to be fields of green, but every once in awhile he would see a tower of brown that would represent a tree. He heard it before he saw it, conversation.

Allen turned his head to the source and took in the sight of the students milling. A multitude of colors from metallic, to plain. Weak hues to vibrant. Allen had noted a long time ago that every person had a certain look and feel to their aura's. Some where dull and plain, others were bright and warm. Rarely, he would run into some that were cold and dark. The people, themselves, looked like outlines of people... The best way to describe such a thing was to imagine a manikin without a face. Allen could see body shape, but that was it. In his world, everyone was a bald, faceless manikin of raw color.

Allen's observations were cut short by the unnamed boys awed comment, "Look, it's the president and the vice-president..", truly, Allen noted, a mindless drone to the whims of his betters. Also, look. Clever. Despite that, Allen turned his head in the direction he pointed and noted that there were three aura's, not two.

Who was the President and Vice-President last year? Honestly, Allen had no idea. He never cared enough to know, but now that he was the Captain of the Magical Arts Club; he would have to figure it out eventually.

"And who might they be again?" Allen said, "Also what race are they?" He asked. He knew they would be royals because there was no way those 'higher' beings could ever let a 'lesser' being be in the council. Power was for Royals, it was decided from birth.

The boy did not miss a beat, happy to be talking instead of walking in an oppressive silence, "President is Amon Lynch. I, uhh." The boy said, "Heard some things about him. You know." He said leaning in giving Allen another 'wonderful' whiff of wet-dog, "Dark things." He leaned back out and raised his arms to his sides, "But you know how people like to talk. Especially if it's about demons or vampires. Oh, right. The Pres is a demon."

They had long since stopped to examine the trio, well, the elder boy had the sense to pretend to be looking around, but Allen was not a subtle person and so chose to simply stare and become accustomed to the aura's. He doubted he would be able to memorize them as they would probably not be worth the effort, but it was not as if he had much else to look at. From the figures, he knew one was a male and assumed that was Amon Lynch. An odd name. The other two were both females... The taller one who stood off further away from the president had the larger breast. Was it noteworthy? No. Not really.

"The vice-president." He said, "Her name is Katherine Goldsworthy." Goldsworthy? Allen mused raising an eyebrow further above the line across his face the sash made. Two odd names it was then. "Vampire, but she is beautiful, too bad she is always so, well, she is a little unnerving, you know?" The elder boy said, and Allen clenched his right fist, feeling his nails bite deep into his flesh drawing blood. Vampire, and no doubt a royal. Such a revolting creature was in the council?

"I don't know who the other girl is." The boy said cutting in on Allen's thoughts which were quickly going towards the homicidal path, "But isn't she kinda cute?" He turned to ask Allen before realizing what he said, "Yes. Very fucking beautiful. Allen said sharply. It was one thing when it was a joke on purpose, it was another when the person was so incredibly stupid they forgot that he could not see. Still. A filthy vampire royal in the council. It was going to be a very, very long year.

Allen watched as the male 'Amon' pushed the shorter unknown female who walked off to... well, wherever was over there.

"Let's go." Allen commanded feeling no desire to stand so close to the Vampire Royal. Even yards away was still far too close to be near a living vampire.

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I am....
Shiloh Night

I am....
Mathew Rivers

She was quiet as she watched students walk around the court yard, her favorite place on the roof gave her a great view. Her girly uniform caressed her knee's. Unlike everyone else Shiloh didn't like to show off her body so she got a uniform a few sizes bigger. The light breeze of the morning air blew her soft wavy indigo hair around her face and she made no move to tie it back.

"SHILOH!!! MY DARLING!!!" the sharp sweet sound of her best friend filled her ear's and Shiloh peered over the ledge to see Matt, her best friend for 5 years running. He was dressed nicely in the uniform with his blazer open, his tie hanging loosely around his neck. His arm were spread wide as he waited for her to jump. Some of the passing students gave him funny looks and Shiloh gave a quiet growl before leaping off the roof. The three story jump was easy with her werewolf abilities and she landed gracefully in his arm's which instantly wrapped themselves around her shoulder's. Shiloh was a little taller then the average girl but Matt was still taller.

"And how was my baby's summer?" Matt asked, his pearly white teeth shone brightly with his wide set smile and Shiloh rolled her lavender eyes at him.

"You should you i spent most of my summer with YOU" she giggled as he stuck out his tongue. Grabbing his bags Matt let her go, without a word he started to walk away confusing Shiloh. Then he stopped suddenly and swiftly ran back to her and through her over his shoulder.

"I knew i forgot something" Matt chuckled as Shiloh squeaked happily, blushing up a storm as he carried her into the school.

"Matty put me down people are watching" Shiloh quietly scolded as some jocks passed by and started laughing loudly making Shiloh blush in embarrassment.

"Haven't you heard that a princess's feet must never touch the ground?" he asked as they headed towards the dorm-room's. Shiloh grumbled but didn't respond knowing it was hopeless to argue with him when he was this bubbly.

"Oh hello president, vice nice to see you" Matt shouted happily and Shiloh's whole body went red in embarrassment. Great good job Matt. Matt quickly passed and swiftly ran to his room, bursting the door open. Swiftly he put Shiloh down and she went back to her normal color. She turned around to see two, one with bandages and the other of her own kind.

"Hey your Allen right nice to meet ya i'm Mathew but you can call me Matt" Matt said cheerfully moving swiftly and shaking the bandaged man's hand. No matter where Matt and Shiloh went they followed their customs. Moving slowly Shiloh went to stand in front of Allen. She had gathered enough to know he was blind. Gently she shook his hand.

"Its nice to meet you Allen, I'm Shiloh, i'm a werewolf" she said softly then let go of his hand and stood beside Matt.

"Oh and I'm a Fae" Matt grinned, proud of his heritage. He was no Royal but he loved being a Fae.

"Oh and i hope you don't mind rooming with a gay guy cause i'm almost as gay as they come" Matt announced proudly.

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#, as written by Savier

Allen had taken two steps when his world exploded into a flash of orange, red, yellow, and the tiniest shade of pink near the core of whatever had decided to launch itself in front of him. "Hey your Allen right nice to meet ya i'm Mathew but you can call me Matt" It took a few moments before his brain realized just what was going on, before Allen could do anything, 'Mathew' grabbed his hand and began to shake it. A flurry of thoughts went through his mind at a pace as this was quiet sudden. Allen wasn't someone who was easily surprised, but this was a first for him. People didn't fling themselves in front of him and grab his hand on a day to day business, and more over then that, Allen had a reputation to uphold. He was about to yank his hand free from the creatures grip when it was suddenly let go. Before it was able to move an inch it was grabbed by yet another hand.

Allen's head shot to see what had grabbed him this time to see a soft lavender that was almost eerie. It reminded him of the 'color' people often used to describe the moon, but it had been a few years since he last saw it. "Its nice to meet you Allen, I'm Shiloh, i'm a werewolf". Right. Of course, she was. In fact, he had not guessed that because unlike his own 'steadfast' escort; she did not smell like a dog which was an accomplishment for her race. Allen did note that her breast might even be superior to the filthy vampire mongrel that was still ahead of him. Again, was it noteworthy? Somewhat. He was a teenager after all.

He was trying to regroup on what in the hell was happening. Allen was unsure if he should get pissed off or simply walk away? Given that his 'guide' seemed content to continue to stare at the Vampiress; it seemed his options were rather limited. Allen opened his mouth to tell the two upstarts just what he thought of them and where they could shove their hands next time when the one calling himself 'Mathew' shot in, "Oh and I'm a Fae."

"Oh and i hope you don't mind rooming with a gay guy cause i'm almost as gay as they come" Allen was about to comment on how he didn't care if they boy liked to stick his prick in toasters as why would he care? And then, the words began to sink in. Roomie. What? Allen was never told of this; he had never had to have a roommate before, and they expected him to share a room with... whatever this was?

"How..." Allen started wanting to ask how they knew him, but then again, being the only blind student generally meant he was easily remembered, so that question was most likely moot, "You know what, doesn't matter." said finally letting the hand that they had taken so much pleasure in grasping fall to his side.

Despite everything they had done, there was one point of solace. At least they weren't vampires. Allen didn't bother mentioning what he was as if they knew his name; they probably knew what he was.

"Mathew, was it?" Allen said turning to the blur of 'passionate' colors, "You have a thing for oiled up men then? That makes one of us." Allen said dryly. Did he really care that the guy was homosexual? No, but then again, he didn't care about the guy at all. He didn't truly want to comprehend what being his 'roomie' would mean for the school year he was already annoyed with, but to buy himself time, he turned to the werewolf. Shiloh? Shy-something? "Pleasure." Allen said with a slight nod. The woman didn't say much and so he didn't have much to really say that would be relevant or, well, worth saying.

Was there a way out of being this... creatures roommate? What if the orange blur suffered serious third degree burns? No, Allen mused, that would get him no where, but it was fun to consider. "As long as your..." Allen said considering the right words to use, "Sexual escapades remain out of hearing range. I don't care." He would have said sight given that he could 'see' in a sense, but he was in no mood to hear the jokes not after finding out he would be forced to have a roommate.

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This girl, Carmon, she was too much. It was too bad that supernatural creatures, aside from demons, didn't go to Hell. As far as she knew, they didn't go to heaven either. Was there an afterlife for the supernatural or did their existence upset the universe enough for them to merely stop existing upon their passing? Belial began rocking on her heals, and after a second of thoughtful momentum she snapped back in place. Oh well, that didn't matter, she didn't want cute girls to be in Hell to torture them, she just could help but thinking how wonderful it would be to have a collection of them to take back to Hell to coddle, like how some might take home adorable stray dogs.

"Great! Oh," Her eyes blinked and quickly she retrieved the phone from the pocket in her skirt, and when she flipped open the pastel purple model several childlike, girly phone charms swayed. "Lets exchange numbers." Belial suggested, her smiling returning naturally, not seeing anything wrong with such a request. After all, they were classmates and she was part of the student council. What if they needed to cram for a tough exam? What if Carmon ran into a gang of delinquent students? Or what if she wanted to go and get bubble tea but had no one to go with? The possibilities kept piling up, she needed to ensure that her plans and connections were stable at all costs!

"Of course it's off-limits. Who do you think made it that way?" A certain glint of pride glowed in his eyes, but it was less because of success with manipulating the teachers to implement that rule than it was from blackmailing a witchy student to carve barrier wards into the room's wooden frame. No one besides students council members could walk in, literally, all others had to gain permission, not unlike how vampires needed to be invited into homes. Not only that, but supernatural creatures couldn't penetrate it with their senses, which meant no werewolf super hearing. He was really, incredibly, pleased with himself for that. "Lets go before I suffocate." Amon's voice returned to antipathy as his eyes ran over the crowd, and for whatever reason, his pupils stopped over some guy he felt like he should recognize, as if he had seen him and that long, silvery hair somewhere before.

Right, the school files, a special needs student, because he had gotten the short end of the stick and ended up with eyes that couldn't work. For a fleeting moment one of the corners of his mouth raised. Funny how a warlock couldn't fix his own eyes, but the amusement remained transient, was gone in a moment as the student practically disappeared from his perception of those that existed. Amon jerked his head to the side to gesture to the nearest staircase, and he walked through the halls with his eyes narrowed at those that thought they could get away with anything because it was their first day back. Honestly, who did they think he was? An empty representative? Please, he'll show them what it means to live underneath the same roof as him.

It didn't take long for them to make it to the top floor, and although there was an enchantment he still used a key, unlocking the door and sauntering into the large, lavish student council room he had built up over the years. The sun was permanently blocked out by the windows touched by the same spell caster, not a drop of natural light falling into the room. The glass remained transparent on their side, clearer than purified water and allowing them to watch over the students below, but from the other end they saw nothing, as if the windows had been heavily oxidized. The lighting was usually provided by lit candles, since he loved intimidating people, or just working in their glow, but today he turned on the overhead light, heading straight to a wall covered in bookshelves.

At one point the expansive room was reserved for important meetings of the school board, but now it belonged to them, and he decorated it in elegant furniture; couches in crimsons and whites, curtains of the same color scheme, translucent glass tables, mahogany desks, marble floor, crystal chandeliers, art dating back to the renascence. It was a tiny palace in the theme of blood splattered innocence, its light haunting, and the only thing that disrupted the pattern was a large collection of video games and movies beside the thin, wide television, but for his entertainment he was willing to make a few sacrifices.

Amon pulled out a box from the bottom of one of the dark shelves, the wood having carvings of mythology into the edges; hydras devouring humans, sacrifices and Archaic Latin - which he could still read and speak with ease. Dead language, humans were adorable. "This," He retrieved a roll of blue paper from the case, traveled over to the largest desk, his own, and spread it out, using a human skull he named Fernando as a paper weight.

"Is a blueprint of what's underneath the school. As if this place wasn't huge enough, it has a Goddamn labyrinth underneath here. Hell, I'm nearly convinced that some shady sacrificial ritual stuff went down here back in the day, but really, I didn't care enough to find out." His explanation of the picture of small, winding white lines ended in a shrug, they could have been eating the hearts of newborn pigs for all he cared. "But this, we're going to use this." Amon declared this, his voice caught up in the thoughts of the future spectacle, of students running around confused. You know, it would be the perfect place - "For a party."

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I am....
Shiloh Night

I am....
Mathew Rivers

"No worries Allen" Matt grinned and Shiloh blush profoundly at the conversation.

"OK! come my dear i just saw that hot guy Tulio pass by let us HUNT!!" Matt shouted grabbing onto Shiloh's hand he raced out of the door-room.

"Have a nice day Allen" Shiloh said polity as she was carried down the hall. This was Matt's normal attitude he invaded everyone's rooms to make new friends and Shiloh just got carried behind. Running at full pace Matt burst through the door, startling the three boys.

"HELLO!!"Matt shouted loudly, the silence of the room having no effect on him. He let go of Shiloh's hand whom herself was pink with embarrassment. Why oh why must he do this every year?!

"Hello" her voice was quiet compared to Matt's whom was talking up a storm, talking about anything his eyes landed on.

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#, as written by Savier

"No worries Allen" Allen gave the slightest nod at the 'understanding', and Allen was about to explain just what would happen to the creature should he ever do anything that involved another guy in 'their' room. Even thinking about it being 'their' room was making him grind his teeth in frustration, and a part of Allen hoped the 'Mathew' creature would do it. Allen would melt the rubber condom as it was in 'use' and ensure the man never was able to use his 'tool' again. Allen paused in his thoughts, did a homosexual use condoms? No, that didn't really make sense as why would they need to? Unless Fae were incredibly odd in that two males could have a children, but such a notion only brought an extremely unpleasant image to his mind. How would that even... C-section.. Allen shook his head sending his long silver hair flying behind him in an attempt to dispel the extremely disturbing thoughts.

"OK! come my dear i just saw that hot guy Tulio pass by let us HUNT!!" Allen clenched his fist, he had just manged to get the revolting images out of his head when the creature spoke of another man. He fought down the bile that rose in the back of his throat. It must have been a Japanese things. He noted that this worthless nation had a way of attractive... fruitcakes.

"Have a nice day Allen" Allen inclined his head to the well-endowed being of lunar light in acknowledgment of her farewell. His 'gallant' werewolf 'companion' gave a sigh as the object of his attention, the filthy vampire 'royal', had departed. "That was... awkward." The boy said trying to find the right word to describe the fruitcake and the white eyed girl in the baggy clothes.

"Mention it again and I will end you." Allen snarled. He did not need this guy reminding him after he had finally purged the images from his mind.

"Fair enough." The boy said raising his hands in mock surrender not that he thought the blind kid could see it, "Come on." The boy said leading him down the hallway and to the bathrooms, "We are at the bathrooms in the east wing." He said and waited for Allen to nod his confirmation, "Take me to the spot of my classes. Don't talk. I need to count." Allen said as it was hard enough to do it without having to mindless listen to prattle. He had to remember every step and every turn to each of his locations otherwise he would never know how to get around. Allen knew he could request an aid to help him every day, but there was no way in hell that was going to happen. He was not a child who needed to be lead by the hand.

Lost in his counting, he barely noticed a blur of blue and red rush past him. Glancing up, he saw a short, and rather flat, form of blue with red trimming rushing down the hall being chased by five boys of various colors.

"Hey." His odor ridden 'companion' said, "Think we should help her?" He asked watching their disappearing form.

"No." Allen said.

"You sure?" The Wolf boy said looking down the hall with some longing. The short, relatively flat-chested, girl most have been attractive.

Allen glanced at the sky-blue figure, "Yes. I am fucking sure. I am not wasting my time helping some flat-chested girl. I don't care why those guys are chasing her, hell, they could pull her into the bathroom and play chess on her flat chest for all I care. Now, keep walking before I forget what number I was on. Forty-three by the way." Allen added in verbally to reinforce the number in his mind.

The guide stared at him for a long time before finally saying what he had wanted to say all this time, "You are really an asshole."

Allen nodded, "What was your first fucking clue? Also, its R not L." He said annoyed as once more the man's accent butchered the R sound, "Even if you came to her rescue, she wouldn't let you stick your prick in her, so just keep leading on."

Of course, their fighting in the middle of the hallway was attracting some attention, but Allen paid them no mind. They were all insects, and he wouldn't waste his time telling them to politely 'fuck off'. With a grumble that Allen was just barely not able to make out, the wolfboy continued on his way leading him further, "Like I would want to touch a filthy demon." The wolf said, almost, to himself. Allen ignored him because, honestly, why did he care if he hurt this 'guys' pride? He didn't.

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Of course it was a wonderful idea, his brain was practically blessed with the Midas touch. He didn't solve the Water Temple level on pure luck, he had something called creativity and genius. What? Did people think he scored aces on exams and tests without straining himself because he had to cheat? Yeah right, that wasn't worth the effort. Then again, demons were on a whole different level, one couldn't just expect other creatures to rival those that mastered trickery and rhetoric upon their first birth. For a moment he considered this, eyes traveling upwards to the ceiling, engrossed with his thoughts. How did they even live? Really, it must be terrible. Wait a second, what were they doing again?

Oh right, tormenting students! With his attention again focusing on causing some beginning-of-the-school-year-chaos Amon looked towards Katherine, nodding his head to approve of her suggestions. She was one of the more intelligent examples, it probably helped that she didn't have her mind set on bringing world peace and all that vapid bullshit. "The headmaster? Why are you mentioning that old geezer?" He asked, confused, but the thought was deemed too boring to hold onto, and his amber colored eyes darted to the side, imagining their current plan in action, and soon a smile grew. "I like it though. The killer will be easy to find, we'll just threaten them, and if they loose, it'll be them to act as our personal butler, or maid. I like to keep my options open." Really, whatever would get underneath their skin the most is what would be implemented, maybe he should see to it that they'll loose.

"But say the killer wins, then we don't get to punish anyone. So if the mystery is never solved, we'll make it Hell week." Pun intended. "Maybe I'll sign everyone up for gym classes and volunteer hours. Help out the school, clean my pool, run a few miles, it'll be nice, sort of like vacation but with miserable teenagers." Amon hummed, twirling the dagger in his hand, their tears could be their ambrosia. "Either way, it's win-win for us." When was it not? The dark haired boy's expression only budged through a twitch in his eyebrows, starting to grow bored with just talking about it. Now he needed some action, and he reached forward with his other hand, grabbing Katherine's wrist and pulling it towards him, placing the dagger in her palm. "So why don't you find our serial killer and I'll gather my connections and get the masquerade set up? Don't worry about advertisements, I'll have Belial work on that." He held onto her for a moment, their eyes meeting with his jaw tense from the excitement, and when he released her he smirked, stepping to the side soon after. Well, it was time to get to work. Really, the students should be thanking them, otherwise they'd live humdrum lives in a boring slice-of-life anime, talk about lame.


Quickly Belial entered her number and name into Carmon's contacts, and a light ring rang inside her head, as if she had just received an achievement award. She had just made a friend! Or at least, gained an acquaintance, either way it began on good terms, plus the girl was cute, and that's all that mattered. Maintaining a good, positive presence among peers was always beneficial, it's what made warriors conquerors after all. You can't get anywhere without followers, supporters and allies. She passed the phone back and looked over the new address in her phone, and with a tiny smile the phone returned to the safety of her pocket, but the lift in her lips didn't last long, not when she spotted Carmon's obvious dismay.

"Hey, don't worry!" Tentatively she reached forward, placing her hand on the young woman's shoulder in a way that was meant to be comforting, but not over stepping her boundaries and Belial soon returned her hand to her side. "I'm a freshmen too, we'll be able to get through it together!" She insisted, curling her hands into determined fists, and that's when a voice broke her thoughts with a flash of red passing through her vision. Why so much red? Stunned, Belial's head swiveled over to where the mass ran off to, and deduced that the flash was actually a very petite girl with lengthy, crimson hair, and while at first she felt as if the stranger was at fault, five older boys then pushed passed her and Carmon as well, running after the girl.

Bullies, a group of brutes were targeting a cute girl! It made something snap inside her, and anger flowed, her veins beginning to flood with the wrath of the demon she was, and she would have to praise herself later for being able to turn towards Carmon with a straight face, maintaining enough control to seem normal. "Well, it looks like I'll have to take care of that. I'll talk to you later, Carmon-chan!" With a forced smile she bowed quickly, and then darted off to where the group had ran, her legs burning as her heartbeat accelerated, pounding with rage directed at the five males. Oh how dare they! Not in this school would they terrorize this poor girl - oh, how she would love to wring their necks...

It was her brash haste that led her to nearly run into two male students, one with silver hair, and the air practically escaped from her lugs as her shoes skidded across the tile floor, creating a harsh screech in her ears. She stumbled to the side, nearly falling to the ground, but she found her equilibrium or at least, part of it to prevent such an embarrassing disaster. "I'm so, so sorry!" She apologized quickly, breathlessly. Although she would usually say more, right now she had a job to do, and she ran off down the hall, her toes hardly making a sound against the floor, moving with ease and practice, as if she practically ran on top of air. "Stop!" Belial shouted the command, and her voice had changed it's pitch, even its nature. It was lower, harsher, and it caused some of the boys to look back, startled that the anger had some from her tiny frame. She needed to catch up with them now, and she had to try and do so without having to display her showy ability to the world. Was school life always like this?!

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#, as written by Savier

"47, 48." Allen muttered as he counted under his breath. Each step had to be relatively even otherwise it would throw off his count, and he would slam into a wall which would put a damper on his day. It was always a strange feeling to see red feet shaped shapes stepping onto utter darkness. The darkness, of course, being the hallway's floor because lacking any sort of life, save for the occasional insect lime green, it did not have an aura and left only a dark abyss. He was constantly walking on something that he could not see. Sometimes it felt as if he was going to fall into the unyielding darkness and be swallowed up for an eternity.

Allen snapped his head up as a voice interrupted his counting and musing, "I'm so, so sorry!". Allen glanced at it and wished he hadn't. The bright white light pierced and made him wince. At a far off distance like earlier, the brightness was manageable, but she was so close now that it was like staring into a light bulb. It took a few seconds for his mind to adjust to the brightness, and he noticed the faint 'discharges' that were almost like lightning running along her body. It was an odd aura, but not the strangest he had ever seen.

"Man, such a wasted chance. She is such a cutie." The wolf-boy said with a whistle, "Don't you th.." He started before realizing once again that Allen was blind. Fighting down the numerous insults and desires to inflict bodily pain on his 'companion', Allen chose not to respond and merely ignore him. He was a little annoyed that he missed a chance to insult a royal as she seemed to be in a hurry, no doubt chasing those five boys and the girl with no breast. Well, that was a little unfair as she had breast, just not enough. When all one could see was shapes, there was only so many ways that could be used to describe people besides 'auras' which normal people did not understand, so Allen tended to use breast to judge females. Every guy did it; he was merely more vocal about it.

"52. Fifty-" Allen said staring once more at his feet to ensure the stepping distance remained consistent. His guide turned the corner and Allen followed and met a wall. Or it felt like a wall. Allen stumbled backwards from the sudden and unexpected impact before finally falling backwards and crashing against the ground with a grunt of pain and surprise. "What the fuck!" Allen growled looking up to what he smashed into. The aura was one he remembered, the vampire from earlier. Goldworthy. The disgusting creature with the stupid name, and there she was. Looking down on him after smashing in to him. How dare she.

Allen clenched his hands drawing blood once more as he pushed himself up and off the ground. How dare she look down on him after running in to him, probably on purpose. "You okay?" Wolf boy said appearing from around the corner and then stopped when he noticed the same beautiful woman he had been ogling before.

"No, I am not fucking okay. This stupid," He said motioning at Katherine, "Vampire bitch ran into me like a fucking retarded bull."

Allen took a step towards Katherine, staring down at her... figuratively speaking of course, and then he realized it. In the collision, he had forgotten what number he was on, "God damn it." Allen said furious, "You made me forget how many fucking steps I had taken. Apologize wretched, filthy creature."

Wolf-boy stepped forward and grabbed Allen's arm, "Hey man, chill." Allen ripped his arm out of his grip, "Don't you tell me to 'chill'."

"Apologize." Allen said, and pointed at the ground, "On your knees."

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Katherine had been walking as normal as ever when a rude voice had cut through her thoughts. She at first had looked down to see who the person she bumped into was and to see if she actually harmed them as that would be troublesome but when they demanded such an incredlous thing from her she giggled. "I'm a wrethced and filthy creature? Interesting intake. I'm sure you don't feel the same about the demons here that feed off blood like me or about the werewolves whom also have a tendency to endure their own blood-lust or rather your own race who uses blood to cast specific spells. I don't know you and I bumped into you by accident but from your rude attitude I will not apologize as it would be insincere and i don't get on my knees or beg for anyone." truly the boy she bumped into was the very epitome of thing she hated and viewed as utter pathetic.

Little boys whom grew angered easily at petty things, had no apperant manners, and insisted people they viewed were at fault should bow down to them. She didn't cast him a second glance before continuing to walk but stopped after a few steps. "By the way the number I heard was 52 going on 53. Oh and if you ever demand such a ridiculous thing from me again or act in such a manner towards me for no reason I will not hesitate to make you fell as if your spinal chord is being ripped out through your stomach." her tone seemed friendly and kind but her words contradicted this. She knew why he along with many others disliked her kind but many who did were hyporcrites or had no reason but utter ignorance and fear than to hate her.

After walking away from the rude boy she continued on with her search for the murderer for the party she was anticipating.

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#, as written by Savier

"I'm a wrethced and filthy creature? Interesting intake. I'm sure you don't feel the same about the demons here that feed off blood like me or about the werewolves whom also have a tendency to endure their own blood-lust or rather your own race who uses blood to cast specific spells. I don't know you and I bumped into you by accident but from your rude attitude I will not apologize as it would be insincere and i don't get on my knees or beg for anyone."

If he was pissed before, Allen was fuming now. He expected her to grow a fucking spine and attack him that way he could give a reasonable explanation when he was asked why he turned her into a stain on the wall. Vampire mongrels like her were always looking for a chance to feed, and she wasn't taking it? No, he would not be insulted by a cowardly vampire. Not now. Not ever. Allen was already mentally preparing the spells he would use to rip her limb from limb before feeding to her fucked up family before ending their miserable lives.

Demons? Werewolves? They were inconsequential. In time their royals would fall as well, but Vampires. Oh, he would hunt down each and every single one of them when he was finally freed from this school and had managed to suck what knowledge he could from the wretched place.

Allen's hands clenched even tighter when she started to walk away from him. She was going to ignore him? Goldworthy had the audacity to ignore him!?

"By the way the number I heard was 52 going on 53. Oh and if you ever demand such a ridiculous thing from me again or act in such a manner towards me for no reason I will not hesitate to make you fell as if your spinal chord is being ripped out through your stomach." She said taunting him from down the hall.

She waited until she had distance between them before taunting him, before threatening him? The coward! But he didn't expect anything less from such a filthy mongrel. While for most people being told the number that would stop them from having to walk the entire hallway would make them grateful, it only infuriated him further. The vampire bitch was mocking him by holding the fact that she knew what he had forgotten. No, she would not walk away from him. Not now. Not ever.

"Stop." The wolf-boy said lunging at him to hold him, but Allen spoke in a whisper, "Stand in my way. And you join her in hell."

Allen stormed down the hall after her and while it would have been dangerous alone; it was an easy enough matter to follow her aura that stayed ahead of him as he got closer and closer.

Ignition. Allen mentally commanded his hands exploding with fire around them spooking the nearby students, "Goldsworthy bitch!" Allen yelled as he got closer, "Rip my fucking spine out. Come on. I dare you." He said his silver hair bouncing with each quick step.

"We do this here. Or outside, I don't give a fuck, but by the end of this, you will beg me for forgiveness."

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Katherine giggled once again. "Alrighty you asked for it." if there was one thing she was good at was depsite whatever race someone she was still able to perform mental torture on them and possibly bring them into shock. That was exactly what she had done to this ignorant little boy who stood before her demanding she beg for his forgiveness. She warned him failry and told himit wouldn't be a fair apology. Why he decided to continue mess with her was beyond her. Even so she didn't need eye contact to use mental torture as a tool besides she would never need him for anything either way so she wouldn't have to worry about compelling him. For right now though she made him feel just like she said he would, utter excrutiating pain.

"I quite frnankly don't give a fuck who it is demaning an apology they won't get one. No matter if they're biologically related to me or some stranger. I won't ever sincerely apologize for my actions towards someone as I don't regret my actions." When she was sure the boy was near the point of going into shock due to the pain she was making him feel she stopped. "As of right now the only bitch I see here is you. Now I suggest you recover before trying to pick a fight with me again as it will not be good for you if you go into shock." Once seeing his comapnion or friend or whatever come up to him to aid the boy she had been gone after his comapnion blinked. She had better things to do than start a conflict with someone on the first day. What she said to the boy thogh was all true. She doesn't regret her actions as she lost the feeling of remorse a long time ago.

She also knew that it could take a bit for the boy to recover because of how effective her power was. It didn't matter what creature it was be it witch, demon, werewolf, fae, or any other creature. It worke on them and even on royals though it wasn't as on an the same extreme extent as how she just used it it still worked to some degree and by how it worked that informed her how the boy she used it on just now was in fact not of royal blood which made it a lot more painful for him than one of a royal to his kind. In the current timing she wanted to find a killer quickly so she could oversee the current progress of the party alongside Amon.

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#, as written by Savier

"Alrighty you asked for it." Allen watched as her aura rippled and flared which gave him some preparation as he readied himself to dodge whatever ability she had, but as he found out it wasn't an ability that could be seen. At least, not by normal eyes. The pain was... terrible. It indeed feel as if hands were wrapping around his spine and slowly sliding it out of his body. Allen froze as his body trembled in both pain and raw fury at what she was doing. The pain was just great enough to stop his thinking process, but he could hear her gloating.

"I quite frnankly don't give a fuck who it is demaning an apology they won't get one. No matter if they're biologically related to me or some stranger. I won't ever sincerely apologize for my actions towards someone as I don't regret my actions."

The pain receded, and Allen slowly stretched his right hand over to his left arm deciding to let the bitch continue in her monologue. A normal person would have passed out from the pain. A tough person would have gone into shock, but Allen had felt worse. That was nothing compared to having his eyes burned out from their sockets and then seared shut. It also helped that he had some time to mentally prepare himself for an attack of some kind. Not that one in particular, but even some mental preparation was better then nothing.

"As of right now the only bitch I see here is you. Now I suggest you recover before trying to pick a fight with me again as it will not be good for you if you go into shock."

Allen could feel his adrenaline kicking in as his rage continued to build from both the pain and this bitch's nonstop boasting. With his finger extended towards his left arm, he whispered, "Fireball." And a tiny marble size fireball materialized at his fingertip and without hesitation he slammed it into his forearm. The smell of burning flesh hit his nose slightly before the excruciating pain of flesh burning filled his mind, but it served it's purpose. The earlier pain was completely gone as his mind was now focused on the newer pain. The human brain was a powerful weapon. With her no longer paying attention to him, a stupid mistake. Allen stretched his hand out with his palm facing towards her.

Fireball. He mentally commanded as a large basketball sized fireball roared out form his hand and down the hallway aimed at the Vampire Bitch that was trying to scurry away. She thought that little show would be enough to put down him? His rage was not something she could quell with her pathetic mind attacks. His rage was beyond her comprehension.

Using the distraction of the fireball; Allen stormed down the hall towards her in a sprint. He would end this stupid creature for putting him through that.

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Katherine was distracted for only a moment. She wondered if he thought such a pathetic attack would falter her. She was already as many could say fully charged as having another pureblood vampire's blood ran through her veins due to the killing of her uncle Katherine was much stronger than usual and therfore had much better stamina for the time being. When he came at her she smirked and in that same instant all the glass windows surrounding them shattered sending pieces of glass everywhere. She deduced he was new to the academy as their biggest rule was not to kill any other creature on campus and during your time time attending but she'd be glad to refreshen his memory of the rules. She quickly sent shard his way cutting through the fireball and dogded it before sending them his way.

She was sure not all of them did not cut him but as many as she had sent flying she knew some did. The fireball had hit a nearby locker and now it was her time to lunge at him. She was faster than any car, human, or wild animal. This was proven when her hands were at his throat as she stood behing him and a larger glass shard she grabbed before lunging was aimed at his back. The slightest movment and the shard would cut into his back. "Don't you know that you are not to kill any student here? I'm a lot stronger than you and faster. I'm willing to break a rule or two in the means of self-defense." she still had a smirk plastered on her features. When in times like these her instincts would automatically kick in which explained why her eyes were now a bright, lit crimson and her fangs were beared.

"I don't understand what your hatred for me as an individual is stemming from as I don't even know your name bbut if it's a fight you want then you got it." in that instant she was gone. The glass shard now dropped and she stood a good distance from him. He was beginning to irk her but knowing he'd refer to a female as a bitch a demand that she apologize to him showed a bit more of his character that she disliked but she did give him credit of him picking a fight with her depsite the risk of possible death but for now she'd fight him to show him she wouldn't allow him to act such a way and demand such things from her as would never do such things he demanded and she was also a bit curious about why it is he hated her when really this is the first time she's ever laid eyes on him.

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Blu perked up at the soft voice. Turning around, her golden-eyes rested on a green-haired girl who had floated onto the other bed. There was no doubt that she a Fae. She had no problems with most of the other races, although she had gotten in to it with vampires before.

"Hello," Blu started awkardly. "I'm Blu, and I guess you're my room mate. Nice to meet you...?" Her greeting drifted into a question unintentionally. She sighed, there she goes again.

Suddenly, she felt her phone vibrate. Thank God. She took the electronic out of her pocket and read the text message on the screen.

[To: Callista Soul]
[Sorry, I was just getting things a bit situated, my roommate also just walked in the room. The tension is hella awkward. I'm coming now.]

Putting her phone away, she looked up at the girl. "Sorry you didn't get to introduce yourself yet, but I must go meet up with some friends. I'll see you later okay?" Blu smiled politely and walked out of the dorm, closing the door behind her. She let out a sigh. She felt like a total bitch leaving the girl alone, but she also wanted to go talk with Callitsa and Maxis.
Blu began walking towards the cafe. When she was halfway there, she came across a scene that made her raise a brow. A silver-haired boy and a brown haired girl were dueling it out.

In the middle of the damn hallway.

Where there were innocents who could get hurt.

Blu frowned at their slight stupidity, she didn't think people would go ape-shit crazy on the first day, although she knew she would if she lost her cool. Chuckling, the teen continued on her way.

She had arrived at the cafe and there she saw Calli and Maxis chatting, almost as they had knew eachother their whole life. Blu was almost jealous that Callista could easily talk and make friends like that. "Sorry I took so long you guys." Blu said with an apologizing smile as she sat in the third chair. "When are we going to eat? I'm so hungry I could eat an insert something edible and huge!"

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#, as written by Savier

Allen's eyes narrowed as she dodged the fireball, but he expected as much. Smashing into the locker, it blew a hole into it leaving behind blacken soot and warped metal that had melted and bent from the force of the spell. He hadn't intended for the fireball to be that powerful, but his anger had gotten the best of him and so he had pumped more magic in it then he originally intended. He did not see the glass shatter, but he did hear it, and when she acted upon each shard with her own magic; he was able to see the shards themselves as they were outlined in her aura.

Telekinetics. Allen deduced noting that most of her powers were mental which was... unfortunate as that was the worst kind of opponent for him to face. He had no true ways of guarding his mind, and his only defense against her pain-inflicting was to hurt himself to bring himself out of it, but Allen wasn't sure he could keep that up forever. Yes, getting close to her and taking her down was the only way as if he created distance; she would just use her mind powers once again.

Allen noted the shards of glass flying in his direction and held his hand out as he gave the mental command, Reject. He did not pump much power into it as he didn't want them flying everywhere as Reject pushed away everything around him, so he kept it to a level where it would only counteract her Telekinetics and cause the glass to fall harmlessly on the floor. He wanted to annihilate the filthy vampire, and on some level he understood that he could not do that due to her being protected by being a student, but if she did happen to die; it would be much easier to make an excuse for one student then many if he littered them with shards.

The act of keeping his spell in balance took up his attention, and Allen was not prepared for how much faster she was then the normal vampire as he felt her iron like claws attach to his throat or whatever sharp object she had that touched the back of his uniform. Allen could not believe he had made such a stupid mistake of underestimating his opponent, no, never mind he did that quite often.

"Don't you know that you are not to kill any student here? I'm a lot stronger than you and faster. I'm willing to break a rule or two in the means of self-defense."

Of course he knew that rule. Allen was a junior and had been a student for three years, but how could he not attempt to kill her? She would not understand, and she never would because she was a monster. Just like all of her kind. Stronger and faster, but that was all she had. Vampires were pathetic creatures, even held by his throat, Allen fumed over being caught in such a position. He had not been beaten, merely surprised. Yes, that was it.

"I don't understand what your hatred for me as an individual is stemming from as I don't even know your name but if it's a fight you want then you got it."

Allen grunted as she let go and jumped away, but he saw her. Speed was never too fast for him as normal eyes were slow, but his 'eyes' did not need to move. His eyes did not see 'light'. His eyes saw something for more powerful. His 'eyes' were far faster then the hand because his 'eyes' did not move. They saw everything, and his mind was sharp enough to comprehend it. Of course, seeing it and being able to react in time were two different things, and so Allen quickly cast the only enhancement spell he had. Cat's Grace. Would it make him as fast or strong as the vampire bitch? No, but at least he would be able to see her and react slightly faster.

Allen brought his burning right hand to his neck and cracked it. He wasn't sure why she was going to fight him full on, but he was still at a disadvantage. Not only did he have to fight indoors where he wouldn't be able to use his more destructive spells, but he had to stay close to deny her the use of her pain-inducing magic where she was far superior to him in the physical terms.

"I don't know why you wasted your chance to take me down." Allen said, as he really didn't. It was the perfect chance for her to crush him, and in her position, he wouldn't have been able to resist ending her life, "But that was your only chance in hell of ever beating me." He said.

Allen brought his flaming hands before him, he needed something... Something to distract her enough and while Sunburst was useful, she would recover too soon for him to be able to do anything. "Blade of Ruin." Allen said and slid his left hand across the air to his right hand, a large blade of flame materializing in the air that he held in a clenched fist. Four feet in length the blade roared and flicked in his hand. Did he expect to hit her with it? No, but perhaps it would stun her or give her caution when she approached. He had to create it. That tiny opening with which to destroy her with Dragon's Tongue.

Sadly, he couldn't use his whip as in the hallway the whip would be useless. Allen didn't have the space to use it. Sticking his left hand up, he sent a flurry of fireballs out at her the size of baseballs. Sadly, they couldn't kill her, but they were moving far faster then the previous basketball sized fireball sacrificing power for speed. He would force her to get close as he fired off fireball after fireball keeping the large flaming blade between himself and the vampire. Allen wouldn't make the same mistake twice.

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Katherine was able to dodge most of his attacks though she didn't come out completely unscathed she wasn't injured enough to stop. She was witnessing his actions realizing most of his attacks required his enemy to be at close range. At his words she giggled as if he was telling a joke. "I'm not that cowardly. I could've killed you when the put you through my little pain inducing trick but I didn't. I see no reason to actually kill others without reason." she dodged the fireballs but the distance was getting shorter. "Though I have yet to actually grab a sword or actual weapon like you so I can't say much about cowardice." she had the mental power to have easily brought him to his knees from the pain but she would beat him using her own skills in battle and she wouldn't use an actual weapon to do so.

It was times like these that reminder her of the little girl who was powerless and forced to endure the beatings, the pain, the cigarette burns. She had to take it all not able to defend herself once. Only now that girl was replaced by the current Katherine who foigh ruthlessly against him. She backed away a few steps before cartwheeling her way over to him and used a sift kick for the moment to get him. One thing that did advantage her was the fact tht if she, herself got close enough she could create a barrage of the glass shards and use that to take him down. "You know I've got to hand you some credit. Here you are a warlock going up against a vampire. That takes gaul especially seeing how you've manged this far without going into shock or exerting too much of your energy trying to keep up with me." she stated. As soon as she had the chance she'd seize it and create the barrage but for the moment she backed away again being cautious of what he needed to strike her.

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#, as written by Savier

"I'm not that cowardly. I could've killed you when the put you through my little pain inducing trick but I didn't. I see no reason to actually kill others without reason."

Allen growled at that keeping the fireballs coming. He was not sure why she was talking about it. He understood that her pain-spell had taken him by surprise and, indeed, she could have used that when she had the chance to end him, but that was then and this was now. Allen was not going to make the same mistake twice and let her use that move again. He had seen it before. The way the aura around her head tensed when she used it, the second he saw it again. He would blind her and strike her down. Allen was a stubborn prideful man, but he didn't usually get hit by the same thing twice.

Still. The vampire had made a point. She had not killed him. Allen refused to believe it was because she had such a thing as 'morals' or the like. There must have been a reason such as the bitch didn't want to be kicked out of school, or something along those lines. Vampires lived to kill and feed; they had no other purpose as they were monstrosities that plagued the world. Demons were from another plane of existence, the were unwanted guest and invaders. Nothing more. Vampires on the other hand, vampires were an infection upon the world. A blight upon every creature that drew breath.

"Though I have yet to actually grab a sword or actual weapon like you so I can't say much about cowardice." Allen raised an eyebrow at that, "Not counting the glass then?" He mocked as she had used it as a weapon earlier. She had used glass as a weapon, he had made one using his flames. They were the same principle, but it seemed the vampire did not understand that. Well, it was not surprising given that she was, in fact, a lesser creature.

Thanks to his 'eyes' and Cats Grace, Allen saw her cartwheele as well as the kick she sent his direction. Bending backwards, he avoided the attack and took a backwards step to put distance between them. He had to hold himself back as it wasn't time yet. The opening hadn't quite appeared yet.

"You know I've got to hand you some credit. Here you are a warlock going up against a vampire. That takes gaul especially seeing how you've manged this far without going into shock or exerting too much of your energy trying to keep up with me."

Allen snarled at that statement. A warlock taking on a vampire was gual? Vampires were pathetic creatures, and the only thing saving her at the moment was the fact that she wasn't an average vampire. "This is nothing." Allen said, "These fireballs are weak, I can do this all day." Which was true. For his immense magical reserves such weak fireballs were like change to him, but most of his greater spells couldn't be used in their current setting. Burning Skull's explosion would not only incinerate them both, but destroy the entire hallway. Ruby Spear wouldn't hit her and would keep going until it did kill some unlucky bastard. Firestorm was far more likely to burn down the school before it killed her. If they had taken the fight outside, Allen was sure it would be a different story.

But, she was dodging too many of the fireballs and was starting to keep pace with them. Allen pointed the burning blade at her, and smiled, "Try not to die too fast. I would hate to have you die before I was able to gloat."

"Sun Burst." Allen commanded filling the hallway with a blinding light that was the equal of staring directly at the sun from feet away. Using the distraction he created, Allen pumped more power into the blade and forced it to extend at a rapid pace aiming the tip at her leg. He wanted to see just how cocky she would be with half her leg.

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Katherine smirked. She was sure his appearant similar speed to her was thanks to some appearant spell meaning he had to kee up pace and a specific distance in order for her attack to work. As soon as the light his she couldn't see as well but saw enough and created the barrage. Once the bright light went away her smirk widened. "The glass compared to a sword shooting fireballs that was a bit cowardly but a barrage of glass I call this checkmate." Ready. Aim and fire. All at once the glass darted towards him all abrubtly. He took the opening she knew she would inevtiably give him in order to use her won attack.

She was taking a risk of major injury but it was worth it as her own trick happened. Small remnant of shards were picked up and darted. They were small enough that if she had been a little bit farther it'd be hard for even her to see them. Katherine wasn't planning on fighting to begin with and she had to admit it did take some energy out of her but she wasn't extremely weakened she just wondered if that was what it took to beat him. She had to admit he was strong and this proved so when she actually engaged in a fight with him. If her were weaker than him or her she would've ignored him but seeing how he stood up again her ability despte how painful it was it showed his strength.

Katherine would probably have to explain the mess she and the ignorant and immature boy had created but it could easily be explained off as self-defense. Everyone who knew Katherine knew that if she was agitated enough she would attack the person who agitated her no matter who they were or if they came at her first it she ould defend herself like any sensible person would but the boy she stood a good distance from obviously hated her for her race which she could say made him a racist because in the same principal if a specific ethnicty of a human had harmed him or did wrong to him and it was just one person would it justify having immense hatred for that entire ethnicty? It seemed foolish to her and the boy's hatred towards the entire vampire race for what one vampire or a few vampires did seemed like a pathtic excuse to hate all of them adn want to eradicate all of them. She viewed that if he planned on destroying all vampires he really was ignorant and pathetic. There were too many to begin with and probably as they stood there she could say that probably several vampires were being made in tat moment somewhere in the world. It seemed extremely unrealistic to her for him to expect to be able to kill off all vampires.

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#, as written by Savier

Allen raised an eyebrow. Technically speaking, his sword did not shoot fireballs. His hand did that one. The sword was merely to discourage her from getting too close too fast, that was before he had sent it extending towards her leg, but still he cursed under his breath. He knew sunburst at this distance would not be able to distract her long enough for it to work, but it was a risk he had to take. The light had not blinded him because he did not see light. He did not have human eyes any longer and so the light from his own spell did not phase him, but he did see her aura and her magic effecting the area around him and grabbing onto the shards. He could not see the shards, what Allen saw was her magical force acting upon the shards.

Still Allen's mind raced as his 'eyes' took in the vast amounts of shards. Most of them were small, and he did not have to worry about them slicing into areas that were sensitive such as his eyes as he lacked those. He could probably survive it, but was it worth it? Was her limb truly worth the amount of pain and even risk of death that many shards would produce? Reject was not yet ready. He could not fire it off yet, and for once, Allen wished the vampire would have kept talking and buy him some more time.

To the rest of the world, it was happening quickly, the burning blade was extending to her leg ready to sear it off. The shards were flying at him from all directions ready to impale him, but for him time was moving slowly as his mind was running through all the scenarios trying to find a way to win without risking his own life, but there wasn't any. His large spells wouldn't be too much help as while they would incinerate the glass to dust they would also kill him or burn down the school. Dragons tongue would reduce the ashes coming at him to dust, but would also light the school aflame. His Blade of Ruin and Sunburst were his only real shot at victory without destroying everything.

Allen wanted nothing more then to see this vampire suffer. To see her on her knee clutching on to the remainder of her lost limb as she screamed in pain before him, but it wouldn't be today. The flaming sword in Allen's hand disappeared feet away from her left leg, and the fire on his hands dissipated. "I." Allen started, lifting his chin as the shards flew closer and closer. "Give." His first defeat. If he could close his eyes, he would have as it was beyond understanding. His mind went numb with the realization that he had suffered his first defeat in his life and at the hands of a vampire. A filthy... revolting vampire.

Granted, Allen knew she could keep the shards going and seriously injure him and use the excuse that she couldn't stop the attack once it started, but he did not have a choice. While he could have maimed her for life; in return, there was a good chance he would die, and she wasn't worth that. Allen had far too much left to do before he could let himself die, and so he lifted his chin and watched the shards get closer. The ball was in her court now.

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Katherine dropped the shards after hearing him declare his defeat. "You put up quite the fight but I see no reason in kicking you when you're already down. So now I'll spare you but if theres a next time you won't be so lucky." that was a promise not a threat though either her voice remained sweet-sounding. She had already beat him and she had no vendetta against him so she saw no reason to end his life. It was those she hated or did have a reason to kill, those are the ones who should fear for their lives if they were to get into an altercation with her. "Sorry but I can't stay and chit chat. I've got other things to do but you should probably take it easy for a bit." Katherine was gone in an instant. She stopped when she spotted Belial and a red-head.

With a kind smile she approached the two. "Belial I'm glad you made that announcement." she said to the underclassmen then turned to the red-head. This seemed interesting to her for some reason. She was sure her uniform had taken some damage this was proven bu the two holes and singe marks surrounding them. One was on her sleeve while the other was a hole near her the lower part of her stomach. For right now though she hadn't spoke about it. She stuck out her hand for the red-head to shake it. "Hello, I'm Katherine Goldsworthy, student council vice president." she introduced. She was thinking that she may have just found the killer in the party.

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#, as written by Savier

"You put up quite the fight but I see no reason in kicking you when you're already down. So now I'll spare you but if theres a next time you won't be so lucky."

Allen ground his teeth against each other, but said nothing. There would be a next time, and next time it wouldn't be indoors where he could only use his weakest abilities. While he did appreciate the sound of glass shards bouncing off the floor of the hallway as the energy keeping them up were dissipated; he did not appreciate the tone she used to speak to him. Soft and sweet as if she was speaking to a child when Allen was more then sure they were around the same age, with perhaps, he even being the elder. That said, Allen had to admit if their positions were reversed, his foot would be on her throat, and his gloating would have been far worse.

"Sorry but I can't stay and chit chat. I've got other things to do but you should probably take it easy for a bit."

Allen balled his fist, but once again said nothing. There was nothing left for him to say at the moment. They fought, and he had lost. The defeated had to keep their head down that was the unspoken rule of combat that he had to abide. Next time would be different, that was his promise to her and himself, but for now he had been defeated something that left a terrible taste in his mouth. He balked at the idea of taking it easy. Allen did not even feel fatigued yet as he had not used any draining spells unlike the vampire. He had not forced his mind to hold up thousands of shards of glass, so he was probably in a far better shape then her in the exhaustion department, but perhaps she said it as a threat? To behave himself and not pick another fight. He couldn't promise that as fighting was a part of him... Granted, next time he should probably ensure the fight was outside to avoid so much collateral damage.

The filthy vamp. No, Goldsworthy moved once again, perhaps trying to ensure the fight didn't flare back up, but once again he saw her aura as it disappeared further down the hall. In the same direction as where the flat-chested girl had ran earlier and ironically enough the same direction that he had been going earlier. He doubted he would see her again today, but Allen did find it amusing that so many people found that direction so interesting.

The wolf-boy finally came up to his side now that the fighting had cleared out, "You got to work on your people skills." He said smugly, and Allen turned his head in his direction, "You do realize that I can still fry you alive right?"

The boy held his hands up in mock surrender not able to pass up the chance to insult the guy that had been annoying him all day, "Hey, you remember what the VP said. Take it easy. Also, you hurt her uniform, but why couldn't you have done more damage to her skirt? Gave all the male student body a little fan service?"

"I am sorry, next time I will concentrate on fucking frying Goldworhty's clothes off instead of winning." Allen said snidely. He never understood the peoples fascination with clothing as it was, but that was because he could not see clothing and so saw everyone as a naked faceless manikin.

The wolf-boy started talking about 'guy stuff' which was generally just how he appreciated how she twisted and turned during the fight, but Allen ignored him as they continued on their walk. His mind was stuck between counting, since he was back to his original number 'thanks' to Goldsworthy, and about the ridiculous party he had to attend now. While he was fighting, he had heard the announcement but didn't really pay much attention to it as he had been pretty occupied. Masquerade party? Oh, yes because it wasn't like he could see faces in the first place. Peoples aura's were their auras, and they never truly changed and so he would know who the people he had already met were, so why did he have to go along with the charade? He had long silver hair and bandaged eyes, if someone knew his hair color; it would be pretty easy to hazard a guess at who he was.

Allen supposed he could get a hold of a mask that changed his hair color, but he would still be able to see other peoples aura's. Allen shook his head and stared back down at his feet as he resumed his counting.

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Of course her brother would be getting into some sort of fight on the first day, he seemed to exist solely to jeopardize both of their lives. Belial ended up smiling and waving to Maxis as he left, deciding that he was nice enough, and glanced back to the speaker, soon setting up the rest of the equipment, and then being accompanied by Amon. "What are you doing?" He questioned, quirking one of his eyebrows, and she pointed to the laptop, arranging a playlist of music. "No." He pushed her out of the way and began adding all sorts of music, ruining her perfect arrangement of classical numbers. "It's a high school party, get with the times. Besides, we had live music too." He insisted, crossing his arms before looking to the students that had set up the basement, a grin spreading on his face. She only rolled her eyes, returning to fix the playlist as he congratulated them and set them off, each to get prepared for the party, and then he was tugging at her arm, leading her away from her work. Wait, were they getting dressed up as well? She eyed him warily, it seemed like it, but maybe it would be fun, and thus Belial accepted her fate, and walked back to the dorms.

Unsurprisingly, Belial happily got dressed up, both of them preparing for the party more or less, in sync, silently rushing so there would be no delay. "This is so cute...I don't know, is this okay?" He rubbed his temples, annoyed with her self-doubt already, even if she wasn't used to being in her human form it was irritating. "Adorable." Amon replied, poking her side and smirking when she squeaked, rubbing the spot. The attire they wore matched in colors and in style, it amused him slightly, demons dressing up in mortal clothes, which is why he had done it. His hands ran over his suit, fixing the hems before putting on a mask, regardless of how his identity would be obvious. It was fun, after all, and he chuckled, glancing over to Belial in her dress and mask. When she finally put on small heels he grabbed her wrist, quickly escaping out of the dormitory and to a secret staircase to lead them to the basement unnoticed, and now, the party would commence.

His footsteps echoed as he walked up the stairs onto a platform, and carefully he sat on an ornate, silver and gold chair, more like a throne, with the colors solidified into vine legs and arms. The boy gabbed a microphone hooked up to the PA system and in a controlled, assertive voice, holding hints of his amusement, he spoke to the entire school with a press of a button. "Good evening students," He nearly chucked from that alone, the nerves collecting as anticipation. "It's eight O'clock, and the party is beginning. May I remind you that you're all required to attend this event, absence will be punished. We are watching you. So, by following the song by our orchestra, please, arrive promptly." With that, he cut the message, and the orchestra played their one song, and eerie, but enchanting music started playing, encouraging many to follow it deep underground, where he would capture them, and laugh at their fear.

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#, as written by Savier

Allen had nearly not gone. It wasn't that he did not enjoy parties, because he didn't, nor that he had nothing to wear, which he didn't, but it was the thin aura of the basement. Something was off about it. Faint magical auras were everywhere, and Allen knew enchantments when he saw them, but he wasn't sure what they did because he was not that experienced a warlock. Allen reached up to his face to rearrange his mask which covered his face and his bandages that were bound to his eyes. It seemed the president was not totally inept as how were students going to get masks from the middle of nowhere? But sure enough, there were bins full of various mask for students who didn't plan to be attending a masquerade ball, because who really did that? Allen looked down at himself, although he could only see dark swirling crimson, and imagined how he looked. A black shirt with buttons near the top to give it that slight 'professional' appearance, deep blue jeans, and dress shoes. He was not a fashionista and these were the best clothes he had. Allen did not pack suits in his luggage nor did he have butlers to run them to him. If someone didn't like it, they could kiss his ass.

Allen took another look at the magical enchantments on the door and floor, and briefly wondered why that hadn't approached him, the captain of the Magical Arts club, and asked him to do it so that they were done right. Allen glared at them for awhile not liking the idea of stepping into an area that could be a trap, but then again, he was no coward and so he took a step forward and into a world of pain.

Clutching his mask, and more importantly, his 'eyes' behind it, Allen let out a scream of pain. It felt like the burning balls of pure magical energy that made up his eyes were trying to tear their way out of his skull. Blood started to trickle down his face and drip out of his mask as the flames burned and seared away at the flesh that surrounded them. The pain forced Allen to his knees as he clutched his face in pain.

Just as quickly as it came did the pain vanish, and Allen's vision returned to normal as his breath came out in ragged breaths. Allen pulled his mask off to wipe the blood off his face, but succeeded in only smearing it across his flesh. With the pain gone and his 'eyes' at ease, Allen was able to see the other people and noticed that their aura's were flickering, and it clicked. The enchantments were meant to disturb the magical talents of people who entered to make it difficult, or even impossible, to use their magical abilities, but why? Perhaps to stop a potential fight?

Still, why didn't they come to him and ask him to do them? He would have done them right. These enchantments were made by amateurs, and the added bonus was if Allen had known about them; he would have been able to mentally prepare himself and control the backlash from his 'eyes' at the enchantments feeble attempt to disrupt them, but he did note that his aura was in a disarray from both the enchantment and his 'eyes' backlash, so he wouldn't be casting any spells for awhile, but his 'eyes' worked fine. It took everything his old master, a master witch, had just to make a silence rune strong enough to contain his 'eyes'. Shutting them off was not possible.

Allen looked around at the people staring at him as even if this school someone screaming randomly and crying blood was not a common sight. "The fuck you looking at?" Allen growled at the people, and he tried to push himself up, but found that he couldn't. His legs weren't responding to him yet the pain had numbed his legs. Allen mentally cursed everything, he wanted to at least clean the blood off his face, but he wasn't even capable of that, and he refused to crawl like dog.

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All was going well, students were socializing, some were eating, there were even a few strange ones attempting to dance to the cryptic music. It was all very...very...boring. Even so, Amon maintained his smirk, eying the time, and once the orchestra's song came to an end, he stood, clapping his hands as he approached the microphone, grin spread, and flashing a glance to a black haired girl who had tried to sneak through the door. Oh, she wouldn't be leaving tonight, one enchantment was to suppress the supernatural abilities of all those here, unfortunately that meant himself as well, but another spell he had ordered a fearing witch to place was meant to trap everyone inside until midnight. All he had to trigger the spell was clap, and now, they were all trapped down here, with a (sort of) killer as well. It was practically Christmas, without all of the annoying Christmas specials!

"Alright, alright, that's enough of that." His smile could be mistaken as friendly, goodhearted, if it didn't hold onto subtle malice, and his eyes short across the crowd, pondering who would panic, and who would be in denial. "I have an announcement to make. Being the smart group you are, I'm sure you've noticed something off about this." The compliment was deeming, dangerous, but not obviously sarcastic. "Now, I know some of you planned on only showing up for a minute and then bailing. How predictable can you get, right? Lets just say that no one is leaving, or coming, until Midnight. Really, you can try, but I wouldn't recommend it..." Amon mused, tapping the handle of the microphone, and already he could see people whispering to themselves, confused, frightened, doubtful, until some poor idiot rolled his eyes and traveled to the exit, only to receive an electrical shock from the invisible barrier.

"What did I tell you? No one's leaving!" The demon grinned, teeth morphing into points. "Of course, this is only for your safety!" Amon insisted, putting his hands up in front of his chest defensively. "After all, we wouldn't want anyone to get hurt, oh -" Quickly he covered his mouth, blinking a few times as if he hadn't meant to reveal that bit of information, but of course, that was all a lie, and chuckling he removed his hands, running his fingers through his hair in an embarrassed manner. "To tell you the truth, we found out that one of our students is a convict of sorts...you know, a long history with murders. Some may even call them a hunter. Anyways," He brushed some invisible dust off of his blazer, turning serious as people began to talk among themselves more frequently, many whispering about this imagined murderer. Hook, line, and sinker. "While some adults take care of that, we'll be down here, safe." Again Amon smiled, putting on a convincing, false expression of reassurance. "Well, we should be..." He muttered, and stepped away from the mic stand.

Of course, he wasn't going to reveal that it was all a game right away! How dull would that be? His eyes seemed to twinkle as he heard some students shout, demanding answers from him, but he only turned to the laptop, selecting the playlist and began playing music through the speakers. It almost made him laugh, the typical pop music playing through the basement, fit for a party, and yet there were groups of new friends eying one another warily, others beginning to argue, some completely speechless, and then of course, there were those that thought that murderer wouldn't be down here or didn't care, and simply began dancing. Even Belial was staring at him with wide, startled eyes. Ah, chaos, he really did love it.

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For a moment he watched the students, silently laughing at their fear and the doubt. Soon their murderer would make their move, and then they'd get a real shock. In the middle of his observation a voice broke his concentration, the slurs deep and aged, and he turned towards the headmaster, also known as Katherine's guardian, and rose his eyebrows. Was the guy drunk? "What do you want, you old leech?" Amon questioned, sneering, but his words didn't seem to reach the man. In fact, he began speaking about something very interesting, specifically about a princess named Katherine.

That grabbed his interest, and he reached forward, clutching onto the from of the elder's shirt, and he tugged him, ignoring the looks of students as he practically dragged the headmaster to the labyrinth, the man stumbling behind the grinning demon. So, according to this idiot, his vice president was of royal blood, how intriguing! As he walked through the dark tunnel he chuckled, imagining what he could do with that information, since it was obvious the vampire wanted it hidden. He'll have to think long and hard about this one...lest he waste an opportunity.

Amon came to a small room and threw the drunken headmaster inside, grabbing a tape recorder from his pocket and turning it on. It didn't take long for the man to spill everything, although he probably missed some of the finer details, but that wasn't a big deal, he had the important bits of Katherine recorded. Laughing, he turned and left the man, walking through the dark corridors aimlessly as his brain thought of malicious plots. Oh, this would be a fun year, he could feel it in his bones, but he didn't predict that his wandering would soon lead him to a group of idiots.

This didn't sound right at all, she hadn't heard anything about a murderer! Belial pressed her lips together and walked past the crowd after losing sight of her brother, not being able to confront him quickly enough. Was he simply lying? She shook her head at the thought. No, he wasn't that type, there had to be some sort of truth in his words, he'd find it too boring to just simply lie for the sake of shaking everyone up. What was he up to...and was it terrible enough for her to stop it? The girl sighed and placed her hands on her forehead, rubbing her temples as she walked on. Hopefully whatever it was it wasn't something that would cause too many consequences, but she didn't know what to expect, it was her first time seeing her brother torment the students like this...maybe what he was doing wouldn't be enough to keep him exiled as much as it would make other demons look down upon him for his absurd frivolities. That would be the favorable outcome, for her that is.

The girl was forced to stop when her leg bumped into something, and surprised she gasped, her one eye looking down to the ground, wide and surprised. There was that silver haired boy again, and for some reason, he wasn't standing, and a frown crossed her visage. Was he hurt? "Hey..." Hesitantly she spoke, taking a step away from the stranger so she wouldn't be invading his personal space, most people didn't seem too fond of that sort of thing. Belial looked around them, noticing how most people didn't seem to notice him, and the ones that didn't seem to care, and she looked back to the teenager, her frown growing deeper. "Are you okay? Do you want some help?" She asked his permission, and part of her hoped that he wouldn't cause a problem and would accept, while the other part hoped he was in a good enough condition to help himself so she could get on with discovering what her brother had planned for tonight.