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Memory Smith

Hi, mess with me, I fight back. Nice to me, and I'm kind back

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a character in “Academy for the Supernatural”, as played by moonlight bunny


Age: 14
Race: Witch
Sexuality: Straight
Height: 5'7''
Weight: 143 lbs (Not competly acurate)
Personality: tomboy, annoyed easily, independant,
Talents: archery
Likes: arrows, blades, rock music, art, sports, skatboarding
Dislikes: annoying people (Especially guys), perverts, sexist comments, bullying, pain (Emotional more than physical)
Powers/Abilities: Amazing aim at archery and bewitch arrows (Fire, paralizes target, sends a message to the mind, ect), moving art, intensify sound waves, able to peer at others emotions and partly by their "waves" or "auras," average peering into the future with dreams.
Flaws: Let's the her anger get the best of her and sometimes can't get along with others causing her emotion sensing power and dreaming futures to fail
Romantic interest: Quote, "Haha, no. I'm not looking for a relationship in school, it'll just be troublesome, and slightly awkward. I like to not have emotional trama. I'm fine with just having friends."
History: Average witch father and mother. No other siblings, she came to the school to meet other witches.
Other: She has a weakness against roses and cats for some odd reason.
Clubs/Teams they're a part of: Archery, art club, music club
Thoughts and relationships to other characters: None so far.

So begins...

Memory Smith's Story

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Of course her brother would be getting into some sort of fight on the first day, he seemed to exist solely to jeopardize both of their lives. Belial ended up smiling and waving to Maxis as he left, deciding that he was nice enough, and glanced back to the speaker, soon setting up the rest of the equipment, and then being accompanied by Amon. "What are you doing?" He questioned, quirking one of his eyebrows, and she pointed to the laptop, arranging a playlist of music. "No." He pushed her out of the way and began adding all sorts of music, ruining her perfect arrangement of classical numbers. "It's a high school party, get with the times. Besides, we had live music too." He insisted, crossing his arms before looking to the students that had set up the basement, a grin spreading on his face. She only rolled her eyes, returning to fix the playlist as he congratulated them and set them off, each to get prepared for the party, and then he was tugging at her arm, leading her away from her work. Wait, were they getting dressed up as well? She eyed him warily, it seemed like it, but maybe it would be fun, and thus Belial accepted her fate, and walked back to the dorms.

Unsurprisingly, Belial happily got dressed up, both of them preparing for the party more or less, in sync, silently rushing so there would be no delay. "This is so cute...I don't know, is this okay?" He rubbed his temples, annoyed with her self-doubt already, even if she wasn't used to being in her human form it was irritating. "Adorable." Amon replied, poking her side and smirking when she squeaked, rubbing the spot. The attire they wore matched in colors and in style, it amused him slightly, demons dressing up in mortal clothes, which is why he had done it. His hands ran over his suit, fixing the hems before putting on a mask, regardless of how his identity would be obvious. It was fun, after all, and he chuckled, glancing over to Belial in her dress and mask. When she finally put on small heels he grabbed her wrist, quickly escaping out of the dormitory and to a secret staircase to lead them to the basement unnoticed, and now, the party would commence.

His footsteps echoed as he walked up the stairs onto a platform, and carefully he sat on an ornate, silver and gold chair, more like a throne, with the colors solidified into vine legs and arms. The boy gabbed a microphone hooked up to the PA system and in a controlled, assertive voice, holding hints of his amusement, he spoke to the entire school with a press of a button. "Good evening students," He nearly chucked from that alone, the nerves collecting as anticipation. "It's eight O'clock, and the party is beginning. May I remind you that you're all required to attend this event, absence will be punished. We are watching you. So, by following the song by our orchestra, please, arrive promptly." With that, he cut the message, and the orchestra played their one song, and eerie, but enchanting music started playing, encouraging many to follow it deep underground, where he would capture them, and laugh at their fear.