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Nyomie Guyreki

"There is no wrong in caring for others who'll never care back. I'll put something in their shampoos if it comes to that."

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a character in “Academy for the Supernatural”, as played by Naught





"You can call me Gumi, ah you don't have to if you don't want to."
Guy, Nyo (Knee-Oh), Gumi (Goo-Me)

"I'm not ready for the outside world just yet."

"It's not so bad."

"I do get curious at time."

"As long as you don't pick on me because of it."

"Um, I don't know."

Clubs/Teams they're a part of:
"I love doing extracurricular."
Art Club, In Cheer Squad, Music Club

Thoughts and relationships to other characters:
"I enjoy having different type of species around, just as long as they don't try to eat me."


"I'm the sweetest and most easily scared Fae you'll ever meet."
Nyomie is easily scared; every loud noise, every turn around the corner, every creepy little thing in the world outside the wall of the school and inside the walls of the school. It doesn't even have to be a rat or a spider, it could be someone who was taller than her or a very tall building. Hell, it could even be a moving car that parked right in front of her. Sadly she always had been scared of simple things, it was like that since she was a little girl in preschool.

Nyomie has a helpful and caring attitude; she is willing to help anyone in need and she enjoys helping the ones that refuses getting the help. She'll care for others who didn't care about her and won't even care after she told them that she truly cared. She doesn't believe in all that violence stuff, she wants everything and everyone to be safe around her even if they all are different from the inside and out.

Since she is a spirit fae, she could heal and feel the emotions of others so, even if they do lie, she'll figure out they did by feeling the area the once was around. She can see their greatest dreams and their scariest nightmares, she's practically someone you can't hide many things from. Though she has her weakness like the dark and other things, she is actually pretty strong in a mental sense. So mess with her feelings and she'll mess with yours even if she has to force herself inside your mind to find the most embarrassing thing about you.

"Ah, I can do talented things!"
She is pretty flexible, she loves playing musical instruments even if she sucks at some, she loves looking at herself in the mirror and dancing, and she loves spending time with her friends.

"As long as they don't hurt me."
Bright colors
Feeling a sign of happiness
Being around other fae
Feeling safeness
Helping others
Caring for others
Listening to stories with happy endings
Pranking others

"Ah, running away now."
People who think their all high and mighty
People who hurt others
People who baby her & manipulates her
Tall people and things
Scary & creepy things
People with cat like eyes
Her clumsiness
People who yell
People who lie, cheat, or steal
Crying in front of others

"I can heal you, and I can feel the emotions you are feeling currently."
- She can read minds; when she is at a weak state (if she is sick) she'll hear a million people think at the same time and it'll give her a huge migraine.
- She can feel others emotions; though she'll become to overwhelmed and pass out.
- She can heal others; but, when she heals many others at the same time, it gives her a lot of pain at how stretched out her mentality is.

"I-I'm scared of many things. Like l-l-llamas.."
She can get scared too easily
She isn't good when it comes to fighting
She's so kind that people end up using her for something she has
Scared of the dark and grows insane in the dark if stuck in the for too long

Romantic interest:
"I-I don't know!"



"I-I don't want to talk about it."
She was always that weak little girl her mother would always be proud of. Of course, she got it from her father and his own father since they both are equally scared of many things, even themselves. Her life wasn't perfect without her dad, being raised by her mother without a father figure was very hard, plus she was the only child which was pretty rare in some fae families. She was always bullied, picked on, and teased for things she had no control over. Soon as she got old enough her mother had to send her to the academy so she wouldn't feel as if she didn't belong.

So begins...

Nyomie Guyreki's Story

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#, as written by Naught

Feeling light taps upon her shoulder,"Nyo." Now, the second group of taps were more hard but, still enough to wake Nyomie up. Opening one eye and then the other, she smiled tiredly at her mother.

"Ah, Nyo you're up finally. It's time to go to school." Her mother said as she smiled down at her.

Nyomie shot up in her bed almost bumping heads with her mother. "S-school? It's t-today?" Saying that, her eyes had widen in fear, then she jumped up out of bed and ran around the room.

"No don't make me go, I don't want to go to school!" Of course it was her second year there but, that school was evil; well, at least the students were evil. Then she guessed it was because, the student body was made up of vampires, demons, fae, and witches. Luckily she was born a fae, her little heart couldn't handle being anything else.

She kept running until her mother finally placed her hands firmly on her shoulders. "Nyo, now listen here. You made it through the school year perfectly fine and in one piece. I know your going to handle this year. Hey, you might even make new friends." Nyomie looked up at her mother and nodded with confidence, her mother might have used the old reverse psychology on her but, that didn't cross her mind not even once.

So after that she got dressed and ready for the first day of school.

~~~ Couple Hours Later ~~~

"Ah!" She screamed as she accidentally bumped into a tree while running away from a dog. Falling one her back she sat up and rubbed her face,"Man. I really need to be careful." She sniffed as the tears were forming in her eyes. Wiping them away with her shirt, she sat there for a few minutes.

Getting back up,"I officially hate dogs." Sniffing again,she fixed herself up before she picked up her bags and began walking to the academy. There were a couple of people near by but, she didn't think they had seen anything, at least she hope they didn't. Looking down she continued walking quickly towards the building.

She was very embarrassed as she walked in the building. Going to the dorm she was supposed to spend her school year and threw her stuff on her now claimed bed. She'd put her stuff where it was supposed to be and head aimlessly through the hallway. Looking around the hallways in the school, she was wondering why everything looked brand new when it actually wasn't.

"Janitors must be on top of things these days, good job for them." Looking up and around at every single thing in the hallway, she rather be inside, where it's safe, enough.

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#, as written by Naught

After a little while of walking, she had grown tired of staring at the same hallways over and over again and ran back to her dorm where it was safe. Stopping at the door she peeked inside to see someone pulling a poster off the wall at a very slow pace. "U-um, hello." She slowly walked in with her back against the wall, maybe if she pushed up hard enough she could go through the wall. No, no that wasn't possible she didn't have the ability to do that. She could tell she was frowning and closed her eyes hoping that she didn't see her.

Nyomie wasn't really comfortable with any species but, hers (even if some of them were annoying). Because, some of the other species had tried to eat her the last time she was at this academy. Opening her eyes she ran towards the bed with her luggage on it and floated gently onto her bed. She guessed the person in her dorm was nice well, at least she hoped she was.

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Blu perked up at the soft voice. Turning around, her golden-eyes rested on a green-haired girl who had floated onto the other bed. There was no doubt that she a Fae. She had no problems with most of the other races, although she had gotten in to it with vampires before.

"Hello," Blu started awkardly. "I'm Blu, and I guess you're my room mate. Nice to meet you...?" Her greeting drifted into a question unintentionally. She sighed, there she goes again.

Suddenly, she felt her phone vibrate. Thank God. She took the electronic out of her pocket and read the text message on the screen.

[To: Callista Soul]
[Sorry, I was just getting things a bit situated, my roommate also just walked in the room. The tension is hella awkward. I'm coming now.]

Putting her phone away, she looked up at the girl. "Sorry you didn't get to introduce yourself yet, but I must go meet up with some friends. I'll see you later okay?" Blu smiled politely and walked out of the dorm, closing the door behind her. She let out a sigh. She felt like a total bitch leaving the girl alone, but she also wanted to go talk with Callitsa and Maxis.
Blu began walking towards the cafe. When she was halfway there, she came across a scene that made her raise a brow. A silver-haired boy and a brown haired girl were dueling it out.

In the middle of the damn hallway.

Where there were innocents who could get hurt.

Blu frowned at their slight stupidity, she didn't think people would go ape-shit crazy on the first day, although she knew she would if she lost her cool. Chuckling, the teen continued on her way.

She had arrived at the cafe and there she saw Calli and Maxis chatting, almost as they had knew eachother their whole life. Blu was almost jealous that Callista could easily talk and make friends like that. "Sorry I took so long you guys." Blu said with an apologizing smile as she sat in the third chair. "When are we going to eat? I'm so hungry I could eat an insert something edible and huge!"

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Of course her brother would be getting into some sort of fight on the first day, he seemed to exist solely to jeopardize both of their lives. Belial ended up smiling and waving to Maxis as he left, deciding that he was nice enough, and glanced back to the speaker, soon setting up the rest of the equipment, and then being accompanied by Amon. "What are you doing?" He questioned, quirking one of his eyebrows, and she pointed to the laptop, arranging a playlist of music. "No." He pushed her out of the way and began adding all sorts of music, ruining her perfect arrangement of classical numbers. "It's a high school party, get with the times. Besides, we had live music too." He insisted, crossing his arms before looking to the students that had set up the basement, a grin spreading on his face. She only rolled her eyes, returning to fix the playlist as he congratulated them and set them off, each to get prepared for the party, and then he was tugging at her arm, leading her away from her work. Wait, were they getting dressed up as well? She eyed him warily, it seemed like it, but maybe it would be fun, and thus Belial accepted her fate, and walked back to the dorms.

Unsurprisingly, Belial happily got dressed up, both of them preparing for the party more or less, in sync, silently rushing so there would be no delay. "This is so cute...I don't know, is this okay?" He rubbed his temples, annoyed with her self-doubt already, even if she wasn't used to being in her human form it was irritating. "Adorable." Amon replied, poking her side and smirking when she squeaked, rubbing the spot. The attire they wore matched in colors and in style, it amused him slightly, demons dressing up in mortal clothes, which is why he had done it. His hands ran over his suit, fixing the hems before putting on a mask, regardless of how his identity would be obvious. It was fun, after all, and he chuckled, glancing over to Belial in her dress and mask. When she finally put on small heels he grabbed her wrist, quickly escaping out of the dormitory and to a secret staircase to lead them to the basement unnoticed, and now, the party would commence.

His footsteps echoed as he walked up the stairs onto a platform, and carefully he sat on an ornate, silver and gold chair, more like a throne, with the colors solidified into vine legs and arms. The boy gabbed a microphone hooked up to the PA system and in a controlled, assertive voice, holding hints of his amusement, he spoke to the entire school with a press of a button. "Good evening students," He nearly chucked from that alone, the nerves collecting as anticipation. "It's eight O'clock, and the party is beginning. May I remind you that you're all required to attend this event, absence will be punished. We are watching you. So, by following the song by our orchestra, please, arrive promptly." With that, he cut the message, and the orchestra played their one song, and eerie, but enchanting music started playing, encouraging many to follow it deep underground, where he would capture them, and laugh at their fear.