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Avery Sutters

"Like me, hate me, I don't care either way."

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a character in “Academy of Elements”, as played by EveningAngel


"Sorry to disappoint you, kiddo."


Name: Avery Hope Sutters
Nickname: Ave
Age: 19
Sexuality: Straight
Hometown: London, England
Element: Earth
Studies: Creative writing.

-cute boys
-playing guitar
-people who think they're the centre of the universe
-small dogs
-thunder storms
-getting lost
Quirks: Whenever she's curious or intrigued, her head tilts ever so slightly to the left.


Element: Earth

Powers: Avery is particularly skilled when it comes to earthbending. She can shape it to her will and raise it from the ground, either as offence or defence.

Rival Element: Air. Avery was never very fond of people who were able to blow things away with ease. She's also a bit cold towards them since they seem to be such dreamers, while she is a very down to Earth person.

Weaknesses: When she was younger, Avery had an operation on her knees that prevents her from running long distances.

Strengths: Avery is an amazing singer, and also plays guitar and piano.


Personality: Avery was never the type of person who was shy or introverted. Very outgoing all her life, you either liked her or you didn't. But, of course, she could care less about anyone's opinion of her. She wasn't one to be defined by others' perceptions, and never let insults bring her down. As a matter of fact, she made it very difficult for anyone to be able to hurt her. She had friends, but she never fully let down her walls. She'd never pour out her feelings to anyone, not even her best friend - and that was just because she didn't want to get hurt. She didn't open up to people easily, and to her, this was a good thing. To others, it may be perceived as a nasty problem.

Though she's outgoing, she's very quiet at first, especially among large groups of people. She'll never be the first to talk to someone, or to initiate conversation for the very first time. However, after the ice is broken, it's safe to say that she shatters whatever may be left of it. Once you've talked to her, don't assume she'll be quiet forever. She's outgoing and ready for fun at literally any time of the day. It could be three in the morning or three in the afternoon, it wouldn't make much difference to her.

There is, however, a softer and calmer side to Avery. Under all her sarcasm and dark humour, behind the walls she never lets down, there's an adorable, clumsy, childish (in a cute way) and affectionate person that could literally be nicknamed a teddy bear. She very rarely shows this side of her to others, and only does so to those she trusts with every fibre of her body. Those who are shown this side should be very proud to have seen it, may it be once, twice, or all the time in their presence.
History: Avery was born in a small town just outside of Montreal. Her mother died giving birth to her and her father raised her on his own. Around the time she was seven years old, her father was murdered. It was after that that she built up her walls high enough so she wouldn't get hurt again. The loss of both her mother - who she'd never even gotten to know - and then her father, whom she had loved dearly, had hurt her enough for the pain to last her entire lifetime. She didn't want to get hurt again.

She lived in an orphanage from that point on, not speaking to anyone for several months after her arrival. When she began to seem open up enough to make friends, it was much too late. She was the weirdo at the orphanage who spoke to no one. It was then that she had started singing, and even writing her own music. One of the people working at the orphanage had discovered her one day in the yard, singing to herself, and took it upon herself to teach her how to play piano and guitar. This woman became somewhat of a motherly figure to Avery, until she quit her job because her child had gotten cancer and needed her full time attention.

It was shortly after that that she realized she wasn't like the other children at the orphanage. Sitting in the yard one day, she began fiddling around with the earth beneath her fingers, and sensed something was off. She realized she was able to lift it, without even touching it - to make it move with the simple thought of it moving, and the slow, fluid movement of her hands.

As the years went by, she watched the children of the orphanage being snatched up by loving families, and still no one was willing to take her in. It wasn't until she was offered a spot in the Academy of Elements that she was truly happy and felt accepted. When she was 16, she left the orphanage to go to high school there. Now, she's in University and damn excited about it.

Other: She really likes when people play with her hair. But shh. That's a softie secret.

So begins...

Avery Sutters's Story

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#, as written by Issa
In an isolated pocket of the English countryside sits Eastern Gradon Academy. Overnight the school has been blanketed in a covering of snow, the first of the winter.
With the coming of the snow also comes the Winter Feast, a traditional feast that the Academy holds for its staff and students the night after the first snow fall. In the last hour notices have been posted around the school to announce the traditional feast.

'Dear Students,

Tonight the traditional Winter Feast will be held in the Dining Hall.
Students are expected to be seated an hour after the last period of the day.
As with past years the seating will be freely arranged.
The dress is formal, suits and formal dresses are expected.

A shot of port will be offered during the traditional toast and mulled wine will be served throughout,
however students are warned that intoxication will not be tolerated.

Looking forward to a wonderful evening,
The Academy Faculty'

The time is 8.30am, half an hour before the start of the school day. As expected some students have been out playing in the snow while others are wrapped up inside or sleeping. A hot breakfast is being served in the dining room. Teachers will be preparing for their classes. Students should also be beginning to ready themselves for their day.

Alanna Ascot

Alanna liked the idea of snow; she liked to watch snowflakes falling quietly to earth, but only from the safety of a warm room. The library was one such room. It was in fact its own separate building and several stories high. Books lined its walls from floor to ceiling and there were many alcoves and partially hidden rooms in its depths. It was the kind of library where one could spend all day and never see another person. During the winter months the fire was constantly stoked and you were always guaranteed warmth. Alanna had been here for some time, reading in one of the many window seats. Snow always made her more irritable and she had woken earlier that morning to see the school sheeted in the stuff. Not being able to return to sleep she had showered, dressed and made her way to the library.

Now, with half an hour until class started she decided that it was time for a warm breakfast. Alanna replaced her book in the shelf and made her way through the large library doors. As she stepped outside the cold immediately hit her and the girl drew her clothes tighter around her. Alanna made her way along covered paths, aiming for the old dining hall. She thrust her hands into her pockets to keep them warm.

She reached the end of the covered walkways. Across a courtyard of undisturbed snow stood the dining hall. Smoke could be seen coming out of the large chimney and the windows were misted, further indicating the warmth that awaited inside. But first Alanna would have to make her way across the courtyard. Pursing her lips she took the first step, her foot sinking ankle deep into the snow. By the time she had made it to the dining hall door her toes were going numb and her irritation had reached new levels, still she hesitated before entering the hall. She had caught sight of the notice pinned to the door.
The only good thing she could say about winter was the annual Winter Feast. The food was always excellent, the decorations were fantastic and the atmosphere was something to look forward to. Not to mention the student after-party. It was just as much a tradition as the Feast, even if not entirely within the Academy's rules. While drinking for over 18s was legal in England, drinking on campus wasn't something that the teachers allowed without supervision. Still, every year the after-party went ahead and every year the majority of the student body attended.

Having finished reading the notice Alanna pushed through the doors and into the warmth of the dining hall. She grabbed a plate, served herself breakfast and then chose a table close to the fire. She sat down with the fire to her back, happy to let the fire warm her.

Lockie Porter

Buzz! Buzz! BUZZ! BUZZ!

The insistent ringing of Lockie's alarm was what woke the young man. His eyes fluttered open as the noise pierced through his dreams. His hand reached out to snooze the alarm only to find the device not on his bedside table. He let his eyes close for a moment. A cool breeze was playing around his room, streaming in through his open window.

In one swift movement the boy collected the breeze to him, using it to fling the blankets off him. His hands gave another twirl and the winds returned, this time he set them on the pile of clothes that littered his floor. It was from this pile that the incessant ringing was coming. With a blast of his collected air Lockie sent the clothes flying around his room, landing across his desk, bed and other portions of his floor. And there sat his alarm cloak. Lockie stood, tapped the alarm with his hand and gave a satisfied smile as the noise finally stopped.

Lockie grabbed his towel and left his room, wondering down the Air elemental's portion of the dormitories. He entered the male bathrooms a moment later, flicking on the lights and a shower as he entered. The water was blissfully warm. He stepped out a good deal later once the water had began to run cold. Lockie was prone to day-dreaming and his mind had wondered, only being brought back to reality by the shock of the cold water.

Back in his room he quickly got dressed in the only clothes that didn't seem to decorate his floor. His stomach rumbled a moment later, indicating that it was time for breakfast. So he left his room and began to make his way down to the dining hall.

Most times the quick trip to the dining hall would take longer than anticipated as Lockie's attention was usually drawn to whatever caught his fancy. Today was no different. Now he stopped short of the hall, watching as a tree branch slowly caved under the pressure of the snow. The day had a moderate amount of wind, enough for him to collect a small ball and send it flying towards the tree. The snow was blown up in a flurry of wind before crunching down onto the tree branch and then onto the ground.