Claire Thresh

Wide-eyed, deeply caring, naive and easily manipulated.

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a character in “Academy of Magical Talents and Skills”, as played by skielights


Name: Claire Thresh
Gender: Female
Age: 16
Career on this planet (earth): Working at aunt's bakery
Reason why you would want to leave: There's no real want, but it would be a fun adventure.

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: Claire’s hair is between blonde and brown, between wavy and straight, and between her shoulders and her mid-back. Her height and weight are both average. Her eyes are soft for grey eyes and her skin is light and freckled. She is a bit stronger than normal girls her age, just because she is regularly active, but the only noticeable difference is the length of time she can spend on her feet.

Claire keeps her hair long and loose so she can feel the wind's strength. Generally, she wears gently fitted t-shirts with either intricate patterns or interesting colors; nothing too bold. She layers a tank underneath, so she can explore on a whim without having to worry about stains or rips in the tshirt. For the same reason, Claire prefers jeans with tennis shoes. She does enjoy wearing flowy skirts when she knows they won’t get messed up.

Claire loves the color purple, and always wears a crystal of that color on her right hand.

BACKGROUND: Claire Thresh spent her entire childhood in the country around her small town. However, she didn't acquire the restlessness that a lot of her classmates seem to feel. She’s always loved to tromp around outside with whoever would join her, steadily gaining the sense of wonder she still guards in herself. She has always been safe and secure in her hometown. There she learned to readily trust people, and to keep the peace as much as possible. Any conflict Claire feels generally originates from her aunt’s unfair business practices at the bakery. Claire ignores them as much as she can, as her parents taught her through example.

At this point, Claire has no future plans. She doesn't know whether she is going to spend the rest of her life at the bakery, or end up somewhere completely different. Either way, she has decided to simply go whichever direction she finds herself walking.

PERSONALITY: Claire has a vibrant love for beauty in all its forms. She is captivated by color-drenched skies, the church's choir, her uncle's telescope, and the details formed in a single leaf. Many of the people around Claire have decided she is childish, and she has grown used to being talked down to. This in itself doesn’t bother her. The fact that people can lose sight of life's wonder and deem her immature for keeping hers bothers her very much.

Claire is naive to a fault. She isn’t very good at being cautious; she generally believes that nothing will go wrong and so doesn’t waste time preparing for such circumstances. Claire is easily manipulated and trusts people much too soon. She can also be overly submissive, even when she knows she’s gone from being kind to being stepped on. Conflict feels wrong to Claire even for a necessary outcome. As such, it takes quite a lot for Claire to admit seeing faults in others. Once she does, she is prone to overlook them until she is caught in a painful situation or someone intervenes.

SKILLS and WEAKNESSES: (IF APPLICABLE) If Claire pictures the sunlight around her converging, dispersing, becoming more defined, or even changing color, it will happen. Usually the only way Claire uses her gift is to create beautiful ‘light-art’ by herself or as entertainment for her siblings. Her father loves Claire’s ability. Even though her mother isn’t as ready to enjoy it, she allows Claire to continue its usage in secret. Claire is glad. If her parents ever told her to stop, Claire would never be able spin light again.

Claire has noticed that she can’t do with artificial light what she can with the natural variety. She can also only use what light is available around her. Creating more light is something she cannot do. However, with natural sunlight, firefly glow, and everything in between, Claire can spin whatever she wants.


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