Kenzi Alben Damron

"Shall we take a journey to the dark side today? It's fun, mysterious, and playful!"

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"Let's take a journey to the dark side today kids!"


Name: Kenzi Alben Damron
Nickname: Snowball, Candy, or Dam-Dam, anything is just fine to her, she loves nicknames!
Age: Seventeen
Birthdate: December 25th
Mythicals: Demons
Tamer Bloodline: She's a Full Fine-Blood and extremely proud of it.
Sexuality: Pansexual
Hometown: Waldria
Likes: || Full Moons || Midnight || Star Gazing || Shutting Stars || Pitch Black || Small Places ||Sand || Beaches || Blue and Gold Eyes || Red and Blond Hair || Multi Colored Whigs || Animals || The Dead || Eating || Singing || Dancing || Drawing || Talking To The Dead || Talking In General || Talking Loud || Moving Around || Swimming || Sleeping In Late || Moving Slow In The Mornings || Running When Fully Awake || Pranking Her Friends || Making New Friends || Learning || Boxing || Karate || Kissing || Flirting || Reading || Knowledge || Foreign Languages || Guys With Facial Hair || Party Girls || Black Mango Tea || French Coffee ||
Dislikes: || Being Told What To Do || Places That Are To Hot Or To Cold || Getting Sunburned || Mean People || Monotoned Teachers || Sluts || Being Called A Slut || Getting Scolded || Eating All Her Food || Making Herself Look Stupid || Being Ignored || Being Disliked Or Hated || People Talking About Her Negatively || Being Uncomfortable || Her Father || Rude or Mean People || Bullies || Abusive Men ||
Fears: || Dying The Way She Hears Others Do || Losing A Friend || Someone Finding Out She Killed Her Father || Someone Finding Out She Used Possession In The Past || Killing Again || Never Finding Love || Being Abused By The Person's She's In Love With || Falling Off Of Something High ||


Appearance: Kenzi isn't skinny nor fat, but a good in between. She's 5'6", weighs 110 pounds, and her measurements are 34-24-37. She exercises everyday and doesn't over eat, which gives her a fit look with flat abs. On her heart shaped face no one could ever find a blemish, scar, or scratch, but there is a mole next to her right eye, in the middle of her right cheek, and two small freckles on the apple of her left cheek. She happens to have pimples sometimes, but always keeps it covered with her makeup. Also when Kenzi smiles, which is often, has dimples within the creases of her cheeks. Her lips are plump and a rosy pink. With her keeping up with her hygiene so well she has very pearly white teeth.

Kenzi's eyes are a shining light blue color, kind of like the color of the ocean. Her nose is slender and the bridge long, it's defined, but not to much. She has scars on her body like everyone else, the small ones from her training, but has a main one on the back of her head the she keeps covered with her hair. Her skin color is a pale look, the color of sugar powder, so she usually wears bright red lipstain to give herself a pop of color. Her hair is below her chest, it's normally pin needle straight. Her hair is two different colors: black and midnight black. Both mix together to create a night illusion type feel. For some odd reason she happens to wear wigs or different colored hair extensions a lot. She doesn't want to dye her hair, so she just plops on a wig, and no matter how odd colored they are they always look natural on her.

When it comes to dressing she's very random, meaning one day she could be wearing a provocative dress and the next a baggy t-shirt and loose fitting shorts. Kenzi doesn't like staying with one way of dressing, so she just goes with almost all of them. She tends to try her best not to dress girl, pink and frills just don't look good on her. Well, she does look good in it with her porcelain like structure, but she hates it.
Empathy- She can feel the emotions of others either when she tries to or when she's scared or upset. For someone reason when she's in a down mood she can relate more to her emotions from it tapping deep into the emotions she refuses to share with herself, therefore it always her to share the emotions of others.

Possession- This isn't her strongest ability, but she's better at it then most from her dad having her do it when she was younger. When doing it for a short amount of time she has the ability to control the person through the demon.

Umbrakinesis- This ability allows her to be able to take away the lights in a room either candle or electric, she can take the power of the burning glow away.

Clairsentience- When she touches an object she never sees the positive things it's gone through, just the negative, she can touch a person and see the negative things as well.

Knowledge- Most wouldn't know this, but she's an extremely smart girl that loves to learn new things everyday, and for the most part she does. She can tell people random facts and can speak an array if different languages.

Dancing- When she dances she can do ballroom, ballet, and what people would consider street dancing.

Fighting- She's trained this for years, knowing many different moves, knowing how to use a lot if different weapons, and can even at times predict other people's moves before the do them.
Abilities- When using any f her abilities they drain her a lot causing her to be prone of fainting, blacking out, memory lose, and seizures.

Philophobia- Being taught that a man can hit her and she can never do anything about it makes her fear the thought of falling in love with a man. When she feels herself getting to close to a man she might find herself beginning to stray away from them.

Alcohol- When she gets extremely drunk it's when she's at her most vulnerable. She could still fight, but not as well and could be taken advantage of in this state.
Teleportation: Even though she doesn't teleport often she still knows how to. She has to draw a circle on something solid with her own blood and say Usque ad locum, qui appropínquant mihi." After she gets to her destination she finds herself very hungry, dizzy, light headed, and not very balanced.

Personality: Kenzi is a jokester. Her humor is normally sarcastic and at times they can be hurtful because she doesn't care if she hurts someone a little. She likes to be a little rebellious, being told what to do is rather annoying to her and she doesn't deal with such things well. Someone tells her to sit she stands, told to walk she'll run, she'll only listen if that's what she wants to do. She doesn't do this to be difficult, she just does it for the fun. When it comes to her her favorite thing it is to laugh, that's all she wants to do. She loves the feeling of having a laugh caught in her throat choking her or a smile dancing on her face. Oh, she loves the feeling when it hurts so much from laughing. Kenzi can laugh or find humor in the smallest things, why? Because she's a extremely happy person. She doesn't find herself getting upset easily, she just loves the feel of being happy way to much. She does get stereotyped a lot for being a demon tamer, it's annoying, but she can always prove them wrong.

When it comes to getting anger no one wants to be around her, it's rare but deadly. When she gets really upset she doesn't mind beating the shit out of anyone, something she's good at. Just because Kenzi's sweet doesn't mean you should fight her, she'd mess you up. She loves to fight, she took boxing and karate for years, and she knows how to handle herself. She's not a weak person and isn't afraid to hurt someone, she'd do it in a heart beat. To her fighting is her strong point, because she knows she'll most likely win the fight, she practices hard enough to know how to. Kenzi has never started a fight in her life, but if someone comes up to her trying to start something she'll finish it in the blink of an eye. Kenzi stands her ground and she'll die before she lets someone try to push her around, in her book that's a no no. Her confidence and pride is way to strong to let her ever back down. A lot of the time when people want to start something with her they think she's weak from the way she looks, another thing that annoys her, but it does work to her advantage. When people don't expect her full potential it makes it a lot easier for her to beat them. One of the things she does when fighting is watch how a persons positioned to figure out what their next move will be, this took time for her to learn, to be able to know someone's move within a few seconds before they do it. Maybe she gets this from her determination to win, something she has lots of. When she sets her mind to something she'll do everything in her power to complete the goal no matter what the cost.

When meeting Kenzi she'll be sweet and probably talk to you like crazy. She'll smile and laugh and probably laugh a little. Kenzi also loves to pull pranks, and she'll do it to someone whether she knows them or not. She does the prank depending on her mood, not the person, why? Because they're so stupid they make her laugh, but it's all in good fun and she always expects them to prank her back for more good laughs. She's also very confident in herself. She walks with her head held high, chin up, back arched, and with long powerful strides. This behavior leads most to believe that she thinks she's better than everyone else, but that's not true. Kenzi has confidence and her body language shows it. It's obvious she's proud of herself and would never let anyone put her down or make her feel bad about herself. Sometimes people do try this, but she just laughs it off.

Partying. This girl loves to party her body out. She loves to dance and drink at parties, and she loves getting drunk, but the hangovers are not always so fun. She likes to feel the hype and the energy from partying and dancing, it energizes her and the warmth when at parties boost up her abilities a lot. She may like to party, but she's not the type of girl that gets drunk and makes out and has sex with everyone, she's not a hoe, and she'd never let people think that about her. She may be a party girl, but sex isn't her scene in the slightest. Something's she's never had and doesn't plan on it until she knows she's with someone she loves.

Love and Kenzi are a pretty good combo. She's always wanted to fall in love, but has never had the chance to do so yet. She loves the thought of romance, the passionate kissing, cuddling with each other for no reason, the groping of... the picture has been painted. Taking pleasure in reading romance novels is one of her favorite genres above most. If she were to be with a man she'd follow all of his commands, she may be very strong and independent, but she was taught that if she's ever in a relationship with a man that he's the boss and controls everything. She hates that, but after years of watching her mother listen to every whim of her father it was installed within her brain to think so. She could try to fight the urge all she wants, but in the end she'd give in, making her not have to much interest in the boys her age. When liking males she finds the older and wiser ones more attractive, they're less prone to try to control her, intelligent, and drop dead sexy; she especially likes men with some facial hair. The best thing about dating a man is that they're smarter than a boy, they don't party, but can be fun. The only way she'd want a man she was dating to go to a party would be if she made them, not because they were party freaks. Women or females on the other hand is different. If she were to date a girl she'd want them to be as hyper and full as energy as her, strong, can have a good time, like to party, but can also be mature. Girls that know how to dance are sexy, but combined with them having book smarts and strength makes her unable to control herself when around them.

When it boils down to everything she's a very loving, protective, and caring person. When she makes friends she'll do anything in her power to keep them safe, to her she feels like she has to. Kenzi's loyal to someone when she makes friends, she's almost like a puppy that becomes glued to them. For her losing a friend is tough, she'd get over it, but it's never really fun. Even though sometimes she doesn't appear to be she's extremely touchy. She loves to touch people as in giving them hugs and is known to start holding someone's hand just at a whim. Does she kiss people? For the most part she kissed people on the cheek and sometimes a friendly kiss on the lips.


History: Residing in Waldria she was raised by a well known line of Demon Tamers. Through all the Damron's generation they had always been in Waldria with their legacy. The family had always been popular for their abilities to so easily remove demons from the bodies of others and also for the loans of anything people needed. This was a task that lost other Demon Tamers could do, but the Damron family did this as a job. Their methods were always simple, removing the lost soul with chants and sometimes a ritual. The Damron's were also a very strict, ruthless, and unforgiving family. Everything they did was always just for the money, the family did not care about help the possessed, just the pay off. The family was all controlled by the Head, his word was law and everything he said had to be followed to perfection, if a member were to break the rules of the Head they'd most likely be tortured and killed. Deaths in their family wasn't common, but happened more than liked.

The Head, Mel, and his wife, Amole, had three sons and one daughter, Kenzi. For the majority of the time the Damron's did not have daughters, but when they did they expected them to keep their name and pass on to their father and children. Out of all the children she was the youngest and with her being a female her father was tougher on her. She was trained like the boys, taught how to fight like boxing, karate, how to use a sword, and so many different forms of combat. Kenzi took pleasure in her lessons and with all the pressure she strived to try be even better than her brothers.

In the kitchen Kenzi sat waiting for her mother to finish cooking breakfast as she hummed. Her father then entered the room with a empty bottle of some type of alcohol, "What are you doing, bitch?" His words were slurred indicating he was intoxicated. Her mother stayed in her cheer mood, "I'm just fixing breakfast, deary." Grabbing her firmly by the arms he had turned her to face him causing her to drop the pan off the stove. "You're suppose to ask me before you do anything!" Raising his voice he shook her fiercely. Kenzi sat there quietly watching along with her other two younger brothers. "You're so stupid!" Raising his hand he slapped her across the face; she had been use to it though. "Mom!" Kenzi yelled at the sight and ran oved to her. With a slight stumble Amole balanced herself against the container using one hand to hold her face. "I'll see you all after work." Said Mel as he wobbled from the room. With him gone Amole picked up her utensils and began her cooking again. "Are you ok, why do you let him do that to you?" She asked as she pulled her mom into a hug like she did every time her father treated her mother like this. Her mother didn't look at her as she gave a warm smile while flipping eggs. "You know your father controls everything baby girl, if he says 'jump' I ask 'how high'," her attention finally drifted to Kenzi, "and one day you'll have a husband that'll tell you what to do." From watching her mother and father it made her afraid of having a male in her life in a way making her also take interest in females to protect herself in the future.

Walking through their large home Kenzi had overheard a large commotion going on in the training room. Walking over to the door she tried to open it quietly, but it had been locked. Crouching down to her knees she squinted her right eye and peered through the key hole with her left. "You betrayed me! You helped that man escape!" Her father was screaming at her oldest brother Xarchy. Her brother had smirked at the screams of her father with the cocky attitude he always had. "You think this is funny don't you," with a wicked grin now plastered to her fathers face he laid a hand on Xarchy's shoulder and before her brother could even react her father had punched him in the stomach causing him to fall to the ground. Accidentally gasping she immediately throw her hand to her mouth hoping no one heard, someone had through. Her fathers head snapped towards the door. "Sweetie, is that you?" Cooing at her she rose to her knees and she could hear foot steps on the other side coming near. Hearing the door unlock it was soon opened to a smiling father. "Come in." Looking at the ground she nodded then entered as told. With a hand on her back the door was shut, locked, then led over to stand in front of her brother. "He's weak," her father began, "he was instructed to kill Kal Moriti for him not paying back a loan, five months late that man." Chuckling he patted her on the back before moving his hand to her wrist and propped it up making her open her palm. "Kill him." The voice of kind he had given to her melted and turned into a bark. "What?" She felt disbelief for what she was being told. Feeling her brothers fear and disowner she couldn't do it, she couldn't kill her brother. Shutting her eyes she used her ability of umbrakinesis to cast the whole room in complete darkness. She knew the whole room by heart, so she took her brother by whatever she could grab and pulled him to the exit, but their father was to fast and quickly pulled Xarchy away from her. "Father, stop this!" Right next to the door was a rack of swords, snatching one by instinct she took a deep breath and listened to the different breath of foot and breathing patterns of both men in the room to know who to go after. "Ug." With the small sound her eyes flew opened and she sliced at the sound. "Xarchy?" The name was whimpered and choked as she spoke. "Father's dead." All he did was state a fact, when his words were done Kenzi fell into her brothers arms and cried.

After her fathers death Xarchy took over the family as Head, he as leader tried to make everything better. He wasn't ruthless, but was kind and he'd never have anyone killed or tortured or even kicked out of the family. He tried to make everything more of a democracy, but the older members didn't like him as the new leader, they liked their secret killings. "How did he want me to kill you?" She had asked him in the privacy of her own room so no one could hear them speak. Panting her bed she was implying she wanted him to sit down next to her, which he had. Sighing he gazed into her eyes. "In the terms of a human our family was like a large mafia with the illegal things we did-" "How did he want me to kill you?" She could tell he was trying to slyly change subjects and she wouldn't allow it. "Our family illegal used demons to posses the bodies of ones they found guilty. Once the demon was in them they'd use them to torture the person from the inside until they were drove to madness." "Illegal?" She questioned. Her father had tried teaching them all how to use possession, it was scary to use, but he he had. Wrapping his arm around her he smiled, "You do realize that you're almost old enough to start going to the academy?" This time she allowed the change because she knew the answer. "You'll learn how to use your powers." He teased her, they both knew she knew how to use her powers extremely well from bring taught and pushed so hard as a child.

Her family had always been very close, way off in the mountains with her mother and brothers living in the main house while other members lived in houses around their large mansion. Soon the mountain was a battle field for the Damron's. It was always a consist fight about her brothers leading methods. A small amount were for him, but most hated it. Hated having to listen to what he said. So Damron went against Damron. As the war raged on she was sent away to a family friend for safe keeping. She stayed with twenty year old Ustin Mass. The man was a Werewolf Tamer, intelligent, sweet, and took pleasure in partying. At the time she had just started school, which she enjoyed a lot at her young age, but Ustin was not the best role model. He was one of the smartest mean she ever met when it came to books, but he'd let the girl go to parties with him and drink. As she grew older the life style was the greatest and as a few years past they grew extremely close. Soon she started having feelings for him she feared. She thought she was in love with him and after two years of living with him and a year of it being a debate with herself about her emotions her brother discovered how she felt for him and in fear of her getting her he forbidden them from ever speaking again. The upside was she returned home with the war over and the family settling on to be more lenient on their clients and to only punish when absolutely needed, but to her dismay she suffered for what she thought was heart break for a short time. After a few months she knew she wasn't in love with Ustin, but didn't get over him.
Other: Kenzi would have in human terms a Russian accent, that she was taught to change at whim if the need ever came up. She was also taught by her father how to speak French, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, English, and Spanish. Naturally she speaks Russian, but since most people she knows speaks English she does too, but finds herself saying random Russian words or sentences here and there. Kenzi also suffers from ADD, but in the overall scheme it doesn't affect her.
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Sail by Awolnation || Still Into You by Paramore

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