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Amber Coal

hahaha wooow your soo funny. (Inner self- i cant wait to kick your-)

0 · 292 views · located in Academy of the Unnaturals

a character in “Academy of the Unnaturals”, as played by October


Species:Half Demon Half Angle
Grade:Twelfth AKA Senior
Abilities: She can control shadows, make Illisons, she has wings one black one and one wight one, and she has a compelling voice.(Over all only 4 powers)
Weaknesses:bright lights, small spaces and she's scared of dogs
Appearance: Image
Personality:Amber is the kick-butt kinda girl, she'll fight back if something happens to her or if someone threatens her but she also has a soft kind side that leaves her thinking that she's weak. Amber's been known to to fight back even if her chances are low, but she wont really hurt someone if they did nothing to her. Amber is also the kind of "I don't care" short tempered girls that speaks her mind but also keeps some stuff to herself.
Likes:Swimming,Night,nice cars
Dislikes:Dogs,bright lights,math
Crush (You can add this in later if you want):N/A
Other:her wings are very large and they come out on their own or on control. the left one is black and the right one is wight. and when she uses her compelling voice her voice becomes smooth and soft.

Period 1 - chem
Period 2 - music
Period 3 - pre-calc
Period 4 - French
Period 5 - Gym and drama she splits this class in half

So begins...

Amber Coal's Story