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Academy!Hetalia: The School for Countries

Academy!Hetalia: The School for Countries


Secrets, school, the usual, except with nations and well, who knows when a cold war will suddenly begin between two countries? At this school, you should expect the unpredictable. Kol, kol, kol.

1,515 readers have visited Academy!Hetalia: The School for Countries since KuruLesperance created it.

Camillo are listed as curators, giving them final say over any conflict & the ability to clean up mistakes.

Copyright: The creator of this roleplay has attributed some or all of its content to the following sources:

axis powers: hetalia, hetalia world series, chibitalia, etc. camillo and i only own our ideas, and, the roleplay setup. hetalia belongs to it's owners, and we do not own the pictures.


This roleplay has been reposted and edited due to lack of activity in the previous. All character slots will be reset, and anyone can claim any nation now. There will be no countries as teachers, also, so feel free to make a country as a student (ex: Student France). The previous roleplay, since it is inactive, has been closed by Camillo and I, and we are attempting to try another one and keep this one longer. Thanks!



Hetalia Academy:: As you would expect, it's an academy for all the countries, but how can you focus here when you're worrying about which country likes you, or if your secret gets out, or if the teachers end up calling on you?

This school is utterly unpredictable.

Secrets are spilling and embarrassment is stirring. What will the students of Hetalia Academy do to stop this mess? Will they continue to tease the smaller countries? Get bullied by the bigger ones? Who's able to stop this ruckus, let alone try to? Your most precious secret could be spilled, could already be, or is still in hiding, though there's that one thing, that one thing that will trigger your secret to be revealed. The most embarrassing secret to the most scariest secret. You never know what you may find out here with all the chaos.


Each and every student takes these classes. Every student goes to the same classroom; though it is divided into sections. For example, one part of the room is for 6th grade, other for 7th, and it goes on and on all the way to 12th. (Due to the fact this is a middle school/ high school, I do understand that you may have to lower your character's age if over 18). There will be one teacher whom will teach the same subject, though different sections. Example, if you were in Mr. Clanton's (I made it up) class, he'd teach division, decimals, dividing fractions and etc. to 6th grade. For 12th grade, he'd teach them newtons and more advanced mathematics.

Reading/Language Arts
Physiology & Anatomy
War Techniques


Battle Prep.
Foreign Languages


Bow and Arrow


On the first day, between classes, you will be able to go into the halls and converse with the other students for the max. of 3 hours. Feel free to have some snacks, sit down against the walls, and of course, talk! But be aware that there will be hall monitors for that time being; we don't want anything extremely inappropriate to happen, nor do we want the walls to be busted and everything set aflame.

This will be between your first classes, Math and History. We will make an announcement over the intercom when you will be able to go out and enjoy yourselves, speaking in the hallways and what not.

We will also have a cafe during this time, taking place in the cafeteria. There will be tea tables spread around, and waiters walking back and fourth, hopefully being a luxurious time for the students of Hetalia Academy.

Also, to add on to the lavish cafe, the walls are a pale pink and there will be victorian lamps connected to the ceiling, and victorian chairs and loveseats spread around the cafe to fit your needs. The ground of the cafe will have nice, plush, pale pink carpeting to make it a relaxing experience.

Afterwards, the pale pink will remain on the walls, also the plush carpeting, so every lunch you'll be able to sit in a loveseat or a chair, and eat in peace.

-Academy Staff

NOTE: During lunch, you will be eating in class! Oh, and for this academy, you don't have to wear uniforms.

Rules Image

Camillo and I are the GMs. Please do not post until we both make our characters. Please refrain from posting until one of us posts/ says you can post.

No-one liners, please. At least 3 or more.

Mild cursing.

I will not post the characters that are available, as there are many. Though, I will post which characters are reserved/ taken.

Please keep it PG-14. Making out, fine. Don't blind us. Also, because of Romano's excessive yelling and ragequits, this is an exception. Same goes for Britain with his foul-mouth english words, ex: "wanker".

I'm generally an outgoing person, so feel free to leave some suggestions in the OOC about making characters teachers, school events, etc. to make the roleplay more vivid.

I understand if you have to lower your character's age. That's completely fine.

We will begin the RP after Camillo and my character have been submitted, and we atleast have a couple more countries.

Please no OOC arguments or fights.

Okay, when you post and someone comes in to post and there's a bunch and they're unable to read it all, please give them a small summary of what is happening so they can catch up.

There is a potential for boy x boy/ girl x girl behavior, not just straight. If you have a problem with homosexuals, this may not be the right place for you.

Sorry, but no states.


England: Taken by KuruLesperance
Canada: Taken by Camillo
Romano: Taken by Camillo
Hungary: Taken by Love me Not
Iceland: Taken by Neon.lynxie
Taiwan: Taken by SukaiKori
Japan: Taken by angel51897
Finland: Taken by Shinigami-Zan
Germany: Taken by Mr Fly on the Wall


Code: Select all
[center][size=200][color=#00BFBF][b]CHARACTER'S COUNTRY HERE[/b][/color][/size]
[color=#0080BF]CHARACTER'S HUMAN NAME HERE (if he/she has a human name)[/color][/center]

[left][img]put anime image of character here[/img][/left]



[b]Character Traits:[/b]


[size=90][b]Weight(feel free to put "unknown"):[/b]


[b]Hair Color:[/b]

[b]Eye Color:[/b]

[b]Skin Texture:[/b] Smooth, rough, soft, etc.

[b]Skin Color:[/b] Tan, pale, dark, etc.[/size]



[b]Pet[if any]:[/b]

for example, for Canada, you could put his polar bear Kumajirou.





Battle history, war history, how it was made, etc. Put anything here.

[b]About Me:[/b]

Put anything here that is about your character that has been left out; their flag, famous spots, brothers/sisters, etcetera.[/center]

This roleplay also takes place in modern day.

Toggle Rules

The GM of this roleplay hasn't created any rules! You can do whatever you like!

The Story So Far... Write a Post » as written by 8 authors

Characters Present

Character Portrait: Taiwan Character Portrait: Elizabeta Hedervary (Hungary) Character Portrait: Mark Homi (Finland) Character Portrait: Ludwig (Germany) Character Portrait: Feliciano Vargas (Italy)
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"Whoa people dont actually get along that well." Finland said while he was eating the wurts. Germany stormed of after seeing Italy thats odd why dont they get along. Finland didnt really pay attention to other countries affairs because they were really none of his business so he just sat there listening to the conversation.

Germany looked back Finland could have guessed that he looked back to see Hungary because he certainly didnt look back because of Finland or Taiwan. Finland laughed a little bit. "So what to do now maybe just rest for the rest of the day its going to be a hard day tomorrow." Finland wasnt speaking to anybody directly just gave voice to his thoughts

Finland made a photo snapping gesture with his hands like he was photographing Taiwan. "1 mental memory picture of Taiwan." Finland said again just to voice his thoughts. "By the way have you seen Alex for a while I think he went to look for you." Finland asked Taiwan and Hungary while scratching his head.

Characters Present

Character Portrait: Elizabeta Hedervary (Hungary) Character Portrait: Mark Homi (Finland) Character Portrait: Ludwig (Germany) Character Portrait: Feliciano Vargas (Italy)
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0.00 INK

"Oh, Germany you don't have to go!" Taiwan called out as Germany walked away from them in quite a hurry, though he glanced back for a moment before continuing on. Huh..from what China has told me I thought that Italy and Germany were friends, she thought to herself, then gave a small laugh as Finland hand gestured clicking a camera at her. She pulled her camera out of her bag and snapped a picture back at him. "One real picture of Finland." She said with a smile before sitting down at the table. "Hmm..I don't know, I always get tired after swimming so resting doesn't sound like a bad idea. First I'm going to take a shower though. It's so nice that our dorms have their own bathrooms! It's like a private hotel or something!" She exclaimed excitedly as she began to make her plate up, picking one of the sausages with her thumb and index finger and taking a small bite of it. It definitely had a strange taste to it, very different from the food back home, but it was still very good.

Characters Present

Character Portrait: Taiwan Character Portrait: Elizabeta Hedervary (Hungary) Character Portrait: Mark Homi (Finland) Character Portrait: Ludwig (Germany) Character Portrait: Feliciano Vargas (Italy)
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0.00 INK

Italy looked up from his brother as he thought he heard someone yell his friends name. As he glanced down at the beach a wide smile spread across his face. Further down by the water he saw a tall, blonde man walking away from a picnic table where a few other people stood. Italy dropped his bag onto the grass and dashed out onto the sand towards the others gathered there.
"Germaanyy!!!" He yelled loudly as he quickly approached the man. When he reached him he opened his arms and glomped Germany, nearly knock him over surprisingly enough. "I'm so happy to see you Germany! It's been such a long time! Well really it's only been maybe a day but it feels like it's been years and I missed you so much and now your here!!" Feliciano exclaimed cheerfully, not letting his grip on Germany loosen at all. "We get to go to the same school together isn't that awesome I'm so happy!" The young Italian's smiling face turned into a curious one as he looked at the others that were standing around a picnic table a little further off. He recognized Hungary but the other two were a little hard to name. "Hey Germany, are those your new friends?" He asked, still hugging him from the side as he looked up at Germany.

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Character Portrait: Taiwan
26 sightings Taiwan played by SukaiKori
=.= Ohh, Must Take Pictures!
Character Portrait: Kiku Honda (Japan)
1 sightings Kiku Honda (Japan) played by angel51897

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Character Portrait: Matthew Williams ((Canada))
Character Portrait: Arthur Kirkland (Britain)
Character Portrait: Elizabeta Hedervary (Hungary)
Character Portrait: Lovino Vargas ((South Italy))
Character Portrait: ICELAND *~Emil~*
Character Portrait: Mark Homi (Finland)
Character Portrait: Ludwig (Germany)


Character Portrait: Ludwig (Germany)
Ludwig (Germany)

"Italy Nein!"

Character Portrait: Mark Homi (Finland)
Mark Homi (Finland)

The forgotten one.

Character Portrait: ICELAND *~Emil~*
ICELAND *~Emil~*

Well, Whatever...

Character Portrait: Elizabeta Hedervary (Hungary)
Elizabeta Hedervary (Hungary)

*scary face* "Return those vital regions now!"

Character Portrait: Arthur Kirkland (Britain)
Arthur Kirkland (Britain)

Flying Mint Bunny? Oh, I'm so glad you've come.


Character Portrait: ICELAND *~Emil~*
ICELAND *~Emil~*

Well, Whatever...

Character Portrait: Arthur Kirkland (Britain)
Arthur Kirkland (Britain)

Flying Mint Bunny? Oh, I'm so glad you've come.

Character Portrait: Ludwig (Germany)
Ludwig (Germany)

"Italy Nein!"

Character Portrait: Elizabeta Hedervary (Hungary)
Elizabeta Hedervary (Hungary)

*scary face* "Return those vital regions now!"

Character Portrait: Mark Homi (Finland)
Mark Homi (Finland)

The forgotten one.

Most Followed

Character Portrait: ICELAND *~Emil~*
ICELAND *~Emil~*

Well, Whatever...

Character Portrait: Mark Homi (Finland)
Mark Homi (Finland)

The forgotten one.

Character Portrait: Arthur Kirkland (Britain)
Arthur Kirkland (Britain)

Flying Mint Bunny? Oh, I'm so glad you've come.

Character Portrait: Elizabeta Hedervary (Hungary)
Elizabeta Hedervary (Hungary)

*scary face* "Return those vital regions now!"

Character Portrait: Ludwig (Germany)
Ludwig (Germany)

"Italy Nein!"

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