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Quiet, Male, 21, has a dark past

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a character in “Ace Combat: Generations”, as played by Lost_chance


Is healthy, really quiet, a bit of a loner. Flies the usual F-15.
poor class family, joined the airforce, but lost his love during the war

So begins...

Chance's Story


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”I’m still learning the ins and outs of flying in real combat outside of the simulator, but I have faith in my fellow pilots. Breaking my leg came as a bit of a blow and prevented me from flying with them, but now I am free to join them in the skies… providing I don’t look down too often.”

Kasumi chuckled.

"My name is Kasumi. My call-sign is Angel, and I prefer to be referred to by my call-sign if it's alright with everyone. It just sounds prettier."

Lucky laughed.

"Angel sounds prettier than Kasumi? What kind of twisted world do you live in babe? 'Kasumi' is exotic, mysterious, and sweet. 'Angel' is... well, it's 'Angel.' Not nearly as pretty I think. Anyway, I'm Doug."

They flew as a unit smoothly before arriving near their destination.

"Alright people, eyes open and stay sharp. Something out in this region is out of place and... Wait. Was that a blip on the radar or was I seeing things?"

"No, I saw it too Lucky. Something is down there on the beach. Something black and... broken," she said, sitting back and looking ahead.

Her fear of heights had almost gotten the better of her as she looked at the object. She took in deep breaths and cleared her head as she stayed in formation.

"Hmm... Chance, drop altitude to 400 feet and take a closer look at that thing. Call out every detail you can on it. Angel, trail behind and take a snapshot using your plane's nose camera that was installed for this mission. I want to know what I'm looking at before I send anything to base."

"Angel 2, roger."