Ian Palance

"When diplomacy fails, force prevails." A veteran pilot from Osea, now flying for Espova.

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a character in “Ace Combat: Ityrius Conflict”, as played by Cypher


Name: Ian Morris Palance
Age: 37
Position: Flight lead, Espovan 191st Air Division, 85th Fighter Squadron "Exodus"
Callsign: "Swirly" (So called because of his evasive, nausea-inducing, high-G flying style)



Being the "old man" figure of his squadron, Palance exudes a certain comforting, fatherly aura when off the battlefield. He's not above getting into petty prank wars with both his squadron-mates and other men and women on the base, and currently holds Exodus Squadron's record for "Longest-Lasting Bar Crawl". He treats each and every member of Exodus Squadron like his flesh and blood, and sticks up for them whenever they get in trouble, regardless of whether or not they were responsible for what happened. He's been known to butt heads with the commanding officers on base every once in a while due to idealistic disputes between himself and his superiors, but this can almost always be attributed to his hot-blooded nature.

On the battlefield, Palance becomes a force of nature. He issues orders with perfect clarity, having advanced knowledge of squadron formations and fighting tactics, and has a serious knack for off-the-cuff "daring heroics". He's got a cat-like ability to survive anything (including, at one point, crash-landing his fighter in the middle of a six-lane highway overpass when both engines sucked in smoke and cut out), and tends to take things very personally when one of his men is wounded or killed.

All in all, stay on his good side and you're alright. Get on his bad side, and you're screwed six ways to Sunday, Jack.


Aircraft type: Sukhoi Su-37 "Terminator"
Weapons: 1 GSh 30mm auto-cannon loaded with 150 rounds, 12 wing and fuselage hardpoints (usually occupied with two drop-tanks, four Vympel R-27 missiles, four Vympel R-33 missiles and two 100-lb. bombs).


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