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Ace's Academy For The Gifted

Ace's Academy For The Gifted


Ace's Academy For The Gifted is where kids ages 13-20 go to practice their gifts for humor, music, you name it. Not only will they leave being even better than before, but they get to experience the total drama of school life!

1,228 readers have visited Ace's Academy For The Gifted since Slick Scarlett created it.



Welcome, student, to Ace's Academy For The Gifted!
Ace's Academy is the best boarding school around, that trains young students to harness their gifts, whether it be dancing, gymnastics, or playing the piano! Millions apply every year, but only 1 out of 50 get in. So you better be doing the happy dance when you see you're in! If you're not in...then too bad for you. Looks like our teachers didn't find you that extravagant! Anyway, Ace's Academy is top-notch! We have a great selection of food, beautiful dorms, and even a spa that's open on weekends! Lots of events are always going on, so don't forget to check the school board.

You'll learn more about Ace's Academy when you get there, and well, if you didn't get in, you're probably soaking this paper with tears! Well, a message to those who are crying their hearts out right now, stop soaking this paper! Do you know how expensive this was?!

Yours Truly,


For reserving, please state which role you would like, what talent that character would have, and what FC you desire. Reservations only last three days.

| Name: Ashley 'January' Chapman | Role: The Hot Stud | Age: Sixteen | Talent: Singing | FC: Taylor Momsen | Status: Taken! |

This girl...She is WAAYYY too proud. She thinks the world revolves around her, and to lots of guys (and girls), it does. She is very stunning, and always looks her best. She loves being admired, and is truly the hot stud of the school.

| Name: ? | Role: The Bad Boy | Age: ? | Talent: ? | FC: Logan Lerman | Status: OPEN! |

This boy is truly a bad boy. He rides around the school on his motorcycle, wooing the ladies any chance he gets. He is also a bit of a bully, he beats up anyone who tries to get in his way, or anyone he has to pick a bone with. But if you're a girl, there's a very small chance he'll ever put you on his list.

| Name: Natasha Heffernan | Role: The Quiet and Mysterious Girl | Age: Sixteen | Talent: Dance | FC: Emily Rudd | Status: Taken! |

This girl NEVER talks, unless asked to by a teacher. She's a very introverted person, who likes to be alone, wallowing in a corner, all by herself. No one knows anything about her, and she has a ton of secrets. I wonder who's going to find them out first...

| Name: ? | Role: The Shy Guy | Age: ? | Talent: Artist | FC: Jeremy Sumpter | Status: Reserved! |

This boy is pretty shy. He doesn't like to talk to girls at all, and doesn't have many friends. Most people just ignore him, figuring that he won't even care that they do...But is that really the truth?

| Name: ? | Role: The Goodie-Goodie | Age: ? | Talent: ? | FC: Amandla Stenberg | Status: OPEN! |

GOODIE-GOODIE. "Want to go out to a party?" "I'm practicing, sorry!" This girl always puts school, work, and chores before fun. She never forgets to turn in a paper, and gets straight A's. Most people think that needs to change...The question is; Will it? Will someone finally convince this girl that parting is more important than work?

| Name: ? | Role: The Support | Age: ? | Talent: ? | FC: Leon Thomas lll | Status: OPEN! |

This guy is the type of person who lets you cry on his shoulder. He helps people with their problems, and helps them face hardships. Many see him as a true friend, and are glad to have him on their side.

| Name: ? | Role: Bubbly Troublemaker | Age: ? | Talent: ? | FC: Ariana Grande | Status: Taken, by moi! |

A bubbly troublemaker, is what she is. She is very outgoing, loves to make trouble, and break rules. Sometimes it is on purpose, but over the years it has become a habit. She loves to meet new people, and doesn't have much of a temper. She's a pretty good friend to long as you don't mind getting in trouble every once in a while!


Since the Skelly is soooo long, it will be found in the OOC. Click this to go to the skelly!


#1. Romance and violence encouraged.
First of all, this is a school rp. It's probably obvious by now it's going to have drama in it. If you don't like drama, don't even THINK about reserving.

#2. Please have correct spelling and grammar.
C'mon, people! It is not that hard to click the word with the red line under it and click it. I understand minor typos, like this; 'Tim ran over to Jim, and let out a gaps.' But I do not except this: 'Tmi nra oevr to Jmi and lte otu a gasp' Please, please, please, be better than that!

#3. No G-modding.
G-modding is when people basically control other people's characters. Here is an example of g-modding; 'Grace lunged at Mary, with her knife in hand, and started to stab Mary in the arm.' What you should say instead of that is; 'Grace lunged at Mary, with her knife in hand, ATTEMPTING to stab Mary in the arm.' I will not except G-modders!

#4. Leave OOC and IC separate.
Please leave stuff in the OOC separate from the IC. We're all friends here, am I right? By the way, the password is fairy fireflies. Please say password when you are reserving your character.

#5. Reservations only last three days.


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