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The Hundred Lions Confederacy

A small empire of five worlds, in a forgotten corner of the Orion Arm.

0 · 306 views · located in The milky way.

a character in “Across a Cold Expanse”, as played by XavierDantius32


Races within the Confederacy

The first race within the Confederacy is the Tiresians, A tall and slim species with sickly blue skin. Decorating their extended necks like a trio of parallel knife wounds are gills, a remnant of their underwater life before they evolved the ability to survive above ground. Tiresians are abnormally tall and thin boned, but wiry muscle coats their frame. A Tiresian has the average lifespan of 120 years.

The second race is the Navarre. The Navarre are the most human species in the Confederacy, all uniformly medium hight with broad shoulders and a noble aspect to their features. A Navarre typically will have pale skin and dark eyes, with a mop of black hair streaking across their scalps. Due to the highly militaristic society present on Navarre, the Navarre have high fitness levels and are capable of taking massive punishment. The average Navarre lifespan is 80 years.

The third race is the Vervun. A race of short barrel chested humanoids, who have to exist within sealed vacuum suits due to the different environment present on Vervun. Underneath the suit, the Vervun have mole-like features, with stubby under developed eyes, that are normally replaced with faceless ocular implants.

The forth race in the Confederacy are the Haryn. A race of khaki skinned avian creatures that evolved in a harsh jungle environment. The Haryn are all tall and wiry with hooked beaks and a forest of quills decorating the back of their narrow skulls. Their eyes are sharp and dagger-like, giving them excellent vision in all situations. The Haryn are highly dextrous and capable of great agility. The Haryn's backward jointed legs allow them to run faster than the average human. One of the more discusting traits of the Haryn is that they openly feed on the flesh of the dead. This does allow them to gain information from the genetics of their meal. The average Haryn lifespan is 80 years.

The final race to join the Confederacy is the Vashta. The Vashta are vaguely humanoid, with larger than normal slitted eyes. They are covered with bony scales and their finger nails extend into hooked claws. Due to the near darkness of their homeworld, they have adapted for low-light conditions and can see the infra-red spectrum. They have an over-developed upper body, giving them great physical strength at the cost of agility. The Vashta are highly intelligent. An average lifespan for a Vashta is 70 years.

Tirese: A large planet with 97% of its surface covered in water. The cities are built into catacombs carved out of the moutains by the waves. The local wildlife is dominated by giant sea serpents ranging from 10 feet long to over 200 feet. The Tiresians hunt these monsters as a rite of passage.

Navarre: A verdant agri-world with a temperate climate and sprawling cities of pituresque white buildings. The vast plains are home to a wide variety of wildlife, most of which is hunted by the planetry nobility.

Vervun: A world composed of highly polluted seas, and barren lifeless desert. The cities are great spires of rock, like termite mounds, that house millions of Vervun in each one. The atmosphere is so polluted that it is impossible to venture outside without an environment suit.

Haryn VII: A hostile jungle full of things that could kill a human with a single bite. The Haryn exist in massive sprawls of tree houses, in the massive boughs of trees.

Fargut XI: Fargut is a world on the outer edges of its system and exists in near total darkness. The Vashta live in massive crawlers- giant cities existing on articulated tracks used to follow the migrating herds of giant grazers.

Tarsis Ultra: A small moon guarding the only major jump gate out of Confederacy territory. It contains a massive naval base and shipyard.

Overall population: 50 Billion
Military Population: 5 Billion


Council of Five
High Counciller: Vanro Ch'an (Vervun) Responsible for the maintenance of overall democracy across the Confederacy
High Admiral: Roburte Stern (Navarre) Overall commander of the fleet
High Legate: Ouran Varilos (Tiresian) Responcible for keeping a peaceful relationship between all the Confederacy's worlds.
Merchant King: K'dak Farios (Vervun) Responcible for overseeing all the trade within and outside the Confederacy
Lord Ambassador: Beral Veelo (Fayren) Responcible for maintaining the relationship between the Confederacy and the other factions.

Confederacy Diplomatic Office (CDO)
The CDO regulate diplomacy around the Confederacy, staffing the embassies and providing ambassadors to the other empires that border the Confederacy. Any citizen of the Confederacy can join, but a degree of tact is required.

Bureau of Confederacy Security (BCS)
The BGS are the espionage agents of the Confederacy. They are all highly trained intelligence operatives, designed to perform operations to safeguard the Confederacy. The BGS has access to all military technology and fall above military units in the overall chain of command. Its quite possible that a large number of GDU agents are operating on Terra, making sure that the diplomatic actions run smoothly.

The Organised Workers Collective (OWC)
This organisation operates for the common worker in the Confederacy, regulating pay and settling disputes between companies.

Central Trade Collective (CTC)
Under the office of the Merchent King, this organisation keeps the trade flowing around the Confederacy

Office of Civilian Justice (OCJ)
The OCJ handle public law enforcement across the Confederacy. They provide police and riot control officers for every planet, and co-ordinate with the military for training purposes.

The basic officer wears a black uniform, consisting of black fatigues with a set of light weight body armour over the top. Each officer carries a handgun on a shoulder rig under the arm and a stun baton on a sheath at the waist. The helmets are armoured, and contain night and thermal vision with an advanced communication package. For areas that are considers high risk, an officer on patrol carries an automatic shotgun.

Riot Officers wear heavier body armour, carry large fibreglass shields along with autoshotguns. In cirtain circumstances, Officers will carry 40mm grenade launchers, with tear gas grenades for riot control situations.

The OCJ have two types of Mech in their service. The first is the Defender, a Whisper variant that is generally used for riot control operations, and raids. It is armed with 2 25mm grenade launchers on the shoulders, that is normally loaded with tear gas grenades to put down large crowds. In exceptional circumstances, fragmentation grenades are used. On one forarm, it has a 40mm shotgun loaded with beanbag rounds, for close range fighting. Again, if the situation is extreme, normal buckshot may be used. Mounted under the shotgun is a large tazer style device for melee attacks. The other forearm is replaced with a pneumatic breaching ram, that can punch holes in walls. The Mech does however, lack the active camoflage technology used by the Whisper.

The second mech is the Pursuit, built off the Escalade frame. This mech is used in high speed persuit situations, to chase down fleeing suspects and vehicles. It carries a pair of 20mm rocket pods that fire rockets loaded with jammer warheads. These rockets adhere to the surface of the escaping vehicle and jam all electrical signals. The rocket pods are mounted on the shoulders. Its large, spade shaped hands are powerful electromagnets, that can be used to latch on to the frame of an escaping vehicle, allowing the mech to effectively apprehend its prey. Attached to its right forearm, is a cluster of high voltage tazers, that can all be fired with one shot, allowing the mech to quickly stun a group of enemies. On the other forearm is a 40mm less lethal firearm powered by compressed gas. It fires beanbags at high velocity and high accuracy, to take down targets at longer ranges.

The OCJ makes use of a VTOL gunship, called the Skyhook for air support in operations. The Skyhook has a narrow, downward sweeping nose, which houses a two seater cockpit. The rear of the craft is elongated to contain a four person passenger compartment. This allows a small team of enforcers to provide rapid support to any operations. Normally a typical responce team consits of a marksman with a 5.56 sniper rifle and three riot officers with shotguns. Two small wing-stubs projecting from the centre of the gunship support the large VTOL engines. The gunship carries a single .50cal chaingun mounted under the nose, controlled by the co-pilot. Mounted on two pylons on either side of the crew compartment are two 30 shot 40mm rocket pods

Ethnic Populate: 23% Navarre
17% Tiresian
25% Vervun
15% Haryn
20% Vashta

Average Annual Income: 91,000
Average Family Unit: 4

Economic Information
The Confederacy maintains a tight-knit economy based on co-operation between every system within itself. The Merchant King regulates the flow of goods, with him and his subordinates constantly tinkering with the imports and exports between the worlds.

Currency: Lion Throne - (HLT)
Primary Export: Precious minerals, high grade starships, fossil fuels
Primary Import: High tech weaponry

The Confederacy supports agnosticism, but does not impose this on its citizens. If you believe in a supreme being, be it a God of fire and brimstone, or a passive tribal nature god, the Confederacy will not prevent your belief.

Agnosticism: 47%
Other Religions: 53%


Ground Troops
The Confederacy organises its ground forces into squads of ten men each. Each man has simple flak armour, capable of stopping a bullet or blade but nothing more. Each trooper is armed with an assault rifle of some kind, be it a simple ballistic weapon like the M4 carbine or a Navarre Gyrojet rifle. Each Squad is led by an officer, who as well as an assault weapon, will carry a sword and sidearm. In each squad, there is one trooper carrying a missile launcher and another with a .50 cal sniper rifle. Along with these specialists, there are two troopers lugging machineguns and every trooper has skills with demolitions. The uniform is high black boots, black breeches with burgundy piping up the outside of the leg. They wear black vests with double breasted jackets with burgundy piping. Over the jacket goes black flak armour with burgundy webbing. On their heads they wear black field helmets with the confederacy emblem on the centre. Officers have the jacket edged with gold braid and a field cap with gold braid.

Along with the normal footsloggers, are the Confederacy's elite troops. They wear powered exoskeletons that amplify the strength, speed and agility of the wearer. These suits are bulky and robotic, more like exoskeletons than suits of armour. The helmets are shaped into the heads of lions and covered in gold leaf that make them shine brilliantly in the sunlight. The suits are massive, making the wearer about 7ft tall and bulky. The exoskeleton works off a system of pistons that compress and expand, to provide a long, leaping stride, coupled with massive strength. Over the inner workings, is a coating of burgundy armour, similar to that of the Vanquish. The armoury consits of a 5mm minigun built into the right arm, fed by an ammunition hopper on the back with a small flamethrower built into the gauntlet. On the other arm, a rapid firing grenade launcher that fires 25mm ordenance in a three round burst. These grenades range from flash and smoke, to gas and incenderies. These troopers are powerful, but rare. They normally only appear in major engagements, usually working alone among squads of regular infantry.

For covert operations, the Confederacy reserves its best troops. These are the best of the footsloggers, schooled in guerilla warfare and insurgency tactics. A commando cell can operate for months deep behind enemy lines causing havoc. Although rarely seen in frontline assaults, these stealth specialists will always be deployed before a main offensive to soften enemy positions and fortifications. They wear form fitting body-glove suits, that are lightly armoured and contain active camoflage technology, which allows them to blend into the local environment. However, the vibrations generated by explosions, or the firing of ballistic weapons in close proximity will disrupt this, meaning it is useless while weapons are being fired. The commandos carry a wide variety of weapons, from silenced SMGs to high powered sniper rifles, capable of a kill from a mile away. However, every commando carries a double edged combat knife and a small calibre silenced pistol.

Ground Vehicles
Light Mech: Vanquish
The Vanquish is the Confederacy's lightest ground vehicle and is built for speed rather than armour. Its stands at roughly 9 feet when standing straight, but tends to adopt a hunched posture for faster motion. The Mech has a humanoid shape, but with a stretched out back to accommodate the crew compartment. Instead of arms, it has a pair of swivel mounted .50 cal chainguns. These weapons can demolish light armour and infantry, but are next to useless against medium to heavy armour.

Some commanders choose to mount flamethrowers instead of the chainguns, making the Vanquish a good choice for urban fighting, however the massive fuel tanks make it an even bigger target.

A Variant of the Vanquish is the Restless. Instead of the two chainguns, it carries a massive cannon, that is mounted on one shoulder with the other mount given over to a large ammunition hopper. This cannon is capable of punching basketball sized holes in the heaviest armour, making the Restless akin to an infantry sniper. A downside to the cannon is that the Restless cannot move and fire, meaning that it has to find a good position and stick to it, or risk getting cut down while it moves. The Restless also incorperates the Whisper's active camoflage system.

Both these variants move with long loping strides, allowing them to cover ground fast, but with little room to manoeuvre once momentum is built up. The speed at which they move does not hamper the targeting systems however, as the chainguns can move independently of the mech, allowing for rapid target acquisition.

For more demanding operations, the commandos use a variant of the Vanquish light mech. The Vanquish forgoes the black and burgundy paint scheme for a matte black coat with and active camoflage unit. Instead of the .50 cal chaingun, this variant (dubbed the Whisper) supports long, ape like arms. This assists with climbing and faster movement, allowing the mech to adopt a four legged bound rather than the long loping strides. The Whisper also supports exterior passanger harnesses on the crew compartment, allowing four additional passangers to be carried. The Mech carries a plasma cutter on its right arm, allowing it to slice through vehicle armour with ease. Mounted above the cutter, it carries a 25mm grenade launcher capable of full auto fire, and the ability to fire all kinds of ordenace; from the standard fragmentation, to smoke, gas, flash and incendury. On the other arm, the Whisper mounts a harpoon style cable grapple, allowing it to reel itself up seemingly impenetrable cliff faces. Above this, it carries a automatic 40mm shotgun, that can easily shred attacking infantry. The both shoulders mount a grav-chute, allowing for high altitude drops.

As well as a force of marines, the Confederacy uses a Vanquish variant called the Valkyrie for operation in the vaccuum. It uses the same basic frame as the Whisper, with a pair of wrist mounted plasma cutters for slicing through the outer hull of ships. Mounted on the forearms are a pair of 25mm railguns for long range combat. Mounted on the back are a pair of jet thrusters, allowing it to move freely in space. Its feet contain magnetic clamps, giving it the ability to latch onto the metal hulls of starships. The Valkyrie carries 2 20 shot 40mm rocket pods on its shoulders. The rockets are fitted with magnetics sensor jammers that adhere to the hull of turrets or fighters, effectivly jamming all electrical signals on board.

Medium Mech: Falcon
The Falcon is the powerhouse of the Confederacy armour, with enough armour and weapons to provide infantry support in a conflict. The Falcon carries a pair of rapid firing 30mm autocannons on its shoulders, with ammo hoppers on either side of the crew compartment. The cannons can fire at around 60rpm, enough to lay down a barrage of either high-explosive or armour-piercing shells to destroy any target. Along with the cannons the Falcons mount .50 cal chainguns in the same place as the Vanquish, for point defense against close range infantry. The Falcon is well armoured around the crew compartment and ammo hoppers, and is coupled with shields to disrupt incoming fire.

The Falcon is relativly fast, but is not capable of the leaping strides of a Vanquish. It can accelerate up to speeds of around 20mph at a run, but this severally hampers its accuracy.

The other main variant of the Falcon is the Argo. The Argo is an amphibious attack craft, designed for naval operations. It supports the basic Falcon frame, but with added arms, which support directional propulsion units. The Argo replaces the .50 cal chainguns with two pods of 10 high velocity torpedoes, each one capable of destroying a ship with a clean hit. The torpedoes are designed for short range, with the Argo using its manouverablity to get within striking distance. The Argo keeps the 30mm cannons for surface firing and for support on the ground. The forearms mount hydro-pulse cannons. The generator inside the cannon creates a energy pulse, that utilizes the momentum of the water to create a devastating physical attack.

Heavy Mech: Gallant
The Gallant is one of the heaviest pieces of armour the Confederacy can field on the ground. It is generally used against enemy armour. The Mech stands at about 13ft tall, carried off the ground by four legs mounted on a platform much like a crabs body. The torso extends from the platform housing the crew compartment. Like the Vanquish, the Gallant lacks arms, instead mounting twin linked 30mm autocannons, giving it the ability to punch holes in armour and infantry formations. Mounted on the shoulders in two bulbous pods are 40 40mm rockets. These rockets are usually fired on mass to throw up a cloud of shrapnel to disrupt air attacks. The rockets are able to lock on at medium range, guaranteeing a kill. The rockets can be targeted at infantry but are less effective. It also mounts a flamethrower on its underside, to flush out units hiding underneath. The Gallant is protected by medium armour, capable of absorbing all small arms fire, and three to five clean hits from a armour-piercing cannon. It is also protected by shields that disrupt laser fire and use it to charge the Gallant's systems.

Super Heavy Mech: Valiant
The Valiant is a scaled up version of the Gallant, standing at around 20ft tall. Each leg mounts a flamethrower on a swivel mount, allowing the Valiant to march through regiments of ground troops and leave a blackened trail behind it. Like all confederacy mechs, the Valiant lacks arms, instead carrying a pair of cannons similar to those mounted on the Restless. These make the Valiant a power to be feared against armour. On the shoulders, the Valiant carries two racks of 5 Anti-air missiles, each one capable of knocking a plane out of the sky with one shot. On the hips, where the torso is joined to the four-legged platform, are four pods containing 40 40mm rockets. Unlike the rockets on the Gallant, these contain frag warheads. A salvo from these can effectivly ruin any formation of infantry. The Valiant is covered in 6 inches of armour plate, usually reserved for star-ship hulls and shields to match. It would take a direct hit from an orbital strike to kill a Valiant with one hit.

Recon Mech: Escalade
Despite its versatility, this mech is rarely seen on the battlefield. As its type suggests, its primary use is to scope the terrain in front of the main force, and act as spotters for orbital bombardments and artillery. Its small profile and high speed make it difficult to put down, despite its paper thin armour. It stands at seven feet, with two long, backward jointed legs. Its torso is squat, with enough room for the pilot and a dedicated sensor suite, capable of relaying powerful comm signals from the ground to orbit. With the addition of active camoflage, this mech can sit on a hilltop, some distance from an enemy battleline, and call down precision bombardment without detection. The dangers of this role mean that the mech must carry some light armament, which takes the form of a pair of 5.56mm machinegun built into the wrists and a pair of 5 shot 20mm rocket pods on the shoulders.

Mobile Artillery: Dauntless
Despite the large calibre of guns mounted on other mechs in the Lions, sometimes it is required for a barrage of hi-explosive shells to break fortifications or battle-lines. This is where the Dauntless comes in. Based off the Galant frame, the Dauntless retains the basic shape, but replaces the shoulder mounted rockets for two clusters of 3 60mm self-loading mortars. This gives each mech the power to drop enough ordenance on a target to keep them pinned while the armour gets into position. For direct fire, the Dauntless sports a pair of 105mm autocannons in the same place as the Gallant. On the underside is a flamethrower to clear out infantry. The Gallant mounts the same armour and shields as the Gallant but has to drop the shields and remain stationary to fire.

Heavy Artillery: Thunder
The Thunder is the largest piece of artillery fielded by the Confederacy. The frame is based off the Vailant and replaces the anti-air missiles with and Restless cannons with two 200mm howitzers, allowing it to lay down a massive killing zone of hi-ex ordenance while being distant from the front-line. Along with the howitzers, it carries a pair of 30mm autocannons for direct fire. Like most heavy artillery, the Thunder deploys a set of stablizers before firing, making it completely stationary. The Thunder retains all armour and shielding of the Valiant. The range of these guns is roughly 1.5km, assisted by the ordenance. Each shell contains a small booster, which fires it from the gun much like a rocket. This pushes it up to high altitude, where the fuel burns out and the shell drops from above, allowing it to do massive damage on targets from above.

Armoured Transport: Hermes
The Hermes has a roughly canine shape, and is about the size of a small bus, hoisted on four backwards jointed legs. It stands around six feet off the ground and moves in a bounding gait, assisted by an articulated spine. The passanger compartment is spared much of the jolting through gyro stablisers and crash harnesses. The Hermes is armoured and shielded to withstand most small arms and a couple of clean hits from anti-armour weapons. It can carry 20 passangers and two crew along with room for supplies and support equipment. To disembark troops, the mech lowers itself onto the ground, like a camel sitting, making it vunerable. The troops disembark from an exit ramp on the rear of the craft, and from two hatches on the flanks. The two hatches mount .50 cal chainguns on pintel mounts that retract back from the doorway. The top-side of the mech mounts a pair of 30mm autocannons on a rotating gun turret manned by one of the crew.

Air Support
Interceptor: Draketooth
The Draketooth is a Tiresian design, that centres around speed and very little else. The Fighter is narrow and sleek, with short stubby wings that mount four powerful jets. The crew compartment is set near the front, towards the arrow barb of the nose. The wide cockpit allows 360 degree vision from the pilot. However, the fighter is very fragile, and incapable of taking much damage. The armaments the small fighter mounts however, mean that the enemy isn't going to last long in a dogfight anyway. The fighter mounts two 30mm rapid-firing flak cannons, capable of throwing up a screen of lethal shrapnel. Mounted under the engines are two racks of five short range missiles, which are able to lock onto targets at close range and turn them into scrap with one clean hit.

Bomber: Viper
The Viper is a modification of the Draketooth, that sacrifices the powerful engines, for thicker armour and the ability to carry larger payloads. The Viper has larger wings, but keeps the knife sharp fuselage of the Draketooth. The Viper carries two racks of three large missiles, which mount large warheads, that can carry high explosive or incendiary payloads. Set on the rear of the fuselage is a .50 cal chaingun that is controlled by a computer built into the ships systems. The Viper also has the capability to mount a massive missile, almost as long as the bomber itself. This missile is capable of busting even the toughest bunkers or fortifications.

Transport: Hawkmoth
The Hawkmoth is a large VTOL transport craft, with the ability to transport up to six light mechs or 18 ground troops. The Hawkmoth has a narrow, rectangular fuselage, that sweeps down toward the nose and the pilots cockpit. The interior is open to the elements, with seating and crash restraints for passangers, and magnetic grapples for the mechs. The Hawkmoth has four engines mounted on projections on the four corners of the top face of the rectangular fuselage. At four hardpoints along the sides are pintle mounted .50 cal chainguns, to give the infantry covering fire while they disembark. The open nature of the passenger compartmen means that troops being transported can fire their weapons from the transport. Mounted in the cockpit is a single 105mm autocannon, to provide some defence against armoured targets.

Military Ranks

Enlisted Ranks
Lance Corperal
Master Sergant
Sargent Major

Commisioned Officers
Knight Ensign - Base rank for Mech pilots
Knight Colonel
Major General
Lord General


Gawain Class Escort: The Gawain is the smallest ship to receive escort designation. Its hull is a knife blade, tapering to a needle point prow. It mounts a trio of small calibre railguns on its underside, giving it the ability to engage targets of a similar size. Along with the railguns it carries 20 pods of 10 hi-ex missiles mounted like the cannons on an old tall ship. The Gawain has a high overall speed and manoeuvrability, making it an ideal pursuit vessel or picket boat. For point defence, the Gawain mounts 25mm chainguns on strategic locations around the ship.

Percival Class Escort: The Percival is an upgraded model of the Gawain, with heavier armour and a larger railgun. It carries a small fighter deck, enabling it to transport 10 fighters or bombers. Like the Gawain, it carries 20 missile pods and 25mm chainguns. Due to the increased amount of armour, and the larger railgun, it’s not as manoeuvrable as the Gallant.

Galahad Class Frigate: The Galahad is a medium sized ship, with a compact, functional design. The armoured prow extends into a ram, that can punch through a ship’s hull, allowing boarding troops access to the enemy. The Galahad carries one large railgun, capable of taking down a medium to large ship with a couple of hits. It carries 80 ten shot rocket pods, 40 on each flank, coupled with standard 25mm chainguns for point defence. The Galahad is well armoured and shielded, making it a solid front line fighting vessel. Its engines give it a certain degree of manoeuvrability, but nothing compared to the escorts.

Tristan Class Frigate: The Tristan is a close range death machine, with all round medium armour and shields. Instead of a single large railgun, it carries 16 smaller calibre weapons. This allows it to pour broadsides of high velocity projectiles into the enemy, crippling them at close range. Because of the railguns, it forgoes the large quantities of missiles carried by the Galahad, but is equipped with a greater number of 25mm chainguns.

Evaine Class Destroyer: The Evain is a medium sized ship, with an elegant Tiresian design, full of swooping arches and tapering points. It supports a pair of heavy railguns, normally fired in quick succession. One shot to take down the shields, the other to punch through the armour. The Evaine carries 100 10 shot rocket pods, 50 on each flank. Like all ships, The Evaine carries 25mm chainguns for point defense. The Evaine is built with two fighter bays, one on each flank. The bays can hold a dozen fighters each, making it a viable carrier in smaller engagements. The Evaine is well armoured and shielded.

Laudine Class Destroyer: The Laudine is a large ship, with a fluted prow and a sleek design. The Laudine exists to make life difficult for enemy capital ships, with the massive railgun that runs the whole length of the ship. A single shot can take down a medium class ship, with only a couple needed to take down a cruiser. The Laudine also mounts 25mm chainguns for point defense. Like the Evaine, the Laudine is well armoured and shielded.

Lucan Class Cruiser: The Lucan is a large ship, built around a Vervun design. The squat, latticed frame means the Lucan can take massive amounts of damage allowing it to quickly break up a battle line without scratching the paintwork. It carries 40 small calibre railguns, 20 on each flank, and a massive railgun that runs the length of the ship. It forgoes the use of missiles and carrier space for these guns. As is expected, the Lucan is slow and ponderous.

Morholt Class Carrier: The Morholt is a large ship, built around the same frame as the Lucan. Instead of the massive central railgun, the Morholt mounts the hanger space for 200 fighters. For offensive armaments, the Morholt carries 10 small calibre railguns and the standard 25mm chainguns.

The Confederacy use cold fusion reactors to power their space craft. The technology required to build these reactors is a closely guarded Tiresian secret allowing them to control the production of all confederacy star-ships. The Navarre are pioneering a fossil fuel power plant for their own craft if hostilities break down, however these ships have neither the mobility or range of Tiresian ships. The weapons stem from research into optical lasers. The basic laser lance is a highly focused beam of light that is capable of slicing through the toughest armaments. Shield developments arrived at the point where the shields dissipate the light energy and use it to recharge the ships shields. Only repeated and focused shots will break them down. Solid shell cannons remain the same, however most shells carry an electromagnetic shield that disrupts the shields. Although not as powerful as a lance, a shell in the right place can do as much damage. Torpedoes are designed to deliver the kill shot to a capitol ship. Much like a Remote piloted fighter jet, these weapons can be guided to hit at the weak points. With a nuclear warhead, a single torpedo can reduce an entire battle fleet to scrap.

Single ship fighters carry a large solid fuel rocket. capable of accelerating them to mach 1 in four seconds. This burns fuel quickly giving them a short range. Their armaments consist of a single laser lance and usually a single torpedo. The fighters are effective in small groups, able to harass escorts, and given the support of a medium sized ship are effective at delivering the killing blow.
The Vervun have pioneered a single ship design that sacrifices speed for the capacity to carry twelve boarding troops.

Navy ranks

Enlisted ranks
Petty Officer
Cheif Petty Officer
Sergant at Arms

Commisioned Ranks
Lord Admiral

Navy Uniforms
The standard uniform for a crewman on a Confederacy vessel, is a black armoured jumpsuit, which is vaccum sealed and contains a pair of small oxygen cylinders. The suit is armoured with plates of kevlar, burgundy in colour. The officers suits carry rank pins on the chest and shoulders, as well as a roaring lion insignia over the heart.

So begins...

The Hundred Lions Confederacy's Story