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Elias Stern

"Words are another sword for the one who can wield them well."

0 · 708 views · located in Halcion

a character in “Across the Wilderness”, as played by Thadine


Elias Jasper Stern


"Some people do it for money, some for fame, others for revenge...I do it for the most simplest of reasons. Because I like it, and because I can."

Elias on the topic of his line of work.


| Name | Elias Jasper Stern
| Nickname | Is often called by his middle name, Jasper, or even referred to as Eli, though he doesn't much enjoy people using the latter. It sounds too childish.
| Age | 23
| Sexuality | Straight, though he has never focused much on relationships.
| Species | Human
| Occupation | Leader of Assassin's Guild in Halcion as well as an occasional Thief and Fence.

| Likes |

- Weaponry - Challenges - Logic Puzzles - Tea - A Job Well Done - Gold - The Ocean - Sweets - Fighting - Drinking - Taverns - Crows - Quiet Areas - His Guild - The Colour Crimson - His Favorite Dagger - Crafting Various Poisons - Wood Carvings - His Dog - Warm Weather - The Nickname "Jasper" - Games - The Warm Glow of Torchlight - Daggers - Blacksmiths -

| Dislikes |

- Cats - Religion - Churches - Archery - Getting Drunk - The Royal Army - Most Magic - Being called Eli by people he Doesn't Know - Large Crowds - Rain - His Remaining Family - Being left with no Work to Do - Overly Energetic People - Music - People Not Taking his Leadership Seriously because of his Young Age - Heavy Armour - Heavy Weaponry -

| Hobbies |

Forging Weapons - Out of curiosity and a love for well-crafted tools, he took up the work a few years ago. After speaking to a blacksmith he was quite close to, and often bought weapons for the Guild from, the man decided to teach him a few things. With the proper tools and forge, he is able to create simple and light weapons such as knives, daggers, and even very thin armor. He isn't an expert, though manages to make a bit of coin on the side by selling weapons he has made. He enjoys this work greatly, and considers it to be an art form.

Burglary - What's more exciting than entering another person's home, anticipating when they might return, or even while they are sleeping, and stealing things? Though it's not his line of work, he is an amateur thief. Usually after claiming a target he may take what's in their house or pockets, but he finds a certain thrill in tracking someone down and learning their schedule well enough so he can completely rob them of any of their valuables later on. He doesn't share this with many people, in fact, only a few Guild members close to him know about him being a part time thief and fence.

Training His Dog - Who knew an assassin would have such a wonderful dog for a pet? He takes this animal nearly everywhere, except important missions of course. In his spare time, he trains his dog simple and charming tricks that most people would go 'aww' at. Of course, his dog doesn't really like strangers. If his animal takes a liking in you, take it as a compliment. The animal has naturally warmed up to a few people in the Guild, though is most loyal to his master.

Killing - Yes, it is his job, but he sees it as more of an interest of his that he is coincidentally paid for. While most would have become nearly unaffected by all of the murders committed, he still feels nearly energized by it all. When he's falling asleep at night, he thinks up of different ways he can assassinate targets. Indirect means? A slit to the throat? Poison? Luring a dangerous animal into their home? It's all just so coming up with more and more creative ways to do things.

| Fears |

Going to Prison - He's mostly safe in his Guild. Not many know his identity outside of the Guild, and even if they did, they would be too afraid to turn him in if they ever knew his identity, in fear that some team of assassins would come after them. Of course, with his new and near addiction to burglary, his job is getting a bit more dangerous. There's always the chance he will be caught one day, and brought in. Always the chance that the guard who takes him away will know who he is. Always the chance that he'll be locked down in some cold, dank, and musty prison cell for the rest of his life. And that absolutely terrifies him. He'd rather die than be trapped somewhere, and he plans on doing so if it ever comes to that.

Bats - Now this one is a bit less serious. Everyone has some sort of irrational fear, and his just happens to be the quick, nocturnal creatures. He's encountered much too many in his night-time travels, and because he enters cellars of homes and passageways underneath the cities, he comes across a lot of them. And for some reason they have always flown in his face, or brushed across the top of his head. If he opens up a cupboard in a cellar, they're bound to be inside. If he looks into any corner, there's usually a few there. For some reason every single one has the idea that they need to suddenly dive at him and then fly away. If he sees a bat, he won't freak out...but if one flew at him, there would probably be a bit of panic.

Storms - It's not so much a fear as a worry...storms produce rain. Rain makes mud, mud leaves footprints and gives away paths that have been taken. It limits your visibility, and more importantly, you can hardly hear a thing over the thunder and pounding rain. A great fear of his is being in a dangerous forest in the middle of a storm. You'd never be able to hear if some creature was stalking you, or even about to attack.


| Skills and abilities |

Stealth - A lot of his skills obviously relate to his line of work. It requires him to be stealthy, and that he is. It comes to him almost naturally, and he seems to have a certain knack for it. He knows exactly where to step to avoid the floorboards creaking, how to keep to the shadows. His regular footsteps hardly make a sound as well, being as light as nearly an elf. Though of course he isn't as nimble as those creatures, he's as close as a human can get. And he's only improving, with his newly found like for burglary, the job requires him to be even more careful.

Small Weapons - As well, he is very exceptional with lighter and smaller weapons, such as knives, daggers, or shortswords. He's been learning and practicing wielding them for many years, and though not very proficient with larger weapons, his ability with these seems to make up for it. Learning how to craft small weapons has only improved his understanding of how to use one, even better than before. He understands how it must be held, how adding just the slightest bit more force can change a weak cut into a horrible gash. The dagger he currently uses is like a part of him, an extension of his own body. He adores it more than most people he has met in his life, and only a few have managed to pass its rank. Those being his dog, and one or two members of his Guild.

"Persuading" People - He has a certain "way" with people. He knows many different ways to get what he wants, whether it's information or a lower price. While he does know how to use just words to reach his goal, he's quite good a persuading people, he has other ways. Elias is known to interrogate, bribe, and threaten others to get what he wants, and isn't afraid of anything. He usually has other people do this work for him, however he likes to do some work himself, especially on important missions.

Mending Armor/Clothing - Aside from his obvious skills, he is quite decent at repairing armor and...well, even clothing. While sewing would be considered a woman's job, he is the the only person he trusts to do the job right on the mottled grey clothing he often wears on his missions. He doesn't like people knowing this, so often does it when he is by himself.

| Weaknesses |

Heavy and Long-Ranged Weaponry - He can not wield heavy weapons. Give him a greatsword, and he'll swing it like a fool. Give him anything with a thick blade, and he won't be able to even cause damage. He is not proficient with them at all, mostly due to having never used them. As well, he can't use a bow, though this is mostly due to his lack of accuracy. When he is given one, he can hit targets at a closer range with great strength, however can't aim very well. All in all, he's just unable to deal with far range weapons, or heavier and larger ones.

Not Easily Trusted - Elias is known to be a bit of a fool sometimes, and though serious when it comes to matters with his work and what he cares about, most of the time, he is never quite truthful or genuine. He's known to lie quite a lot, even on the smallest of matters, and because of all of this people tend to not trust him, unless they get to know him. Of course, once you know him well and he tells you he's the leader of an Assassin Guild, most tend to not associate with him any longer.

Teamwork - As well, he is not used to working in teams. Assassinating is done by yourself, most of the time. While you may gather information and plan in teams, you do not commit the crime as a group. He isn't used to fighting around large groups of people, and if put into a situation like that, may end up being a bit clumsy, and definitely not up to par as how he usually performs with no one else around.

| Equipment |

His Dagger - His most prized weapon, and possession out of nearly everything. He's had it for years, starting with when he first joined the Guild in his youth. It's rumored to have an elven background, created by one of the creatures in their legendary forges. It's made of the finest steel, the edge kept sharp. It's very thin, though through his years of using it, it has not gained one scratch, or wavered in any way. The handle is bound in dark leather, though embedded with a few precious sapphires. He uses it for nearly every kill, and cleans and sharpens it almost religiously to keep it in the best of shape. It's kept in a leather sheath on his hip in plain sight.

His Dog - His animal is a pale brown Greyhound. Though not taken on many missions, he lets the animal follow him when he's venturing in the forest, or long distances to his target. It has not grown as large as it's supposed to, and shows signs of being a bit of another species, though this doesn't bother Elias. It's name is Kaden, and though not a common name for an animal, he knows the name's origins and meaning, which is "fighter", appropriate for his animal. It knows how to fight, and listens to Elias' commands nearly right away. It can run at a very quick speed as all of its species.

Various Poisons in different forms - Essential to any killer.

A Silver Knife - Though not the greatest of weapons, he has this for the sake of his current target. He doesn't know much of her current..."state", though found out enough info to know that a weakness to silver is quite common. He plans to kill her with his real weapon though, and only weaken her slightly with this.

Clothing - Not much. He currently wears a regular clothing, a middle-class outfit with a shirt of dark burgundy, and brown trousers. He brings with him his stealth clothing, which is nearly all a very deep grey close to black. However, it's muddled with other shades of grey so he can blend into the shadows better, as they all aren't one colour. It's a stronger cloth that doesn't rip or tear easily.

The Essentials - Food, water, you know, everything he needs to...well, survive.

| Flaws |

Elias, though not low on confidence or self esteem, does find many flaws within himself, in appearance, personality, and more. For one, his age seems to be something that bothers him. After inheriting leadership of the guild at his fairly young age, new members often questioned his experience and ability in everything that he does. At first, this nearly complimented him. The disbelief that someone like him to lead over the organization, it made him feel nearly proud. After awhile though the constant questions and people making sure that he "knew what he was doing" began to irritate him. And when he was clean-shaven, it was even worse, as most assumed he was barely twenty. He tries to act as confident as he can, and though attempts to be mature, can't hide away his joking nature. He views his attachment to certain things, such as the Guild, some of the members, and his dog to all be a weakness. People can use it all against him, take those people away, judge him based on his occupation, and more. He knows that he feels strongly about all of them, and tries not to make it obvious so that others won't know. It's becoming apparent as well, that with some of his more recent targets, he's becoming too entwined in their stories with his access to information and almost...feels bad for some of them. His kills are slowly turning to those out of anger because of this new feeling of sympathy making itself apparent, and tries to not give in to it, however he's afraid that one day he might break.


| Personality |

Elias is quite often seen as two very differing personalities, depending on mostly who he is interacting with, and how he seems to be feeling that certain day. They're both quite vastly different, and depending on which one you come across most often, you may either like him, or completely hate him. Of course, he does have a lot of flaws in both sides, as well as some positive things. He may seem unorganized and even stressed when around people he doesn't much like for long periods of time, however a common trait between both personalities is how obviously laid-back he seems to be, harnessing a certain devil-may-care aura.

When around those he is comfortable with, or most strangers he's not annoyed by, he is very easy-going and a large joker. He makes cracks about nearly everything, and those who do not appreciate his humour won't get a break from it unless they leave him, or shut him up somehow. He makes sarcastic comments on things people say, mock the actions, habits, or even the appearance of others. Though he sees it all as light-hearted fun, those who don't have his sense of humour quickly find themselves feeling insulted or even threatened by his words. He's quite ignorant to how other people feel, or how his actions or words affect others. This has just come from a lack of caring people in his life, or those who only care about money and power. Though very much capable of feeling affection or caring about people, it does take him longer than usual to warm up to them. Being shaped by the people in the Guild for most of his life, he does have difficulty trusting people, ready for them to turn on him at any moment.

He may seem a bit paranoid, though this is only seen if you focus on small things. His eyes will move rapidly around, he'll tap his fingers on his leg or any surface near him. Play with the fabric of his clothing, bite his lips. It's the tiny things that tend to reveal what he's thinking about or give away his emotions. He tries his very best not to reveal to anyone what he's feeling or thinking, and because of this, has become nearly a compulsive liar, about anything and everything. The better he knows you, the less this will happen, though it's a bad habit, and he slips up every now and then. Though not the most gallant man, trust is extremely important to Elias, and if he it one hundred percent comfortable with you, you know you've done something right. He does not hold back from telling people what he is when they are close enough to them, however every time he's done this, they've cut off all contact with him. The only people that seem to like him are those that are the same as he, members of his Guild.

Leadership has changed him quite a bit. Made him more responsible, a bit more serious when needed, and quite a bit more confident as well. Before he was one of the more withdrawn members, however after being passed the reigns, adjusted his attitude a bit. When matters of what's important to him come up, he doesn't joke around. Elias can be serious when needed, but when this happens, he is known to be a bit less patient with people, especially those who tend to bother him. He doesn't have an exploding temper, though can snap quite a bit. This is the way he usually acts when he's having a bad day, or is around someone he's really not a fan of. Serious, a bit mocking, and not afraid to say what he wants to no matter how insulting it may be. He does have a tendency to leap before he looks however, though is taming this urge a bit better.

Of course, along with his newfound maturity that is slowly coming to him, so is a bit more stress and weight on his shoulders. He's beginning to feel nearly...guilty about some of his kills. He's improved greatly, but with all this new information he is able to have access too, he's discovering small things about targets he has never wanted to, and almost becoming attached to them like a character in a story. Elias is very hard on himself, and quite a perfectionist, so finds this unacceptable. Because of this, lately he's been a bit on the edge, though still remains to act joking and care-free, ignoring most of his troubles until he comes to face them at his own pace. Amidst all the laughter and joking is a darker side to him though. He enjoys killing quite a lot, because of the vigorous planning, action, and thrill that comes with it. Most wouldn't find similar properties to it as he does, though he considers it nearly a hobby, and always charges into situations with the option of killing rather than pacifism.

| History |

Again, a good number of paragraphs.

| Other |

- His dog is bad around strangers, and usually doesn't like anyone besides his owner.
- Doesn't shave often due to him looking younger with a lack of facial hair
- Extremely picky eater, and finding food he enjoys is what he wastes a good portion of his money on
- Has a habit of calling all women "Dear" even though they may be older than him

So begins...

Elias Stern's Story