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1st Lt. Cabrice Venner

Captain of the ACV Decistor Fighter Pilots with a reputation for being tough to deal with.

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a character in “ACV Decistor”, as played by A Rubber Chicken


ACV Decistor Personnel record, #243

Name: Cabrice Venner
Sex: Male
Age: 32
Rank: First Lieutenant
Role: Captain of Decistor Fighter Pilots

Military History: Cabrice Venner began his career on Earth. As the son of a Commander, he was naturally inclined to join the military from a very young age and his training officially started at the ripe age of 12. Despite his Father having the potential for considerable input, Cabrice was given a place at one of the most prestigious Air Force training centers in the Allied Colonies based solely on his aptitude displayed in flight simulators.

From this Academy he went on to an equally respectable Institute for Officer Training and, at the age, of 21, emerged as a qualified pilot with a placement on the ACV Glorify. Here he received several military decorations and recognition for his skills both on-board and in control of a fighter.

After serving for 7 years aboard Glorify, Venner returned from a heated battle to find his Captain dead and a promotion for the position awaiting him. He remained in command of the fighter squadrons for ACV Glorify and crafted them into an elite force worthy of the greatest of the fleet's warships.

However when news that ACV Decistor being re-commisioned was announced, the Lieutenant surprised everyone by applying for a transfer to the dated craft. His work, he claimed, was done aboard Glorify. The new pilots of the Decistor needed a leader to shape them for battle quickly and he believed he was the man for the job, though many, understandably, suspected ulterior motives. With his faultless service record and the reputation of his fighters aboard Glorify the application was accepted without question, much to the dissatisfaction of those pilots set to join him who had prior knowledge of First Lieutenant Cabrice Venner. Six months on, his resolve has not faultered once.

Psychological evaluation: First Lieutenant Venner is a fine officer. He abides by rules and punishes those who break them. His pilots are amongst the best in the fleet as a direct result of his leadership abilities, though the cost of efficiency is often a harsh one. Lt. Venner is distant from the pilots he leads, insisting that fraternization does no good and forms unprofessional bonds which make the simple task of giving orders a depth of complexity which is not a luxury one can afford in a life or death situation.

He is not, it should be noted, purposefully challenging to have in one's company. Venner's stern personality and overly logical outlook are an outcome of his years of harsh training and environment, as well as a Father who pushed him from birth to be a great leader of men. Yet it is difficult to remember this while he is present as he has developed a reputation for being cold, ill-humoured and notoriously difficult to please.

Despite his social shortcomings, Lt. Venner is an excellent pilot who has earned the right to be a Captain and has proven his worth in command on dozens of separate occasions. His resilience and ability to cope under pressure have yet to be tested beyond their limits.

ADDITIONAL: ACV Glorify was destroyed in the assault on the Oberu system. Lt. Venner has shown no reaction to this publicly, nor is he known to have confided in any member of the crew.

Physical Description:

-Height: 6 ft 1 in
-Weight: 185 lb
-Hair Colour: Dark brown
-Eye Colour: Hazel
-Distinguishing Features: A small tattoo of a mechanical eagle marks the inside of each wrist

-Jaw: Broad. Cleft chin. Usually clean-shaven.
-Mouth: Small. Thin lips. Straight teeth
-Cheeks: High-boned. Defined.
-Nose: Thin. Small nostrils. Broken in past thus outwardly curved from top to near end.
-Brow: Broad. Extenuated by shorter-than-regulation haircut.
-Ears: Medium in size. Pinned back at a young age.
-Facial Hair: None.

Overall: A well-built Caucasian individual with a lean, muscular physique, impeccable posture and a faultless uniform on display at all times. Well turned out and exceptionally presentable.

Medical History:

Conditions: Classified
Allergies: None
Broken Bones: Nose, Humerus.
Hospital medical wing admissions in past 12 months: None
Hospital or medical wing admissions to date: 4
STI's: Negative


Motto: "A healthy body for a healthy mind"
Relationship Status: Divorced
Criminal Record: Clean

So begins...

1st Lt. Cabrice Venner's Story


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After saying his prayers in the chapel, Zus decided it would be best to make the rounds at the infirmary. Typically in this scenario the XO would take charge of the maintenance and let the Captain do the visitation, but Cassin enjoyed his work too much and left Zus with little to do at times. It allowed him to keep close relations with the crew. As he walked the rooms some of the crew began to salute him but he waived them off, standing by military formalities in time like this was unnecessary. He greeted people here and there, consoled a female ensign as someone she obviously cared for had passed away from his battle wounds. It would be nice to say he knew every member of the Decistor, but that would be a lie, the man's name tag had been burned off and he couldn't recall the face. Zus's hand found hers and he whispered a prayer only she could hear. Perhaps she wasn't religious, but she seemed to appreciate it.

Many had died in the battle, and quite a few were wounded. There were a few serious injuries; head wounds and broken limbs. There were also minor wounds as well, still important to treat. Zus passed one of medrooms, members of the kitchen staff were talking to a medical officer, Ensign Zharkov lay unconscious on the table. Further down the medbay First Lieutenant Venner was being stubborn about having a head wound treated as a nurse dabbed away at it. Venner was waving her off as if his medical needs were nothing important. The nurse stormed off, frustrated.

"Maybe you shouldn't have that treated at all Venner, it'd make for a nice scar," he chuckled. "I wanted to commend you on how you handled yourself and our fighters out there, truly a great job. I saw you and wanted to get an informal battle report of sorts." Zus gave a stern look to the Captain of the fighter pilots, a man known for never letting his emotion show, even after his former ship, the ACV Glorify, had been destroyed in battle. Different officers took their losses in different ways, the last thing the Decistor needed was someone blaming themselves for all the death that had taken place, Zus could read people well but Venner was one that continued to elude him. It naturally made him a little more interesting. The Lieutenant was an impressive man and could easily be the commanding officer of a ship someday, capable of handling any orders, though he lacked some of the charisma necessary to inspire a whole ship. As long as he kept bringing back results, his statistics would overpower any social shortcomings.