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Aná Casri

A brash, impulsive young fighter pilot produced by a poor and war-weary colony.

0 · 179 views · located in ACV Decistor

a character in “ACV Decistor”, as played by Vyral


A petite young brunette, if it wasn’t for her sour-faced look and distinctly rough demeanour Aná could be considered pretty, if plain. Green eyes and skin the shade of pale mocha are her only exotic features, and these do little so soften her appearance towards others. A strong, well-maintained physique coupled with small breasts does little to endear potential suitors. Her apparent attraction to tattoos has done little to impress the more conservative military types even if they are easily concealed behind the rigidity of her fleet uniform.


Aná is a brash, impulsive and usually abrasive fighter pilot with little popularity from both her commanding officers and her fellow pilots and crew alike. Her rude and disrespectful manner towards almost everyone has earned her few friends and her presence continues only because of her abounding potential as a pilot and the desperation of Headquarters to replace the ever-diminishing number of pilots. With little compassion shown to her fellow crewmates, Aná has a reputation for being a callous if efficient flyer and while no-one volunteers to have her fly wing with them, few complain about her presence when she is assigned to them.

Raised on the border-planets Aná has readily expressed her distaste both for military command and for those born in the wealthier colonies sheltered behind her own home system. Often critical of the government, her loyalties are dubious at best and her motivations for joining a military institution she publically deplores are speculation at best. She takes pride only in her distinguished record in the air. Everything else she seems ready to throw away.

Her home-planet of Limonol is a poverty-stricken rock in the border-system of Enoi. Even before the war the systems two inhabitable planets barely scratched a living other than as secondary FTL routes between larger system clusters in the Colonies. The Enoi System has suffered miserably throughout the war. Frequent battles are fought in it and its neighbouring systems littering space with the debris of ruined ships and frightening away even the braver merchants still operating so close to the front lines. Limonal is the closet inhabitable planet to the border and has been home to a large military base and orbital ship-yard for the past three decades of the war. Despite this the planet has one of the lowest civilian to military conversion rates in the Allied Colonies.

The stalemate between the opposing sides of the war has left Enoi stranded between two enormous forces. The systems inhabitants have paid the price in lives across generations and any thirst for war has long since been drained from them. Poverty and disillusionment have led to the Enoi System being one of those accused of non-patriotism by the more central colonials. This is a point of both contention and shame for the systems people. They still submit their required drafts each year and each election they vote but the shift in attitudes is plain to see. Volunteers for the military are shunned in public and private, often the butt of jokes and social barbs. Few servicemen from the Enoi System return home for leave and it has been noted that combatants from the system have an abnormally high casualty rate.


Aná [] was born on the planet of Limonol. A bastard, her mother was the mistress of Ulysses Deraj, Captain of the merchant-class vessel Dependable. Conceived whilst Ulysses was taking an extended shore-leave to boost his ships stocks, Aná was destined to be raised by a single mother. A baker by trade, Mèlinda Casri had to struggle to provide for the extra mouth. Despite being abandoned by her brief partner she clung to the image of romance and passion from their relationship, forever insisting that he would one day return with his ship to take them into the central colonies.

At the age of eleven Aná discovered that Ulysses had perished alongside Dependable on the edge of the Presidius Cluster, caught in the cross-fire of the Allied Colonies and their rivals. Her mother had known this for years but had been unable, or unwilling, to speak this truth to her daughter. Aná herself had no memory of her father and felt only numbness at the news she would never meet him; never be able to ask him why he had abandoned her. Tensions had always been high between Aná and her mother. The juxtaposition of a naïve, kind and gentle baker against that of her brash, impulsive and coarse daughter often caused arguments. This development only served to deepen the motional rift between mother and daughter to a point where neither could face the other, and neither tried.

At the age of seventeen Aná enlisted in the Allied Colonies Naval Fleet Academy on Limonol three months ahead of that years draft. Her youth and fierce attitude quickly saw her gain the attention of those officers whom favoured the aggressive shift in military policy. She was quickly transferred onto a training programme for fighter pilots. After graduating top of her class for her first year Aná was transferred into the central colonies to receive a higher standard of training. After four five years of training she was transferred to her first combat active assignment as a Petty Officer aboard the destroyer ACV Brazen. During her time on Brazen Petty Officer Casri few fifty-seven caps. It was also hear that her questionable disciplinary record began. Arguments and small fights between herself and other crew landed her in trouble a number of times until she was finally ordered to transfer. Her superiors gave her opportunity aboard the cruiser ACV Galant a more aggressive ship that they felt would sate her anger. Instead her behaviour turned to insubordinate remarks and assault against a senior officer. Her saving grace was a combination of eighty-four caps and their mutual off-duty status at the time. Following this incident Petty Officer Casri was transferred to the battleship ACV Decistor. It was hoped that the strong, dependable combination of Captain Young and his Executive Officer Zus Llwelyn would help to straighten out Aná’s spiralling behaviour and making the most of her promising potential as a fighter pilot.

So begins...

Aná Casri's Story