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Capt. Cassin Young

"Imagine, there was a time when the stars would whisper to a ship which way to sail for home. If only they would whisper that to me now."

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a character in “ACV Decistor”, originally authored by Chuckles, as played by RolePlayGateway



Captain Cassin Young isn't an overly impressive man visually. Top to bottom and around the middle he would be considered quite average. He keeps himself presentable at all times, well within regulation. His soft green eyes show a certain wariness coupled with genuinely jovial personality, all covered up by dutiful pride and strong resolve. At the bridge he stands out despite his otherwise average stature, the way he holds himself exudes personal excellence and confidence, both in himself and his crew. He commands the respect he is due in the manner he walks and talks, but never so much as to come across as overly haughty.

The Captain has learned to walk the fine line between demanding what is required due to his position while remembering that with out that position he is simply a man in the Navy, just like any other hand on deck. It is this fact that made him a candidate for the reigns of the ACV Decistor. While some officers gain commanding positions due to their relentlessness in battle or strong tactical mind, others are granted command because they cause far less trouble then they are worth, effective and dependable.


Cassin Young is a good willed and happy man deep down beneath all the war and regulations and uniforms. He believes in the cause which he was raised to believe and lets the questions of history fall to others who care to tackle them. For him knowing the past isn't going to change the orders he's given. A strong desire to succeed drives him in his career and his personal desire to be at least an honest and moral person steers his actions. In another time he may have been a religious man, in another time perhaps he may still after he is done with war and death, but for now the Navy is his religion, his ship his cathedral, the stars his gods, the men and women serving under him the followers who look to him for guidance and leadership.

So begins...

Capt. Cassin Young's Story


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#, as written by Vyral
The Colonial Fleet, Oberu System.

Wreckage. Debris floated aimlessly through space, carried either by the force of the explosion that had rent it from hull or by the gravity of the planets orbiting the systems sun. Obscured within the twisted graveyard of metal a few ships struggled desperately to stabilize their systems, clinging to life as their ship failed around them. Wounded vessels collided with one another sending out fresh flashes of light and scattering the debris even further afield. The destruction of the fleet had created a ring-like field that hung around the systems largest planet, obscuring the verdant blue-and-green mosaic behind the grey-silver mesh that had been its last hope. Two dozen battered ships still lingered before the debris field but their hulls were riddled with holes and what crew remained alive would be struggling to salvage their systems. The survivors were in no fit shape to fight.

The Colonial Fleet hung in the void of space before them, equally as bruised. Hundreds of ships had formed the formation that had exited jump space and caught their enemies off guard. Now huge gaps had been punched through the fleet, smatterings of metal the only indication that ships had once filled them. Perhaps a third of the ships that had assaulted the system still survived, few of them still capable of a firefight. Those ships too wounded to match pace split off and formed their on sub-division at the edge of the system whilst shuttles scurried from the Auxileries and tried to patch the worst damage; dubbed the Second Fleet. The First Fleet took the lead, chugging forwards in four sub-formations.

Ordered to jump for home as soon as every ship had engines back online, the men and women aboard The Second Fleet were celebrating their victory. After decades of terrible fighting across dozens of systems, in which many had lost friends and family alike, victory had seemed a thin hope, clasped for only by the desperate or foolish. Few had truly believed the attack would work; most believed it would be another useless massacre. The end had not been far from this; the battered Colonial's had maintained just enough functioning ships to claim success. Consisting of five heavily damage sub-formations the Second Fleet painted a stark picture of the battles costs. Jubilant though the fleet may be, no ship had passed the battle unscathed. Friends had died, and many would find that after the euphoric atmosphere settled they would be left staring at a hollow win.

ACV Decistor was attached to the Second Fleet. The large Liberty-Class Battleship had been suffered enough damage during the assault to rule it out of action until it received proper repairs at a shipyard. Whilst the final few dregs of the Second fixed their jump-drives to return home, the Decistor had her own problems on which to focus.

ACV Decistor, Oberu System
Capt. Cassin Young

Damage report 00962 -- 0742 f.t. --

Propulsion systems

Engine one ; 92% ... system pass
Engine two ; 87% ... system pass
Engine three ; 32% ... system fail ... repair required ... dry dock required
Engine four ; 100% ... system pass
Engine five ; 100% ... system pass

Vectoring systems ; 78% ... system pass ... repair required ... repairs possible

Jump system

Drive one ; 100% ... system pass
Drive two ; 98% ... system pass
Drive three ; 88% ... system pass

Drive system ; system pass ... projected jump speed variance 9% below terminal

Weapons system

Power system ; 68% ... system fail ... repair required ... repairs possible
Weapons system physical ; 80% ... system pass ... 40% of current available weapons systems require power system repair ... repairs possible

Cassin leaned back in his chair as the reports continued to update on the screen before him. The last system update was a decent upswing from the regular system fail notifications that had come across his desk. The Decistor was still able to move under her own power, which was more than many of the ships in the second fleet could claim. His biggest fear was whether the ship could handle a jump without coming apart at the seams. Well over half of the ship had sustained hull damage. They had entire sectors sealed off from the vacuum of space, the last integrity report estimated the system at 71%, a 5% drop from two hours prior.

The ship would need dry dock to be repaired.

Cassin knew the chances of the ship ever seeing repairs was slim to none. It had been taken out of holding and hastily rebuilt for it's current assignment, well past it's decommission age. The majority of the second fleet would serve their last days as transports before they were salvaged and the Decistor would be little exception despite it's history.

Reaching forward the captain brought up the inter-ship communications panel. "Master Chief Williams, authorize power grid repairs, internal systems hold priority. I want cold storage back up as soon as possible, I'd rather not starve to death while the fleet limps back to local command."

"Aye aye Captain. We should be able to get it back up before we exit the first jump leg." the voice of his engineering Chief replied quickly. The engineering team had proven that they were beyond competent, considering the condition of the ship they had been given they had kept it running in top condition. The rest of the crew had performed just as admirably, with the various unavoidable rough spots on the roster. The rest of the voyage would be uneventful enough for most of them.

Switching over to ship wide Cassin took a breath. "Crew of the ACV Decistor. In the last hours you have served admirably in the face of what many called impossible odds. You were assigned to a ship that has already seen it's decommission date, one of the few that survived long enough to do so. In the last hours you have done the name of the Decistor a justice, as a ship that survived it's time in the war, it can now claim the feat of returning to active condition and surviving one of the greatest space battles of the war. By doing this you have also written her legend the honor of seeing the end of the war among the stars."

Cassin paused, he was proud of the legacy that he had been allowed to share a part in, and he knew the crew was as well.

"We have suffered great loss, but also great victory. Take heart for the days ahead, they have been left to you so that you might live for those who died in bringing us this victory. When we set out we where but messengers in an eternal conflict, we return now harbingers of an age of peace. Today we can begin a celebration that will continue on across the stars."

Cassin switched to the bridge com as he looked back toward his damage reports. The hull integrity numbers had dropped 1% before the final report came in at 70%. They could chance making the jump or wait, but with no hope of repair he would only be delaying the risks.

"Helmsman. Dial us in with the sub-group. Set jump for rally 113."

"Dialed in sir, jump on your order."

"Make the jump."


The Desistor and the ships in her sub-group seemed to distort for a moment before flashing out of sight. The combined force exerted in that moment would have shattered a planet if they had jumped in atmosphere, but for those ships still in the sector there was nothing. There was no evidence that the ships had jumped save the pieces and parts left behind floating in the debris field.

(Post co-written by Vyral and Chuckles)