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Vladimir Zharkov

Fighter Cook

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a character in “ACV Decistor”, as played by TheFinalOne


Vladimir Zharkov


Age: 34

Gender: Male

Military Rank:Ensign, previously Captain.

Home Colony:



It is the only inhabited planet in the X245 system, owing to the other planets being gas planets. It is the planet closest to its sun, X245s at about 175 thousand miles. The planet is 1.65 times the size of earth and 3 times the weight, making it lighter than Earth. It is about 85% water and has minimal cloud cover. The average temperature is 65 degrees F. The length of the day is 28 earth hours and it takes 500 days for it to make a revolution.
Before the War:
Before colonization, there was no lifeforms found on the surface. When large iron deposits were found, terraforming was commissioned. It took Terraformer Corps two years to complete the process. The process was completed 341 years ago. At that only one colony was set up, primarily to mine the iron. The settlement grew as profits increased. The threat of the war loomed large, but the people lived happily. That was until war hit 20 years ago. It tore the mining colony apart.

The War reaches Verska
It was sudden. It was the day the large transport ships would come. The ships did come but they crash landed. As the people of the colony tried to figure out what was going on, the enemy came. Two million dead on the first day, seven million by the end of the week. Nobody knew which spaceship was on which side. All they knew was that all spaceships were destroying property and killing people.

Luckily, Zharkov's family managed to get out in a daring rescue by a government ship.

Personality: He is weird man at best.

He speaks with ambiguity/cryptically, a means of creating a feeling of insecurity in others or of disguising one's own insecurities. He is intentionally inefficient, that is, he is intentionally late and keeps forgetting things, another way to exert control or to punish. He tries to win any argument with a dishonest denial of actual events.

He fears competition and dependency. He cannot seem to trust anyone. Because of this, he guards himself against becoming intimately attached to someone. He is known for creating chaotic situations and excuses for non-performance in work teams.

He obstructs people, procrastinates, sulks and instead of recognizing hiss own weaknesses, he blames others for his failures. But he is very good at what he does so failure isn't common.

Service History:
  • Joins force at seventeen.
  • At age of 28, he becomes captain of fighters on a Battlecruiser.
  • Leaves to do tactical strike on an enemy base.
  • Squad mates follow him, but are intercepted and killed.
  • Initially up for execution, since he succeeded in his solo mission(that he wasn't ordered to do) and the enemy lost a lot of ground in that sector because of it, only stripped of rank.
  • Joins ACV Decistor as sous chef.

Medical History: No problem so far. (may suffer from Passive aggressive personality disorder)

  • Father: Yuri Zharkov
  • Mother: Vestlana Zharkov
  • Sister: Yelena Zharkov

So begins...

Vladimir Zharkov's Story


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Character Portrait: Vladimir Zharkov
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"It's time," spoke Emile. A short middle aged man with grey hair, Emile was a veteran of the art of cooking. The way he used Velerian spices was unparalleled. Not an achievement anyone could gloat about, but still.

"Why now?," asked Klosse. The German-descent stood near Emile, toying with his butter knife. They stood in the main supplies office contemplating on whether to steal the bottle of Illyrian champagne the head chef had saved for himself. Another man stood near Emile.

"Just get on with it," spoke Jonas, devoid of expressions as usual. Klosse looked at Jonas and spoke, "Don't get so excited. Someone call Vladimir and ask him where the head chef is." Emile took his cell out and called Vladimir. After ten rings, Vladimir picke up, "What?"

"Where bossman?" asked Emile. "Who?" responded Vladimir, clearly sleepy. Jason tensed up, "Dude, bossman. Head chef. What are you doing?"

"Answering a person who is not allowing me to sleep," responded Vladimir and ended the call. Emile turned back to his mates slowly as the door opened and gave a weak smile. "That bastard," muttered Jonas, still devoid of emotions.

The group faced Jewls, the head chef. "What are you three doing here?"
"Uhmm... Uhh..." started Klosse...
"Well, now that you are here..."

"Man," started a happy Emile, "That champagne was the best I've ever had." The three musketeers walked happily along the central walkway of the class 2 living area. "True," spoke Jonas as he waved at his subordinate chef, Logan. The was over for them, for a while. Jonas hoped the strain of war wouldn't affect the chirpy guy; he considered Logan as his little brother.

"Man, how am I going to have that bland juice that they give us now that I have tasted the nectar of the Gods?," Klosse feigned despair.
"Which is his room?" asked Jonas. "619. I'm looking forward to this," replied Emile, a murderous glee in his eyes.

Two minutes later they reached Room 619. Each room in Class 2 housed two people. The door was open and Jonas touched it with suspicion. The door creaked open revealing a bleeding Vladimir on the ground, groaning in pain. Jonas rushed in to pick him up and Klosse and Emile supported Jonas.

"What happened?!" shouted Emile anxiously.
"Don't know. Kloasse, get a doctor quickly" spoke Jonas immediately but Klosse was already halfway down the hallway. Emile called the ship's emergency services.

2 hours later

"How is he?" asked a concerned Klosse. Emile and Jonas stood with him facing the doctor, searching for the answer on the doctor's face. The look on the doctor's face wasn't encouraging.

"Doesn't look that good. Still unconscious. He seems to have gotten this injury during the mission when his plane was shot, but he managed to hide it," spoke the doctor while guiding them through the place, through the other patients, towards the ward where Vladimir was. Just as Emile feared, it was the ICU.

"But on the phone he sounded fine. And he was okay when we asked him to help us," said Emile nervously. The doctor turned around in surprise...

The setting changes from ACV Decistor to The Galaxy


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Character Portrait: Vladimir Zharkov Character Portrait: Zus Llewelyn Character Portrait: 1st Lt. Cabrice Venner
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After saying his prayers in the chapel, Zus decided it would be best to make the rounds at the infirmary. Typically in this scenario the XO would take charge of the maintenance and let the Captain do the visitation, but Cassin enjoyed his work too much and left Zus with little to do at times. It allowed him to keep close relations with the crew. As he walked the rooms some of the crew began to salute him but he waived them off, standing by military formalities in time like this was unnecessary. He greeted people here and there, consoled a female ensign as someone she obviously cared for had passed away from his battle wounds. It would be nice to say he knew every member of the Decistor, but that would be a lie, the man's name tag had been burned off and he couldn't recall the face. Zus's hand found hers and he whispered a prayer only she could hear. Perhaps she wasn't religious, but she seemed to appreciate it.

Many had died in the battle, and quite a few were wounded. There were a few serious injuries; head wounds and broken limbs. There were also minor wounds as well, still important to treat. Zus passed one of medrooms, members of the kitchen staff were talking to a medical officer, Ensign Zharkov lay unconscious on the table. Further down the medbay First Lieutenant Venner was being stubborn about having a head wound treated as a nurse dabbed away at it. Venner was waving her off as if his medical needs were nothing important. The nurse stormed off, frustrated.

"Maybe you shouldn't have that treated at all Venner, it'd make for a nice scar," he chuckled. "I wanted to commend you on how you handled yourself and our fighters out there, truly a great job. I saw you and wanted to get an informal battle report of sorts." Zus gave a stern look to the Captain of the fighter pilots, a man known for never letting his emotion show, even after his former ship, the ACV Glorify, had been destroyed in battle. Different officers took their losses in different ways, the last thing the Decistor needed was someone blaming themselves for all the death that had taken place, Zus could read people well but Venner was one that continued to elude him. It naturally made him a little more interesting. The Lieutenant was an impressive man and could easily be the commanding officer of a ship someday, capable of handling any orders, though he lacked some of the charisma necessary to inspire a whole ship. As long as he kept bringing back results, his statistics would overpower any social shortcomings.