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Ezekiel Johnson

"Nothing ever goes away."

0 · 161 views · located in Cascadia College, Washington State

a character in “ad infinitum”, as played by Funny Valentine



Into The Unknown My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark Bring Me To Life
❝Nothing ever goes away until it teaches us what we need to know.❞



NAMEXX Ezekiel Larry Johnson

NICKNAMESXX EJ is probably the only nickname that he'll accept. Sometimes, Zeke.

AGEXX Nineteen

SEXUALITYXX Bisexual // Male lean
xxxxxxGENDERXX Male


ROLEX Arcane




Ezekiel is the only person within his family to have an ability such as his. He's a Psychic and he can get inside of your head to see what you're thinking and even get you to do his bidding for him. Although, he has to keep his abilities a secret at Cascadia that shouldn't be too hard to do since he's kept it from his family for so long. Ezekiel has done some things around his family, such as read his brother's mind and even got his mother to make him breakfast whenever she refused. No one knew what was happening but he just knows that he can do so much more with his abilities. At Cascadia, he's hoping to figure what he can and cannot do and how to better hone his abilities without much concentration.



H E I G H TXANDXB U I L D: 6'0 | Lanky

Ezekiel is somewhat tall and lanky. He stands at six feet inches tall and weighs about one-hundred and seventy-four pounds. His brown colored hair is usually left unkempt as he only runs his fingers through his hair instead of actually combing it. He has chestnut-brown colored eyes that are perfectly round and accented with perfectly arched eyebrows. Ezekiel will place black mascara on sometimes but it is hardly noticeable unless you really, really look closely. He has no tattoos or piercings but he does have three noticeable moles on the left side of his face. One is on his cheek while the other two are just a few inches underneath his ear.

Ezekiel doesn't really have a set style. He wears whatever is comfortable for the time being but he wears mostly t-shirts, whether plain or designer, converses and jeans. If he does dress up, he doesn't have any dress shoes so, he'll wear his converses. At least he'll dress up nicely though.


P E R S O N A L I T Y:
✦ Discreet ✧ Finicky ✦ Amusing ✧ Moody ✦ Intuitive ✧ Sarcastic

Ezekiel is a very careful person within his actions and speech. Well, sometimes his speech. He can be very discreet when it comes to just about anything. After all, he has been discreet about his psychic abilities for quite some time now. Ezekiel is quite clever with the way he carries himself and now, with humans roaming around the college, he has to be very, very discreet about everything. Although, maybe he could distract them with his very humorous personality. He can be quite comedic whenever he needs to be or the situation causes for it. But be warned that you might be caught in the crossfire if you're too close to him.

Of course, he can be a bit moody at times. Though, this comes with his abilities that might make him this way. His intuitive nature also chimes in with his abilities, as well. He's the type of person that almost always trusts his instincts, no matter how wrong they might be. Ezekiel is quite picky about who he befriends and hangs around. But honestly, that's for a reason because he has to be wary of who he trusts. He's also quite picky about everything else, as well.

Overall, Ezekiel will probably befriend you if you're an Arcane just like him. If you're a human, he won't distance himself but will be less likely to interact with you. Unless you give him an absolute reason to get closer to you. Although, it'd still be highly unlikely.

❖ Bites his bottom lip when very, very nervous and sometimes stutters
❖ Uses television or movie references to make people understand things more easily
❖ Always has to walk on the left side of someone
❖ Will always pick up a penny if it's on heads

F E A R S:
❖ His abilities becoming too much for him and perhaps taking a great strain on his mind, thus killing him
❖ Dying in his sleep (Hardly ever sleeps for long periods of time)
❖ Complete darkness
❖ Tight spaces



Ezekiel grew up in a normal home with a normal family. Little did he know, he wasn't quite normal himself. It was at the early age of five that Ezekiel did not know what was happening but he could hear voices inside of his head. It bothered him for quite some time and he has tried to ignore it but couldn't, of course. Ezekiel hid his ability to read people's thoughts really well from his family and friends, which most have talked about him inside of their minds. He could not get angry or upset but instead, he would still be their friend at the end of the day.

As Ezekiel was growing up from a very young age, he had taught himself how to better control his psychic abilities with a little breath control. But controlling it arose another problem for him because he adapted another ability by the means of controlling one through their mind. It was hard to adjust to it at first but he has had trouble with it since it's sudden appearance. Ezekiel doesn't quite understand why he has these abilities but luckily, he got the opportunity to find out.

As time went by, the abilities caused more problems for poor Ezekiel. He could hardly go anywhere without accidentally reading someone's mind or controlling them. It got worse and worse every other day so because of it, he became a bit reclusive and to himself. He refused to let these newfound abilities eat away at him but he did want to better control them so he could live his life and not be on the outskirts of everything. That was when he made the decision and applied to Cascadia College but they seemingly were already going to offer him a chance at their school anyway.

Since being at Cascadia, he has learned many things about psychics and other magical things. Ezekiel has a much better understanding of what other people and even himself. But with the humans being at their school now, he has to be extra careful and hope that his friends, yes he has made friends with other magicks and some humans already, are also extra careful. Ezekiel just knows that he can do so much more with his abilities and expects to know more by the end of his time at Cascadia.

So begins...

Ezekiel Johnson's Story

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outfit : herex|xhex: #082a27
xxxit always seems to slip away
xxxi’m taking back what’s mine
xxxwhat is left stays here
xxxto haunt you
Honestly, Hatch was surprised it had taken her housemates a full two weeks to throw a party. She’d been in desperate need of a release, and she’d been around for a week longer than most of them. But then again, she reminded herself, her housemates seemed to have a slightly better relationship with their families than Hatch did. Classes had only been back a week, and that was probably the most stressful thing most of them wanted to escape.

Hatch had left it until the last minute to leave to go home, and she’d come back as soon as possible. And even then, the few weeks she’d been home had been insufferable. Her oldest brother had announced his engagement, which had just resulted in more boring parties with her parents, where she was expected to drink wine and make polite conversation and wear a dress that made her look like every other businessman’s trophy daughter. Her father’s latest attempt at setting her up with some nice businessman’s son had backfired, even if the conversation had lasted a full ten minutes longer than usual. Her parents had spent the time they weren’t gushing about her brother and how wonderful this was for the family making strained conversation with Hatch about college. Her mother had brought her shopping, which had been an ill-fated attempt at converting Hatch to a more “appropriate” style of dressing. Hatch had, at least, gotten some new shirts out of it.

So when her housemates had suggested a party, Hatch had nearly fainted with relief. She’d gotten the word out among her friends and had even helped decorate a bit. They’d told everyone to bring their own drinks, but still had a ready stash of spirits and mixers, just in case, and had plenty of food to go around. They knew nobody was coming for the food, but also knew that it would be appreciated. Especially by whatever dumb freshmen would probably show up on an empty stomach. It always happened.

But It almost seemed like everybody had forgotten the events that had gone down shortly before Christmas. It seemed to just be another one of those events that was hot on everybody’s lips for a few weeks before fading into legend. Of course, a student being found dead on campus seemed to deserve a slightly more prominent place in everyone’s mind. Especially when it was clear they were murdered. The police were still around, asking questions, and there was a much tighter security presence on campus after dark. But if they hadn’t gotten the answers they needed before Christmas, they more than likely weren’t going to get the answers they wanted now, and the event had turned into a source of gossip.

“I heard he was in trouble with a gang,” one of Hatch’s roommates declared from where she lay on Hatch’s bed. Hatch raised an eyebrow, glancing at Lotta. “Drugs, guns, the whole thing.”
“I heard it was a cult.” Francis appeared from nowhere at Hatch’s door.
“A cult, Francie? Really?” Hatch laughed, leaning in to finish applying her lipstick.
“Yeah. Satanists.”
“Pretty sure his death wasn’t ritualistic enough for it to be a cult,” Lottie remarked.
“He pissed them off and they snapped. James says a senior approached him and tried to talk him into going to some service and then when he refused, the guy got really pissed off. He definitely seemed capable of murder.”
“Or, you know, it was just a mugging,Hatch remarked, raising an eyebrow and turning around to face them and taking a sip from her Jack and Coke. “Sometimes things are just painfully ordinary and boring.”

Ordinary and boring. Two things Hatch was determined to never be. Her dress was another present from her mother. It had been pointedly laid out for her before one of the many parties she’d been forced to attend, and was one of very few outfits that her mother picked out for her that Hatch actually liked. However, Hatch took comfort in the fact that she was pretty sure her mother wouldn’t have liked her shoes or her makeup, and relished that.

Even though the party was in her own apartment, Hatch waited until it sounded like there were plenty of people there before making her appearance. Looking like she’d been waiting for everyone else would just make her look desperate, so she waltzed out of her bedroom and scanned the party with a raised eyebrow. It seemed that everyone else had been as excited for the party as they had been. She made her way over to the kitchen to pour herself another Jack and Coke (heavy on the whiskey, of course), where she positioned herself to continue scanning the room and either find a familiar face or someone who at least looked interesting.