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Darius Mooney

"Thank God for smoke breaks."

0 · 683 views · located in Ademus

a character in “Ademus Love”, as played by ShyFox


Name: Darius Mooney
Age: Twenty-three
Gender: Male
Sexual orientation Heterosexual
Appearance: Darius is tall, standing almost over six feet he is also quite thin with little muscle on him. He doesn't have much of a physique due to the fact he spends most of his time at a computer screen. A distinct thing about him is he always faintly smells, of menthol cigarettes due to his bad smoking habit. His hair is black and always manages to look like he just got out of bed even if he's combed it.

Clothing: His clothes are nothing fancy, when he's at work he's required to wear a dress shirt, tie, slacks which he usually accompanies with a jacket. At home it's typically just jeans and a t-shirt. But that doesn't mean he doesn't have a sense of style, he can always seem to manage to pick clothing for his little sister, something most single guys can't manage.

Likes: Computers (really who doesn't), His little sister Karmandy, coffee, cigarettes, video games
Dislikes: Dogs, large groups of people, someone picking on his little sister

Occupation: An IT Manager at Medical Mechanica

Cybernetics: A mini modem upgraded to the platinum package,

Skills: Graduated from college with a four year IT degree, drawing (loves anime and manga)

Tick(s): Darius can be overly dramatic, and tends to take things too seriously. He also has a problem with symmetry, and can't stand if something is off symmetrically. His cubical and apartment are a testament to this, his little sister has learned to deal with his melt downs if something is slightly off.

Personality: For the most part he's a pretty nice guy, he's a pretty busy guy with some minor idiosyncrasies but pretty typical. He has a strong sense of family, and example being him taking in his young six year old half sister Karmandy after the death of his father and no one else in the family would take the little girl in. As stated before, he can be a bit over dramatic and can find it hard to cope under pressured deadlines, but somehow he always manages to get things done.

Background: Darius Mooney grew up in fairly well to do family, his father was a stern businessman and his mother... well he never really met his mother cause his father tended to sleep around. But that never seemed to affect him too much, since his paternal grandmother was his primary caregiver. His grandmother was loving, but could at times be a hard taskmaster, wanting any and everything to be a certain way. She was meticulous, and often would make Darius do things over and over till they were done exactly the way she wanted them done. Since his father worked for a company that dealt in electronics and computers, it was something that was instilled into him at a young age. His father trying to make up for his lack of interaction because of work, would often shower Darius with gifts, the newest gadget or application. None of this ever really made up for the fact that his father was always gone, but it gave Darius something to do. Things got quite lonely though after the death of his grandmother when he was fourteen, yes there were maids and people that cared for him. But it was never the same as actually having his own family with him

Darius did well through out his school years, and it was no surprise when he went to college for computers. Things were going well, and he ended managing a four year degree in IT. But he got devastating news just, a week after he graduated, his father had died. Darius had been unaware that his father, had been having heart problems for years, and had surgery for a cybernetic heart when he was in his second year of college. However, due to a applications malfunction, the heart failed and his father passed away suddenly. He was also in for another shock, Darius had a very you four year old half sister. During the time he had been in college, his father had taken the girl in the girls mother unknown but being confirmed by her genetic coding that he was the baby's father.
Not knowing much more to do, he took in the little girl, feeling a sense of duty to her since they were both basically orphans. There was some money willed to Darius but most of his father's assets were tied up in debt leaving the two newly acquainted siblings with little to no income. So Darius did what he could, they now live in one of the few two bedroom apartments in the 'Shipyard'. Most of what was willed to Darius he put into savings to someday send Karmandy to college, he does his best to work hard at his IT job and Medical Mechanica. But also tries to do something his father never did with him, have some free time in his life to spend with his little sister. When he gets home from work, he manages to make a decent meal, help his sister with her homework, on his days off he is usually out somewhere with her, despite his dislike for large crowds he strives to take her to where she wants to go on the weekends.

Even his smoking stops as soon as he gets to the door of the apartment, not wanting to smoke around his sister fearing her health. He has tried to quit completely, several times, but hasn't managed to kick it, especially when he is stressed at work. He does everything he can to help her have a decent life to grow up in, even though most guys his age wouldn't even dream of taking in a young child, and especially a girl. He actually manages quite well, yes sometimes a ponytail might be slightly askew, which drives him mad cause he can't manage to get it symmetrical. And he might get aggravated when the six year old asks the same question five hundred times, but all in all he loves her as much as a brother can love a sister and he would do anything just to see her smile.

So begins...

Darius Mooney's Story


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#, as written by ShyFox
River had passed out the night before still wearing her maid outfit, waking up with her blue wig askew and the sting of having left the contacts in while sleeping. She hadn't even made it to the bed instead falling fast asleep on pillow pile in front of her TV. She didn't have room for a conventional couch so the pillows served their purpose. River pushed herself up with a reluctant grown, and looked down at herself. With a moan and growl she headed to the bathroom, a flush and then the sound of the shower going, she wasn't in there long when the alarm on her mini modem started going off letting her know she had to be at Medical Mechanica in a couple of hours. As much as she appreciated the better pay she got at the factory than she did being ogled by perverts in a maid outfit it being a sorter was boring as hell. Luckily she had the night off from the Cyber Maid Cafe tonight, so she could spend a night not being randomly groped on the rear.

Stepping out of the bathroom wrapped in a towel, River walked over to her small dresser and puled out her clothes for the day. It was her typical attire it was her skirt and zipper vest. She had been looking forward to getting sorter glove attachment for her mini modem. It had been over a month, and judging by the waiting list, it could be months or years before she got it. So much for enthusiasm, she pulled up the zipper of her vest and headed to the kitchen. She waved her hand over the sensor of the holopod sitting on the small kitchen counter. A three dimensional image of a news casters face appeared in a holographic beam from the pad. He started to babble on about the weather... like that was anything new it rains vast majority of the time in Ademus.

River sighed as she looked through the various cabinets in her kitchen, finally after searching she pulled a box of dehydrated meals. After choosing her 'poison', River tore away the foil packet revealing something that looked a kin to a hokey puck but a mishmash of colors. On her counter was a food rehydrator, something that kind of looks like a microwave, after pushing the number three on the control panel int started to make a noise that sounded as though someone was boiling water. After just a few seconds the rehydrator dinged, River reached in and pulled out a whole meal from the machine, and the sat at the small table in her living room to eat her meager, bland meal.

Just as the new's was ending another alarm sounded from River's mini modem telling her it was time to head to her job at Medical Mechanica. Grabbing her tram rail pass she glanced over at the picture of her mother and younger siblings sitting on an end table next to her door.

"Well guy's I'll see you when I get home... don't make a mess while I'm gone." and with that she made her way out the door.

For some other residents of the shipyard the day had began and hour before River had even thought of waking up. Darius and his sister Karmandy were getting ready for the day, they had managed to get by without Darius flipping out over the fact that Karmandy's shoes were each tied in opposite directions in stead of even and symmetrical on each side. Maybe it was the fact that the six year old just decided it would go more smoothly if she just tied the shoes herself as opposed to asking her brother to tie them for her. She sat at their small dining table nibbling on a piece of toast with a lovely fried egg perched on top of it, she watched her brother intently as he sat at his laptop scrolling through what his assigned duties would be at work today. He glanced up feeling her eyes on him.

"Is something wrong sis?" he asked looking over the top of his glasses.

"Are we going to be able to go to town this weekend... or are you going to do something else?" she asked before taking another bite of her breakfast.

Darius blinked a few times, pulled his hands from the keyboard and then pushed his glasses up he bridge of his nose.

"Well I don't see why not... when have I ever cancelled anything that I promised I would do with you?" he said wondering were the idea had come from.

Karmandy set her food down on the plate in front of her, "Well just other kids in my class always talk about their mommies and daddies changing the plans for the weekend and then they're stuck at home. I just wondered if you would do that too, they seemed to not believe me when I told them my big brother always takes me where I want to go. Some of them even got mad at me." she got a somewhat solemn look on her face as she stared down at her plate.

Darius, closed the lid of the laptop in front of him and gave a gentle smile at his sister. "Sometimes kids say things that they don't mean to be hurtful sis, I wouldn't worry about it too much. They'll forget what they were mad about and things will go back to the fun and learning. Besides, I'm not a mommy or a daddy." he gave a reassuring wink at her.

Karmandy smiled brightly at him, her spirits obviously lifted, "Yeah, I'm special cause I have the best big brother in the world!"

Darius couldn't help but smile, this little girl that he had cared for the the past couple of years was what made the world worth wild. After a quick clean up the pair was on on their way to the tram rail station, after Darius would get Karmandy to school he would head to his IT job at Medical Mechanica.


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#, as written by ShyFox
River was running on auto pilot as she sorted, before her was a wall of bins reaching almost to the ceiling of the warehouse. She and the other sorter all sat upon a motorized chair that drove on tracks between each bin, and they would use a small joy stick to move along the tracks going from bin to bin sorting the parts that would move on to the assembly line. Not much was said in fact most of the sorters were jacked into their mini-modem listening to music or catching up on their local sports team. However River didn't do that, she always lived in fear that if she wasn't paying complete attention to her work she would mess up and loose her job, something she couldn't afford to happen.

There was a guy that was several feet away who was in his seat drumming away in the air paying a little more attention to his music than his job. River shook her head, if that had been her she would have been fired already, just then several other sorter's to her right had moved close to each other and were chatting. She side glanced over at them as she sort of eaves dropped on their conversation.

"Are any of you going to get that new MOdUx update, it's only half a credit?", one asked.

"You guys are crazy, don't you know you can get in trouble for not using official Pear Corporation products.", said another.

"Oh please nothing's gonna happen, not like Pear Corporation has some elite police force out to arrest anyone that doesn't use their official products. Besides, their stuff is waaaay over priced and break really easily, I'll stick with MOdUx, may not be made by some huge business, but their app's and stuff are always half the price as Pear or any of the others." one said waiving away the other's concerns.


The group quickly dispersed and got back to work, and River put her attention back on her own task trying to ignore the amateur air drummer next to her.

"Hey Darius can you take a look at this, my computer froze up again?", she asked.

Darius sighed this was the third time that day Ms. Trudy Carmichael had asked him for help, but not like he could say no to the head tech designer for Medical Mechanica. But you'd think she would be a little more computer savi and wouldn't need him to come bail her out every time she messed something up. Darius assumed she just kept getting into the zone of her creativity and didn't realize she just opened up too many things at once.

He stepped into the woman's office, she had to be at least five years older than Darius, maybe more. Her dark hair was pulled back into a tight bun at the base of her neck, she wore a skirt suit that in Darius' opinion was way shorter than it needed to be. She pushed her chair back as Darius came over to her desk and stood in front of the computer. He could feel her eyes staring at him behind his back, and here the clack as she drummed her manicured fingertips on the arm of her chair. He took hold of the mouse and started to go through the steps needed to unfreeze her computer.

"Sooo... Darius what do you do when you're not saving the world one computer at a time?", she said in an almost seductive tone of voice.

Darius tried to ignore the intonation in her voice and do his job, "Well I spend most of my free time with my little sister.", he spoke as his fingers skillfully moved over the keys on the keyboard.

"No... girlfriend?", Trudy reached out and brushed her finger tips across the back of Darius' neck.

This action made Darius' eyes go wide and he flinched at her touch. Now he realized that Trudy really wasn't having as many computer problems as she kept saying and was just trying to get him alone in her office.

"Well there you go.." he chose to ignore the touch and moved to the side of the desk to show that her computer was now running smoothly once again. She looked at him with a sort of aggravated glare, as he smiled nervously and rubbed the back of his neck. "Just like new Ms. Carmichael, well I really got to go I just got a message that I need to got to the third floor to accounting, seems their computer is spitting out number at random and adding them in to their totals and they don't know why."

Darius could tell by the look on her face that she didn't believe anything he was telling her, and rightfully so cause it was a load of BS. But he had to come up with something to get him out of such an uncomfortable situation, he quietly left her office as the door slid closed behind him he gave a deep sigh of relief as he went back to his own cubical.