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Preston and Wyatt Daniels

"There's a part I can't tell... about the dark I know well."

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a character in “Adenovirus 423”, as played by Discipline


Preston Daniels



Preston is an unimposing figure, standing - no, slouching at 5'3. Though he and Wyatt are half-brothers, they look hardly alike, besides their hair and eyes. His straight, light-brown hair is often mussy and dirty, although he goes to great pains to not be dirty or smelly. It's cut even shorter than Wyatt's to make it even easier to wash. His eyes are dark brown, and his face is altogether quite unremarkable. His body, though not emaciated, is rather skinny, not nearly as muscular as Wyatt's. He also notably has a complete lack of facial hair, although his legs and arms are covered in light, almost blonde hair. He's unimposing altogether.

The upper half of his body is covered by bruises and cuts.

Except obviously not so rich. Taken from ... ga7-70.jpg
If anybody has any objections to me using this photo, contact me and I will take it down.

Wyatt Daniels



Like his younger brother, Wyatt has straight, light brown hair, which he keeps short. He's significantly more built and better fed than his brother, and has a somewhat intimidating look about him. He's not unattractive, although he doesn't care much about cleanliness on his person. He has some level of scruff, but not enough to be considered a beard or a moustache. His arms and legs have a small amount of hair. His eyes are a dark brown - identical, in fact, to his brother's - and his posture is impeccable. He stands at 5'8, although to his brother, at times he's a giant...

Obviously not so rich-looking. Found at: ... _photo.jpg
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The Disciples

Preston has a muted, almost catatonic personality - as if he were in an impenetrable depression. He doesn't talk much, and when he does, it's said in such a bored tone of voice that one might think he hardly cared. He's not easily frightened, and also hardly has a sense of shame towards things he must do. He'll often do what jobs no one else will - which include trash disposal and food foraging. These jobs often give him the solitude he seems to prefer so much.

Of course, when his brother's in a mood, it's so much more different...


The Disciples

Wyatt is a fiery and impulsive soul. His life has been a constant struggle, and with the fact that he only might have twenty-so years to live, he's constantly striving to do what's serves him best. Although he won't admit it, his true ambition in life is to find the Key and use it to maybe give himself a better life than he has right now.
He has an awful temper, often exacerbated by hunger or heat, and when he snaps, he takes it out on Preston. He's left more than bruises once before, and oftentimes it's much worse than that...



Preston owns a bloodstained, somewhat dull combat knife that seems to resist washing. He picked it off a corpse that he found while wandering about.


He brings a two-foot long, fifteen-pound rusty chain around with him. Despite its questionable use as a weapon and weight, he's quite adept with it.
He's also quite muscular, and packs a heavy punch, kick, or throw.



Preston was the result of some tryst between his mother, a member of the Disciples since birth, and some lonely member of the Disciples. In childbirth, his mother died, resulting in a lasting sense of resentment towards Preston by Wyatt, and a lingering self-hatred. Soon afterward, he and Wyatt were split up - Preston, to one of his mother's relatives, Wyatt, to the streets. Out of both the options, he isn't sure which one was worse.
For the first three years of his life, Preston can remember almost nothing - a kind face, here and there, but the memories are hazy.
He does remember, however, a death - and a sudden change.
From the age of three, he remembers a woman. A woman that would cane him for not cooking fast enough, throw him out for the night for not sweeping the floors quickly enough, letting her pet wolf attack him for spilling some milk on her shoes.

Preston was pretty sure he hadn't planned on brewing her tea with hemlock instead of ivy one hot summer day, at the age of eight.

He also was pretty sure he hadn't forged her handwriting calling for the boy whose name was so oftenly repeated by the kind face in his infantile visions.

He wasn't sure.

He wakes up crying almost every night. Sometimes he can't understand why he cries, and sometimes when he realises it, he cries even more.


Wyatt was born to a woman whose family had been in the Disciples for God-knows-how-long. He never knew his father; no doubt, by now, he's already dead, killed by ADV or some other disease of sorts. He grew up for three years with her, not entirely well-treated, but at least fed and watered. She had numerous flings with other members of the gang after Wyatt's birth, eventually resulting in an ill-fated pregnancy - his mother's demise came in the form of Preston. She died in childbirth, something that Wyatt's never forgiven Preston for, and something that Preston has never got over. After the death of his mother, the boys were split - Preston was adopted by some relative-or-other of his mom, and Wyatt was more or less thrown on the streets. From the age of three, then, he's pretty much been on his own, doing menial work for the Disciples until finally, at the age of ten, he was entrusted with jobs like spying on the other gangs and stealing food. These jobs slowly grew in importance until he was more or less another soldier of the Disciples.
At the age of eleven, Preston's caretaker apparently suddenly became ill with ADV, and in her last days sent a messenger to call Wyatt, bequeathing the boy to him. Suddenly, he was burdened by not only his own survival, but the survival of his younger brother...
"It's not that I want it to happen, but..."

So begins...

Preston and Wyatt Daniels's Story


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#, as written by Lupine
Wyatt and Areli ~ No Man's Land

Wyatt had called in a few men for his team. Most were people he knew, that he hadn't particularly liked while working for them, and wanted to be the boss himself in return. He also knew the stakes of this, so they were men he trusted to do a good job.

"Listen up, men. I've got orders from Eve as to what we need to do." He called for silence. The group obeyed. "We're to go into the East, once a path has been made, and get Eve's sister out of there. Alive. Failing isn't an option here. We don't leave until we have her back with Eve. Got it?"

He looked around at the men, his eyes falling on Areli, wondering if the man would protest.

Areli was busy sharpening his boot knife while he waited for Wyatt to speak. He stopped as he heard Wyatt's voice. He listened intently as the plan was unveiled in a manner of speaking. Vague details that formed together to make the plan sound like it was going to be easy, fat chance, Areli thought as Wyatt finished up.

As Wyatt scanned the other men till his eyes came upon Areli, Areli clearly wore his distaste of being involved with his mission but he held his tongue. He knew the mission was going to be messy, a lot of the men won't come back alive. Areli just placed his knife back in its sheath and placed it in his boot without looking away from Wyatt.

He jumped off of the wooden table he'd been standing on once he'd given a clearer picture of what the plan was exactly, though he was still vague. He was hoping that Eve would give them a signal as to when they were to head inside. If not, he'd just keep a close watch. He wasn't going to screw this up.

He knew that Areli wanted to say something though if his look was anything to go by, so immediately approached him. "So spit out whatever it is you want to say." He told the other male.

Areli watched as Wyatt jumped off the table. He took a deep breath and let it out slowly. He did not like this. He did not like this one bit. It was vague and he had no idea what to make of what they were going to do.

After Wyatt spoke, Areli just smirked, "Nothing to say, SIR." He knew better than to say anything. Wyatt would try to make an example of him to the others. Areli wanted to live. He wanted to live to fight another day and to see the Key. There was more he wanted to do with the Key but living to see who or what it is was the first priority.

Wyatt rolled his eyes, folding his arms over his chest. He was determined to find out what Areli thought. He felt like he had something to prove to the man. Yes, he was only young, but he could do this. He knew he could. Problem was, Wyatt was too cocky and let things go to his head. "Come on, tell me. Maybe it's in my interest to hear my soldiers thoughts on my plans." He told Areli.

Areli smiled a cheeky smile as he heard Wyatt say 'my plans.' He doubt they were really his plans at all. Areli had plans. He had no idea if he would live to see them through but he had them and they were all his own.

Taking a moment before speaking, Areli looked at Wyatt and spoke, "Just wanted to make sure everyone remembers to watch each other's back, we are going in and probably won't have much help. Watch our backs for enemies and don't fight unless necessary. We do not want them to know where we are. They were probably have her guarded heavily when we find her and make sure each of us has restraints so if someone falls, she probably will fight." Areli looked around at the other men with a small smile before looking at Wyatt and adding, "That is all I wanted to say.... SIR."

The way he said 'sir' made Wyatt want to kill the man standing in front of him. He did his best to control his temper, figuring the man just wanted to humiliate him and make a show of their new, young leader. "You don't think I know all of what you've just said? I will be watching your backs. You will be watching my back. And Eve will watch our team. She wants her sister. She'll make sure we get her out safely." Deep down he wondered how true his words were though.

He looked back at Areli. "So you better start treating me with a little more respect. I expect myself to be staying in this position of power and I'm not going to let you, or anyone else, make me look like a fool in front of Ev-- our leader." He quickly corrected. He didn't want to make it seem like he was on a personal level with Eve. Everyone knew they were sleeping together though.

Areli was having fun playing mind games with his former squadmate. He knew that Wyatt only wanted to prove himself to Eve and please her. That could get the rest of this new squad killed. Areli just watched Wyatt as he spoke and made sure not to let his body language give away anything that he was thinking. Eve did want them to succeed but he doubted they would have help from her or make sure they could escape alive.

Areli looked at Wyatt in the eye as he spoke. He could not help but chuckle a bit at Wyatt. He did not speak but he made it clear that Areli respected Wyatt's position and only that.

Wyatt stood his ground. "You better watch yourself, Areli. I'm in charge now, and what I say goes. Eve'll listen to me." He had doubts about that, especially after what Eve had previously shown him. The thought of the children made him feel sick still. Yes, he often abused his brother, yes he'd often teased him and caused him pain for no apparent reason and yes, he left his brother in the hands of the East. But that was different. He didn't care much for Preston.

Young children though, that was a different story. He looked back at Areli once more. "Remember, watch yourself. I might stop watching your back if you continue." Like he'd been watching his back in the first place, right?

Areli walked back to where he was sitting and sat down again as Wyatt spoke. He knew better than believe that Eve would listen to anybody besides herself. Most people were either too in love with Eve or too afraid to say anything different. Areli was in neither category. He noticed that something changed in Wyatt like something came to his mind.

Areli raised an eyebrow at the statement that came from Wyatt's mouth. He hoped Wyatt was smarter than that but he knew that Eve was playing with Wyatt's strings. He just took his last empty clip for his FAL and began to load the rounds.

Wyatt took one last look at Areli before turning on his heal and storming out. He had last minute plans to make before they went into battle.


Several hours later, Wyatt and his team were lying on their stomaches watching as the children approached the Eastern gates. The men lay watching and waiting for the right moment to move. They needed to be patient. They needed to wait and strike at the right time. The wrong time would get them all killed, or worse, have them come back empty handed to face Eve.

All they were waiting for was one signal. One signal from their leader.

Wyatt was on his stomach in the dirt, a few feet ahead of the other men. Under his breath he was chanting the same sentence over and over again.

"Failure is not an option."

"Failure is not an option."

"Failure is not an option."

The setting changes from no-mans-land to Obsidian Knights

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Andrew. The Keep. Headquarters building. 1 hour before the arrival of Eve's forces.

Andrew was in his office, relaying orders faster then he could think of them. He had maybe at best, an hour to prepare, worst case scenario was ten minutes.

"I want the hospital evacuated as fast as possible, use whatever trucks or CAV's we have in order to carry those who can't walk. Launch all vehicles in order to escort the convoy to the river outpost, and tell the Outpost to scramble the zodiacs down the river in a search pattern."
He flung papers around as he searched through the archaic defense plans put in place before him, the former Captains must've been out of their minds...

"Recall everyone outside the Keep and have them regroup on Pennsylvania avenue in the ruins." There were about four hundred to five hundred Knights outside of the East's territory, it would be impossible for them to beat Eve's troops here, but Andrew had a plan for these scouts.

When he recieved the confirmation that the order would be followed Andrew walked to the door and locked it tightly. He wiped a hand over his face and threw himself into his chair, messing with the radio's frequency.

As the number read 113.5, a pop of static was heard.

"Challenge: Lance."

Andrew waited for the proper response to come, the response that only one other knew.


As the radio crackled, a familiar voice came over the airwaves. "Challenge accepted, Ivory Tower. Stand by."

After another minute, a rough, deep voice, a voice that sounded far too old for the body that housed it, came from the speaker.

"I just heard, Ivory Tower. You calling in the deal?"

"Screw the deal right now." Andrew responded. "I got something better for you, like the Northern assault force."

He sighed.

"Eve's decided to make her move. I guess she's on her period or something but the bitch has completely lost all sense of reason. I'm expecting her forces outside my walls within the hour. You know what happens when there's a firefight of this magnitude? Both sides wind up hurt, but I can assure you, she will suffer more loses then I. I can't make a promise on POWs, but if you ever needed a window of opportunity for your attack on the North, well, it doesn't get much better than this."

A pause.

"When has Eve had any sort of reason? She's as rotten as her father." Another long pause. "But I appreciate the call, Ivory. As soon as I recover something of mine, I'll be in a position to fully assault the Disciples. And believe me - that time will come very soon. Is there anything you need from me? Evac, passage - anything?"

"Just keep an eye out on the outpost by the river, there aren't as many soldiers there, it's mostly sick, wounded, children, and pregnant women heading there, about 700 non combatants to be guarded by 450 soldiers. If Eve hits there with any force it'll be a bloodbath."

Andrew sighed.

"Oh and Twitch has decided to dissolve the East-West treaty....have fun with him all you want. But you wouldn't happen to know anything about a missing scout of theirs would you? I had to go through a rather unplesant accusation."

Thatcher's grin came through the speaker, loud and clear. "I'll keep the buzzards off of your fresh meat, Ivory, don't worry. As for some missing scout - I fail to see how it's any of my business that Twitch can't keep track of his own men. Though, it's interesting that you believe one's so far down here. Interesting indeed."

There was a pause, and then Thatcher spoke again.

"Good luck, Ivory." His tone was gentle; clearly genuine. He didn't want to see his ally go up in flames.

"I was only speculating, perhaps it was Eve's troops that got him, who knows, but Twitch is content on blaming me for it, so I'm content with not warning him of a southern convoy walking towards his doorstep, should the occasion arrive."

He almost laughed.

"Well, Lance, here's hoping this isn't the last time we speak. I'll contact you with a status report on Eve's forces after the battle." He waited a moment before switching the frequency of the radio back to his operating channel.

"Jacobs, you read me?"

"A bit hard over all the other orders, radio is a damn mess, but I can hear you sir." That was Jacobs all right.

"Bring the package to the Wall, I want to have something to show Eve's troops when they arrive."
Andrew and Preston. The Keep. Western Flank's Wall. Moment's after Eve's demands.

There was a long silence as Eve's speech came to a close. Needless to say every man on the wall gave each other a glance. Andrew stared silently at the ranks of the children, only tilting his head to his side when John approached him.

"Sir...when Tyler and I showed up at the Medical building....the girl you sent us to gather wasn't there....when we asked seems Twitch took her...."

"And the gunfire from earlier?" Andrew's face had an unnatural calm, even for him.

"Twitch and his men tried to escape using the humvee...they crashed outside the minefield near one of the checkpoints and the Knights there were able to take a woman into custody, but...Twitch and the others got away."

"How many men did we loose?"

"Well..." John was beginning to become unnerved at Andrew's silence, he'd notice how well he got along with that girl....he would've thought he'd show some emotion. "About twelve wounded."

"I see." His radio crackled to life and he pulled it off his belt, telling John to fetch him a bullhorn. "Go ahead." He said into the device.

"Sir, It's Liza. Mike and I were setting up our mortar near the med bay when we were approached by that merchant friend of yours. He said he and that eye-patch girl wanted to help with the fighting. Mike thought you'd allow it and got them a couple rifles and some armor."

"Mike was right, let Matthias know that I'm grateful." In truth he had his reservations about letting Jessie fight, what with her being an asset. "At the first sign of a breach, I want them heading to the Outpost though. No excuses."

"I'll let them know." He heard the click of Liza turning off her radio and turned to Jacobs, who stood by his side, holding a certain someone by the arm.

" you think I've done what a good leader should do?" He asked.

Jacobs was taken aback, even at the act of evil that they were faced with, Jacobs never expected this kind of question from the Captain.

"Of course I do sir."

"Do you trust me?"

"With my life."

"Good..." Andrew nodded as he took the bullhorn from John. He sighed a deep breath as he brought the speaker to his mouth.

"Evelyn Roan....I just want you to know that what I'm about to say is not for you." His voice echoed through the silence that took hold of both forces.

"I am speaking to your soldiers, and to mine. Men and women who are loyal enough to follow the orders of people like you and I, people who will burn in hell for the atrocities of this war."

He paused for a moment.

"This conflict isn't about us. For us, it's already too late. This war we fight is not for ourselves, but for them."

He jerked a finger to the ranks of children standing in front of a live minefield.

"It's to make sure, the the next generation does not have to see evil deeds like this. We are fighting to protect our children, and our children's children. We, are the last, best, hope for humanity, and I remind you I am not only speaking of the men and women with me on this wall, and within it but I am speaking to those that stand in front of us as well. I am speaking to you Disciples just as much as I am speaking to my Knights. Our lives, have already been decided, we have already failed our children, we failed when they lined up in between two armies. Our only hope of redeeming ourselves, of making it up to them, is to live, and to ensure that something like this never happens again."

He paused once more, giving a nod to Jacobs who pulled Preston forward.

"To the Disciples who are ready to give their lives attacking this place, I ask that you think about what I am saying, but I am aware that some of you bear a hatred of myself that will deafen your ears to my plea. And so I will present you with one of your own. Now I will not lie, he was interrogated, as we live in a time of war, but ask yourself, if the roles were reversed, would a Knight even be alive still?"

He handed Preston the bullhorn. "Go on, speak, your brother is out there isn't he? I know you are not like Eve, you have a conscious, think about what will happen if we fight here, do you really want to watch all those children die?"

Preston sat in the corner of a dark room shivering. His fingers bloody and mangled, distorted into unfamiliar shapes. The blood had stopped pouring out of his mouth, but the pain was still there. He couldn't eat or sleep. He couldn't even find a comfortable place on the cold concrete.

He'd no idea how long he'd been here and in pain now. Night and day were blended together now that he was in complete darkness. Time dragged by giving him no relief. The Knights didn't come by to check on him much. They just checked to see if he was alive. He couldn't escape even if he wanted to. He was too weak.
After what seemed like the pain and darkness would never end, the door opened and someone came inside, dragging the young boy to his feet and out into the light. Now it was time to die.

The light hurt his eyes and the person who'd grabbed him practically had to drag him. He was pathetic and useless. When he saw Andrew, he realized that everyone was surrounding them. There was utter silence. What was going on? The only thing Preston could think of was that they were going to make an example of him.

And then Andrew started speaking and Preston took a good look, horrified at what was happening. He was even more horrified when Andrew pushed the bullhorn into his hands. He yelped in pain, dropping it.

Through tear stained eyes, Preston waited until it was picked up again and pressed. "Wyatt." He paused in pain. "Get. Me. Out. Of. Here. Too. Please." He managed to say in pain. Andrew had tortured him for no reason. Eve wouldn't listen to someone like him. So he hoped that the only lifeline he ever threw to his brother would be taken. If they were attacking, hopefully Wyatt would feel sorry for him and come and grab him too.

"I'm willing to let you go to them." Andrew said, causing Jacobs to give him a questioning look. "Just, try and convince them not to do this, I don't mean Eve, I mean the others. You are one of them, maybe they'll listen to you. I'm aware that you may hate me, and I accept that, surely one day I will pay for my sins, but those children are innocent. Listen to me Preston, are you really going to let them walk across a live minefield?"

Preston stared at Andrew. Either way he was going to die. If he went back to Eve he was sure that she'd kill him for just being here. Heck, he was sure that Wyatt would kill him, if he bothered to try and rescue him. Then again, brothers meant nothing to Wyatt. Preston had only ever been an annoyance.
But he knew Andrew was right. The man that had allowed the torture of a fourteen-year-old boy now wanted that same boy to stop hundreds of deaths. Why would they listen to him? What power or authority did he have that would make them listen to him? If he stopped them, Eve would definitely kill him when he was back there.

The spike impaled in his mouth still was going to make this painful and drawn out. "They." A few deep breaths between each word. "Won't listen to me." It took him a while just to get one sentence out. Preston took a deep breath. "I can't just say stop. And going back will get me killed." He took another painful breath and looked at Andrew. He knew that he'd be screwed now. Nothing was going to save him from this. He'd either die at the hands of Andrew, or Eve.

"Well Preston..." Andrew sighed. He was really considering off'ing this guy in front of Eve's forces, REALLY considering it. But that would only enrage them. "It seems you're unwilling to even try and save those kids' lives, I have misjudged you, and so you will watch what is going to happen just as we have to be the one's to do it."

Andrew pulled the bullhorn out of his hands and brought it to his mouth once more.

"To my Knights and to you children, I am truly sorry and will be haunted by the memory of this day for the rest of my life. Knights, you are following a direct order from your Knight Captain, I do hope that offers some of you solace."

He paused, contemplating what he was about to say.

"Evelyn Roan, my response to you is this; Open fire."

And the guns of the East would deliver the message in turn.

The setting changes from earth to No Man's Land


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#, as written by Lupine
Wyatt and Areli ~ End of East's Minefield

Wyatt sat and watched the hoards of children lined up in entrance to the East's minefield. They were ready to move across it as Andrew tried to come to some resolution with Eve. Like that was going to work. He was getting impatient now. He just wanted to get in, get Jessie, and get the hell out of there. Then, once successful, hopefully he could be rewarded with Eve between his legs in bed once more.

Turning, he glanced at the small group of five men with them. They had everything they needed and Wyatt had assigned himself leader despite there being more capable men of the job.

He still had a grudge with Areli though. He almost wanted something to happen to the man so that either he didn't come back with them or did something that resolved in him getting killed by Eve. God, Wyatt would love to watch that. So much so he started fantasizing about it. That was until he heard his brother's pathetic voice begging for his help.

So they'd kept him alive. Wyatt smirked. Big mistake. If he could he'd get to Preston and shoot him dead himself. Or maybe that would be too merciful. Maybe he'd leave him to suffer at Andrew's hands.

So many options...

Areli knew that Wyatt was still sore about Areli's little show in front of the men earlier. Areli did not care but knew that Wyatt was probably going to try to do something about it later. No matter if Wyatt was screwing their leader. He was still a kid in Areli's eyes. A kid who now had power over him. Areli sighed softly then noticed the little kids near the minefield. Looking at Wyatt, Areli wondered if he knew about this plan.

Damnit, Areli thought, Damn you, Eve. It was sickening thought of how she came up with that whole idea. Areli looked away as the leader of the East spoke. Areli felt his stomach do a few flips and twists as the thought of the kids blowing up played in his mind. Areli looked up to Wyatt as Preston began to talk though there was no real use for him doing so. Eve had made up her mind.

Areli turned and tried to take his mind off what was going to happen while waiting for the battle to offically begin.

Wyatt blocked out all thought. He hated the idea of the children being used as weapons but he knew better than to argue to Eve about it. He was already in the shit with her for showing emotion in front of her. He sighed, trying to think of something else now.

"You're team in place?" A voice came over the radio.

"We're in place and ready to go." Wyatt replied.

"Good. We'll give the word when it's time to move."

"Got ya." Wyatt looked at the others and forced a grin in the dire situation. "We've gotta get ready to go so make sure you are. When we're in we're getting the girl and getting out. If you happen to see my brother on the way, kill him."

Wyatt showed no emotion with his words.

Areli listened as the radio came to life. Areli was only laying down a man over from Wyatt. He purposely laid there in order to be close enough to hear anything but far away that Wyatt can't shoot him on and call it an accident.

Rolling his eyes at what Wyatt said till he mentioned his brother, Areli was surprised to hear the lack of emotion. Preston was a bit annoying but he was Wyatt's family. Apparently the change of Wyatt becoming the leader of the squad was not the only change in Wyatt, he no longer cared for his own flesh and blood.

As the thought of flesh and blood came up, Areli thought of the kids again. He wondered how Eve would react if her own daughter or son was out there. It was curious that their leader had not tried to sire a replacement by now. She was getting old and the virus was likely to strike soon meaning the window of her having a kid was getting short. Areli sighed as he also realized that his window was closing as well.

Pushing the thought aside, Areli loaded a round in the chamber of both his pistol and FAL as he waited for the word to start their little 'rescue' operation.

"Does everyone know what they're doing?" Wyatt asked. "We need to make sure we're all on the same page. Don't want anything to go wrong, do we?" He chose to look at Areli as he said the words.

He wanted to make a point. The point exactly he wasn't sure about right now, but he was going to get his authority across. He knew that Areli didn't trust him.

"And do you, Areli, know what you're doing?" He made the point to ask.

Areli listened as Wyatt asked the men if they knew what they were doing. Some of the men nodded and one of them spoke up saying yes. Areli knew his job. He would not let the mission fail while he was still breathing. Nothing would stop him.

Areli popped his head around the guy in front of him as Wyatt addressed him. "I am the pointman. I position in front of the rest of you, I call out targets and also check for potential ambush spots." Areli answered, "I also am most likely be the first one to die because I am the most exposed." He looked at Wyatt defiantly. It was also Areli's job to help figure out where Jessie could be.

"Good. So you know not to fuck up then." Wyatt told him, before listening to the other men give out their positions and what they were supposed to do. He nodded but in reality he wasn't really listening. He'd just wanted to take a snap at Areli.

"She's in there somewhere. We're going to get in, get her and get out. Kill whoever you have too. I don't care. Shoot anything that moves. Man, woman or child unless you identify that person as Eve's sister Jessie. That's a direct order from me." Wyatt told them. "And Eve."

That was a little lie, but he was sure that Eve would agree with him.

Areli shook his head as Wyatt snapped at him. Still a kid, he thought to himself. Areli listened as Wyatt added the rules of engagement. After Wyatt finished saying there were basically no rules, Areli spoke up, "Ummm.... Sir... We are supposed to sneak in and take Jessie. Would it not be the smart thing to only fire when fired upon so we do not give away our position and have more troops try to kill us than we need?"

Areli grinned a stupid little grin. "I mean once we have Jessie that rule of engagement you have would be nice but until then why cause a firefight when we could slip by a group without much hassle?" It was clear that Areli knew what he was talking about compared to the inexperienced Wyatt.

"We're doing it my way. I don't appreciate you butting in with how you'd do things." Wyatt frowned. "Just stick to your own damn job and do as I say." He went back to watching the children and everything that was going on. He was tense, waiting for the envitable to happen. He hated the thought of what he was about to witness. But it was part of the job. He had to harden himself to it.

Areli moved over and grabbed Wyatt bringing him close to make sure he will get the message. "THIS IS NOT SOME DAM MEASURING STICK OF WHOSE IS LONGER. MY JOB IS TO PICK OUT TARGETS WHO ARE A THREAT TO US FAILING THE MISSION. UP UNTIL WE GET JESSIE, WE DO NOT WANT TO GET INTO EVERY SINGLE FIGHT THAT WE CAN EASILY AVIOD. THAT WILL END UP WITH US FAILING THIS MISSION AND EVERY ONE OF US WILL BE DEAD." Areli pushed Wyatt on his ass. "GET THAT THROUGH YOUR FUCKING HEAD. WE FAIL. YOU DIE ALSO. DOES NOT MATTER YOU ARE SLEEPING WITH EVE. YOU WILL DIE ALONG WITH US." Areli growled lowly to make sure Wyatt got the point. "We will do it my way as far as rules of engagement are concerned. You can control everything else but let the man who knows what the fuck we need to do in order to make sure this mission succeeds."

Areli glared at Wyatt as he took up his position in front of everyone, adjusting the straps on his vest and getting ready for all hell to break loose.

Wyatt was shocked when Areli suddenly had him by the shirt and was giving him the orders. None of the other men were surprised though. They knew Wyatt had it coming to him. Him and his wreckless thoughts.

"Fine. We do it your way." Wyatt growled finally giving in. "It doesn't work though, or I see reason to change tactics, then we do things my way." He told Areli. "Now get the fuck off me."

When Areli pushed him down, he stumbled before making his way back to his things, checking to make sure everything was in place and once again sulking over how Areli had suddenly and easily taken control of him and the situation.

Finally he looked up as the children started to move. Shooting started and chaos erupted. It was time to move.

"Let's go." Wyatt gave the order and started moving. "Try not to do anything stupid or get yourselves shot. Stay mixed up with everyone and see you at the other end." WIth that Wyatt disappeared within the crowd, determined to get to the other end unscathed as everything exploded around them.

He blocked out the screams. He blocked out the cries. He blocked out everything but the thought of getting to the other side alive.

Areli shook his head from his spot. Areli expected Wyatt say that. Not that it mattered though, It was more likely to keep most of they from dying than Wyatt's way. Chaos started gunfight when off. Areli turned his attention to the minefield just in time to watch a helpless child get shot down. Areli's face hardened just as Wyatt gave the order to move out and disappear into the crowd till they reached the other side.

Wyatt left and Areli began his run. He ran fast enough to make sure he was a hard target for the enemy but slow enough that he could avoid the dead bodies and probably places for mines. Areli came close to a few mines. He knew because 2 seconds after gettting past the place he was at exploded. Areli ingored almost everything around him as he ran. This could help him if they finish the mission with success as much as it would help Wyatt. Areli began to hum an old song his mother liked and sang to him to help him sleep.

The fight is over your souls, Sons of Thunder, Calling the fire down, Burning with hope, Sons of Thunder, My only weapon is truth, hatred's more powerful or so it would seem, sapping my belief in all the things you have shown in the secret, song played in Areli's head the way his mother sang it.

The setting changes from no-mans-land to Obsidian Knights

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#, as written by Lupine
Areli Lovell and Wyatt Daniels - Eastern Wall

He just kept running. That was all he could do. If he stopped at any point then he could end up dead. Wyatt made sure that he was surrounded in a sea of children. He ignored that they were only children, sealing off any conflicting emotions he may be feeling. All he knew was that he had to live. He had a point to prove to Areli and he had to complete this mission and get Jessie back to Eve.

He often made sure that there were a few kids as a barricade in front of him, some at his sides and some behind. If some in front of him were taken out by bullets, he replaced them with kids from behind him. If they were taken out by a mine then he made sure a group filled that gap.

Effectively he had a shield of children to protect him. And despite his feelings about using children for this, now he was only thinking about himself and getting his ass to the other side. If that meant that he was ordering the kids to create his human shield then that was what was going to happen.

Areli just kept running. Everytime he saw someone set off a mine that was the direction he went. It was not pleasant but it was an easy way to avoid the mines and a better way than using the children. The only problem that he had to contend with was the bullets that the East were firing. Areli made sure there was another soldier in front of him. He did not order them there but merely used them as a shield till he need to change directions or they fell.

The mission was practically suicide and they needed to get through to the wall after reaching it. Areli eventually saw the wall in the distance. He picked out his route to the meeting place and continued the way he was going. He wondered how many of the other men would survive the minefield. They had 6 total including Wyatt and Areli himself. It would be amazing if they had 4. It would not take long to find out.

Wyatt was covered in blood by the time he got to the wall. Some of it was his, more of it was other children. A couple of bullets had nicked at his arms, but other than that the majority of the blood covering him had been when his human shield had been penetrated by a mine killing several children immediately. He'd come close to getting killed three or four times by a mine. And his life had been saved almost a dozen times by other children dying in his place. At several points he'd even picked up a kid to protect his chest. Each time one was shot he dumped them and replaced them by another child.

Finally though, he'd made it to the wall with only 2-3 other kids left protecting him. Most had died on the way over. Once at the wall he paused to catch his breath and ignore the guilt and emotions that were trying to rise inside him. Putting a block on everything, Wyatt pressed himself against the wall and went to find the others.

Areli watched as people he knew and did not know get killed or miamed by the mines. His face took a hardened look to it. He did not like this. He did not like it one bit. He reached the wall. He was covered in blood and other bodily matter. Some of the blood was his own. He was nicked by a few bullets but not enough to bother him or stop him. The rest was from the people around him getting shot or blown up by a mine.

Areli looked at the few others that also made it to the wall. None of them were from his squad. He sighed and began to move towards the spot they destinated. He turned and kept an eye out for the others. He saw one almost reach the wall before a bullet tore throw his leg. He fell and there was a resounding boom that caused the earth to kick up.

Areli cursed under his breath then kept moving to the spot. It would not be long and the mission from there would be a whole lot harder. Areli shook his head thinking that reaching the wall and getting in was the 'easy' part of the mission.

Finally Wyatt saw Areli. He kind of wished that the guy hadn't made it. Then he could have dominated the whole group. As it stood though, Areli was dominating him not giving a damn if Wyatt was in charge or not. Maybe when he got back he'd complain to Eve about it. Maybe she could do something. If Areli made it back out of the Eastern compound.

"Have you seen any of the others? We'll give them five minutes, if they haven't shown by then we find a way in. We need to get in as far as possible before they move back. The further back they get before us, the harder it'll be for us to get into the hospital wing." Wyatt told Areli trying to get some form of command back despite Areli telling Wyatt what was going to happen before they left.

"How many smoke grenades do you have?"

Areli checked his belt again. "I have 2 smoke and 2 frag." He noticed how Wyatt seem like a kid who was told there was no Santa Claus when he saw Areli alive. "Also sorry to disappoint you in not dying though there is still plenty of chance for that to happen later." Areli added in a sarcastic tone that he had been using with Wyatt since his 'promotion.'

Areli did agreed with Wyatt on how long they had to wait for the others. "We are for sure down one man. I saw Brown get hit by a bullet then fall onto a mine. Best case: we lose no one else and worse case: we are the only 2 that survived. Best worse case is that 4 of us survived." He sighed as Garett showed up next to him as he finished. "Best worse case? How does that even exist?" he chided Areli.

Areli shook his head. "Nice to see you too. Any word on the others?" Garett looked glum. "Smith went down after we split but I don't know about anyone else." Areli began to scan the minefield and either side of the wall of the last member.

Wyatt nodded. "Okay, that's what I have." He told Areli, his tone portrayed disappointment that they had the same weaponry. It was like Wyatt wanted to have more of everything, be better than everyone, be the most powerful in the team, or something.

When Garett turned up, Wyatt had asked him the same question as to what grenades he had, and he had the same too - no surprise there. Wyatt looked at his bloody watch and nodded. It was time to go. It looked like they'd lost half the squad. "Stevens obviously hasn't made it either or he'd be here by now. Let's get going." Wyatt ordered.

Just then Steven's appeared from behind. "Hope you guys weren't going anywhere without me." He smirked. "I'm not down yet." He'd suffered a shot to arm, but he'd patched it up himself out of the t-shirt of a child that had been shot down near the wall. He was in pain, but he knew that he had to continue. If he didn't there was no point in going back North afterwards otherwise he'd be as good as dead.

"Nice of you to finally join us, Stevens." He told the man. "Now, let's get going." They'd lost two men. Not bad considering everything.

Areli looked at Wyatt before moving. "Remember what I said. Stevens guard our backs. Garett take point. I will pop smoke. Wait till it is out completely then move in. Wyatt, if you fire at ANYONE before we need to, I will put a bullet in you myself." Areli's eyes reflected the warning he was giving.

Garett took his spot while Stevens took his. Areli made sure his assault rifle hung from his shoulder properly before he reached down and pulled out a smoke grenade. Areli held it and waited as they began to move towards the end of the wall. Once they reached that point, Areli pulled the pin and tossed the grenade. After a few seconds, the smoke began to fill the air and it did not take long till the smoke blanked the area. "Go!" Areli said loud enough for them all to hear.

Wyatt grumbled as Areli gave the orders instead of him. He was supposed to be doing things his way, not Areli's way. He didn't kick a fuss for now though. They had to get inside. He'd sort out authority issues once they were safely inside.

Wyatt followed, gun up and finger on his tigger itching to shoot something as they got closer to the entry. He watched as Areli threw the smoke grenade in and then the smoke poured out. And when Areli told them to move, he did.

He was quick to move through the smoke and eventually got to the other side. One hand was on his pistol, just in case someone was lurking on the other side while he moved through the smoke though his eyes stung slightly. He saw no one and even when he got out of the smoke, he wasn't in immediate danger.

Out of the corner of his eye, Wyatt saw movement and turned to see someone coming towards him a few yards away. They'd just turned the corner of a building and his eyes had barely set sight on Wyatt when he lifted his gun and pulled the trigger. The man - he couldn't tell if it was a solider or civilian from this distance, and he didn't really care - fell to the ground and didn't move. Satisfied, Wyatt turned to see where the others were.

Areli just made it through the smoke as he spotted Wyatt lowering a smoking gun. In the distance, a man was on the ground. Areli looked at Wyatt. His eyes reflected the luck of what Wyatt had just done. The problem, Wyatt still disobeyed what was advised.

Stevens looked at Garett who looked at Areli as he pulled out his knife on his belt. Areli stabbed Wyatt in the right forearm. He looked at Wyatt. "Next time, a bullet will go through you. You just hope I put it where you can still please Eve." He growled before removing the blade. He took a clean piece of cloth and gave it to Stevens, "Bandage him quickly then let's move out. This is where things are going to get messy." They were in. Now, they just need to find Jessie and get out.