Miles Conner

"All cannons Twelve aclock! We are going to cut straight through her"

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a character in “Admiral: The Record of the First Xenowar”, as played by wolfoftheage


Name: Miles Conner

Age: 37

Rank: Captain

Gender: Male

Description: Miles has dark brown hair kept in a Medium Regulation Haircut, His eyes are a bright hazel. Miles stands at 72" and weighs in at about 185lbs, his body muscle is well toned and defined. His body having virtually no fat on it at all. His torso is covered in several scars from old battles from his days as a marine. He has one Marine tattoo on his Right shoulder


Miles is calm and collected, his time in the Marines made him a battle hardened soldier and his time as a officer of the Navy has taught him the delicacies of ship combat, the two fighting styles have merged well with him, making him use modified tactics for his engagements from both playbooks. Miles is a confidant leader, one who chooses to never forget his roots as a soldier, He uses the approach of i could destroy you but i chose to spare you as his way of keeping order on his ship. His strengths are his leadership, his skill in tactics and his quick thinking. His Flaws are his Pride, Stubbornness and over confidence Just like a marine He never retreats only tactically disengages only to come back again at a later time. it is also important to note Miles speaks his mind and his temper can get him into trouble every know and then.


Ship's name: Howling Moon

Ship Class: Jupiter

Mods to ship:
Forward firing, 80% of the weapons can all face towards the bow making for a relentless barrage if directly in front of the howling moon
Fusion battery-A second battery has been installed allowing two shots to be fired in a five minute interval.

Important Crew members:
Commander James "Doc" McFarland: Doc is the chief mechanic for the howling moon and is an expert at damage control keeping the weapons and engines going as long as the ship holds together

Lieutenant Michale Candrian: Weapons operator for the Spinal Fusion Gun, he can use it like a scalpel in a fight able to target just about anything

Sargent Ryan Desmond: Sargent is one of the squads leader for that are part of the security attachment of marines to defending the Howling moon against boarding actions, Ryan is a relentless marine who specializes in CQB from rigging traps to room to room fighting, Ryan served under Miles when Miles was enlisted
Image Sargent Desmond in his armor ready to roll out, this is a modified version of what marines aboard the Howling Moon use

Helmsman Lieutenant Ronald Johnson, Was brought over from the Tigers dawn At Miles Request. Johnson is Ambitious and a play maker although a little reckless at times he is good and willing to take the risks Miles is willing to take in a fight, because of this he is able to move the ship in a more effective offensive manner, but not perfectly but what counts is he has gotten both himself and Miles out of a few scrapes And Ryan asked for him by name seeing his skill behind the helm


History: Miles grew up on Earth as part of a middle class family in what was formally known as the mid western united states close to the Rockies. His interests growing up involved strategy games and sports, He only got decent grades growing up not seeing the point in school and enlisted into the Marines at the age of 17. Upon enlistment he served in several anti terrorism raids on various planets and quickly made his way to the rank of Sargent by the age of 24, It was then he decided to become a commissioned officer. The powers that be decided his talents would be better put as a navy officer, and put him on his first vessel The tigers dawn a Mars Class frigate which he served on originally as a weapons officer and eventually commanded until about 5 months ago. His transition from Soldier to officer was Rough, Often causing problems with authority in his chain of command early on his arrival on the Tigers Dawn. Miles could see the the errors his captain was making and openly voiced his opinion against some of the things he would have done different, From ship positioning to the way he engaged. This Resulted in a few cases of disciplinary actions. But Miles caught on quick enough, Applying both troop tactics in space fights with standard space combat doctrine he was able to prove himself as a tactically sound and proficient officer in many areas namely combat.

Planet of origin: Earth

History of Ship: The howling moon is an older model, it has been around for a solid decade and has been used in many show of force operations over the years and has only actually been in a hand full of engagements most of which the enemy was to small of a force to stand a chance against the mighty ship and her escorts. Miles has just taken control of her 1 month ago

So begins...

Miles Conner's Story