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Susan Storm Richards

"What happened?"

0 · 579 views · located in Avengers Mansion

a character in “Adolescent Avengers”, as played by MissBrightside_



Name: Susan Storm Richards
Age: 6
Aliases: Invisible woman.
Baby Alias: Invisible girl


So begins...

Susan Storm Richards's Story


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Susan eyed everyone, taking in the impossible.
She then glanced down upon her own body, biting her lip as she surveys her small, pudgy legs.
Crossing her arms she scowls, "What the hell." She hisses and then looks over to Bruce.
She almost laughed when she saw him, he was so adorable with pudgy cheeks and standing at such a small height yet still having that calm, wise look he held.
It was quite hilarious, that was, until she remembered she probably looked a lot worse.

"I think we should-" She stops short, her voice turning into baby slurs, 'How old exactly am I?' she wonders, coughing just to check whether it was just a trick.
"I think-" She tries again but like last time, her voice is as baby-ish as it was before, "dammit." She whispers to herself.

The setting changes from Marvel Universe to Avengers Mansion

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Tony frowns at Janet as she delivers the news of Immortus' disappearance. It's not like he didn't expect such a thing, but it's still not exactly something that he wishes to hear. "I wonder why he didn't stick around for cookies and Kool-Aid." Tony says, a hint of his trademark sarcasm dripping into his words.

Tony only frowns harder when Bruce speaks. "If that's the case, we're going to have to find a time machine and follow him somehow. There's no way I'm staying like this for long. I don't even have facial hair!" Tony flails his tiny arms slightly in order to punctuate his frustration. Susan seems to be trying to speak, but without actually saying much of anything.

"Thinking's a dangerous pastime you know." He gives her a playful wink, hoping she won't take offense at his comment but knowing she probably will.