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Advent Saga

Advent Saga


Space and scifi based roleplay with themes from all types of different genres.

562 readers have visited Advent Saga since PaperCoversRockB*tch created it.


You awaken in a dark room, unsure of where you are but you know you're not alone. The room brightens and you find yourself surrounded by others, around 20 if you counted, but something is different about them. While they seem human enough, their garb doesn't match your own, as if they were playing dress up before they came here. The ceiling of the room opens up, revealing a giant screen that stretches from wall to wall. With the sound of a click, something you have never seen in your lifetime appears. It appears to be a monster, though not one you would normally imagine, an alien perhaps. It was bald with yellow eyes and
brownish skin, whatever it was. The creature poked at the screen and appeared to be looking past them, seemingly yelling at someone who wasn't there. Eventually, a small humming noise could be heard, and then eventually the screaming.

"I don't care Maurice, just fix it now. This is what I get for hiring Lagrek's, even though they kept telling me to hire the Binarians. What, Maurice? What utter failure do you have to report now?! Oh, we're live? Ahem." The creature made a stern face, looking at the humans with its hands raised as if to look down upon them. "Attention! People of... what planet was this one again? Maurice?! Yes, I know I was supposed to know this beforehand, but dealing with your incompetence made me forget. By the stars, if you say one more word I throw you out the airlock! Is that what you want? To be a floating, frozen fish?! A Triple F Maurice? Is that what you want?! Look, I'm sorry, okay? There is no reason to cry Maurice, and I'm sorry for calling you a fish. Alright? Who the man? Who the man, Maurice? That's right, you the man! Alright, let's take it from the top. People of the planet... ah, dammit. I should have the name here somewhere. Gorg, no. Veria, no. Kelon? Are we really inviting the Kelonians?! Why? Every time we invite them they end up ruining it. Plus, they smell like twenty year old chesse wrapped in moldy humus." The creature palmed its face and took a heavy sigh. "Fine, you know what? I'll just deal with it. But, understand, I will be having a very long meeting with the Resources Department after this. Okay, one more time. Ahem, people of Earth. You may be confused as to the situation you find yourselves in. Rest easy when I tell you that you are in no danger, yet. You all have been chosen as the best representatives of your planet for the Annual Tournament held by the Great Empire of Corinale. Allow me to explain. Each year, six participants are brought from various planets throughout space, and this year your planet of... really, again? Let's see here, Earth has been chosen as a participant. Unhindered by time, you have been chosen as the best of the best from your planet. you should consider this a great honor. But, no applauding yourself. I have been told that seems to be commonplace amongst your people. Anyway, If you survive the trials, and emerge as the victorious civilization, then you will receive one gift each from the Corinale Empire! Anything you desire, will be yours. Trust us when we tell you that too. Last year this one guy didn't believe us so he asked for a Zorian Goliath. Poor bastard, the beast fell right on top of him. Died instantly. Took weeks to get the stench out of my clothes. We are told the Goliath was eventually put down. Tragic."

The being, now only describable as an alien looked over the crowd. "Ah, I suppose I should introduce myself. I am-" the next few words were completely untranslatable, most staring up at him thinking they just heard the ramblings of a mad man. "But you may call me, God! No, just kidding. you humans are so easily riled up. You may refer to me as the MC, as I will be in charge of the whole event this year. You might be wondering how you know what I am saying. If you would all feel just under those weird fleshy things you call ears, you will find a small bump. Congratulations! You all have been surgically implanted with a small chip that translates over three hundred thousand known languages into your primitive tongues. Also, you will find it works on each other as well. We didn't want you to be unable to communicate with each other after all. Ah, civilizations that still have no universal language, you're all so adorable. Many of you have probably picked up on what I said earlier. Six representatives. Unfortunately, due to audience voting, we have decided to have you compete for the chance to enter the Tournament. Exciting stuff, right?" The right wall started to move, lowering down into the ground and revealing a large wooded area not dissimilar to those that inhabit Earth.

"So, get going! Your objective is to be one of the last six standing. Any who fail will be instantly transported back to Earth and forget this ever happened! By the way, if you refuse to participate. Well, I will be forced to incinerate that chip we implanted, thereby causing your whole body to shut down as you die a slow and painful death. The contest doesn't start until you all have left the holding area. Good luck." The screen faded to black and the humans were once again alone. As soon as the screen faded, the devices below their ears all started to heat up, as if a warning to say they were serious. As the first few started to make their ways out of the holding area, massive screens popped up around the jungle, cheers being heard from the black facade behind them, obviously one way viewing.

So, that's basically it. Your character can have lived at any point in human history, as well as the future (Though not too far, don't want to make it unfair). Eventually, alien races will be available to create and play as, but those will be secondary characters to your main character. I'm only allowing five roleplayers other than myself. This won't be just a battle all the time roleplay, so don;t worry about that if you thought that was what I was going for. If you have any questions, just ask in the OOC.

Character Sheet
Appearance: Animated, though keep it a little realistic.
Why they were chosen: (This is like a Bio, though not as detailed. Talk up your character, share some of their exploits. Feel free to use actual events that happened in history as well).

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