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A shy, awkward adult who would rather stay inside then sociailze.

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a character in “Adventures at Beacon”, as played by emiloohoo


Kingsly is a lanky 25-year-old male, whose pale skin has often been considered translucent in the sun. His blonde hair makes him seem more tan than he actually is however, so he doesn't look too strange. Thin-wire glasses often sit upon his straight nose, giving him a smart look that almost matches his intelligence. These smarts, though, are often a downfall too him, as it makes him have a very bad sense of humor.
He can be ruthless if he wants to but generally tries not to be. If a bad influence, such as his sister, Roxanne, were to ask him to do something devilish, it would take them quite a while to convince him into it.
Kingsly is part Arctic fox. This means he can run quite fast and has an excellent sense of smell. Other than that, he is very skilled in computer engineering and can take apart and reassemble a PC within a couple of minutes.
His parents abandoned him and his sister when they were young so Kingsly had to step up and become the responsible one.

So begins...

Kingsly's Story


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Kingsly looked around for the grey-haired girl, but she was nowhere to be seen. Suki, using her scroll as a map, then ran towards the City of Vale.