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Li Yung Kunama

Just a friendly girl who has an obsession with all things that hurt people.

0 · 211 views · located in Remnant

a character in “Adventures at Beacon”, as played by emiloohoo


Physical description: Seventeen-year-old Li Yung has a yellowish skin and a thin figure, so she looks sick about half of the time. Her jet black hair is almost always up in twin buns with a couple of long strands hanging down, framing her oblong face. Her slender chocolate brown eyes have been called her best feature, but she prefers the jagged scar that runs through middle of her face.

Personality: Even though most people assume she is rather moody, Li Yung is actually a mix of fun-loving and serious. She likes to go out to shooting ranges and shoot her favorite pistol, but it's been a long time since she's had the time to, with her parents forcing her to focus on her studies and all. Her hobbies are reading (if it's about weapons), sewing (if it's making outfits for her to wear during battle), whittling (to make bow and arrows with archery, and weapons.

Equipment & Abilities: Li Yung has a LOT of weapons including: several wooden bow-and-arrows she made herself, a Astra Model 900 pistol that her dad gave her, several daggers, a double edge sword, a machete, a pair of katanas and much more. She knows how to skillfully use each one, as she's trained herself to fight from the beginning. On top of all that, she can heal herself using her semblance.

Historical Background: Li Yung lives in a large mansion, just outside of Atlas. Her parents, Sakura and Kaiyo, wanted her to get the best education, which is why she goes to Beacon. She has no siblings and prefers that way, though her parents have been hinting that they want another kid.

So begins...

Li Yung Kunama's Story