Gaea Hope

Digi-destined of Reliability

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Gaea Hope

Gender: Male
Personality: Gaea tends not to always say what he feels unless he thinks it is for the best. He has a bad habit of trying to save everyone around him at the cost of himself. He is pretty emotionally stable and normally remains calm if he is panicking there is a major problem. If he was to have to choose between two friends Gaea couldn't do it. However if a fight between two of his friends threatened either of their lives he would step in and put an end to the foolishness. Gaea is well respected by most of the people around him. Unfortunately Gaea has a bad habit of avoiding crowds and tends to be very withdrawn around people he doesn't know.
Skin Tone: .Slightly pale
Build: Lightly muscular

Physical Description: Gaea is not really tall but he isn't short, at first glance he looks really skinny but under closer examination he is very muscular. He has golden blonde hair surrounding a good looking charming face. Normally he wears jeans and a black t-shirt with a black hoodie over top but he will wear almost anything. His eyes are a deep blue.
Occupation: Apprentice Chef
Hobbies: Cooking, writing poetry, jogging, and hanging out with friends.
Skills: Cooking, writing poetry, fighting, staying calm(definitely a skill that takes work.) and common sense(one of the few individuals who have it.)
*Being right
*Good luck
Dislikes (Again, please list at least 4)
*Lack of food
*Being stuck indoors
*Being wrong
Items they often carry:
*A medium sized knife
*A Lighter
*Pen and paper pad
*Food of some sort, either for preparation or to eat.
Greatest Personality Trait:Reliability
Biggest Personality Flaw:Shy
Goals in Life/Dreams:Gaea goal is to become a professional chef. As well he would like to continue to write poetry for the fun of it.
Fears:Starving, losing a friend, being unable to write.

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#, as written by Rammus
You know this is really nice. Gaea thinks his eyes slowly opening to a never before seen landscape of lush trees and unique plants. Gaea quickly gets to his feet trying to logically think of what happened to him, before he woke up there was an odd dream, but before that not much out of the ordinary. With a frustrated sigh Gaea looks around suddenly overwhelmed by the beauty Gaea reaches into his bag that he just realized was lying next to him on the ground. Taking out a pen and paper Gaea begins to write, muttering the words as he writes them

Green forest of unknown
To where have I flown
This land is not my own
And how do I get home?

"Well you are in the digiworld Gaea" A small voice says from beside him. Looking over Gaea notices a small red round thing with bat wings for ears. Tilting his head slightly at an angle Gaea looks at it and asks "Is there anyone else like me here?"

"You mean humans?" It replies very fast.

"Yeah humans would be nice though even you are interesting" Gaea says with a smile growing on his face as he relax's into his new companion.

"Ok I will lead the way" It says starting to bounce ahead.

"Wait slow down first lets get some things straight what are you and who are you?" Gaea asks slowing things down to his speed.

"I am Jyarimon and I am a digimon now lets go." It says trying to leave again.

"Not yet I have one more question" He says reaching into his bag to grab some food.

"I will answer it if you share some of that" Jyarimon says with a wanting look that cute things often do.

"Sure I just want to know what I can eat around here and how to get it ready." Gaea says smiling not feeling shy around something not human but still intelligent.

"I will show you as we walk to the others" Jyarimon says before chomping down some of the trail mix that Gaea took out. Then Jyarimon slowly bounces away followed by gaea towards where the others are.