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Rafar the Red

"You're not the top, you're prey, PREY!"

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a character in “Adventures in a Fantasy World”, as played by Long Lost Lius


Name: Rafar the Red
Alias/Nicknames: The Red Beast, The Flayed Demon- And various other titles derived from his appearance

Age: Ancient

Hair Color: Red/Black

Eye Color: Pitch Black

Species: Primordial Demon Beast

Physical Specs: Althought the beast which slowly stalks across the rooftops carries a malnourished, skeletal appearance, looking like a weak, almost injured creature despite his intimidating size a quick application of force disproves this completely, the claws adorning his limbs easily sunken into thick plates of steel from pure physical might, although, this is all highly dependent on how worked up Rafar is, even if he wouldn't admit it, and rather attempt to play it off as if he was going easy, he's found that while tired and uninterested, he physically can't manage half of the power he can normally.

Magical Specs: Magic, is a complicated term, one could say his very existance was one closely mixed in with magic, a certain aura of magical dread surrounding him, although it would appear as Rafar never flings any spells the unnatural darkness following him closely like a choking miasma can be explained as nothing but magic

Known/Popularly Used Magic Spells:
Aura of Horror: Very much several old spells mixed together and imbued within Rafar, a black magical fog follows his very being, slowly oozing around the people around him, one might just call it "Mood lighting" but the mist itself adds to the primordial terror which Rafar inflicts, spurring on a beings oldest instinct, fear. The general thickness of this miasma is very much dependant on Rafar like his physical specs, if he's idly holding a conversation with a lesser being, then it would be barely noticeable, but if he's attacking a village, madly diving inbetween the streets killing, then it would be enough to restrict the vision of all those around him

Howl: Simple enough, a sundering roar, very commonly used by Rafar as a sign "For the hunt to start" although it's debatable wether it's a purely physical ability it's still easily presumed to be magic as the cry itself tests the mind of those too close, letting them experience the fear of being prey

History: Tales are commonplace in this world, there's countless legends and stories circulating the world, and few would consider the one of the Flayed Beast stalking towns as a particular interesting one. This is one of those, less detailed, "something killed a bunch of people!" sort of story, one which can't be appreciated, or detailed enough for anyone to take it upon themselves to deal with this, probably inexistant beast.

Rafar himself has been alive.. For a very long time, much to his own dismay, much to many other people's worries he was far more temperamental in his prime years, now, the annual slaughters of the Red Beast has decreased, his story slowly falling into fiction, which he very much prefers, having been a cruel mistake created at the time of the gods, one of the Demon Beasts terribly mutated by the god Vora's creative war against the Evil God, carrying a feisty hatred against the human creatures, one which commonly swells onto his own Demon Beasts, Rafar has spent his time slowly taking out his petty revenge upon the "perfected" races of the world.

Personality: Rafar is a bundle of anger, simple enough, he feels his existance to be a direct insult, and is completely set upon proving the world itself that it's wrong, at worse, it's when he throws a tantrum, wildy carving a bloody path throughout the nearest beings. Although, as of late, he's started to think of himself as old, old and scarred.

He's grown atleast less temperemental, and it's actually a rather good chance that he's willing to hold a casual conversation with someone, he feels tired, and is actively searching for something new, his ways doesn't work, nothing does! He searches for a way, something to release it all on, in a way it actually.... Contributes.

So begins...

Rafar the Red's Story


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A quiet, inhuman sigh rang out from the surroundings. It was still breakneck dawn and the sun was lazily climbing up over the horizon while the blood red magus moon descends, bathing the little glade in a strangely tranquil light, the small patch of forest was just a short distance away from Arma Torrel, yet the dark dreary woodscape proved to be a rather cozy place to stay, the cause for that sigh, had ofcourse been the consistent desire for all of Vora's perfect little beings to ruin everything for him.

A large rock potruded halfway up out of the ground in the middle of the glade, nicely nestled atop it was a large black and red beast, it almost looked like some dreadful creation of Necromancy with the skeletal appearance all across it's being, the peaceful setting abruptly ruined by the monster perched atop the rock, his one large intimidating claw laid at the top of the rock with the monsters chin neatly resting atop it as it gazed out across the bustling town, it took just a second after the sigh had slipped out before another sound echoed out throughout the opening, a pained, pathetic whimper.

Just a little distance away from the beast laid a heavily armored dwarf, sprawled out on his stomach, desperately reaching for a small, wand-like object just barely out his reach. Looking a little further down his form it would be apparent that the ghastly beings right claw was right above his legs, the claw that would make up it's middle finger pierced straight through the Dwarves thick, armored leg. The Dwarf forced himself forward just a centimeter, and was then painfully janked back.

The monster looked down over the edge of the rock, idly gazing at the torn apart bodies now littering the small forest opening, then turned it's gaze towards the last surviving struggler. "Imagine... You could've simply decided to do something else today, and then, everyone would've still been alive." The monster didn't sound like it was mocking the Dwarf, nor did it sound like it was reveling in this fact, instead, it was merely just... Stating it. The dwarf gave off some kind of curse in his own language, and with a terrifying crunch emanating from his leg he pushed himself forward just enough, suddenly closing his armored fist around the wand which previously had laid just out of reach.

Turning himself onto his back, more than likely brutally twisting open the wound in his leg as he directs the small steel stick towards the monster, giving out a cry of pure desperation as the magic inside it flashed to life, the magicians in town which had used Mana Injection into the object to grant it the Heat attribute had guaranteed that the fire which blossomed out it's front would be enough to overpower that of a Flameboars deadly breath, yet the monster reared it's head, raising the claw which it had layed atop and promptly pressed it's palm against the gushing flames in a deadly quick movement, a swift flood of pain throughout the dwarfs leg caused him to stutter, the knockback of the wand itself causing it to spiral out of his hand.

With a motion the beast had crushed his legs, leaving a bloody mash of flesh where his leg should've been, abruptly raising up it placed it's scolding hot palm down atop the Dwarves armored chest, rearing over him. It's paw was large enough to grab the dwarves entire torso, the claws making up his middle and index finger placed at each side of his head, they smelled of gore, that in which made the dwarves stomach turn even further. "Admirable.." It muttered "Yes, you'll do fine, that one.. Elven friend of yours, she had healing items, if you can make it to her... You'll live." It spoke with the same lack off emotion, intently staring with pitch black eyes at the dwarves

This group of adventurers, which had gone out to hunt beasts had been wiped out, this dwarf would never be able to properly fight again, and his friends, they were much worse for wear, but with some healing, he could stiffle the blood loss, and maybe, just maybe make it to town. Taking a step back, the beast, Rafar the Red clambered back off the dwarf, watching the massive amounts of blood gushing out of him. "You're a warrior, you lasted the longest... Can you really just die here?" Several gruffed moans escaped the dwarf, Rafar hadn't even started talking before he was back on his stomach, slowly crawling off the surface of the rock, leaving a long, dark red line after him.

Rafar turned back towards the town, that dwarf would probably make it, yes without a doubt. He wondered wether they would be wise enough to simply leave these woods alone? But that'd wouldn't be very fun either, he'd move somewhere else soon enough, but for now, he was intruiged, what would Vora's children do when presented with this? He really wanted to know.


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"Of course I recognize you, who can forget a face like yours?!" she exclaimed, spinning around to face Kodan, acting as if her previous scuffle never occurred. She scanned him for a moment. She then huffed and put her hands on her hips. "I also remember that you spurned my offer for a dance." Tapping her foot she then looked around and leaned towards Kodan, grinning as she does so. "To be perfectly honest, I dun know a hell lot 'bout dancin' either... was an excuse to see that pretty face of yours. Is just... I've seen many an Animan, but never the likes of you."

She giggles slightly, and with a brief awkward pause, without a break of eye contact, she bows. "Bellatroix, you can call me Bella if you prefer, I like to establish a level of warm familiarity with people." She giggles again and presses both her cheeks. "You doing okay?"

Quail stood dumbfounded by Bellatroix's behavior. She then looked over at Kodan and tilted her head to the side. What? Did everyone from the village, even the strangers? Then again, it wasn't like there was a lot of other places to go, but it isn't like the village was completely ruined... shouldn't think of that, we're supposed to become adventurers today! With a turn she looked up and went back to her brother.

"Ehhhh... it was nothin'... just the crazy lady was arm wrestlin' some guards and now she's ogling a dog man," she says rather bluntly to Corro, not quite the type to beat around the bush. She then looks back to Liro, snapping into a rather more regal pose, and, uncertain what formalities and respects to use towards an esteemed Guildmaster as him, salutes him. Ma and pa had always said to give respect under such occasions. "Ready and willing to go to whatever lengths, sir!"

Down below Bella gets this weird feeling someone has caught onto a little charade... and then, at the back of her skull, a feeling that something eerily familiar was nearby, like a strange distant memory. Her smile faded, and her expression became more thoughtful. Where have I felt this presence before..?


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#, as written by Davien
Kodan remained awkwardly standing, looking towards Bella’s face, but not her eyes. He smiled nervously as she spoke, getting more nervous at her continued interest. Was she looking for someone, just like him? He shook his head and returned to a butler stance, as if the action of shaking his head would shake his nervous thoughts right out. She leaned in, commenting on his pretty face. He had certainly scrutinized, but something about bellas gaze had a depth to it, as though she could see right past the fur and skin, through the bone right into his brain. Perhaps he was imagining this, or it was from his training to never make eye contact, but he froze up. He looked back to her eyes completely dumbfounded as to what to do next. He began to stammer out a word when she spoke, snapping him out of the transfixiation on her stare. He began to wring his hands nervously as they spoke on.

“And how are you?” she asked. For some reason, Kodan felt he could actually be honest with someone such as Bella. Perhaps he could unload the burdon on his mind. He began to speak.

Immediately he was interrupted by Quail. He huffed and crossed his arms. Seems that always happens to him, he thought as his ears went back slightly. “Dog man?!” Kodan said involuntarily as he heard the word, obviously taking a little offense as he looked towards Quail. Shaking it off, he started to tell Bella of his night on the street, pointing at his clothes and explaining the incident at the tailor shop.

“And now madame… As you see, I’m covered in the grime of the streets in this burlap sack.”
By the time he had finished talking however, Bella seemed like she was 1000 miles away.
“Madame?” He inquired, eyes showing a bit of concern for her.


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As the group started to walk towards the Adventurers Guild, Corro listen to some of the observations from his sister.

"I see...well, if its nothing too problematic then its fine" he told her, however then the words finally connected back to the current situation and his common sense. "Wait, she did what now?!"

Corro was completely oblivious to it, or maybe he just didn't think it was romance talk, but after Quail's words he blushed a little when looking at Kodan and Bella and was quick to whisper back.

"Hey hey, you don't don't think those two will really end up like..."

Corro's words only made him more red, so he just shook it off.

"No no, its probably nothing...everything should be fine..."

Unfortunately, it seemed like Kodan picked up her words and responded back.

"Well, its are an Animan? As one myself, and having seen a few from the travelers that passed through the village, you look a lot different from normal and..."

However, Corro and the Guildmaster suddenly both got sidetracted by the fight between Karolin and the guards. The two of them with their experience in fighting could clearly understand everything that had happened more or less...but neither of them had any idea of what to do about it. Corro just escaped getting framed by those guards, if he jumped in here he would probably be sent to jail without a trial. And then end up dead. Not to mention what might happen to Quail.

And even the Guildmaster could not use his power and authority to make this go away. It would take a miracle or something to make this resolve without incident. Not to mention neither of htem really knew Karolin, Corro just remembering a vague glimpse of her...or maybe, one of his parents did? The inherited reel of memories made that a bit confusing, since he was still getting used to it.

Corro did not even really know why this all started anyways, though he was more in favor of Karolin then the guards.

He had some ideas, but was not sure if he should get involved. If everyone could somehow just forget for a moment, or just calm down so they could talk it out then maybe...

"Hm?" The guildmaster leaked out when he felt a momentary surge of mana.

But then, before anything could seemingly occur, the two guards seemed to enter a daze as they saw two others come in. Without even turning to look at the scene, they looked at those two.

"You two! There is a monster situation on the road the people want resolved. Some people have been reporting increased Goblin numbers from the East lately, and now supposedly there might be a large Demon Beast outside the gates! Quickly, this trumps everything else right now!"

As if seeing some sort of light, the two quickly accepted and followed the other guards without saying anything else or pointing out the unconscious guards. It all seemed a bit too good to be true....except there were a number of people who knew why there were increased Goblin numbers, and the Guildmaster didn't bring anything up either.

"I would recommend you come with us miss. I think you may not be around here, but what you did just now was actually quite rude and offensive to the people here. Also wrong and probably illegal".

Saying that, the GUildmaster left it at that and continued to bring them down the street towards a large building. It was tough looking, but also worn, and seemed to have an around to go to a back lot. It was a rather large building given the average size of other buildings, and with a symbol of a sword, shield, bow, and staff to make up the sign, the sign itself read "Adventurer's Guild".

And then, a young boy of twelve came out. Only, his body language and the way he spoke suggested he was much older. (FYI, just gunna say it. Since we have not had a single one yet, its a Celestial). "You! Where the hell have you been all this time Guildmaster! Do you know the sheer amount of paperwork that has built up already that you need to deal with?!"

"Ah...this is my second in command, Darius. He is a Celestial, and uhhh....may be a bit mad at me for taking an unofficial holiday the other day".

"I won't let you run away from the paperwork today!"

"I cant! Helping these newbies register as adventurers~"

"Don't think I will let you use that as an excuse!"

And so, this started the group's first visit to the local branch of the famous Adventurer's Guild.


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Karolin seemed to space off for a bit as she began to think. What to do now? They seemed to have backed away. Perhaps she did something correctly? However as she was thinking this, more guards arrived talking about a situation where there were more goblins and a demonic beast. A demonic beast? She lived with people who declared they were demons...Maybe it was someone she knew...It would be nice to have someone from her home to help her out.

Of course, a man got her attention and informed her that what she did was rude and offensive. And to come with them...How strange...She had questioned but she decided to follow them. They seemed to know what to do around here. As Karolin followed she soon arrived at their destination. Adventurers Guild...Oh! That word seemed familiar. Her world had plenty of people calling themselves adventurers. This was indeed a familiar thing.

So familiar...Questions? Yes, a question seemed in good order right now. “I thank you for informing me of your customs. I am indeed not from this place, but I find it odd...All I Did was return a greeting someone did. Is not pushing someone after they try to shove you not a proper greeting?...I see...Perhaps that man was doing a rude and offensive greeting...Or maybe I did it wrong...” She spoke to the Guildmaster as she looked at the others.

She seen some of these people before. Was this world small? It felt like it...Well, her world was far smaller. She saw the same people everyday in her home. Of course in reality, Karolin just never left her home village.

But for Karolin, she could learn how to interact with people of this world. It would be nice to know how to properly greet people. Oh...Perhaps they may confuse her. “Ah, I forgot to mention. I am Karolin Baade. I am a human, just with added features.” She added.


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"Uh? Oh... oh!" she mutters shaking from her trance and back to her senses. She drew back and patted Kodan on the back. "Certainly I see, that you are a poorun... all down on your luck, but all y'need is someone to lift you up, and luck haves it, I am one so charitable! No strings, no worries, I too am having trouble adjusting to... all this, I admit," she says rather earnestly, stepping around him and switching around beside him, waving an arm towards the city. She then notices that the two children, Quail and Corro, are now leaving without her, making her a bit more antsy. "Ah... but, why don't you come with me for a bit? We can talk along the way, would do us both good, I think, to have company," she says, while ushering him along.

As she did so, she slipped beside Corro and whispered something. "Isn't it strange? I know not how, but he's a reflection of your ancestry, before Kaporeon's meddling."

Quail, catching this, snaps around casting the woman an inquiring glare. "Wait... how do... what do you mean?"

"Well, dear, you see, long ago th-," She stopped, hearing talk of a monster in the distance. It was a nostalgic feeling, to be certain, or perhaps, more accurately, an ache of an old wound. It was neither here or there, but a note for future consideration for certain. The girl, she recognized as well, being seen back from the village. It was funny how this kept happening. "Welcome, sister, to this merry band of misfits," Bellatroix says to Karolin, doing her best courtesy bow, a lighthearted jab at humor. "Just to note, that I, Beau Geste Bellatroix, am designated queen of the misfits. No formalities required, of course."

As they came to the Adventurers Guild, she watched the scene unfold, and amused, chuckling as the Guildmaster was scolded before them.


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The intensity in the room was quite, overwhelming, challenges being thrown out and people preparing for a scuffle to break out any second. Luckily the individuals seemed polite enough about it, making a potential brawl unreasonable. He had managed to briefly explain to Darius, but his anger burnt bright, despite his injuries, and with that, a loud, pained scoff escaped the dwarf that was held up by the guard who had just entered, a strained grimace covered his face as he abruptly straightened his back suddenly pressed the guard back and hobbling a step, that manouver alone showing to anyone with a trained eye that he was atleast a fairly skilled fighter. He managed to stumble another step towards the group, first now properly revealing the bloody stump his right leg had been turned into, haphazardly healed and stitched.

He was an inch from simply falling headfirst forward but managed to catch himself atop the guildmasters chest, taking a second to breathe before shifting forward, tugging at the master's collar, using it to hoist himself up. Pleasantries could wait, he couldn't simply stand in place and listen to these people go on and on, barely avoiding sputtering in the guildmaster's face he exclaimed "Guildmaster!" He continued, letting out a low growl of pain, wincing and continuing "They're.. Dead, they're all dead Guildmaster, The Blue Canary were all killed!"

The chatter which had previously filled the Adventurer's guild died out somewhat, The Blue Canary had been a B class band of adventurers, rather promising group in fact. The dwarf gritted his death, he couldn't care less about those he had interuppted, firming the grip around the guildmaster's collar, eyes flashing with both anger and desperation "A red demon in the woods... Just outside the city! We didn't stand a chance dammit!" His gruff voice grew increasingly more powerful as he briefly shook the guildmaster, his one remaining leg was shaking and his voice on the verge of breaking.

Meanwhile out in said forest, resting atop his new favorite stone, eyes trailing across that large trail of blood slithering out through the forest, Rafar grew a smirk. He lazily shook himself before slowly raising up, eyes diverting towards the city, then back into the woods, he took a second before clenching his claws, letting his talons sink into the stone, what a curious taste in the air, more people were on their way, hopefully they wouldn't prove too bothersome.


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#, as written by Davien
Kodan looked around the room he had followed Bella into, slightly glad that she had asked for a structured fight rather
than a brawl he would assuredly be pulled into against his will. The goblin king was his first fight, and he had proven
himself effective and in fact deadly. But he didn't desire to see that side of himself so quickly again, or at all.
To stand on the sidelines was Kodans place in his new life, or at least thats what he intensely desired. Due to his size
and brute strength when pushed far enough however, he would more than likely be roped in somehow. Kodan clasped his hands
and remained on the sidelines, watching events unfold intently.


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(Its been awhile since I had a post this long, but phew...I had a lot to react to and the NPCs got chatty again)

The Guildmaster looked at the at the Dwarf and then back to Darius who had chased after him before looking back at the group that was about to have a heated fight in front of the guild. Personally, he wanted to see the results. He did know of this man named Telekhus, but he also knew plenty of people who boasted less yet had done more.

In truth, he was even aware, or at least highly suspicious of, Bella's identity. That was because the Guildmaster, or rather, the SS-Ranked Liro Esmeria, a High Elf who had lived for over 300 years, had gone on many adventurers himself. But, his aging had finally restarted and he was becoming old so he had become a Guildmaster.

Darius was...older then him. But they had a number of shared adventurers in the past, and he was at least S-Rank. His mind even beyond that. No, Liro knew Darius had a mind that was superior to his own.

In a way, he wanted to see this fight. It would be good for Telekhus to be humbled by Bella, and protect the boy that Liro glanc...

He has a sword again, and that sword stance is exceptional. Just like...wait, wait. Perfectly like...and with Spirit Magic...oh shit!

Corro was in no mood to let Bella take this away from him after the man had incited him, but before either sibling could get involved Liro immediately interrupted. Rather, after Liro realized what Corro's stance was, and understood from their interactions that Corro and Quail were siblings, though likely adopted, he realized how dangerous it could get if a fight broke out at this time between these people. Damage to the guild and it's reputation aside, he recognized the Sword Stance Corro was about to take. It was the same one he had seen Eric Porter take during an emergency quest with his wife, Lily Porter, Darius, and a number of other exceptional people had to put down an army of high powered monsters being led by Devils that were leading them.

He was not confident on the exact nature of their relationship, but if that boy had inherited any of the skill from that ridiculous man, or worse, his carefree attitude and ridiculous ability, it would be bad. Of course, he did not know if Corro actually possessed so much strength to threaten Telekhus so easily, but he knew that Eric Porter could easily. And that was why he had decided to take the cautious route.

So while blocking the two siblings from the fight, he also positioned himself between Bella and Telekhus.

"Now now. How about we all just calm down. It would be improper to have a fight in front of the guild..."

And I really don't want anyone to die in front of the guild either! Bella can probably control her strength, but Telekhus went and pissed off someone who Eric Porter taught personally?! And that person can use Spirit Magic?!

As expected of the Guildmaster, he had also identified the magic Corro used instantly.

However, even if he was concerned about what had happened, he was now also deeply interested in what the boy, and these others, were capable of. And due to his personality type, it could show even in this situation.

"Also, it seems we have quite the problematic situation to deal with. Honestly, I could let you just register normally...but, how about we do something special?"

As he said that, Darius got a bad feeling as he walked over to Kodan and took note of something. As such, the Celestial despite the difference in size somehow managed to whisper something that only Kodan's ear could catch. Even those with enhanced hearing would miss it.

"It seems you are quite conflicted about something...or maybe, about everything? I am not sure who you are and what your past is recommendation is that you find some people you like that respect you, and stick with them. People who you can have fun with...and will care for you like you seem able to care for others".

Darius only had that much to say because Kodan was a large unknown to him, but he was able to read the mood and his interactions enough to hazard a guess. He then resumed his previous atmosphere, and glared at the Guildmaster while storming towards them.

"What the hell?! You are not thinking of sending them to fight them right? In the first place, we cant ask them to do that until they become Adventurers, so you absolutely cannot, should not, and will not use this to test them no matter what you might whimfully want to do! Now..."

He then grabbed the wrists of Corro and Quail, and began to storm towards the Adventurer's Guild.

"You, Karolin! And...Kodan was it?"

Even though Darius should have never heard the name, he somehow knew it. Actually, in addition to his magical ability Darius was a proficient Spirit Arts user and could communicate with them quite well, so he had learned all their names from the Spirits.

"The four of you, plus you too actually I think, all need to register with the Adventurer's Guild first before you do anything! And if anyone else still does as well, follow me and don't listen to that foolish Guildmaster who still needs to do paperwork!"

"No no! I will do the paperwork later, I will handle the Registration! And then, what should we do about the creature?!"

Darius sighed. He knew it had to be dealt with. He knew this group could maybe manage it, but it could also lead to some of them dying. If they died like that before they became Adventurers, or if the GUild even sent them to that as is, then it would be bad for them. And if the Guildmaster mobilized, there could be panic and he would definently run away from the paperwork.

He turned towards the Guildmaster, and subsequently the group, and replied.

"Well we cant send them before they are even Registered. Which means...I suppose I will have to let you handle it, and deal with it myself".

A chill went through the air as he said that, as anyone in the area could instinctively sense that it had suddenly gotten dangerous. Even though he looked like a child, the way his eyes appeared had a dangerous level of seriousness and danger in them. It appeared that he had gotten quite serious.

"Then how about we just automatically register the whole group?"

The Guildmaster however was completely unphased by that, and just smiled playfully as he countered. Even though even seasoned adventurers would feel the aura that came off Darius as dangerous, the Guildmaster was totally unphased.

Instead, he put his hands on the top of Quail's and Corro's heads and continued to smile.

"Since these two are related to those two outrageous and famous adventurer friends of ours, Eric and Lily Porter. By the way, that item bag of yours you got from likely has a letter for me right?"

" did you know about that...or wait, how do you know about that letter I only found by chance a few days ago?!"

Corro turned towards the Guildmaster in shock, especially since he knew about the letter their parents had written for them, a letter of introduction, for the day they would register as adventurers, but not as shocked as Darius was.

" mean those two Porters?! That madman who once broke half a forest during a Wyvern (Monster type, not Dragon Race) subjugation request?! And...and that woman who managed to create a Light Attribute Spell that did severe damage, laser I think she called it?!"

Darius paled when he considered just how much those two had been taught...and then the level of destruction that would occur to the Adventurer's Guild if they were allowed to take the test. The thought of the expenses broke his previous dangerous aura.

"If...if...y-y-you can confirm that, then all we would need is paperwork to be filled out. Well, I need to know if you both have the ability to run across a huge training yard in under twenty seconds, the ability to slay a Demon Beast, remove the Magic Stone that is it's core without puking, and then had your skills refined in combat training..."

For the record, the "average" training session that their parents came up with far exceeded what many adventurers would ever do to train even in this world. It well exceeded the Guild's training parameters long ago.

Of course, not only could Bella (who I don't believe had heard them yet) potentially recognize those names, even Kodan could have heard stories about those legendary adventurers, so it was entirely possible they would be in the greatest shock.

(And there! Hope you enjoyed!)


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The group that Telekhus encountered had all pushed forward into the Guild building. The sellsword trailed after them slowly, not really enjoying where the conversation was going. He didn’t really want to become a hero. At the same time, if he could see the children of the Porter’s in action, that would be amazing. The Porter’s were legendary, and he had heard of them during his travels. It wasn’t hero worship or Hero Worship that Telekhus felt about them. He could barely care less about the good deeds they had accomplished.

They were strong though. Some of the strongest. Telekhus had always wanted to test his metal against the duo. Sometimes a self-deprecating thought crossed his mind, wanting to be able to be cut, or to be hurt. Telekhus frowned, before remembering the only person who had ever truly defeated him. He still didn’t bleed during that fight. Outclassed, was what Telekhus was, and it frightened him at the time.

“Before anyone else continues,” the Last Kastor called out, focusing his attention on the Guildmaster, “is there any chance that I could be hired as as a private contractor? I would rather not become a hero.”

Hero’s were good people, driven by good ideals and goals. They were selfless.

Telekhus was a bad, bad man, with selfish goals.

But if it meant that he could find a way to control the magic inside of him, then The Significant would forego his current selfishness for a short time.

“Anyway, if I cannot be hired, and would have to actually become a hero, then I need to know: what’s the pay?”

Still though, money is money. It is the lifeblood of all the civilized world, and if it isn’t in Telekhus’ own hands, it’s really quite useless.


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A red demon..? Bella's mind wandered, her composure shifting as she turned to injured dwarf, and nostalgia sank in. For a moment, she looked perplexed, her eyes glazing over. Could it really be him..?

Her attention shifted back to the reality of the now as Liro positioned himself between her and Telekhus, spark back in her eyes as she lets out a silly little snort and shrugs her arms and smiling widely, playfully coy in her presentation. Entertaining as it would be, she had no intention of pressing further if it came to be an inconvenience, and she had no intention of pressing further if it meant fighting this man, let alone getting on his bad side. Not quite fear, to say, but it was certainly a needless risk that'd jeopardize her cause.

"Perfectly calm, I assure you, but I would suggest the merc not to taunt the children so much," she responds softly and sweetly, leaning over to glance Telekhus again. "It bids not an image befit of professionalism, let alone of a man, I feel."

Shifting attention back to Liro, she begins to talk only for Darius and Liro to break into a sort of spat, leaving her a bit out of sorts and looking confused. Quail even found herself lost for words as her arm was grabbed and was lead along by Darius. Things had kinda moved quickly in the heat of the moment, and there was something about tests... there's not going to be a lot of paperwork for them as well, right..? Bella shakes it off and follows along, looking back to Kodan who likely was the most out of sorts between them, reassuringly trying to give him a half-smile and shrug to let him know that she wasn't quite sure either. Sure is a lot more red tape than she last remembered, back in her day, if there was that something needed dealt with, they'd go and just deal with it, then catalogue afterwards... not the other way around.

It was then that the Guildmaster put his hands on their heads and mentioned their parents that Quail felt a shock in her, again, her eyes widened, forgetting entirely too the sellsword's mockery. She never recalled either of them bringing up their parents! Let alone a name! "Wh-," she mutters, big eyes glancing up from the corners to the Guildmaster, mouth agape, unable to formulate a complete response. Can he just tell from sensing it or... certainly not just by her brother's stance..?

Bella shifts eyes between them, listening as they went on, finding it a bit surprising as well, though not letting it show in her composure. Slipping by and whispering something.

"Oh, do not sp-," Bella began.

"Dad is not a madman!" she yells, her face turning red for a moment, standing there for a moment, her pupils gradually dilating. Her expression shifts from angry to more and more glum, calming down in the process, crossing her arms over her shoulders and looking down. "W-well, he wasn't... I mean..."

Bella pauses for a moment before whispering again. "Do take care, the two have been through an unfathomably grim experience, needless to say, they are their legacy, after all."

"Yeah, we'll take the tests," Quail says, quite seriously and confidently.

Bella claps her hands together softly leaning her head against them with a smile. "I suppose I will as well, to make for a legitimate performance," she coos, motioning towards one of the receptionists, before heading to them. "Beau Geste Bellatroix, but Bella is perfectly acceptable."

The receptionist, one would say a rather handsome animan fellow with yellow eyes, staring at her, studying her for a moment, before something inside him sinks as he feels almost entirely engulfed by her presence, yet he tries not to show it, gripping his shoulder slightly. This woman... why am I sensing something a multitude larger? Is this some form of Hyper Density? There are traces of many creatures within her too... a few I do not even recognize! Regardless, he maintains external composure, quietly marking it down on a paper.

"Oh, I should note," she says, waving her fingers around whimsically. "I'm a Flesh Weaver... er... or I should say, shifter of sorts, if I may, I'd gladly demonstrate."

"Proceed," he says, though he took note of what she said first.

Within moments, Bella bows, veiling herself into her coat to obstruct vision of the process, her form receding within. Not even long after does a form, escape from her dress and coat, long and slithering across the floor, wrapping itself around the desk, and the receptionist within. Gray, white, and black, and striped, almost serpentine, but covered in fur, its upper body flopping upon his desk, elegantly grasping her dress, left adrift momentarily with one of its claws. It takes the receptionist but a moment to grasp what had transpired in front of him, and now laid before him, a figure laid back staring up at him, with a purple and a green eye. It was something akin to a ferret, monstrously larger, serpentine in length, and far more teeth in its maw than could be deemed comfortable... and there were barbs now visible, as he traced the creature's length to its tail. But yet... there was felt only gentle tranquility, in fact, she seemed contently at rest on his desk. "You see, It is no mere brag to say I am quite adept," she coos, her voice now trilling, somewhat huskier.

"Impressive, but not quite correct is it? Then again, i suppose, accuracy isn't your concern," the receptionist says with a smirk, poking her chin with the eraser of his pencil. "Alright, age?"

"Uh oh, guilty! I-" she exclaims playfully, laughing with a squeaking snort, before abruptly stopping, her eyes widening and she blanks, her ears drawing back. "Age..."

"Look, we're not here to judge, it is purely..."

"It's funny, really, I actually... don't remember when I was born," she says, quite earnestly. "I'm sorry, it is not that I take offense, it is just... I'm... not sure on it, really."

The receptionist simply marks something down, an estimate of sorts. "All done, now... could you please..?" He says politely, motioning for her to unwrap herself from his desk.

With a grin, Bella uncurls and humorously slides off from his desk and crawls away to coil herself once again out of the way, looking again to Kodan, placing her dress upon her head giving a wide, and goofy, open mouth smile, raising her front claws up and waves with both.


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#, as written by Davien
Kodans ears perked up as he looked around, figuring out the whispering was coming from Darius.

"Yes..." He said warily as he was asked his name. As he heard paperwork, he grew a bit anxious as he was
never allowed to learn to read or write. It was one of the many failed ways to keep him docile and
controllable. But as he listened on, it seemed the urgency of the situation would save him from that for
now. He looked back to see Telkaus following them, and his ears instinctually pinned back for a split second
before he diverted his attention elsewhere.

As he looked around for a distraction, Bella caught his eye as she waved at him. He smiled and waved back,
still not entirely sure what exactly was going on and what process of signing up they were on. He heard
Quail, the small dragon child, confirm that they would all take the test. He nodded along with the words,
walking up and standing behind Bella. Kodan stood at attention but was letting his mind wander a bit,
missing the "flesh weaving" comment Bella had made.

As bella dissapeared into her fur coat Kodans attention slowly came back to the current events, becoming
quite alarmed as she turned into the giant ferret monster wrapping around the desk. He had never seen much
magic at all until very recently, and he was not expecting his only friend to turn into a monstrosity like that.
Personally, it terrified him. But he was able to keep his composure, still staring wide eyed and mouth agape
however. A look of utter confusion remained on his face as he slowly raised his hand to wave back at Bella.


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Ah...Paperwork?...Such a livley group doing such livley things. What strange concepts and meanings...What unknown things they spoke about...It was quite orderly in her way, normally she would be caught up in a massive brawl at this moment but everything seemed to settle down from a man as he hurried things along to stop things from escalating.

Paperwork? What was that anyways? While everyone was entering the building she stood outside staring. The man asked her to come along...Should she? Hmmmm...What a peculiar situation. She wondered how this world operated, she missed her fellow strange traited humans. She lost really...Maybe she should find someone to adopt her...She no longer had parents right now. How cruel...To be suck without guidance, it was strange...

Huh...She should follow the group. They were doing things, maybe she can learn more. As such she followed behind the group.


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And now, the moment they were led into the guild, after only a moment the group that this was relevant for would be quickly ushered into the back area of the adventurers guild. One could consider it a back lot or a back yard, but many knew it simple as the training yard. It was large, it was vast, and there were a large number of cages with growling and dangerous noises that erupted from inside. There was also notably several others nearby, who had also planned on joining the Adventurer's Guild today.

Actually, Darius seemed to be especially assisting Kodan and Karoline on the matter. Indeed, he seemed to have an exceptional tolerance towards all species, but due to the discrimination Animans and Demon Race faced, helped them along more then usual. However, his slip of the tongue earlier...

Well, Corro also took note of that after Quail shouted and glared at him a little.

"Hey hey! I did not mean it in an offensive way! Its just...they were super strong you know! TO the point of being ridiculous! Like, they are truly amazing people for sure, but I was honestly really scared every time I worked with them that if they slipped just a little bit, I would get wiped out of existence!"

Darius gave praise, and some worry, to the parents of Corro and Quail. And then, as for the Guildmaster.

"Oh, in case you were wondering, I noticed it from the stance the boy took just a moment ago. It is a very specific stance after all, unique to the sword style created by that man, Eric Porter. I saw it quite a few times when he was taking out several ogres with a single swing".

"Well, I suppose it should be expected that there will be those types after all. Since there are no fat adventurers really".

Corro looked at Darius' words with confusion, his mind brought off track by curiosity.

"No fat adventurers?"

"Yes. All adventurers, at the very least when they start out, have to pass four tests to register. The tests you are about to do now. The first test is a running test. You have to be in shape to pass it, so its impossible for someone who has not taken care of themselves to be it. And of course, when people become an adventurers they have reasons like money or adventurers. There are quite a number of adventurers who do it for the money and to make a living doing dangerous work like hunting Demon Beasts, but there are also a number of adventurers who do it for fun or other reasons. Your parents are the latter, the pinnacle of Adventurers. Stories are told about them to children who want to aspire for greatness even!"

And then, with all the conversation before they could reply to much else (although Liro actually just had nothing to add at the moment to what Bella said to Kastor), and decided to oversee everything with them.

However, he did notice that Bella seemed to be playing around of sorts. Although no one else could really understand it, he had the experience to.

"By the way, Bella is it? You know, most of the people here right now are either Receptionists immune to such antics, drunk adventurers drinking at the bar we have over there inside the Adventurers Guild, or those who are on their off days and feel like relaxing. And since Adventurers tend to be the wary sort, its extremely unlikely anyone will understand what you are trying to do. Especially those who have taste for your type. What you need to find is someone who will really appreciate your personality though, yes yes, someone like that will suit you best".

"What are you doing you idiot who has failed at love several times, you two get over here so we can begin?"

With that, Darius scolded Bella and Liro, and asked them both to just follow the others into the training yard in the back.

"Now, the first test will be to run from this side to the other under twenty seconds!"

If one were to look, the field was quite large. Although not impossible to run that far in under twenty seconds, it meant people would have to accelerate quickly and give it there all. Of course, this also had another meaning. This was to confirm they had the ability to run away from danger too tough for them, the physical ability to fight and take on, or at least dodge, a Demon Beast, and the like.

However, on that note, there was one vital thing he did not say. He never said that the applicants were not allowed to use magic or special abilities.

"And go!"

ANd so Corro, who enhanced his body with mana circulation and Physical Boost magic, ran across the field. But, he was not running on two legs, but he had moved to all fours and ran as such. This caused his speed to increase massively and made him able to cover more ground.

And meanwhile, he had Darius go back over to the Dwarf while looking up records on what he suspected this Red Beast might gather information, so they could deal with it properly.