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Adventures in Galderia

The Lands of Galderia


a part of Adventures in Galderia, by Seveneleven.

Where the story takes place.

Seveneleven holds sovereignty over The Lands of Galderia, giving them the ability to make limited changes.

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The Lands of Galderia

Where the story takes place.


The Lands of Galderia is a part of Adventures in Galderia.

1 Places in The Lands of Galderia:

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Iator Legerdemain [206] "Let's just call me an ambassador, of sorts."
Taethion of Gilfried [198] "I guess I go where I am needed, heheheh..."
Bliston Ascor [179] "I honestly don't care about your justification. Just give me the coin and I'll go kill it."
Sylphine Mistral [175] "Let's go. It should be smooth flying from here on out."
Adrian Retter [169] "I will protect anyone within the reach of my blade."
Asha Ignivora [151] "This sword is a key. When its steel turns red, it will open the gate to paradise...or it will open the gate to hell."
Gale Urovic [144] "It might be interesting, to see what's it's like to soar through the eyes of a dragon."
Jor The Ravager [122] "Gimme sommat bigger ta fight!"
Lana [115] "I will never let this fire die."
Adelheid [57] "All my actions were those of justice."

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#, as written by ____
"Wherever's fine." Adrian yawned at Taethion's suggestion and took a key off the girl's hand and went to a room at the other end of the hall. Knowing that everyone else have their roommate and thought Anima would probably room with Asha, he has a whole room for himself. He closed the door, threw his sword on to one of the two beds and jumped face down on the other bed. Relaxing immediately on the soft mattress, he can feel the fatigue going away already. He let out a deep sigh and closed his eyes.

Various thoughts entered his mind that time. Mostly negative thoughts, but he never thought about giving up, or he tries not to. He should try to act like he normally does when morning comes, he can't stay depressed forever. He'll have to MAN up! (That's actually something!)

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Iator and Gale

"You free to do some catching up or have you got other plans?" Gale asked, scratching the back of his head. "It's been pretty hectic these past few days."

The gnome smiled brightly. "I've always time for my friends." He seemed to be pretty lively and happy considering their past few weeks and everyone else's mood. The gnome seemed to be able to take most anything in stride. "It's as though we've been struck with the ancient Fae curse: 'May you live in interesting times.' Perhaps it's second part is not too far off either: 'May you find what you are looking for."

"Interesting, huh?" Gale said, folding his arms over his chest and mulling it over in his head. "Maybe. But in all honesty, I don't even know what I'm looking for."

"Then you may not have to look too hard to find it." The mage said with a sly grin. "I'd imagine with you it could be anything."

"Anything is right at this point," he sighed, shaking his head. "I think I'm just bored. You know, the usual. I mean, I'd love to get in touch with my old guild again, but I somehow have some serious doubts about that so I've given up on that already for the most part, god knows where those little weasels are at now. If they learned one thing from me, it's how not to be found."

"Looking for old friends while in the midst of an army of new ones?" He chuckled. "If you can indeed call them friends. We've yet to really bond. I'm actually somewhat ashamed. Usually I'm so much better at making friends out of aquaintances."

"Sure we're not at each others' throats, but I somehow got the impression that I wouldn't get along with most of the people here," Gale answered with a noncomittal shrug. "Just 'cause I happen to be a bit more laid back around these guys doesn't mean I consider them my friends. Don't get me wrong, though - I'm sure they're all. . ." Gale's thoughts drifted to Bliston, but only for a second. ". . . nice people. . . in their own rights. . .but, you know how these things go."

"Trying to distance yourself? Is it because the group itself is an anomaly or because they could be dangerous? Even if it were one of those, I'd think it'd be smart to at least be on talking terms. We will have to work as a team to have any hope against a dragon. Acting like an unorganized horde of barbarians will just not work. No offense to the actual barbarians in our group of course."

"Hey, I can work as a team," Gale said in his defense. "I didn't join up with the Weavers so I could fly solo. And we're totally on talking terms. I mean, probably. Kind of, I don't know, don't ask me."

Iator laughed, "Well of course *you* can work in a team. But the team needs to work with you as well. And while your argument is rather convincing, I think that it would probably do us all some good if we could just chat more, like you and I."

"That's the idea," the shapeshifter nodded, twirling a ring of keys on his finger. "But let's not have our whole conversation out here, yeah?" He started walking to where they'd be rooming, talking along the way. "And I'm sure it'll be fine. Order of command and whatnot, that Bliston fella's got a good head on his shoulders, for a daemon."

"Who better to lead us than someone with thousands of years of combat expierience." He nodded as he walked with Gale to their room. It wasn't dissimilar to all the other rooms, fairly bare though cozy. "I'm pleased you wanted to room together. This is a lot better of an alternative than asking around and facing potential rejection."

Gale threw off his cloak and sat down on the bed, bouncing up and down a few times with his hands on the mattress. "I guess this is alright," he said to himself before looking up. "And you say that, but I thought making friends was your job. You're not going to get anywhere if you're too scared to try."

"Scared isn't the exact word I was thinking of." The gnome grabbed his mattress and slid it to the floor then started pushing it under the bed. "Generally speaking, I'd rather make friends first and *then* sleep in the same room as them." He set his pack to the side and sat down, his head barely hitting the bed frame. "It's about caution and trust, really."

"Unless you're a mind reader," Gale grinned, tapping his temple, "you can't ever really trust anyone besides yourself. People are scary like that. You can get to know someone, build up relations with that person for years and suddenly they do something out of character and it hits you - you didn't know that person as well as you thought you did. Of course, that doesn't mean never trust anyone, ever, but there's a certain frame of leniency to be had, such as in situations like this."

"There are levels of trust in every relationship. In your example the friend that acted unexpectedly did not become untrustworthy, just less understood. When it comes to situations like this, there are so many variables to keep track of that most of the time, the level of trust with which people treat each other is instinctual. But there are those that are able to, have to, keep track of those variables and assign their friends with specific, exacting levels of trust. One does not have to be a mind reader, only a situation reader."

"Sounds complicated," Gale laughed, resting his arms on his knees. "I either like 'em or I don't, and if something comes up along the way, then that just means at least one of us made a mistake somewhere along the line."

"I like your instincts." He said, smiling. "That reminds me, don't ask me how. I was going to work on some special magical items using the cubes I found in the Tower for everyone. Do you have any special requests?"

"How does an instant dragon-killing sword sound?" Gale joked. "You know, you just kind of poke it with the tip of the sword and it keels over, dead, because magic."

"I think something like that would actually need to be crafted by a being of pure magic out of dragon bone and scale."

"You're kidding, right?" Gale blinked, confused as to whether or not his joke was being returned with another joke. "Something like that can actually be made?"

"Well...There are weapons and the like that act as bane towards specific creatures. Wolfsbane is a good example. If enough power and energy were put into it, I suppose a weapon could be made that is especially harmful towards dragons. But the effort put into making it is beyond the ken of mortals like you or I."

"Alright, "Gale sighed, almost in relief. "I thought you were taking the whole statement seriously. The whole 'poke it and it dies' thing. Still, that does sound like it's worth looking into - if we could get our hands on something like that, I'm sure our encounter with the dragon would be a lot less risky. Assuming finding a way to put something like that together isn't somehow harder than fighting the dragon itself."

"Besides having some other means of obtaining dragon bones and scales, making a weapon into a creature's bane usually just entail's binding it with the opposite or negative of that creature's essense. We'd need to know much more about our foe, and samples of it's blood in order to make this weapon. So, probably easier to fight it unless we come across smaller versions of it...maybe its kin."

"Baby dragons it is," he said with a swing of his arm. "But that's probably not worth the trouble, either. I don't think anybody here signed up to fight more than one dragon."

"Except maybe the dwarf. He seems like he'd fight anything." The gnome looked into his bag. "But seriously, I would be more than happy to make you an artifact of your choice, assuming it's within my por choice, assuming it's within my power."

"He'll be fighting his way through the gates of the underworld, I'm sure," Gale said in concurrence. "As for what I want. . ." He crossed his arms and looked down, racking his brains. "I'd prefer something of practical use, like. . . I don't know, can you make anything like a rejuvenation charm? Shapeshifter abilities are pretty costly and I’m always running out of stamina after battles so that’d really come in handy.”

"I think I have an idea for just the thing." he said, snapping his fingers. He pulled out two small boxes. "There are two ways I could go about solving this problem. First is to use healing and divine magic to restore some of your stamina while you fight. The other would be to use the pure energy of one of these elements, maybe lightning, to fill you with power when you need it most. The first would be gradual and less outwardly powerful but constant, while the second would be instant and impressive but would need time to recharge after each use."

"Tough choice," the shapeshifted answered, putting a hand to his chin. "Since my abilities are short-lived, my job is usually to take out priority targets - one-on-one is my area of expertise, after all. But having sustain during a fight could cover my difficulties in fighting against groups. Then again, with the latter option I'm almost certain I could overpower just about anybody if I'm able to run a chimeric shift more than once during a fight. You got any input on this?"

"I suppose it really depends on how you want to fight. Do you want to take out groups or do you want to be more forbiddable against single opponents? Personally, I say stick with your strengths. Don't cover areas where someone else on the team could do better. Simple economics, specialize in one thing and let someone else specialize in another. When you work together, you both benefit."

"Then we'll all have to get acquainted with each other, won't we?" Gale said, clasping his hands together. He had an idea of what most of the crew was capable of, but he couldn't say he got any of the specifics down - it might be a good idea to experiment and see how everyone fares in certain situations. "I take it a few fights aren't going to be enough to make an accurate enough call on this, but maybe we might have the mind to start somewhere."

"That sounds like the foundation to a good plan and a strong fellowship." The gnome said with a yawn. "When we get the chance we should bring this up to the others."

"Tomorrow, maybe," Gale said, "but for now let's call it a night. Since you seem tired already."

"Good idea. It has been a long trip and this is the first bed I've been in for a very long time."

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Day 21

After teasing Sylphine for a bit too long, Pirika finally started legitimately helping out and guiding her towards Bliston's location. From the looks of it, he was still inside the city--astonishingly, in a rather busy area where people were selling magic-based items. Trouble was, it was quite a distance away, and the roads leading there were quite confusing. At this point, Sylphine was seriously considering flying over there, regardless of how big of a scene she would make.

But then, another message came from Pirika: Wait...Bliston's coming back out of that store. He's with two other people. Uh...I think one of them is with us? Not that I really paid her much mind. The other person, though, is wearing a black cloak. I have a feeling he's not with us at all.

The green-haired maiden let out a long sigh, despite how people probably would have found it weird for her to do so out of nowhere. Great. Where are they going?

Hm...I'll keep my eyes on them. Maybe you can meet them on their way?

Considering how many wrong turns I've taken at this point, that's hardly likely, Sylphine responded irritatedly. Oh, well...let's try anyway.

Bliston and his strange companions traveled to another part of the city and entered a bar. From how Pirika described it, it sounded like it was a very...shady part of Belmere. Nonetheless, Sylphine adjusted her course as best as she could, trying to reach that bar.

On her way, however, she passed another bar--one called the One-Eyed Bowman. As she neared the building, Sylphine could hear a man screaming something about a map. Already, that was unsettling enough, but when that man came out on the streets and started harassing random onlookers about it, she decided it was time to bail out and quickly hurried away, somehow managing to get safely to the edge of the crowd.

A few minutes more of walking, and the scenery around her changed quite dramatically. Instead of vendors trying to sell unbelievably fancy objects, there were now performers on either side of the street, as large crowds watched them with fascination. There was one man bound in chains and letting out bizarre screams as he struggled for freedom. On the other side, there was a lady swinging around a rod with a flame on one end, even tossing it up a few times, with careful, practiced motions. In fact, a large number of these performers were goofing around with fire.

To Sylphine, though, it felt as though she had accidentally stumbled into some kind of devil's circus, especially with all the light from the entertainers' fire casting bizarre shadows everywhere. ...they find this kind of stuff to be fun...? Moving her eyes back to the street, she tried to push through the crowd and reach Bliston...

But somehow, someone with a bottle in one hand threw up his arms in drunken joy. The moment she noticed that man next to her, Sylphine swiftly tried to dodge, but by some bizarre coincidence, the man's hand snagged her hood and pulled off, exposing her green hair for everyone to see.

Immediately, there were a few people who gasped, confused at her strange appearance. Obviously, a few people even thought she was one of these entertainers as well. However, as though removing her hood had also sucked out all her nerves, Sylphine immediately bolted down the street, desperately hoping the actual entertainers would keep their audiences' attention long enough for her to get away.

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#, as written by Zalgo

He looked over his pouch of coins once again. The small assemblage of funds would get him as far as Fort Andril before he'd need to stop to sell more wares. With a glum sigh he cinched the pouch closed, looking forward out of the alley he was currently coming out from. With a backpack that seemed larger than he was hanging from his shoulders by tough straps He went on his way out into the busy streets. The sun was already setting and he needed to find a place to stay until it was light out. That was when he planned on setting out.

He had lost much on this journey of his. So many new things discovered, so many new things lost. Such was the cost of survival in this world. Still, the promise of finding greater artifacts kept him going. It was a feint dream but stronger than any reason he had for stopping.

There was a commotion in the street. An older man with white hair fitted into a ponytail was drunkenly raging at passerby's about a map. A curious topic indeed. He would of suspected the man of being a pirate were this place a port but given how far inland he was that idea seemed unlikely. Thamus would of inquired further had the man not gotten chased off by the local guard. Without more context regarding the man's ramblings of a map he simply continued on looking for an inn that was quite affordable.

Along his way he passed through what seemed to be a traveling carnival set up in town. Most unusual, these sorts of groups usually set outside of towns but this must of been an exception. All sorts of rather standard sights for a traveling band of entertainers could be seen. Fire dancers, fire spitters and some freak shows as well were all present. As he continued forward he spotted a girl with bright green hair. Perhaps one of the attractions? He considered momentarily before the girl set off running in the opposite direction. Something about that stood out as not belonging it seemed to him.

Rather curious about the young lady he decided to follow at his own leisure. It wasn't as though she was difficult to spot, the foreign girl with bright green hair stood out from the crowd like a pelican in a flock of seagulls plus the people she passed by followed her with their eyes. He needed only look where everyone else was looking in order to follow her. So kicking into a power walk he strolled after the youth, keeping her in his keen sights as he hummed a hauntingly beautiful tune he had heard in his travels.

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The Berserker dwarf stood just outside the gate of the city looking out at the forest, watching something. it was just like him to be in constant lookout for somethig that he considered worth his time to fight. But he preferred it this way, away from the rest of the group, able to fend for himself and get in a fight and not have to worry about anybody else's lives. it was times like these that the axe would be the most talkative, with only Jor to hear it. Ye daft twit. "Och What now?" We knae why ye thought twas wise to take us. But why are ye so suicidal? Fightan these creatures will nae let them take ye back. "I do nae want to go back anyways. Tis my home no longer. I will speak no more of th' place either." Twould be wise of ye to listen to yer ancestors. "Twould be wise to do a loat of things." Then why fight? Tis only going to get you killed. The dwarf didn't respond, instead he was distracted by the large group of cloaked figures on horseback going past him and into the city proper. By the looks of them, they were going to start a fight, with that small army of troops they might even try something drastic with the city. Jor didn't care about human lands or problems, but there was no way in the Nine Hells he'd miss a fight like that.

The group dispersed but a small faction of about five men would be easy for the Dwarf to follow since they were clearly in the line of sight. They didn't even noticed him when they entered the city.

Jor followed the group trying to be as incognito as he could. Sticking to the edges of crowds or in the shadows of buildings, trying to keep an eye on the group. Five would be fun but he wanted as many of the large group as he could get.

As the five men traversed through the crowds without being bothered they looked about for signs of Cletus. All the while they had no idea that they were the ones being hunted.

As the dwarf followed the group, he looked around for the others that had rode in with them. It seemed to him like they were setting up a battle formation of some kind. He considered if their target was the Dragon Hunters or if it was some unknown third party, either way he was still pretty sure he wanted to get involved.

The men continued to walk down the street as some began to mutter. "So what do you think the boss is gonna do to Cletus when we find him?" Asked one of them. "Eh, who knows, but what I do know is, that it won't be pretty." Answered another. "Yep, The Marderosian, doesn't like being cheated and I heard this Cletus fellow, cheated him in a major way." Spoke a third. "Really? I wonder how he got away with that?" The first one asked. "I don't know really, but what I do know is that Cletus cheated him out of a lot of money." He answered. "Then that guy is as good as dead." The Second One spoke up.

Ye think th' Cletus will give ye 'is teasure lad? What makes ye want tae fight this group so badly? The dwarf didn't respond he just shook his head silently. Tis no reason tae fight. Ye only cause more trouble for yerself. These be well trained soldiers. That got a slight grunt from Jor and a sideways look at the axe. As if fighting well trained soldiers was something Jor hadn't done before.

The men stopped as the came before a resturant off to the side of the street. "Hey you think Cletus might be eating in there?" Asked one of the thugs. "Maybe, it wouldn't hurt for us to check." Another one concurred. The rest nodded their heads as they walked towards the establishment.

Well, it was apparent that they had no idea where this Cletus actually was. Jor resigned himself to a night of waiting for things to get exciting. It was probably better hunting like this. At least this way a den of bear cubs wouldn't be missing its mother in the morning.

"You, stand by the entrance and watch to see if he comes in, the rest of us will search the building." One of the men spoke as the recipent nodded. They entered the building as one sat near the door while the rest moved about the resturant searching for the man they called, Cletus. They searched but found no one that matched the description they were given as the group decided to try their luck elsewhere. As they stepped outside they noticed the normal crowds moving about, but someone was a bit, how to say, out of place? It was a bit difficult to see through the people but it looked like a short warrior was amongst them. "Hm? Hey, Gorand, do you see what I see?" Asked one of the men. Gorand then responded, "Eh, kind of, why? Do you think it's one of those other guys we're supposed to look out for?" "I'm not sure, maybe, Garreth wasn't too descriptive about 'em, but he did say we would know 'em when we see 'em." The man answered back. "Hey Richter, go out and get a better look." Gorand spoke to a separate comrade. Richter nodded as he walked out into the crowd.

While he waited outside, Jor spent plenty of time to watch the comings and goings of the crowds. It looked like some festival or carnival was happening. It was helpful for his cover but not so helpful for when the fight would come. It was probably going to be like fighting in a stampede of badgers, except maybe with less teeth. When he noticed that he'd been spotted and one of the group was approaching, Jor wasn't going to give away his cover and look suspicious by walking or running away. Instead he leaned up against the nearest building and pulled out a dagger, using it to clean in between his fingernails.

Richter moved in closer to get a better look of the the others spotted. Yet, when he came in close he could see that it was Dwarf, but was he one of the guys they were supposed to look out for? As far as he could tell, there were some carnival acts going on not too far from here. Judging by the looks of the Dwarf he could easily be a carnie. He wasn't sure if he should risk wasting time by shaking down someone who could be a potential carnie. He decided to leave the Dwarf alone to his devices, he was looking inconspicious anyway. As he moved closer to the group he shouted out, "Hey, don't worry about that one, I'm pretty sure he's one of the Carnival Freaks or something like that." The men seemed to be reassured by this and prepared to move along.

Jor watched them move out with a raised eyebrow and sheathed the dagger. He remembered the face of the one that'd called him a freak. Richter was going to have an unfortunate combat related accident later, Jor was sure of it. As they moved along, he stayed back a few extra yards, making sure they were almost out of eyesight. As it got darker, the humans would be at a disadvantage while Jor's eyes were suited for a darkness more extreme and more complete than humans would probably ever know.

As they continued to walk about the area, they noticed it was slowly becoming much more darker. In order to accomdate this, some lantern lighters were coming up to the street and setting alite the evening lanterns. These lanterns were sparsed between each one but was enough to illuminate enough of the streets.

Cletus and Kam

Meanwhile, the drunken thief did his best to weave between the crowds, well more like stumble over them. Let's be honest, he wasn't very coordinated at this point. Still he seemed to keep ahead of the guards since they need to traverse the crowds as well. Cletus wasn't watching where he was going very well. He just knew he needed to ditch these guys to find his map piece. "Hey! Do ya guys ever sthap!? He shouted over his shoulder. "STOP! STOP YOU DRUNKEN WRETCH!" Shouted one of the guards. "Will they ever give up!?" Cletus thought as he continued to wobble down the street.

The guard captain had been wandering the streets for some time. He'd asked several people about the whereabouts of the Dragon hunters but most of the time the discription he gave of the group as he knew it just got him pointed towards the carnival area. After three times of finding himself among fire throwers and street dancers he'd given up and just decided to look around town himself. It was getting dark when he noticed some guards shouting. Before he could get a bearing on who or what they were yelling at, he felt someone run into his breastplate.

"OOMPH!" Cletus bellowed as he dropped on his ass."Gwow! Whadda whodda whadda?" Cletus blurted out as he rubbed his forhead. "Did I just run into a wall?" He muttered as he looked up to see an armored warrior before him. "Heeeey bud', ya mind helpin' an old drunkard up?" He spoke to the man before him with a hiccup. "I, uh, kinda need to uh, get movin' again." Cletus spoke as the guards started to run ever closer. "I mean anytime yer right now would be best, I wouldn't rush a man but ya could reach fer my hand ya know?" Cletus spoke as he held his hand up to the man. "I don't know about ya, but uh, some people don't have much time tah spare, busy life an all that."

Kam grabbed the man's hand firmly and almost lifted him to his feet by himself. When he had him up he didn't let go immediately. Instead he said, "You know, it's probably not all that safe to be running around blindly in a crowd like this. Especially when you're in a state like that. You might get yourself hurt, runing into a fire juggler or a metal breastplate like my own. Where could you be headed off to so quickly anyways? Are you late for a party? Did you forget your hat somewhere? Are you maybe the person those guards are yelling about?"

Cletus was raised up as he shakily balanced himself onto his own two feet. "Heyah, friend, thanks fer helpin' out an old bag of bones like meh." He laughed as he patted the man firmly on his shoulder. He did notice however that he wasn't letting him go on his merry way. "Aw, well yer concerns are...ah, duly noted, now uh if ya don't mind, I'll just be goin," Cletus spok was the man asked him where he was off too in a hurry. "Oh uh, I be headin' off to me own birthday uh, granddaughter will be disappointed if I uh, don't get there soon 'nuff." He began to chuckle. He then looked over his shoulder towards those guards. "Oh what them!? Nah, they be searchin for some other devil's hide, hehe." He spoke as he looked towards the Armored Man again. "So uh, really I'm ah, could let me go now, no need to worry about me...just go off on yer merry way...uh hey there's a carnival in town, it's startin to get late, and I would hate to be the one that made you miss a show or somethin." Cletus spoke as he could her their shouting getting louder. "I think we oughta move, those fellas look likes the type to run over a couple fine chaps like us over the thrill of the hunt." Cletus then looked towards his grip then back up to the man's eyes, "You ain't lettin me go are ye?"

Kam grinned. "Well, I would but that wouldn't be very guardly of me." He tapped his breast plate marked with the King's seal. "So I think it might be best if we sit here and see what those gentlemen have to say. Don't worry, I'm sure there won't be too many problems so long as you haven't done anything truly awful."

The guards finally caught up to Cletus as he spoke, "Oh hey there, yeah I think that guy yer lookin for ran that way," he said as he pointed with his free hand, "Oh, erm, you must be thinkin, why's this fella holdin my hand? Well to be honest, I think he's takin a real shinin' to me...I suppose I can't blame em, I mean, I am a rugged gentleman." Cletus jested. "Shut up!" Shouted one of the guards. "Oh hey! Better be nice to me, I think my admirer here might get a bit pissed." Cletus jested once again. "Stop trying to change the subject, you're coming with us!" The other guard spoke as he placed a firm grip on the man's shoulder.

"Well hold on there, men." Kam spoke with an air of seniority, disregarding the man's comments and just barely hiding a smile. "I am Kamlin Milner, captain of the King's guard in Beystead. I'd like to know what exactly this man did to stir up your attention."

The man let go of his quarry as both quickly stood at attention, since Kam's rather formal, yet militarized form of speaking was reminiscent of their superiors. Besides he did say he was captain of the King's guard. "Well, uh, sir, uh, he was disturbing the peace!" Spoke the first guard. "Yeah that's right and he was badgering the civilians as well!" Spoke the second. "The man could of hurt someone with his reckless behavior!" Said the first again.

"Oh well, that...was uh...because...I'M DRUNK!" Cletus shouted in his defense. "Hey, be quiet you miscreant!" Shouted the first guard.

Kam shook his head. "And you were going to put him in jail or fine him for this? He appears to be fairly harmless, regardless of the fact that he was somehow able to outrun two trained guardsmen while inebriated." He looked at them in the eye to punctuate that point. "At most he needs an escort home, or in this case to his Grandaughter's home for his birthday. Isn't that right, mister...?" He waited for the man to give his name.

"Well, uh, he did try and evade uh, I suppose we were going to send him to the jail." Spoke the First Guard. Then both men started to shrug their shoulders uncomfortably as this look of embarassment was found on their faces after Kam's statement. Cletus then perked up, "Why, er, yes, escort! Brilliant idea, in fact ya'll could come over fer some cake! It's gonna be good, real sweet thing, just like me Granddaughter. I think she said it would be butter cream." Cletus spoke as he looked towards Kam, "Oh, uh, Cletus is the name and runnin through the streets drunk is my game." He answered.

"Aparently." Kam said with a laugh. "Tell you what." He turned his attention towards the guards. "Why don't you let me handle this, I won't talk to your superiors about your conduct, and you can go back to watching the carnival for any actual crimes." He pointed over towards a stall where a crying young boy had distracted the shopkeep from an older man who was rifling through the change box. "Like that foist over there and his mark?" Then he turned to Cletus. "A slice o cake sounds splendid. Let's go, shall we?" He wrapped his arm over Cletus' shoulders to help his stand straight but to also not let him run away.

"Uh, er yes! To cake!" Cletus shouted as he turned away from the guards. As for the two guards they felt a bit shamed and decided to let Kam have his way. They then wandered off to deal with the crime in progress the Guard Captain mentioned. "Alrighty, yer not so bad for one of them, men of the law types." Cletus then chuckled. "So let's be off to my Grandson's house fer some Dwarvish Whiskey!" Cletus spoke as he tried to walk on ahead, but couldn't very well since Kam still has yet to let go of him.

Kam walked off with him for a few steps until they were out of sight and earshot of the other two guards. The he turned towards Cletus. "Alright, now that that's out of the way, why don't you go ahead and tell me what you're really planning to do. Because I'd be willing to bet several hundred sovereigns that you don't have any relatives in town let alone grandchildren. I know an adventurer when I see one. And you look like one who travels on the opposite side of the law."

"Hehe, don't be so quick to judge me! Fer all I know, I could have children all across Galderia by now!" He then laughed a hardy laugh. "If you, uh, catch my meaning?" Cletus chuckled again as he eyed this man who calls himself, Kam. "Well, uh, is that a serious bet, or are you figuratively speakin?" Cletus asked as he looked at him for a good second and then shook his head, "Of course not..but, ye be right, I am a bit of an adventuerer...well, I used to be and, well, I ain't all bad, once ye get to know me of course." Cletus spoke, but not with the same amount of cheer he had earlier.

"Well, I meant grandkids you'd know...but if there's a chance...No wait, I'm not gonna get distracted. You used to be an adventurer? You know, I used to be an adventurer once, myself. Until I stopped an invading Gnoll army and got promoted to Captain of the Guard by the King himself." Kam paused, still proud of that life changing sucess. "Regardless. Something important had to bring you here. Call it intuition or gut feeling. You seem too driven to be an average drunkard out too late."

"Well, uh, I knew what ya meant, but I thought that would explain itself." Cletus looked off to the side. He then looked back to Kam as he recounted his time becoming the King of the Guard or something like that. "Hey, you know, I once saw a whore fondle a Gnoll's schlonker before, and no that ain't some dirty joke. But, I did say this to her, so uh hey, you like you some hairy balls eh? Well, I haven't shaven in a while so why don't you come on over and-" but before he could finish whatever vulgar story he was going off on a shout was heard across the street.

Cletus, Jor, and Kam

"CLETUS!" A cloaked man yelled, "HEY GORAND, RICHTER, MARV, AND BART! I FOUND HIM OVER HERE!" He shouted out as four men in cloaks came running towards their comrades shouting. "AH COME ON!" Cletus shouted. "As if I didn't have enough headaches for one night!" Cletus spoke as he rubbed his head where he ran right into Kam's breastplate. The men came running as they began to draw their weapons. "CLETUS! YOU HAVE SOME ANSWERING TO DO!" Shouted the man from earlier. Cletus looked over to his new buddy, "Hey friend, hold yer thoughts fer a moment, I think someone wants to speak to me." Cletus spoke as he tried to wiggle himself out of Kam's grasp.

Kam let go of Cletus in order to draw his sword and shield. He yelled out in a commanding voice, "HALT IN THE NAME OF THE LAW!" At the oncomming hooded figures. At the same time, from behind, a scream of "FOR GUZAB!" could be heard as a crazed looking dwarf came charging towards the group, axe raised and eyes wild.

"WHAT THE!? WHO THE HELL IS THIS GEEZER!? Shouted the first man. "Who cares, Tervan! Just get him out of our way!" Shouted Gorand. Then all of a sudden, all five men looked behind them to see that Dwarf from earlier. "HEY! What's the Carnival Freak think he's doing!?" Shouted Richter. "You and Marv, deal with the Freak! The rest of you, lets get Cletus!" Shouted Gorand as the group splitted up. Marv was weilding a battle club, while Richter had a longsword at the ready. Gorand has his sword drawn as well, while Bart wielded an Axe, and Tervan dual wielded a pair of daggers. Gorand and the others came face to face with Kam. "Look here friend, you best stand out of our way, unless you wish to get cut!" Gorand threatened.

"I don't know what your up to freak, but you ain't gonna scare us with your freak routine!" Shouted Richter. Even though the scream was quite a bit frightening, enough that any civilians in the area began to run away. They could see the brawl coming and they wanted no part in it.

Kam stepped forward. "You've drawn weapons on a ranking official in the King's Guard, as well as an innocent civilian. If you drop your weapons now, you will only be charged with obstructing justice. However, if you plan on using those weapons, I hope you're ready to die with them. In this matter I am judge, jury, and executioner." He slammed the shield with his sword. "Your choice."

Jor was not nearly as wordy. He simply charged forwards, his axe moving so fast it was nearly a blur as it came in on Richter and Marv in a sideways slash. The two men were far enough apart that they might be able to dodge it, he was swinging wildly as it was.

Gorand was annoyed and frustrated with this man already, and now he threatens him!? "Bart, Tervan remove this fool of his life!" He shouted as the two came in with deadly swings of their weapons. As for Marv and Richter they were rather confused by the speed and wild direction of the Dwarf's swings. Richter was light enough on his feet to dodge but Marv wasn't so much as he felt a cut right into his side. "Why you, Freak, you'll regret that!" Richter yelled as he came in swinging.

Kam blocked the daggers with his shield and parried the swing of the axe with the sword. With a smacking sound, the shield came up quickly into the face of Tevran and then over onto Bart's hand holding his axe. With a flick of his wrist the axe had been flung over to the side of the alley and he was facing two injured men and Gorand.

Jor ducked under the club and brought up the butt of his axe into the man's chest. He looked to see the cutthroat he had wounded staggering back. In and instant the axe was singing again as it came down in an overhead swing towards the wounded man.

Gorand looked towards both of his men with disgust. "Come on you two, lousy blokes, fight, FIGHT!" He shouted. While they were slowly stirring, Gorand was too impatient as he came in with a thrust from his sword. "Die!"

Marv was undoubtedly injured from Jor's powerfeul attacks. The man dropped to his knees as he saw the axe coming for him he then feared the worst. Then came in Richter as he swung at the Dwarf's back.

Kam shifted his footing ever so slightly to let the blade glance off of his armor. Then he brought down his sword toward the man's exposed shoulder and neck. "You've asked for this."

Jor followed through with his swing, letting the axe pass through the man's neck like a hot knife through bone and flesh. He turned and got a face full of club as Richter's attack smashed into his nose. Jor staggered back, blood streaming from his mangled face, but it was obvious he was grinning. He charged forward, the ground beneath him scorching as he raced to bring the axe up and through Richter.

Despite the speed shown earlier by Richter he was not swifter than Jor's mad dash towards him. He attempted to dodged but barely got his feet off the ground when he got a handful of axe right into him. As for Gorand, Kam's skillful dodge and counterattack was beyond his own as the sword found it's mark.

Tevran and Bart sluggishly rose to their feet as they saw their comrades being dispatched. Bart ran off to retrieve his axe in order to defend himself. Yet, Tevran saw his chance to attack Kam while he was busy with Gorand. He tried to flank his back with a mighty stab from both of his daggers.

With his enemies recently bisected, Jor looked for another hostile to sink his axe into and saw a man struggling to pick up his discarded axe. With an easy target in sight, Jor screamed his bloody rage and ran full tilt towards the man.

Kam felt pinpricks of pain as the two daggers were skillfully stabbed into the weakpoints of his armor. With a spin, he brought his shield around to either knock the man aside or break his skull with the edge.

Bart was able to recover his axe only for him having to use it right away. He didn't have much time to prepare so he brought his weapon forth in an attempt to block the Dwarf's attack. Tevran felt confidence returning as he managed to land a blow on the Guard Captain. It was then that Kam's shield managed to knock Tevran aside. He raised his arm up to soften the blow, which did for his head, but he heard a sickening crack as his arm was broken. Tevran shouted in pain as he backed away from his opponent. Seeing this going too far south, Tevran decided to try and flee.

Jor's axe came down like a judge's gavel on a guilty sentence. Bart's axe manage to slow the swing and divert it into the ground but Jor was quicker than most, even with the heavy weapon and turned the handle to shove the pommel into Bart's face.

Kam wasn't about to let a criminal escape, especially not one who'd used a weapon on a guard. He drew his trusty spear, Severance, and threw it towards the man in a powerful, straight arc.

Bart was taken aback with a broken nose as he fell to his knees in pain. Tevran ran as quickly as his feet could carry him, but the strength of Kam's toss managed to catch up to the fleeing thug. He gasped in pain as the spear impaled the man right through his torso, as he dropped to the ground dead. Fearing for his own safety, Bart wildly swung his weapon around to ward ohf the Dwarf.

Jor stepped forward to take a wild swing in the arm, the axe embedding into the tough muscle. Then he let go of his axe to unsheathe his dagger and ram it up into the diaphragm of the man, grinning wildly the whole time.

Kam felt the presense of the spear return to his hand and he sheathed it without even thingking about it. Then he turned to watch the rest of the fight.

Bart was cringing and shouting in pain as the dagger entered his body. While it seemed to be quite a sickening thing to watch, Bart would writhe in pain and eventually die. With that it would seem the group of armed warriors were dispatched, but during the chaos Cletus had disappeared.

Kam watched as the dwarf lowered the man to the ground and yanked the axe out of his arm. His eyebrow raised as Jor's nose and arm slowly began to heal even as he seethed and came towards the Guard Captain. Kam prepared himself but was instead surprised to see the dwarf place both fists on his chest and bow in a customary salute. "Ye be a skilled warrior and a powerful man indeed. Ah'll not waste yer service to yer king by keeling you here."

Kam sheathed his sword. "How pleasant of you. And how fortunate we are for you to have arrived." He looked around and sighed. "Well, how fortunate I am. It seems I've lost my companion."

The dwarf just sneered. "Coward." Then he turned and began to walk away.

Kam paused only for a second before shouting "Wait!"

"Gah, what?"

"How'd you like to join a group of dragon hunters?"

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Bliston exited the small bar with Selena trailing behind him. The last words of Duergen were still fresh in his ears. He could not help but stop to scan the street, sniffing occasionally for something. "Dangerous men. Hmph." The horned man clicked his tounge. "Not only is he trying to play us for pawns, he also may have other games to pull on us." Turning back to the young wolfkin, the daemon smirked a bit and told her, "I think you are savvy enough with the game so far as to know better, but nonetheless I still must ask you to keep the details of this agreement between us. Think of it as a first hand lesson on how to deal with these kind of contracters."

Selena followed closely behind Bliston, the horned daemon is more noticable than a woman with beast like features. "Do I look like a type of person who likes to talk? And I'm good with anything as long as it pays," Selena stated the obvious. She has a very tight lip, and wouldn't easily disclose important information or rather she would take it to her grave, well... she didn't really talk much to begin with, unless it was about something related to a mission. "... and we can do an investigation in this mission that we know very little about. Depending on the situation, we can make some few changes in our agreement with him."

The Daemon lips turned upward into a simpering smile, "Oh, I never make undue edits to a contract once it's been accepted kid. That's a unwelcome buisness practice. However, that's also why I choose my words in negotiations." A tittering laugh rattled in his chest. "After all, the only thing we agreed to do is not speak of this to the others."

A certain noise, which sounded like the voicing of surpise by a group of people, caught Bliston's attention and the horned man spotted in the distance a familar head of green hair trying to push it's way through the crowd. "Oi, oi, oi girly." One man out of a group of drunks shouted after her. "Hey why is you gots a freeky green head? Hey, hey come back."

The wind mage just kept on running away, a look of panic on her face. Why she wasn't using her magic was anyone's guess, but it definitely wasn't working out for her. Just then, she glanced in Bliston's direction, and apparently figured out he was there. Immediately, she changed directions and ran straight at Bliston, darting behind him like some pathetic little...squirrel or whatever.

Bliston raised a brow as the small girl hid behind his legs like a frightened child. "What are you doing?" He asked down at her. "Let go of my leg." In that same time period, the group of drunks appeared to also make their way out of the crowd towards them.

The jeers and shouts from the drunk group seemed to make the wind mage shrink even further behind him, though she did let go of him. "...don't question it. J-just deal with them," she stuttered, glancing at the drunkards.

The Daemon turned back around to see the inebriated trio stumble there way towards them. He rolled his eyes at the on coming annoyance. "Oi, oi girly. Ya shouldn't be hangin about with those kinda folk there." From a glance he could tell these boys were just local ruffians. A bunch of young men barely into their twenties out getting throughout the day and causing a ruckus. The horned man rarely had the patience to deal with this kind of kind of rabble. Hefting Henvoraak up he let it drop onto the ground with a loud thud. That was enough to give the drunks pause. "I think you lot are better off wasting someone else's time." The Daemon rumbled.

Two of the intoxicated men stepped back, but the one in the middle who still held a bottle in his hand only staggered a bit and plastered a lofty grin on his face. "See, *hic* see girly. These mockbloods are a dangerous lot. You shouldn't be hanging about with 'em" Bliston vissibly frowned at the word 'mockblood', and seemed to unconciously tighten his grip on the club.

Behind him, the girl turned away, her shoulders shaking like she was going to cry or something. After a while, though, her breathing slowed to its normal pace, and she turned around with a scowl. "He's safer to 'hang about' with than you'll ever be," she hissed, one of her hands raising. However, a more concerned look appeared on her face a moment later. " you think it's alright if I attack them?" she whispered to Bliston.

The horned man thought over the question. "Best not. These brats would probably go running to the guard at even the slightest excuse." In front of them the hooligan let out a laugh at Slyphines rejection. "Oh come now, girly, you can't honestly beleive that." He pointed at both the daemon and the Wolfkin. "Just look at 'em. Carryin round all them knives and him with that big stick o' his. Them mockbloods is violent. 'ell we had another one of 'em in town just a few days ago, some little halfbreed whore that killed off three men." He snickered to himself over something "Fact is, I wouldn't be too surprised if the the bitch with the knives there was 'er. She looks like some-un who could use some discipline, right boys." To which the others started to laugh.

Selena glared at the holigans, though she does not appear to be, they can immediately tell that she is mad and Bliston just as much. The two men who should know better than to mock two armed fighter flinched and took another step back, while the moron kept on laughing and can't quite get a grasp of the situation. "H-Hey, why don't we just leave it at t-that? They look like they had enough, man." One man placed his hand on the drunkard's shoulder in an attempt to pull him back, but he just shoved his hand away and staggered toward the daemon. "Ya know what big guy? why don't I *hic* show ya who's boss?" He chugged the last of his alcohol (and probably for life) and threw away the bottle as soon as it went empty. He took a poor fighting stance though appearing to be having a hard time just to stay still and looks like he could trip on his own foot.

As the group spoke there he was. Thamus was over by the open patio of a late night restaurant looking on as the whole scene went along. Quite curious it was that the girl ran into the care of a half-demon, two rare sights coming together. It wasn't so surprising given that odd things often seek out odd things and so-forth. He himself was a rather odd individual and he constantly sought odd things both new and old. Nonetheless it seemed like a standard image, the outsiders confronted by roudy citizens, discriminated against for being abnormal. He couldn't say his was a harder lot than theirs but often times his mental differences placed him in their shoes. Over the time it takes others to know him it's always the same old story. He's seen too much to belong.

But alas, this isn't his life story we're here to read. There he stood, watching from afar though his distance was relatively close. He might as well of been looking on from afar though as the thickness of the gathering crowd made it harder to view any one person outside of the circle that had organically formed around the three and their drunken harassers. Were it not for his travelling attire and oversized backpack he'd of been entirely anonymous. Until something of note came of this strange encounter however he would simply watch. After all, who was he to disturb people who clearly needed neither his protection nor another stranger's unprovoked alliance?

The Daemon looked down at the shorter drunken human. From behind him Sylphine and Selena would see his sholders tense up and his head lower, his frame shaking slightly. As his fist tightened around Henvoraak's handle, the massive club dragged slightly along the ground. A hissing sound escaped Bliston's throat. Then he started to chuckle. That chuckling then gave way to full deep bellied laughter, which startled nearly every (sober) person who happened to be within hearing range. "Oh you amuse me little brat. Show me who's boss? HA!" He gave a glance over his shoulder at the girls. "Ignore the the ass, he clearly doesn't realise how little attention he's worth."

Hearing Bliston's bravado, the idiotic drunk immediately took that as a challenge and made a laughably clumsy swing at Bliston's face. The horned man didn't even bother trying to block or dodge and the fist connected with his jaw with a light "thwap" noise. It mearly illicted another round of chuckling from the daemon. Further incensed by the laughter and boldened by the lack of physical response, the drunken youth struck Bliston again, and again, and again. He punched at the chest, the stomach, the sides, the sholders and the face, all only to worked to midly amuse the much larger 'combatant'. Around them, the large crowd that was gathering had started emitting cheers with cries of "come on get 'em," and "take that big bastard down" or talking amongst themselves in small bets. A few seemed to look back and forther between the drunk and the daemon, clearly worried about escalation.

The struggle was getting painful to watch from how pathetic it was. Nudging Bliston in the back with her elbow, Sylphine whispered, "You don't think he'll keep coming after us if we just walk away, do you?" At the same time, though, she was getting annoyed from everything that had happened once her hood got pulled off, and sent a mental note to Pirika to grab something which hopefully they could use to get out.

"Honestly," And Bliston paused as another pathetic blow struck the side of his face without harm, "I was planning on letting the little prick tire himself out so he wouldn't have the energy to do so." Another swing of the fist came at his chest, but this time Bliston caught it mid swing. The were a few emotes of surprise from the crowd, but rather than strike back at the man as they had anticipated, Bliston instead placed his palm against his head and shoved him. The with a lack of coordination in his inebriated state, the man stumbled and fell the ground with little resistance.

"Gah!" After laying still for a few moments, the man glared at Bliston with drunk fury. "Oh, THAT does it, ya lowlife!" His hand made for his pocket and fumbled around a little before bringing out a knife, as he scrambled to his feet and charged towards the daemon with surprising speed for an intoxicated person.

The sudden apperance of a weapon caused the smug grin on Bliston's face to lessen significantly. Clearly this little distraction had gone on long enough. This time when the drunken youth ran at him Bliston readied himself. Then when the man was close enough to swing one of Bliston's arm's lashed out to slap the knife hand away while the other grab the man's face once more. In that same move Bliston threw his body weight forward and toppled the man to the ground, pressing his face into the dirt. "That." He growled in the waking silence of the crowd. "Is quiet enough out of you." He then twisted the mans wrist, forcing him to let go of the knife with a cry of pain. Bliston swatted that knife away and stood. "We are done here." He said with a tone of finality and turned away.

In the midst of the stunned silence, Sylphine donned her hood again and began to follow Bliston. At that point, the crowd finally found their voices, and began to murmur, and then shout. "Get back here!" "Damn lowlife, thinking you can lay a hand on us noble humans!" "Go back to whatever hole you crawled out of!"

Right then, the green-haired maiden who had started all this stopped in her tracks. "Out of my sight," she snapped, before throwing her right arm out. A fierce gale blasted from the space behind her, shoving the crowd backwards violently as she resumed walking.

The display of magical power was enough to silence most of the crowd. Though the ones that weren't silent were now panicing and runing. Bliston personally disagreed with her doing so but he could chastise Slyphine for it later. However the drunken Hooligan that had been the center of this whole mess apparently still hadn't learned his lesson "Damned Mockblood cur and you're filthy green witch whore! Yer all a bunch of murders, thieves and rapist. You monsters shouldn't be allowed to wander around town harassing civilized folk. That's why they had to go and burn down that feckin city of-"


Henvoraak's head had smashed a nearby bench to pieces. Funny thing about Daemons; their eyes glow on occasion. Many people assume it to be a sign of bloodlust driven by their infernal heritage, but in most cases it is actually something that appears when under feelings of intense fear or anger. In this case, as the drunken man witness the daemon turn to look at him, Bliston's eyes weren't just glowing. There was actual smoke coming out of them. "Do not. Ever. Speak of Kakergash." the daemon's voice rumbled. "I am content to ignore you, whelp, but If you even so much as breath a syllable about that place, I will come back over there and beat you to death. So for your own sake, STAY SILENT!"

The man complied, clenching his jaw shut. Bliston then continued on, leading Slyphine and Selena away from the scene. Rumors would inevitably spread of this debacle, embleshing in each telling about a witch and some demon she conjured assulting people. Someone would invitabley ask if they had seen a paladin around they might ask to help drive the intruders out.

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Lana and Florette

"Sylph is taking a long time to come back," Florette muttered, hugging her knees to her chest as she stared blankly at the door, waiting for the wind mage to come back. Time passed slowly when she was alone, but at least there was always someone to keep her company, though she wasn't exactly the nicest person to converse with. Just go to sleep or something, kid, Lana's thought unhappily came in seconds later. "But I'm thirsty. Do you think I can get some if I ask the innkeeper or somebody?" How should I know about your stupid human customs? Lana scoffed. The only civilized contact I've had with your kind was the imperial military, on the battlefield. "I guess. . . I'm kind of nervous so I don't really want to ask. If they say no, I'm going to feel stupid." Then you're just going to have sit tight and wait for Sylphine to come back, aren't you? "Alright. . ."

But it wasn't Sylphine who came back.

Instead, two strange men appeared, both wielding dangerous looking knives. After taking a moment to register the situation, Florette almost completely froze in terror, staring at the two in shock as they approached. As this occurred, Lana immediately began to look over what hands could be played here. Option one was to fight them head on, which might work if they're unskilled, but Florette's timidness and lack of experience was too unreliable. Option two was simply to scream, which should attract attention, but she seemed to be too choked up to make any noise. Even if she did, they'd probably be on alert instantly and immediately kill her. Option three would be to try to punch a hole in the wall and escape through there, but her fists are small so it's not likely that she can make an opening in time. Option four was to play the role of the innocent, helpless girl while she waited for them to get close. None of them were very good options, but at this rate, the fourth one was probably the best bet.

Florette was edging toward the back of her bed in fear, away from the two assassins. She was tearing up profusely, every limb in her body shaking. Hey, Florette, can you hear me? She whimpered lightly in response. Do you want to die? She shook her head. Me neither. So I'm going to ask you to try and calm down and listen to everything I say, got it? A small nod this time. Good. If we're under the assumption that they are trying to kill us right here and now, I suspect that one of two things will happen - they're probably not expecting much resistance so it's likely that they will try to stab you to finish you off quickly rather than slash at you, so be on the lookout for a thrust or a downward swing. If they don't do that, the second thing that'll probably happen is that they might try to grab you before they kill you. If you don't make any sudden moves, these should be the only two options they should be considering, and that means that they will be predictable.

Florette swallowed nervously, but acknowledged Lana's advice.

Best case scenario, one of them tries to grab you, she continued. If it looks like that'll happen, let them do it, you will overpower them and turn the tables on them instantly. I suggest you take advantage of the situation by throwing the human into the other human to buy time for your escape. If they try to stab you first instead, that's where things might be tricky. You may not have fast reflexes, but I should have you covered there - don't be scared, muscle memory will probably do most of the work for you. After you put some distance between us, make a run for it. If they block off our escape, then I'm sorry to say that you might be on your own at that point. But for now, just do what you do best and cry.

And cry she did. A lot.

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#, as written by Zalgo

She was looking down at the bed, a small disappointed frown on her pale green face. The only places to sleep in the room all just had to be covered in uncomfortable cloth. The sheets, the pillow, everything on them would soak up all her surface slime and that would irritate her membrane terribly, akin to a rash across her entire body. She would also of felt bad if she were to get the furniture all slimy as the owners of the inn would have to wash them all after her stay and she didn't want to be an imposition. As it was she was thankful they let her stay as it was. There was a trail of slime leading all the way up the stairs and down the hall up to her room. It was rather surprising how nonchalant most everyone was about walking around with the ground being sticky like it was. Maybe everyone is bothered but just not talking about it to be polite? Oh, I hope I haven't been too much a burden to my friends. She dwelt on her concerns for a bit.

Some time later...

Everyone was all getting ready for bed and no one had claimed the room she was currently staying in yet. She was rather puzzled. If I recall right I haven't seen Sylphine or Jor come around either. Putting the thought aside she looked back to her bed, pondering how she should manage her sleep situation. Out on the road she'd just stay in the soft comfortable grass. Given how her residue consistently oozes from her she never really had to worry about dirt or other such bothers sticking to her for longer than a couple minutes. It was much simpler since the local ecosystem would just consume the leftover slime so she didn't have to worry about polluting forests with her residue. In this hotel there were only cold harsh wooden boards to rest on. The wood did nothing to manage her slime output. If she spent the night sleeping on the floor come morning the whole floor would be covered to the point where it'd start running out from under the gap between the door and the floor, spilling out into the hallway.

She peeked her head out into the lonely hallway, the slime in the hall still painted across the floor up to her room's door. She saw that the bathroom was unoccupied so she crawled on over there. Inside she found the tub the others had washed up in earlier. It was still a little wet from their baths. It wasn't like the vats back at home but it did look like it would serve as a place for her to sleep without bothering everyone. Before she could go and peruse the tub she could hear quiet footsteps back out in the hall. A shudder went up her form. Could one of the others be awake? What if someone is upset about the residue and looking for me? Oh dear, what do I say? She worried as she turned back and sheepishly peeked her head out a little past the door frame.

Strangers with daggers had entered Taethion's room! If her instincts were correct they were planning on trying to kill her and her friends in their sleep. "Eep!" Her voice slipped with a shrill squeak of fear as the clang of metal on metal rang out from Taethions room. From the sounds of talking and numerous loud steps they were engaged in combat. At this point she was at a crossroads as far as a decision was concerned. She did not know if the men heard her or not so her fear that they may come for her was strong. At the same time she wanted to help Taethion but how was another matter. Almost anything that she could do to help would draw assassins onto her and given her level of combat training she was almost certain she wouldn't survive a round with most foes.

If only the others were here they could help... Wait, that is it! She came upon an idea in a moment of desperate inspiration.

"Help! Everyone! There are people trying to hurt our friends! Please wake up!"

She cried out, pushing her voice as hard as possible to be as loud as she could. She was still around the corner of the doorway so even if the assassins came out they wouldn't see her right away. At this point she knew there would be men coming for her but that was where the real brilliance of her plan would take effect.

Putting faith in the hope that the others heard her she turned and dove into the tub. Once in she simply flattened down until her form was completely smooth across the top surface. The room was extremely dark so seeing anything clearly would be a difficult task. At night even for those with vision like an owl's certain details are lost. Details such as color. She figured if she remained completely still anyone coming into the bathroom would mistake her for a pool of water left in the tub, something people would expect to see inside a bath tub. Her trail lead in several directions given how she roamed about the room to various parts, leaving a rather indistinct trail. Heck, the trail even led out of the room.

If luck was on her side then as she sat camouflaged as a sitting pool of water she would be passed over by the invaders. She did as much as she could without putting herself in the immediate line of attack.

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#, as written by Wake
Once they had gotten far enough away, Bliston would sigh. Partly in frustration, partly in resignation. "I'm sorry you both got involved in that." He said without facing either of the girls.

Selena sighed at the earlier event. They've gotten themselves to a lot more trouble than expected, to think that the daemon who is five centuries old would snap from a drunk moron's provocations. "I'd rather be in the forest and out of this town for the rest of the stay." She sighed, knowing that staying in this town would be increasingly dangerous. She wouldn't be surprised if a wanted poster of them just popped up suddenly by tomorrow, and a group of guards patrolling the town looking for them.

Looking rather drained herself, Sylphine immediately sat down on a bench which happened to be nearby...or rather, collapsed into the bench. They were now on the border of the entertainment area, and the town looked as though it had suddenly fallen into darkness a few meters away from them. "Don't sweat it. It was my fault you had to see those people in the first place," she replied wearily. After a few moments, however, she sat up a bit straighter and looked directly at Bliston. "But, are you sure you are alright? The very last thing he said, about that city..."

"Don't." He said harshly. He seemed to wince though, and when he spoke again his tone was softer. "Kakergash is an old wound for me. I've had a long time to bury that place, but I still dislike hearing vermin like that speak ill of it."

Sylphine's expression showed she definitely wanted to know more, but every time she opened her mouth, no words would come out, and she'd close it again after a few seconds, as though she had forgotten which words she wanted to say. Finally, she managed to get one question out. "That place was...important...wasn't it? To you, that is."

Bliston didn't speak. He couldn't. The thoughts were sparked by the incident and expanded by the young mage's question; and in his mind the daemon saw things from another time and another place. Rocky cliffs around clear blue bay opening outward like welcome arms. Four smiling and mischievous children tugging at his cape. Soil and stone worked by tired but eager hands. A man with metallic yellow hair and optimistic eyes pointing about at various things and speaking of his vision. Fire and blood that marred it all and took it away. Bliston looked up at the darkening sky. "...The concept of home is always important to kinfolk." He finally said in a quiet voice.

Finally he turned to face the two of them. "Well," He said in a sharp tone, "what was it that you came looking for me for?"

"Huh? Um...oh, right. I was just looking to see if you had found somewhere to sleep for the night already. Though, seeing as you're still in the city, I guess not..." Sylphine replied, standing up again. "Also...I think I might want to sleep indoors tonight, actually. If that's, uh, alright." Her eyes were looking away, though, as if she was embarrassed or something.

Though a brow was raised at her fidgeting. "It's not like you need my permission, girl." After saying that though, the daemon looked back down the path they had come from and started to squint at something. "Though that might actually be for the best in this case." His tone was more distant this time. Privately he was scanning the streets for any sign of a familiar dwarf in a black cloak.

Oh an' as ye leave, a fair bit a warnin', many a dangerous men may come lookin' fur ye, try an' be careful, aye? Wooldn' want tae wish ye luck on yer joorneys, jist tae have it mean notthin', aye?" The last parting words of Duergen were still in his ears and they made him rather suspicious of their intended meaning, implied or otherwise.

"Is the dwarf's warning bothering you?" Selena could clearly see that Bliston is cautious of his surrounding, he wouldn't be cautious from mere guards so it was probably from the time at the bar. "Clearly our secret mission is not much of a secret to these so called dangerous men." Somehow hearing a bit of Bliston's past made her drop her guard and made a terrible slip.

"Wait...secret mission? We haven't been secretive about our quest to slay the dragon at all..." Sylphine looked back and forth between the two, feeling like the atmosphere had suddenly changed a lot. "Hold there something going on with you two?" Thinking about it, neither of them really seemed the type for watching people fooling around with fire...what were they doing here in the first place?

"That is a bad joke." the daemon said while fixing Selena with a withering stare. Clearly irked with something she said, or rather blurted out. "'Secret mission'? I wouldn't have pegged you for the kind to make humor, miss Wulfric, but you need to work on finding the time and place for it. As for what she means..." He paused for a second before returning full attention to the green mage. "I recently ran into a contact of mine who implied that we might run into some troublesome folk. Exactly who these men are and what they want he didn't tell me but I can make a few guesses about their intentions."

Selena's eye widened at the terrible blunder she made, how could she get distracted like that. Normally at this point she would have to pay with her life. Selena lowered her head in shame. Perhaps hearing such a legendary man like Bliston let out his emotion caused her to space out. She'll have to apologize to Bliston after this.

The green-haired maiden didn't look convinced at all, but she nodded nonetheless. "Well...we'll have to be ready for them, I suppose. I'll warn the others when I get back to them. Did anything else about them, though?"

"Probably, but he was frustratingly vague during our talk." Bliston replied. "Honestly I'm starting to doubt how trustworthy he is. But that is more of personal matter for me to deal with later."

Frowning, Sylphine sighed. "So, we have no way of knowing what to look out for...oh, well. Anyway, you two had better find somewhere to stay soon...if worst comes to worst, and you need to come find us for whatever reason, we're staying at a place called The Wayfarer's Bed and Bar. I'd better head back there myself..." She took two steps, but then thought of something and turned around. "Hold on...what happened to that dwarf, anyway?"

"Hm? Him? I split ways with him at the bar before you came chased by that gaggle of drunks."

"...oh, dear...let's just hope he shows up later. Anyway, I'm off now. Good night, you two." Sylphine raised a hand in farewell, then started walking back up the street, disappearing around the corner.

Bliston hummed in response and watched her go. The recent events of this whole debacle making thoughts run through his head before finding the will to suppress them. He sighed. Days like this were one of the reasons why he found it tiring to work in groups. Speaking of which... "We'd better start moving as well." He said to Selena. "I'd rather not be here when the mob finds their bravado again."

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Day 21

Not long after she left Bliston and Selena, Sylphine decided she was tired of having to deal with people for tonight, and took to the air immediately. The lights of the entertainment district faded away behind her as she flew back to The Wayfarer's Bed and Bar. I'm finally on my way back, she told Pirika. Where was it again? I'm flying this time.

What? You're flying? Aw, there goes my fun...oh, well. Give me a moment to find it. You'd best find a well, in the meantime...

Yes, of course. Right away, Sylphine agreed. Looking through the streets, she finally found one in the center of a small, darkened plaza. It seemed a bit strange that they'd have that rather than a fountain, and that there were conveniently very few people in this place, but Sylphine landed nearby anyway. She was about to take some with her, but realized that she didn't have a way to transport it. "Oh, dear, I really didn't think ahead," she sighed.

She started looking around for something to hold it in, when Pirika's voice returned. Huh? That's strange...there's a man standing on one of the buildings near the inn. Wait...he's looking straight towards it. Uh, Sylphine? It might be wise to get back soon.

A strange man...? What does he look like? Sylphine looked around for a container, a bit more hurriedly this time.

He, uh, has a white mask, an--wait, what the...? I could have sworn I heard someone calling for help...oh, geez. At this point, I'd say screw the water. You need to get back here, NOW.

She didn't ponder for very long. Sylphine took off right away, flying as fast as she could. Pirika was flying above the inn so that she'd know which way to go.

But as Sylphine descended towards the inn, she saw that strange man in the white mask still gazing down--and without a doubt, he had seen her already. Should I do something about him? she asked herself.'s more important to check on the others first. Nonetheless, his presence just made her all the more anxious. Pirika...please keep an eye on him.

Got it, Pirika replied quickly. The window's open, by the way.

Angling her body a little, the wind user let herself slide through the window. "Hey! Florette! Is e-" She stopped short. There were two unfamiliar men in the room, wielding wickedly sharp knives and gazing straight at a sobbing Florette. The moment she saw them, Sylphine immediately felt her worst fears bubbling up. No one needed to tell her what was happening.

With a fierce expression, Sylphine raised a hand, and her staff appeared in a flash of green light. Waving the staff in a wide arc, she created a barrier of wind between them and Florette. "Don't take another step!" she barked, preparing to fire off bursts of wind from her free hand.

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"Help! Everyone! There are people trying to hurt our friends! Please wake up!"

The gnome sat up at the sound of screaming from the halls and immediately smacked his head on the bed. "D'Arvit!" He rolled out into the darkness and stood up. Now that he was awake he could hear the clanging of metal and crying. If there was an attack going on, the men attacking were very silent, even his gnommish good hearing couldn't pick up their footsteps. The screams that woke him weren't going to be loud enough to be heard from outside very well, so he figured he'd take the initiative and get some outside help. Casting the Clarion charm wasn't very difficult, charms like Clarion are only used for one small purpose and so are simple to perform if one has the correct knowledge and just enough inner magic. He moved his arms to casting position and performed some quick hand gestures that culminated in cupping his hands to his mouth. The resulting horn sound could be heard for miles in every direction. It was going to be pretty surprising, he suspected, but it wasn't going to be loud enough to break the eardrums of the people nearby. He didn't want to incapacitate his allies, especially the ones that were mid-fight. After the horn came his voice, just as loud and far-reaching.

"The Wayfarer's Bed and Bar is under attack! Attention, The Wayfarer's Bed and Bar is under attack!"

When he'd finished the spell, he began rummaging through his pack. "Let's see if I can find it before they come for the source of that call..."

Kam and Jor

"Aye, like I saed, th' Dragon Hunters be in th' city aen Ah be trevelin' with them already." The dwarf said, marching out towards the edge of the city with no regards to whether the guard captain could keep up.

"Then lead me to them." Kam said, his patience wearing thin with the gruff creature in front of him.

"Ah daen't know where they are."

"How?! You said you were with them."

"Ah am."

"You just left them somewhere in the city and went out? What if you lose them?"

"Ah be sleepin' ootside th' gates. They can find me there."

"But it's important that I speak with them, or at least Taethion or Randionalia."

"It'll haev to wait."

"Gah! You-" Kam turned to the sound of a horn that seemed to come from another part of the city but also all around him. "The Wayfarer's Bed and Bar is under attack! Attention, The Wayfarer's Bed and Bar is under attack!" "Oh no! That's probably them!"

"Well looks like they be havin' a fight!" Jor hefted his axe. "Maybe we should join in."

Kam grabbed his spear from his back. "Let's go."

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Grabbing for his towel, Adelheid stepped out of the bath. His hands had been wrinkly for a while now, not being able to leave, as the warmth of the water were too pleasant. Far, far too pleasant. Even so, enjoying yourself was fine and all, but "What of the others?" Staying any longer would mean less time bathing for others, and that'd be very selfish. Not everyone appreciated bathing with other people present.

With that in mind he swiftly dried himself off as well as putting on some pants.
"Help! Everyone! There are people trying to hurt our friends! Please wake up!"
He reached for the door but stopped when he heard this familiar voice plea for help.
“So they have finally come to confront us at our most vulnerable.” he said to no one in particular. Ever since the disappearance of Pravus he had been anticipating it, but even then one could find themselves empty handed when the time comes. Adelheid peered through the door’s keyhole, and spotted an unfamiliar figure rush out of a room belonging to one of his companions.

Judging by his appearance and the shape of his wicked-looking knife, he was surely an assassin. And if that weren’t proof enough, he looked around the hall frantically to spot from where the voice came that foiled their plan. Adelheid, not wanting the assassin to harm his companions, had to think of something. Running to his room and grabbing his sword was a no go, as even if he could get past the assassin, he knows not what lays in wait in his room. Fighting the assassin hand to hand seemed to be about the only option he had, but even then he didn’t like his chances against someone armed. He briefly looked away from the keyhole to look around the bathroom. Nothing besides the bucket seemed immediately useful so he settled for that.

He again looked through his peephole and waited till the assassin looked in another direction before quietly opening the door. And then; as hard as he could, he slammed the door shut and crouched besides the door, bucket in hand. He waited in hope that the assassin would take the bait, and luckily he didn’t need to wait long. The door opened ever so slowly, inching closer towards Adelheid. The Assassin eventually passed the door, and that's when he struck. He threw the bucket towards the assassin where it collided against his nose. Distracted by the bucket, he came rushing from behind the door, and tackled him down to the floor, while grabbing hold of the hand holding the knife.
The assassin struggled against his hold, keeping as firm a grasp he could on his knife while hitting and pushing away Adelheid to no avail, who had him locked between his legs. The knife fell as Adelheid used his other hand to twist it out of his hand, grabbed it quickly before the assassin could, and struck, but was held at bay, two hands pushing back against his, with all the strength they could muster.

Adelheid would have none of this, so he did something particularly nasty; His free hand flew towards the assassin’s face, and drove his thumb in his eye socket. He howled in pain as his eye ruptured, throwing around obscenities as he thrashed beneath Adelheid. He grasped at his face, and Adelheid now free to do what he wished, took this chance and plunged the knife straight into the neck of his opponent, again and again, till he no longer moved. With the assassin now dead, he climbed to his feet, and wasted no time to get to the hall.

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#, as written by Wake
(tagging everyone because it's to quiet in the pad)

There had been something bothering Bliston. At the edge of his senses he could smell something faint. It was part of his original plan to separate from the others (particularly that blasted blob of goo) in order to sniff out anything that might have followed them from Appleton and hopefully discern what had caused the grave diggers disappearance. With the ambiguous warning of the dwarf though now adding to his previous concerns, it was becoming clear to the ancient mercenary that this job had become much more complicated than originally expected. Which now begged the question, exactly who were the players involved. Duergen was clearly one, but Bliston doubted that he had anything to do with the vanishing shovel man.

This smell though that he picked up on the wind. Thought it was incredibly faint to the point of almost having missed it, it also was close and seemed to be keeping the same distance with him. And it smelled of the abyss.

He might have just found another player of this game.

"The Wayfarer's Bed and Bar is under attack! Attention, The Wayfarer's Bed and Bar is under attack!"

And apparently they had found them. "That was the gnome's voice." Bliston said as he stopped, along with a number of other people walking the street, and looked back the way he and Selena had come from. "Well, Duergen's so called warning wasn't idle after all."

It wouldn't take long before the first signs of trouble would appear at the other end of the street.