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Adventures in Galderia

The Sovereign City of Beystead


a part of Adventures in Galderia, by Seveneleven.

The Capitol of Londe

Seveneleven holds sovereignty over The Sovereign City of Beystead, giving them the ability to make limited changes.

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Beystead has had a long and varied history as the epicenter of the Kingdom. While the city itself has been rebuilt and relocated several times, the name has remained the same. Yet this Beystead is the most cleanliest, sturdiest, and proudest city yet. The palace stands towards the center of the city and gleams with it's white stone and blue banners.
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The Sovereign City of Beystead

The Capitol of Londe


The Sovereign City of Beystead is a part of The Fifth Great Kingdom of Londe.

1 Places in The Sovereign City of Beystead:

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The two hooded individuals came upon the site of the battle between the party and the criminals. Already Duergen has found a match, "Ay we hae a match. The same magical energy in the jail is the same here." Duergen spoke.

"Hmph, so were do we go now?" Vilus asked.

"Ma sources tell me mair magic was used ower thare. Let's go." Duergen spoke.

The pair soon found themselves near the crime scene of the Dyatt family. When they reached the grounds they noticed the manor was burnt down to the ground. Yet, the two could hardly care less about what happened here. What they were interested in was the magic cast in the area. Duergen noticed someone was using magic to find something, but the spells used here did not match the energy found inside the Jail or near the square.

"Bah! Whit a waste o' ma time! It's nae the same magic used." Duergen spoke.

"Then I guess we should get moving, do you have enough?" Vilus asked.

"Ay, I think so." Duergen responded. But before they moved he noticed something. Something or someone has been following them. He could detect a faint source of magic heading their way, something he felt since leaving the Laughing Goblin. "Or mebbe we shoud wait a wee bit." Duergen spoke nodding towards Vilus, to which he responded with a nod back.

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The two criminals hanged around and noticed the four "spies" that had been following their trail. "I know yer thare, ye might as well stop hidin." Duergen spoke not particularly looking towards them. The spies shuddered as he called them out. "Captain!" The guard shouted into the ring. Duergen waved his hand and before he could shout again he heard his comrades gasping for air. The three were choking to death as they clasped their necks. The sounds of gurgling unnerved the guard as he saw his fellows collapsed the victims of suffocation. He wasn't sure what happened but the guard shouted again. "CAPTAIN PLEASE HURRY THEY'RE KILLING US!!!!" He cried as Vilus was walking down the street, with his sword drawn.

"NO! STAY BACK! NO, NO AAAAAARRRGH!" Those would be the last words heard on Kam's end. Vilus had run the spy through as Duergen walked up. "Hmph, so this ring is whit I noticed." Duergen spoke as he took the ring off the dead man's finger. He then smashed it between his hands. "Whoever he was talkin' tae thay'll be here soon. We shoud leave." Duergen spoke as they started to wander off.

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Character Portrait: Duergen Blackstone Character Portrait: Vilus Neidhardt Character Portrait: Kamlin Milner
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Kam vs. Vilus

Kam ran up to the castle quickly, seven guards on his tail. He spotted the bodies of his men lying where they had stood, only one with blood near him. He looked around and saw the two hooded figures. "Halt!" He said, loudly. "You two are wanted for multiple crimes and for the murders of these men." He pulled his spear, readying himself for a fight, while his men drew their weapons as well.

The two men stopped in their tracks, as they both looked over their shoulders. Duergen then let out a long groan, "How annoying," Duergen spoke as he rolled his shoulders around. "Ye want to handle this or shoud I?" Duergen spoke looking to his comrade. "I would rather leave but thae fellas ower thare dinna look too willin' on lettin' us go." Duergen spoke not really paying attention to the guards.

Vilus chuckled, "Yeah, I'll do it." He then drew his sword. "Any excuse to draw blood is good enough for me. Even if it has to be the blood of these grunts!" Vilus shouted. He then watched Kam and the seven guards very closely.
"I'll step back then." Duergen spoke as backtracked away from the coming scuffle.

Kam scowled at their nonchalant attitude towards murder and the Law. Instead of speaking further he raised his shield and the guards fanned out into a semicircular pattern and then he threw his spear at the human.

Vilus watched the guards move into a semicircular pattern, before they could finish he turned his attention back to the more spectacularly dressed guard. "He must be their commander." He thought. He watched as Kam raised his arm and then threw the spear. Vilus sidestepped, dodging the spear flying at him close to the last possible moment. "Come on you worthless dogs! Attack me head on!" The man taunted.

These were highly trained guards, unlikely to even pause at the divelings of this obviously mad man. Kam held out his hand and the spear reappeared after a few seconds. He cracked his neck and rolled his shoulders. "Now."

The men all began slowly marching towards the man, their shields raised high. Kam walked with them, the focus of their semicircle.

Vilus groaned, "What a boring maneuver." He then rolled his neck until made a nice pop. "You people are far too serious, but I suppose I shouldn't have expected any less from city guards." Vilus spoke. He continued to watch them as he prepared to counter them.

When they got to a certain point, the two guards on each flank ran past him, far enough away to be out of reach. They fanned out quickly behind him as Kam drew his sword, his spear now placed on his back. "Now." Kam said, as he got into a defensive stance, "You come."

He then laughed, "So that's what you pulled on me. Better, but I would hold out for more." He spoke, as he looked around him, the captain's words fresh in his mind. "Oh well, have it your way." He spoke as he charged forth.

Kam prepared himself for the charge, waiting until just the right moment to bring up his shield to defend so that the other man's weapon would be deflected.

At the end of his charge, Vilus brought his sword down upon Kam. If it hit it would cause some damage, but nothing fatal.
Kam's shield sent the blow harmlessly to the side and he brought up the tip of his sword towards the man's stomach. The men around him began to build up a beat by hitting their weapons on the ground or their shields.

Vilus saw the block as the sword bounced off to his side. Suddenly he saw the sword coming up to his stomach, as he quickly strafed to the left. From there he then performed a thrust, as his sword threatened to impale itself through the captain's head.
Kam ducked just in time to hear the wind whistle as the blade passed over him, he used his momentum to slash his sword in an upwards, diagonal angle at the man's side. The men began to pound harder, louder, and faster.

Vilus watched as his move was expertly dodged as the captain came up with a counter attack. The warrior then quickly swung his sword just like Kam, as his blade came in at a downwards, diagonal angle as it sought to parry the sword slash.

The man's weapon came down onto Kam's hard, jarring his arm as they clashed. Kam punched his shield in towards the man to either get him to back off or get hit in the face with hardened adamantium alloy. The men's beat was getting to a crescendo.

The force of the clash pushed his blade away as he felt the force ripple about his arm. Then as the shield came in, Vilus was forced to back off. He then moved away from Kam, standing before him. He looked towards his sword as it's edge was damaged, but he figured the same could be said of the captain's. Still it's not destroyed and therefore he could still use it. He prepared for the next assault.

Kam scowled, the man was a good fighter though reckless with his weapon. Clearly he'd be a much more difficult challenge than the average riff raff. But Kam had expected as much. Just as the man broke off, the guards ceased their pounding and Kam knew it was time. He raised his sword above his head and pointed at the human before him. From the rooftops, a dozen arrows and crossbow bolts were shot at the warrior.

Vilus watched as Kam raised his sword over his head and pointed it at himself. He knew what was to follow, that was the command for a volley. He's seen it plenty of times before and he could only assume they would fire from the rooftops. His adrenaline was rising as he quickly reached for the handle of the axe protruding from the back. He tightly held on to both weapons and he can hear the arrows whizzing towards, each arrowhead seeking to pierce his body. A calm rushed over him as he seemed to retreat within in his mind for a split second. His knees bent and his body lowered, he was entering some strange stance. Then he did something, that one wouldn't have expect him of being able to accomplish. In a second his movements became lithe and graceful, much like a dance his sword and axe twirled about in his hands and like a whirlwind, many of the arrows were either deflected or cut in half. He finished his movement by standing in place as the arrows and bolts lied scattered about. He then exhaled.

"Fools. Thay hae no idea who thair facin', Vilus ain't just some common oaf." Duergen thought to himself.

Vilus then twirled his weapons again as he stepped a little forward. He then stuck the armaments in to the ground as he kneeled. He then shot up quickly looking to the left where the archers were placed. He whipped his hand upwards as knives flew forth, and he quickly performed the same movements to the right. The knives flew quickly as each found their mark. It was uncanny but the precision and timing of his throws were masterful, as the knives disabled his rooftop attackers. He then quickly retrieved his arms and twirled them again. "Heh, the clothes you wear are more validated now. You really aren't just some over glorified peon." Vilus spoke as he stopped his twirling and looked Kam straight dead in the eye, "You come." He spoke, not even tauntingly. His look was cold, a dead seriousness, he has killed today and now he seeks to do it again.

As soon as the guards on the roofs were killed, one of the guards behind Kam ran off. Kam looked at the man with an odd expression, his jaw was set and his eyes narrowed, though he seemed calm. He began to slowly close in on the man, his shield still raised and sword in a position above his right shoulder.

Vilus twirled the sword and the axe as he walked to meet Kam. Once he felt he was close enough to the Guard Captain he then executed an attack. He raised his arms and brought them both down in a diagonal slash moving from the right to the left.. Kam would notice a bit more force than previously, but whether it will be enough, his attacker isn't sure.

Kam stepped back in order to take both of the blows on the shield. He staggered a bit but was able to absorb the brunt of the damage. When the man went to recover from his attacks, Kam stepped forward with a large step to either knock the man off of his footing or stomp hard on his foot while at the same time driving the sword down hard towards his shoulder.

As he went to perform his next strike the Captain made a large enough step that his foot connected with his own. He made a grunt as he watch the blade come down. He quickly did what he could as he formed an x-guard with the sword and axe to stop the blow. The Captain's strength was surprising, even to him, as the hard force nearly connected with his shoulder. He seemed to have himself tied here, until he thought of a counter. He decided to take his free foot and deliver a hard, front kick to Kam's torso. If it were to connect it should have enough force to shove him off.

The man was able to stop his blow and catch Kam's sword in between his own two weapons. Kam struggled with him for a second and felt a strong blow land on his shield. The man had tried to kick him off. He grinned and went to headbutt the man as hard as he could.

There wasn't much to be done at that moment in time. The headbutt connected swiftly as the twinge of pain shot about Vilus's head. His head sort of bounced back from the connection, as he could feel some blood drip forth. He's toyed around long enough, this isn't some pleb he could just dismiss, he will have to use his real power. His face turned into that of an angry expression, as he stomped his free foot down. The force of his boot caused some minor cracks in the ground. He then began to force Kam's blade upwards having it pinched between his own. His strength boosted in an alarming amount as he attempted to shove his off his opponent. Knocking off his footing will prove difficult having such a sturdy stance.

Kam was pushed backwards as the man's strength seem to increase by a large amount. He stepped back in order to keep his footing. What fresh Hell is this? He thought to himself, wondering at this criminal's audacity. He charged in with a slash towards the side trying to finish the man before he could start gaining even more power.

He watched the man come in with a slash to his left side. He decided to use his stance as a launch pad as he used some of his strength to leap to the right in order to avoid the slash. He then lowered himself as he took off in a charge, with a sort of mad expression on his face. His speed and agility seemed to have increased some. He swung his axe as he attempted to come in with a slash to Kam's backside.

Kam was alarmed at the man's agility as he jumped out of Kam's charge. He tried to turn and bring up his shield but was just a bit too slow and took a massive gash to his side as the axe ripped through his armor. He compensated by trying to punch the shield into the man.

The man smiled at drawing his enemy's blood, especially from such a difficult target. He watched as the shield came forth as he attempted a dodge but the shield managed to bump him back. He etched a step or two back as he continued to stare down his opponent. Not wasting much time he came in with thrust of his sword to Kam's left side.

Any blow to the left side was always so much easier to block, as that was Kam's shield arm. He deflected the stab and sent out one of his own. He did his best to ignore the pain in his side.

Vilus noticed the counter and counterattack as he quickly sidestepped to avoid the oncoming stab. In his next move he brought his axe down as he made a swing for Kam's right leg.

Kam took the strike as well as he could and it bought him down to one knee, where he made sideways swing at the legs of his enemy.

Vilus leapt back to avoid the swing to his legs. He then charged forth again and came in with another swing to Kam's right.

Kam rolled to avoid the hit and came up in a defensive position still on one leg. He dropped the sword next to him and drew his spear. The long weapon would be optimal for keeping his opponent at bay. He took a sweeping strike with it.

The change in tactics threw Vilus off as his eyes followed Kam's roll. As he watched him alternate weapons, he believed this to be his chance to end him. He charged and forth and sought to run him through, but he didn't prepare for the sweep as his last second attempt to dodge it, caused him to trip over. He fell to the ground.

Kam brought the weapon in a second sweep that was meant to get it into the perfect position to bring down on his fallen enemy. He brought the spear down as hard as he could.

The warrior made an alligator roll to dodge the fatal point of the spear, as it tore a piece of his cloak off. Once he rolled to safety he quickly hopped back on his feet.

Kam threw the spear at the man as he got up. He then tried to stand but found he couldn't. Blood loss and pain were starting to get to him.

Vilus watched as the spear came flying at him, he summoned what agility he could to dodge the spear. As he sidestepped, the spear whizzed by creating a decent cut across his cheek. He knew the Captain's body was failing him, and he smiled about that fact. He then made another charge for Kam.

Kam readied his right hand as if he was prepping a spear for a charge. It appeared as soon as Vilus got close.

Vilus noticed Kam's hand was ready to hold a spear, but without one to hold. It was then he came close enough the spear had returned in the Captain's hand. He couldn't stop his momentum at this point in time to keep him from impaling himself on the polearm. Faced with his only option, he swung his sword at the point of the spear in an attempt to deflect the head away from his body. He deflected the spear head up, only for it to cut his arm and dig into his shoulder. He made a large grunt as the spear cut open his left shoulder and blood dripped down his arm.

Kam returned the spear to the set position and then went to stab him again.

Vilus dodged the next stab heading his way. The Captain certainly was a struggler, bleeding out and he still fights him. Certainly a far more worthy foe than he pictured him to be. The spear was becoming a problem. With his legs still fine he jumped over Kam's head, and once he landed prepared to strike the side of his head with a roundhouse kick.

Kam was unprepared to have the man jump over him and before he could react he felt a sharp blow to the side of his head that sent him sprawling onto his bad side. He was beginning to grow too weak to fight back. The rest of the guards circling them closed in on Vilus, trying to protect their downed captain.

Vilus had a wide grin on his face as he downed his foe. "You did well, but now it's over! You will now die by hand!" He shouted as he raised his axe and prepared to bring it down upon Kam. As it moved through the air, a guard ran up to slash Vilus. He saw his attacker move into his field of vision, he dodged the oncoming slash and countered with a quick swipe of his axe. It's blade met with the guard's neck as he began to spurt blood. Before he could do anything else the guards forced him to move back as they stood by their Captain forming a protective line. "Heh! I guess I'll kill you all then." He spoke with a smile.

"VILUS! That wad be enough! We hae tae leave now!" Duergen shouted.

Vilus halted in his assault as his smile left his face."I suppose I've drawn enough blood for today." He mumbled. He then turned to leave.

The dwarf was right to caution Vilus as they could hear the shouts and footsteps of nearly thirty men approaching in the distance. There were a few guards stationed along escape routes as well.

"Move yer arse, I hear them comin!" Duergen shouted as he began to ran, with Vilus following close behind him. They were soon further down the street. As they ran a couple of guards hear their approach. "Halt!" They shouted, prepared to stop them. "Vilus." Duergen spoke without looking at him. Vilus then sprinted ahead of Duergen and then made a large leap into the air. "By the Gods!" One of them shouted as he Vilus roared bringing his axe down upon the guard to his right with his axe. The blade cut right through his armor and down his body. Not wasting anytime he twirled his axe and made an uppercut like movement with the axe. "NAGHHH!" The guard shouted as he ripped through him and the force flipped him onto his stomach. "Come on!" Duergen shouted as he ran past Vilus. The warrior then followed him on their way out. The two exited the city and ran unto the open road.

The guards around Kam quickly wrapped his wounds in a field dressing before taking him to the clerics. "No magic." Kam said feebly through the haze of his blood loss and concussion. They were forced to treat his wounds with specialized herbal bandages and health pots instead of getting a cleric. Because of this it would take some time for him to recover.

"That could hae gone better." Duergen spoke as they put a lot of distance behind them. Vilus only sneered. When they were a good distance away they stopped for a quick rest. "So where are we going?" Vilus asked. "I believe we ar heidin East." Duergen answered. "That wound leuks bad, here tak this." Duergen spoke as he reached in his bags for a Healing Potion and handed it to Vilus. Vilus took the glass vial and popped off the cap with his thumb. He lost feeling in his left arm not too soon after they left Beystead. Duergen had to sheathe up his weapons for him. Vilus then drank the potion in a single gulp. He then snarled at the taste, "They never taste better." Vilus complained. "Oi! Sorry thay dinna tickle yer fancy!" Duergen shouted at him as he took the vial. "That wadna be bad if ya wore mair protection ya get!" Duergen scolded him. "Anywey shoudna ya hae dodged that spear? Didna ya hae a eidetic memory?" Duergen spoke as he put away the vial. "I told you it's a little more different than that!" Vilus shouted. "Oi now! Dinna be so emotional." Duergen retorted. "Alrecht come alang noo, we got tae see if uir investment will yield a profit." Duergen spoke as he stood up. The Warrior stood as they headed east, heading straight for Andril.