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Gender: Female

Age: 21

Height/build: 5'6 - slim, yet fit and girlish

Eyes: Forest Green

Hair: Curly, brown that when in the sunlight seems to be streaked with strands of gold. It hangs to about her mid back.

Face: Angular with full lips. Her skin is smooth and tan.

Typical clothing: When she is not forced to wear a dress, she can be found in a white, cotton shirt, long sleeved, but she usually keeps them rolled to her elbows. A snug, brown, leather vest is worn over her shirt that matches her fitting leather pants. Her boyish clothes are well fitting but she finds them easy to maneuver in.


Constance is well known through out her community. Most know her as outspoken and witty and often controversial. Those who know her well would say that she is a loyal friend and a very determined individual. Though she would like to have a more stoic persona, she often finds that her heart swells much too often. She can rarely pass up an opportunity to help someone in need, even if it means putting herself in a risky situation.


Being a female in her community, it is frowned upon for her to carry weapons of any sort. This of course does not stop her from keeping a small dagger on her at all times. A gift from her brother. This is usually sheathed in her boot and occasionally on her hip. If it's one of the rare times she finds herself in a dress, she will make it a point to strap it to her thigh.


Constance is the only daughter of one of the communities acclaimed Protectors, Vlad. Vlad lost his wife when constance was only three years of age, leaving him and his two children alone. Constance's only sibling is Alexander, who is older and also a Protector.

Growing up with out a mother never seemed to bother her. Though many of the community's ladies tried their best of offer their assistance, it was almost unavoidable that she ended up being a bit of a tomboy. Though her father and the elders refused, her dream was to follow in Vlad and Alexander's footsteps and become a Protector herself. Being a girl, this was simply unheard of and she was refused training. Alexander would often sneak and teach her a few things and even spare with her a bit. Though she was far from being a skilled warrior, Constance could now hold her own in a brawl. What she lacks in skill and strength, she hopes to make for up in cunning and wit.

Currently she finds herself devising ways to convince her community to allow her training. Vlad is dancing around the subject, seeming to not take her seriously. His current tactic is trying to convince his daughter to marry a Protector, rather than being one herself.

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